Different breeds of cats Pedigree or mongrel cat?

Cats are probably the easiest pets to care for and the simple reason is that they are very independent, undemanding and very self-sufficient, but which cat should you go for? Pedigree cat or mongrel cat?

Different breeds of cats Cat with pedigree:

Pedigree cats are usually acquired deliberately, rather than accidentally, and tend to be more carefully supervised than most mongrels. They are perhaps more likely to suffer from overfeeding and lack of exercise.

Your character is an important consideration. The foreign and oriental breeds, particularly the Siamese, are unusual cats in that they are loyal to one person, from whom they demand a lot of attention in the most vocal way. Some are known to be very noisy cats, especially the females when they call, but their undoubted grace and intelligence outweigh this handicap for most people.

Orientals are also unusual in that they allow themselves to be exercised on a leash. Long-haired cats, whether pedigree or mongrel, require grooming at least once a day. In fact, devotees of long-haired breeds tend to groom them two or three times a day.

Different breeds of cats Mongrel cat:

Most domestic cats are mongrels and very often have been adopted by a family on impulse. These readily available cats may not have been vaccinated against infectious diseases or may not have been dewormed.

As soon as you acquire one, you should take it to your vet to have it examined and then neutered. It should be understood that although adopting them may not cost anything, once you have them in your home, they will cost as much as any other cat.

However, there is no reason why these mixed breed cats should not be lovely companions for us. Many of the mongrel cats are beautiful and all are elegant in their own way. You will find that almost all mongrel cats are very easy to care for. Mongrel cats tend to be stronger than tall breed cats, mongrels are the product of immature parents and what you will find is that their kittens tend to be smaller.