Dealing with the left hook of the counter

This is hard. Some guys are very good at countering with the left hook and moving their head and feet simultaneously. They take a step back and fade to safety and you are exposed as you fast-forward taking photos. Even with your hands up, you’ll lose your balance to the left if the guy has some ‘umph’ on his hooks.

The best ones are capable of throwing two and three counter left hooks in succession, and many guys with a good left counter will time it with their straight right hand, bring their left shoulder to their chin and block their shot and hit. you at the same time. This is a nifty move that guys used to do with me all the time. I was able to add it to my own game as it got better.

Think about the left hook for a second, what is open when your opponent throws it? Well, the entire left side of his body is open. The upper left part of his head is open and technically his chin and the entire center of his face are open in half. For the most part, you’re going to nail this guy with your right hand, but at the same time that’s exactly what he expects you to throw, so this is where the chess game begins.

The left hook counter is a very safe counter when moving backwards. Especially for the taller outside fighter who fights back with the left hook when you’re pitching. I found three good general techniques for launching an attack against a guy who has a fascination for the left counter, the key is timing and timing. I will explain each of them below.

1) Quick Jab and Powerful Right Hand to the Body – Here you are trying to get your opponent to commit to a left hook by initiating the attack with a jab. You throw a quick jab, it doesn’t matter if he lands, the key is to finish your jab before the left hook ends and drop the levels to throw the right hand to his open body, a fake jab works great, you are trying to serve your opponent. A psychological tactic in boxing is to make your opponent think that a technique will work for you and then try to get him to throw that technique, and then you respond with the natural counter. If you understand the rhythm in boxing, you know that stepping in to throw a full jab gives your opponent plenty of time to land with a left hook. So you’re going to throw a quick jab / false jab while stepping with your left foot and then follow it with a big right hand when your back foot catches up with it, it’s the classic one-two combo. If he’s not going for your bait and just blocking, then GOOD, just stick with the left hook and other punches and get out when you’re done, or stay inside if you’re a good inside fighter. If he swings the left hook and you have landed well, then your right hand will land, then you will step to the right at an angle and begin a second attack. All of this interaction should take about a second or less.

2) Quick / False Jab, Slide Head Left, Left Hook, Then Straight Right Hand – Similar to the first tactic, you want your opponent to throw the left hook, he loves it and thinks he’s good to it, like this Let him think that it is to go to work and take it off. In this combo you only hope to land the straight on the right, the rest of the punches are just a preparation, this is the beauty of good boxing, the shot you intend to land is on the road and out of sight, but you already know exactly what What are you doing. So you throw a quick jab to lure him into his hook, slide to the left and then come back to him with a big left hook and then ** bamn ** the right straight. When you slide to the left, his left hook should brush against you or even make contact, but since you are sliding in the same direction as the blow, it will have little effect.

3) Double jab and straight right: This is not your typical double jab and straight right, you are going to shoot down and through him and aim your jab at his chest on the left side, it is not as smart as your classic double jab. and right hand where you stand. Instead, you’re going to go down a bit, sink your chin deep into your chest, raise your hands higher, almost like you’re going to dive headfirst into this guy. You want to be more protected because your goal is to get his left hook out of the right glove and then throw your right right after he feels it. When you come in with this you’re trying to be solid like a train on tracks, you want to jab his left shoulder or the left side of his chest, this will open him up a bit for when you throw your right hand. He will throw his left hook and probably two or three. After your double jabs connect with your chest / shoulder, you will launch that right hand to the center. Basically, you’ll walk through the fire from his left hook in a compact stance and throw his right hand after his left hook is gone.

These three tactics will allow you to deal with the counter left hook at all times.