Dog Food Basics for Your Pup

The dog food recall was a big revelation for many dog ​​owners. Even if you didn’t have a dog at the time, you’ve probably heard of it. The threat to harm your dog by not knowing what you are feeding raises an important question: what is the best type of dog food?

There are many types of food to choose from and it can be confusing. Here’s some basic information to help you know which one is right for your pup. We’ll look at what foods to avoid and various other types to consider, from organic foods to making your own dog food. Before you start, always remember to read labels to find out what kind of nutrition your pup is getting.

Foods to Avoid

Although dogs love canned food, it is not the best source of nutrition. Most canned foods are over-processed and have zero nutritional value. Many of them contain chemicals that can cause illness or even shorten life. The quality of the meat used is so bad that even a third world country would not eat it.

Other foods or treats such as chicken bones should also be avoided. These bones splinter when eaten, are a major choking hazard, and can cause internal bleeding. Foods that contain caffeine should also be avoided. Especially chocolate, which in some breeds can cause death.

There are some premium canned dog foods that are good and have high nutritional value. It is advisable to get referrals from your veterinarian or professional dog trainer.

Premium organic dog food

All-natural, organic dog food is all the rage among dog owners. This type of food is not over-processed and provides a healthy diet for your pup. Premium organic dog food uses healthier ingredients. This will ensure your pup’s overall health and quality of life. Your pup will have more energy, a shiny coat, and strong muscles.

You can find this type of food at your local pet store, online, and in some supermarkets. The premium food has a high nutritional value and also has ingredients that will boost your puppy’s immune system. Ingredients must be free of fillers, dangerous chemicals, or artificial colors. Premium organic foods have many benefits and should be a serious consideration for your pup’s healthy diet.

make your own dog food

By far, making your own dog food is the healthiest option available. Although it takes time and effort to create special meals for your pup, it allows you to know exactly what your pup is eating. You can find great recipes and cookbooks on the internet or even in many bookstores.