A Tribute to the Fossmobile – 1897

As a child growing up in Fort Chambly, Quebec, I would occasionally hear stories about George Foote Foss’s (my grandfather’s) invention. Sometimes I would listen to these stories as my father shared the details with friends and neighbors who visited our home. However, the stories I heard the most came directly from my grandfather, as we visited him frequently. I fondly remember, sitting on a stool near his feet as he sat in his large, comfortable chair, recounting the steps he took to make adjustments, plan, and ultimately build a gasoline-powered car, which would be the first in Canada, later nicknamed: “The Fossmobile”.

In the early 1960s (I was only 7 years old), I remember everyone around me talking about a renewed interest in his achievement. It was then that he received two honorary memberships: one from the Montreal Antique Automobile Club (VACM) and the other from the prestigious Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA). Only two Canadians have received this latest honor. The other Canadian to receive this was Colonel Robert Samuel McLaughlin who founded the McLaughlin Motor Car Company in 1907, which was one of the first major automobile manufacturers in Canada.

With these two initiatives, there was a swarm of media attention and I remember being shown newspaper clippings, many of which I still have in my possession today. Not only were photographs and articles written about his honorary memberships, but many of the local newspapers also reprinted his earlier writing, “The True Story of a Small Town Boy,” originally published in 1954, by The Sherbrooke Daily Record.

Having a relative with historical significance meant that most of his descendants ended up using the history of his invention and the various publications about it, as the subject of school projects. I remember using her story as a topic for one of my school projects, both of my kids did, and just a year ago my 6 year old granddaughter did a “show and tell” at her school on the story of she. invention.

George Foote Foss (September 30, 1876 – November 23, 1968) was a mechanic, blacksmith, bicycle repairman, and inventor from Sherbrooke, Quebec. During the winter of 1896, he developed a four-horsepower single-cylinder gasoline automobile. In the spring of 1897, he completed his invention: the first gasoline-powered automobile ever built in Canada, later named the “Fossmobile.”

It was in early 1896, during a trip to Boston, Massachusetts, to purchase a turret lathe for his expanding machine shop, that my grandfather saw his first automobiles. These cars, electric sedans, were rented for $4 an hour. He paid the fare to go for a ride, but unfortunately, after only a half-hour ride, the batteries died.

Returning to Sherbrooke, he decided to build a car that would solve this problem. My grandfather drove his car in and around Sherbrooke, Quebec for four years. He later moved to Montreal, Quebec, where the car sat idle for a year before selling it for $75 in 1902. He had earlier turned down an offer to partner with Henry Ford, who later formed the Ford Motor Company. He turned down the offer, as he believed that Ford’s Quadricycle vehicle was inferior to the Fossmobile. He also refused financial backing to mass-produce the Fossmobile, citing his inexperience in doing so, as he was only 21 at the time.

I am often asked if I know if my grandfather regretted not partnering with Ford or not mass-producing his invention. From everything I remember hearing him say, he has no regrets. He lived a simple life and I heard him say on more than one occasion that “you don’t live a long life with the stress of running a big business.” He died at the age of 92, so perhaps his theory was correct, at least for him.

I recently reopened the Foss family archives to better understand and accurately document my grandfather’s remarkable achievement. My goal has been to find ways to share this historic Canadian event with automotive enthusiasts, historians, and future generations of Canadians. To this end, I established a business, as a means of building networks, fostering collaboration, and sharing important historical memories.

As the grandson of George Foss, I have spoken to some visionaries and am seeking the help of other potential “Antique Car Restoration” experts for a very special project. The goal is to use reverse engineering (reproducing an inventor’s or manufacturer’s product) to create a “Tribute Car”, emulating as closely as possible the specifications of George Foss’s invention of the first gasoline-powered car built in Canada: the Fossmobile. There are no original drawings, so the Tribute Automobile will have to rely solely on close scrutiny of the original Fossmobile photos.

I have started the process of sourcing vintage parts from the era, hoping to build this car, replicating parts only when absolutely necessary. I will oversee this process and collaborate with auto historians and experts. Along the way, the journey will be documented, while ensuring attention to detail.
The hope is to honor my grandfather’s legacy and bring to light this important chapter in Canadian history. Upon completion, this Tribute Car will be a tangible embodiment of the first gasoline-powered automobile built in Canada. There is a growing interest in displaying the complete Fossmobile Tribute at classic car shows. However, it will eventually be donated to a Canadian museum to improve history education for current and future generations.


Fun yet simple creative toys that you and your kids can make

Do you have the rainy day blues? Cabin fever? Stuck in a rut, or just looking for affordable outlets for your little ones, toddlers, and maybe older siblings? Would you like some ideas to produce unique and inexpensive toys and entertainment for your progeny? Ideas for new, different, and creative toys can come from just about every corner of the house. You may just need a healthy “how to” push in the right direction. Try these ideas for recycling common household items to get started.

soda bottle trucks

As the rain hit the black sands of the Pacific Coast fishing village where I was vacationing, I noticed that the downpour never stopped the kids. What I also noticed was his cleverly crafted toy trucks made from water or soda bottles. Each child ran through rivers of water pulling a truck loaded with sand. Turning the plastic bottle into a truck was childishly simple. Four bottle caps served as wheels. Two axles were fashioned from two pieces of coat hanger wire three and a half inches long. The wires were passed up the sides of the bottle and through a plastic bottle cap on each side. The ends of the wire were bent to hold the wheels on the bottle caps. A portion of the other side of the bottle was cut away to create a loading bay. The rope was tied around the neck of the bottle. Load the cargo bay with sand, rocks, marbles, small figures, screws, nuts and bolts, you name it, and the truck was ready to go.

Shake the rattle and roll

Empty metal, cardboard, or plastic containers make great noisemakers for little ones. Round containers of cereals, dry or powdered, granulated, and some liquid products work well, especially if they have resealable lids. You can partially fill them with gravel, marbles, clean sand, seeds, dry beans, rice, etc. to create different sound effects. Be sure to super glue or permanently seal the assembly to prevent curious young children from opening and swallowing the contents. They are also washable, so they can be easily washed or cleaned. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can come up with.

Flying high

An all-time favorite toy for children and adults alike, kites have been around for over 4,000 years since their invention in China. Originally made of paper and bamboo, kite-making materials now range from the original paper and bamboo to nylon, cloth, plastics, and even metal sheets. Not strictly for kids, Benjamin Franklin flew a kite into scientific history. To the Greek scientist of the V century a. Archytas of Tarentum is credited with introducing kite flying to Europe. Here are some reference websites to get you up, up, and away:

• Have you ever wanted to build a kite? Well, here is a simple kite that you can make yourself!

• How to make a kite. While kites are cheap to buy, making one adds to the fun. You’ll feel especially proud when your diamond-shaped creation takes to the air.

• Here are the complete, proven instructions for kids to make their own kites and fly them in 20 minutes.

• These are simpler kite plans to help you and your kids get started

• Kites are fun for young and old alike. You can build your own kite or help your kids build one by reading this article!

airport center

It’s not much of a jump from kites to airplanes. Inexpensive and easy to produce, flyable airplanes can be made from paper, plastic, or balsa wood, available at hobby stores, craft and construction supply stores, and hardware stores. Like kites, they are intriguing, a lot of fun, and easy to make. Flying them can be a bit trickier, but who cares? Time flies when you’re having fun! Try these websites for a quick launch:

• [] This page lists some of the best websites on how to make and fly paper airplanes.

• Ken Blackburn, a website to share what you know about paper planes. It holds the Guinness World Record for the longest time in the air for paper airplanes.

• The most amazing thing about a paper airplane is that all you need to make one is
a sheet of paper, nothing more.

• Alex’s Paper Planes
Cobra Paper Airplane The Planes – This is an index listing all paper airplanes
currently on the site ranked for how easy it is to do

Here are some ideas for producing unique and inexpensive toys and entertainment for your little ones, toddlers, and their older siblings. Ideas for new, different, and modified versions of your creations will flow from virtually every corner of the house. Who knows, you might even develop something salable. Toy conglomerates are always looking for the next hot item.


Summer Recipes: 3 Healthy Grilled Salads You Must Try Now

Salads serve as the perfect appetizer for any main dish. So if you’re planning a meaty barbecue, you can rely on a fresh salad to whet your appetite perfectly. They are light but filling and are the perfect snack for a hot summer day. Try something new and enjoy a healthy grilled salad in your backyard instead of the typical mixed salad!

Here are 3 healthy grilled salads you should try the next time you fire up your grill:

one. Corn and tomato delight

What do you need:

  • 6 ears of yellow corn

  • 2 plum tomatoes, diced

  • 1 green bell pepper, diced

  • 1/4 cup chopped onion

  • 1/2 bunch cilantro, chopped

  • 2 teaspoons olive oil

  • Salt and ground black pepper to taste

Place the corn on a lightly oiled grill. Cook over medium heat, turning occasionally, for at least 12 minutes or until corn is tender. Set aside and let cool. When ready, cut the kernels off the cob into a large bowl. Add the plum tomatoes, green bell pepper, onion and olive oil, then season with salt and black pepper. Mix until all ingredients are well combined. Let sit for 20 to 30 minutes for flavors to meld. Serve alongside the grilled meat.

two. sun salad

What do you need:

  • 1 medium pineapple, cut into wedges

  • 1 1/4 cup mandarin oranges

  • 1 1/4 cup baby spinach

  • 1/4 cup pine nuts

  • 1kg chicken breast tenderloins

  • 1 1/2 cup bottled beer

  • 1/2 cup of honey

  • 1/3 cup Dijon mustard

  • 6 tablespoons Poppy Seed salad dressing

  • 2 tbsp. olive oil

  • 1 tablespoon. fresh rosemary

  • 1 teaspoon salt

  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder

  • 1/8 teaspoon fresh black pepper

In a large resealable plastic bag, combine beer, honey, mustard, olive oil, rosemary, garlic powder, salt, and black pepper. Add the chicken tenderloin to the bag and shake to coat the meat evenly. Seal and refrigerate overnight, turning bag occasionally. When ready, thread chicken onto skewers and discard excess marinade. Cook the chicken and pineapple wedges on a preheated grill over medium heat for 10 to 15 minutes or when the meat juices run clear and the pineapple is tender. Cut the chicken and pineapple into small pieces and mix them in a salad bowl before serving.

3. Potato Salad Without Mayonnaise

What do you need:

  • 1kg red potatoes

  • 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

For the dressing room:

  • 6 slices cooked bacon, chopped

  • 4 green onions, chopped

  • 1 clove garlic, minced

  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

  • 2 tbsp. thin parsley

  • 1 tablespoon. Apple cider vinegar

  • 1 teaspoon black pepper

  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt

  • 1/2 teaspoon white sugar

Place red potatoes in a medium bowl then add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Toss to coat evenly. Cook on a preheated grill over medium heat for 20 to 30 minutes or until tender. Let cool, cut into quarters and reserve. In a large bowl, combine 1/2 cup olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, vinegar, and sugar and whisk until smooth. Add bacon, parsley, onion and potatoes to the bowl and toss until evenly coated. Serve immediately.

Add some freshness and nutrition to your summer barbecue with these must-try healthy salads!


My Wife Is Always Angry With Me: Crucial Things You Need To Know For A Happy Marriage

Are you in a marriage where you always feel like my wife is always mad at me?

Well, you are certainly not alone.

In fact, I was exactly in your situation, but I figured out how to deal with it and now my marriage is better than ever. This is what helped my marriage.

What to do when you constantly have to tell yourself “Man, my wife is always mad at me”

It’s a tough position to be in, I know. You feel bad and almost like a failed husband because you feel like you can’t do anything right. No matter what you do, your wife seems to be mad at you and she feels horrible.

But things can be changed. There is a solution, and not only can you return your marriage to where it once was, but you can actually make it better than ever. Of course, some people in this position will just give up and file for divorce, but that’s not the answer to this problem.

First of all, we need to find out why your wife is always mad at you. She may not be very transparent about this actually. Many times a wife won’t talk about her problems, and she really thinks you’ll know what the problem is. But you and I know that it is not easy to understand, right?

So you may have to read between the lines a bit. You may have to do some research. It could have been something you said. It could have been something you didn’t say. It could have been something you did, or didn’t do.

The best way, of course, is to simply ASK…and then shut up and LISTEN!

Listening is the key! But don’t just listen to his wife’s words. Listen beyond words. Listen for clues in her words that explain how she feels. That’s the key to truly discovering how to solve your “my wife is always mad at me” problem.

Second, you have to do something else which will seem a bit counterproductive. You’re going to have to stop worrying so much about your wife and start worrying about YOU!

This part is going to take EMPATHY from you. Which means that you will have to think about your actions and find out how they have been affecting your wife. Things that you may have been doing out of habit can have a negative effect and may go unnoticed even by you.

I did this exactly. I realized that I was not spending enough time with my wife. She would come home from work, I would sit in front of the TV, I would have dinner in front of the TV, and then when she went to bed, I would stay up and watch TV. So she actually felt abandoned.

I didn’t learn this from my wife, I learned this by making an assessment of my own behavior and realizing on my own how that must have made my wife feel.

No wonder I was saying that my wife is always mad at me! She was! And that was not the end of the troubles and problems.

I had also stopped doing the things I used to do “just because” when we got married. She used to send him flowers at work from time to time. Or she would take her out to dinner just because. The little things that showed that she appreciated her were no longer being done, and in fact, that was taking a toll on my marriage. Maybe I never should have started those things LOL. It’s a joke…

The thing is that YOU will have to find out what you are doing wrong and then change it. It really is as simple as that. You can only change one thing about your relationship and that is YOU.

If you say that my wife is always mad at me, then you have the power to fix it if you are willing to do some work on YOU.


New Book Offers Dad-Style Humor to Benefit TBI Survivors

Mark Elswick, aka “Padman,” overcame the hurdles of fatherhood and lived to write about them in this playful collection of short stories based on his own experiences as a man dealing with women, especially his daughter. Whether it’s having to go to the store to buy those…um, feminine hygiene products for your daughter, worrying about the older man your daughter wants to date, or simply accepting that you’ve reached middle age and are becoming an old man, readers will smile familiarly at the incidents, sympathizing with Elswick’s sentiments and admiring his courage to press on in the face of what often threatens his masculinity or at least his masculine self-esteem.

Elswick is also not above making fun of himself. While he may be amazed and stunned by the things the women around him do, he eventually laughs at his own reactions to the events and the expectations women have of him. When he tries to outsmart women, for example by “multitasking” (watching the game while he changes his daughter’s diaper), his efforts tend to backfire, ultimately to his amusement. and that of the reader.

Just to give you a taste of Elswick’s mood, here’s an excerpt from the story “On a Budget?”:

“When I started to close the dryer door, I decided to do something I wish I had never done. I double checked the dryer to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

“Sure enough, there was something: a shoelace. Why did you wash a shoelace?” I rolled my eyes in typical disbelief. something..I just knew it had caused damage to my dryer.Fortunately, when I grabbed the black thread, it didn’t get tangled up in a mess and I pulled it out.Relieved and feeling my anger exhale, I lifted the…

“At that moment, I stopped exhaling and even stopped breathing. What I grabbed with my right hand was what I thought was a rope. Now, I quickly realized that it wasn’t any rope. As I brought what I thought belonged to my daughter’s shoe at eye level, I felt that it was almost the worst moment of dad in my life as a father.

“That tiny piece of string made me feel as nauseated as when I found out what With Wings meant.

“That cord was… one of my fourteen-year-old daughter’s straps.

“As I learned on my Padman adventure, there are certain things we men never want to encounter in life. This one is right up there with catching your parents having sex.”

As if dealing with a growing teenage daughter wasn’t enough, Elswick has had to overcome other very serious obstacles in her life. While most of “Padman” is made up of humorous stories, there are some pretty serious stories and essays. The most dramatic story is that of Elswick himself, who survived a freak car accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Doctors told Elswick’s parents that it was unlikely that he would live and that if he did, he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life. Against all odds, Elswick not only survived, but has led a relatively normal life, although his TBI continues to affect him.

Elswick doesn’t dwell too long or with negativity on his evidence, but he does want this book to raise awareness of TBI and an appreciation of how precious life is. She provides plenty of laughs in these pages with a little education thrown in for good measure. Elswick is currently working on a longer book on TBI to be published in 2012. In the meantime, partial proceeds from the sale of “Padman” will be donated to TBI research.


Paper Crafting In Schools: Scrapbooking Concepts Used In The Educational System

Scrapbooking lovers have some benefits that they can experience during and after their scrapbooking and paper crafting activities. The first of them is included in the artistic hobbies themselves; they give them the opportunity to flow through emotions and experiences, which improves emotional health over time. The second gift is that they can hone a certain skill set through practice. And a third gift that scrapbooking provides can be seen as a collection: the ability to incorporate new lessons, new concepts, and new and innovative thoughts into other parts of their lives as a result of what happened during scrapbooking.

For a practical example of the first concept, consider making an apparent scrapbook of a collection of family photos for hours at a time, diving deep into the moments of flow where new thoughts enter and time is suspended, and coming to the conclusion that which is a “light bulb” moment. so to speak. Those insights that are likely to take place when the logical mind takes a break and the creative mind is steering the wheel can go a long way in improving our lives, especially in the realm of things we end up incorporating into our scrapbooking practices. : Family moments, individual goals and treasures and concepts that make us feel more alive.

Papermaking in schools generally takes one of two forms. The second is similar to the first benefit above, where the creative mind leads scrapbookers to commemorate emotional events and the result creates a sense of satisfaction. Examples of this are handmade Valentine’s, Mother’s and Father’s Day cards, which many children are encouraged to make from the very beginning of their education.

The second way that scrapbooking concepts are traditionally used in schools is for learning purposes. Learning to spell through crafts is a practice used in schools by teachers who instruct children to cut out letters from paper, add them, make sounds and rearrange the collection of words. Somewhere in the country there is a teacher with several sheets of paper representing different animals and letters and a class is directed to interpret them into words. Although we often see preschoolers using scissors, cut-out words, and photo-letter collage to link new concepts with the attention of creative work, the idea of ​​doing crafts to solidify “left brain” concepts is not is strictly set aside for early childhood education.

How middle school students are encouraged to explore the meaning of collages through group projects that require poster board and symbolic representations of the main points of the material they have been studying, and how middle and high school students are encouraged to make annual scientific projects that combine a multitude of images, graphics and words to express thoughts, the main elements of scrapbooking in educational systems become increasingly clear.

The reason we don’t stop scrapbooking at any age is simply what many in the educational system have discovered; we do not simply think in terms of sentences. We think in terms of symbols and pieces that come together. And it is also easier for us to remember information when we advance in a project that allows us to play with those symbols and collect them as unifying concepts that reinforce the same idea.


The true power of yoga

the Yoga

“YOGA – the power of strength”

The word yoga represents the symbol of “union”. In Sanskrit, yoga is the meaning of “uniting”. The true meaning of yoga is not about doing physical activity, it is the process of combining the soul with activity. Behind yoga is the spiritual strength of the individual. The root of yoga has begun in the first millennium BC. Gradually the benefit of yoga became apparent. Another word for yoga is “the yoke”.

The power of Yoga:

The combination of physical and mental activity to reach the inner soul producing a certain amount of energy is the true meaning of Yoga. One should have to know the power of Yoga.

Let’s see the benefits of Yoga.

1. For a better body image: Focusing inward while doing yoga will help you get a better body structure.

2. Mindful eating: You will get the advantage of feeling what you eat.

3. Benefits for the heart: Doing yoga regularly can help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

4. Weight control: yoga is the best action to take to lose weight.

5. General physical condition: Practicing yoga several times a week will help maintain good general physical condition.

Generally, the more you do, the more you get. Yoga includes other assets.

  • …It will help calm the mind and train the body.

  • … Yoga suits everyone and yoga does not need any special equipment.

  • …Improves sleep, digestion.

  • … Increases flexibility, muscle strength and blood flow.

  • …Balanced metabolism, helps you concentrate and strengthens the bones.

The spiritual types of yoga:

Law of pure potentiality:

Knowing who we are gives us the ability to fulfill any dream we have. When we are in conformity with nature, we develop a link between our ambitions and the strength to fulfill these desires.

Law of giving and receiving:

The law of receiving is equaled by the law of giving. In the universe, everything operates through dynamic exchange. We have no right to stop the flow of nature.

Law of Karma:

If you can joyfully engage in any activity, that is karma. If you do it with great effort, only karma will come, not yoga.

Law of least effort:

You can simply achieve your desire when your actions are driven by love, and when you exhaust the least achievement without contributing to the struggle. In this way, you tap into the limitless organizing capacity of the universe to do less and achieve all.

Law of intention and desire:

The entire universe is the mixture of energy and information. Both exist everywhere. The quality of importance in every intention and desire is the tool for its fulfillment.

Law of Dharma:

Everyone in this world has a dharma to do in life. By showing your unique talents and specialties to others, you will gain unlimited love, abundance, confidence, and real satisfaction in your life.

Law of Separation:

The law of detachment states that in order to move something forward in the physical universe, you must relinquish connection to it.


What the characters of The Catcher in the Rye tell us about Holden Caulfield

The main theme of The Catcher in the Rye is isolation, which is interesting coming from a guy who spills his guts out into the world for 200 pages. However, the contradiction perfectly characterizes Holden Caulfield; he can’t decide whether to get all his friends together for a round of drinks and chat or run off into the woods to get away Into-the-Wild style.

This is just the tip of an entire iceberg of narrative inconsistency. Holden hates fakers but lies constantly, hates Hollywood but pretends to be the star of a gangster movie, wants people to like him but intentionally irritates them for fun, and complains that everyone generalizes too much all the time. Holden’s narrative presence so completely dominates the story that it’s difficult to get an accurate reading of any situation, which means that everything that passes through Caulfield’s perception machine must be reverse-engineered before we can understand it. Let’s look at Holden’s relationships with the other two major characters in Catcher in the Rye.

phoebe caulfield

According to Holden Caulfield, Phoebe is the (second) best person ever (right after her little brother, Allie, who died of leukemia). She is the kindest, smartest, most beautiful and superlative sister a person could wish for. So what does this tell us? Nothing without proof. Here’s a more nuanced approach to the brother-sister relationship:

Exhibit A: Phoebe takes Holden seriously. When Holden says he’s going to “hitchhike out west,” Phoebe packs his suitcase, sneaks it out of the building, packs it up for the rest of the day, and meets him at the museum with his red hunting hat on and all. what they need except the getaway car. She compares that to the reception Holden receives when she asks Sally to run away with him. (She gets the running part, only in the wrong direction.) Which isn’t to say that running off with Sally would be a good idea, but the point is that pretty much everyone laughs/scolds Holden like he’s a complete idiot, which we (and Phoebe) know couldn’t be further from the truth. TRUE.

Test B: Phoebe gives Holden things. Which may not sound like much, except she’s the only person in the novel who does. Holden constantly lends/gives things to the people around him, who often don’t offer even a thank you in return. Only in the first ten chapters -and there are 26- he lets himself be fucked for a coat, an essay, a typewriter and drinks worth thirteen dollars. Phoebe, on the other hand, not only shows immense gratitude for his gifts (remember when she lovingly puts away the broken shards of the record in a drawer?), but she also lends Holden her Christmas savings when she finds out he’s broke and goes home. returns them. the red hunting hat from him when he feels sad. It’s a sad day when a 10-year-old boy shows more generosity than the entitled teenagers of an entire high school.

Test C: Phoebe wants to hear about Holden, even when she doesn’t want to. Holden hates that people “never notice anything,” and while he’s busy making brilliant behavioral and emotional observations about everyone he meets, they’re so busy trying to be impressive that they can’t think of anyone but themselves. . Phoebe, however, wants to know what time Holden arrived, what he’s doing, whether or not he’s coming to see her play, why he skipped a few days, what classes she flunked, and why he didn’t try harder. Even though she’s angry, Holden “could tell off the back of her neck that he was listening. He always listens when you say something to him.” Plus, she’s the only person who pays enough attention to notice that he got kicked out of school. Not bad sleep for a 10 year old.

Jane Gallagher

Aside from Allie, Jane is the novel’s most tantalizingly elusive figure; although Holden’s thoughts often wander to her, she never makes a physical appearance in The Catcher in the Rye. Holden is careful not to reveal too much about Jane, but it’s obvious he likes her. He maybe even loves her. Let’s review the evidence.

Exhibit A: Holden can’t get too sexy with her. According to his philosophy on sex (ie, sex is inherently demeaning), the only women in the novel that he sexualizes are the ones he can’t respect. Remember the stupid but pretty ballerina whose fantastic butt “moved so well and everything”? Or what about Holden’s friend, Luntz’s lover, in the “little blue dress that makes you nervous”? (Apparently, he has a type.) In contrast, the closest Holden comes to sexualizing Jane is revealing that he has a “fabulous figure,” but he only reveals this information because he suspects her stepfather is sexually abusing her. It’s true that Holden makes sure to avoid Jane in all this “crazy stuff,” but he remembers that the key word in “respectful distance” is “respectful.”

Test B: Jane keeps all her kings in the back row. Why is that important? It’s not, but the fact that Holden thinks that way says a lot about his dynamic. The things Holden thinks are important enough to tell us are that she plays checkers and golf, that her mouth is always open, that it’s great to hold hands, that her stepdad is a lousy hound, and that her sweater red “knocked him out.” Knowing that Stradlater doesn’t care about any of this (or if her name is Jane or Jean, for that matter) drives Holden up the wall.

Test C: Holden doesn’t complain about Jane. Not even once. And Holden complains about literally EVERYTHING except Allie. Even Phoebe “can be very snotty sometimes,” but when it comes to Jane’s faults, he’s suspiciously quiet. And coming from Holden, that’s saying something.


Ben 10 Omnitrix Watches: The Differences Every Parent Should Know

Imagine excitedly asking for gifts for your Ben 10 fan’s birthday. You have a list of their hopes and dreams, one of which is the Ben 10 Omnitrix watch. Search online and find that there are at least four different versions. Oh no, which one should you choose? Presumably, your Ben 10 fan had one in mind, but you want to get the best and most appropriate one, don’t you? So here’s a little help…

Alien Force Ultimate Omnitrix (4 stars)

Looking like Ben’s new evolved Omnitrix from the new TV series, the Alien Force Ultimate Omnitrix features lights, cool sound effects and alien voices. Kids will love playing out action-packed alien games with their very own real-life Omnitrix – the perfect role-play accessory for kids! Place the transparent minifigures from the Alien 4-inch figure collection (sold separately) on the watch face to unlock the alien light and sound effects! The Omnitrix includes a cool transparent Swampfire figure to get the action started!

This Omnitrix from the new Ben 10 Alien Force range should have rocked our children’s world. It will certainly be a must-have for any Ben 10 fan addicted to RPG fun, but it’s not as good as it could have been. The accuracy of the clock in the new show is fantastic. Attach the mini translucent alien figures to the top of the clock to activate each alien. This reveals the alien’s voice and name, just like in the show, and it’s great. The strap is an improvement over the Omnitrix F/X, but not as good as the Deluxe Omnitrix. It can be difficult to follow until you get the hang of it, and sometimes it has trouble staying closed.

To get more than one free alien mini figure, you must purchase the 10cm Alien Collection figures. However, the full alien range is not yet available, which may cause disappointment. The Ultimate Omnitrix has lights and sounds with no alien figures attached, but chances are your Ben 10 fan wants more than the alien that comes with it…you’ve been warned!

The Ultimate Omnitrix may have a bit more glitches than other Ben 10 toys. The face may be reluctant to stay all the way down and alien figures may get stuck after clicking the top of the clock a few times. The alien figures can also be difficult to put on and take off, but they hold up to rough play just like the other toys in the range.

Overall this new Omnitrix is ​​a good solid toy and will be money well spent to keep an avid Ben 10 fan’s collection up to date.

Deluxe Omnitrix (5 stars)

The Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix is ​​packed with power: lights, sounds, and a full-screen alien LCD screen make this the most powerful Omnitrix in the collection. With each click of the dial another alien appears on the LCD screen. Be Prepared: When Vilgax attacks, your Ben 10 fan has only seconds to pick the right alien for the job. It’s a race against time to defeat evil and rack up some bonus points!

Fantastic, entertaining and robust. It will send the imagination into overdrive. If you want to keep your Ben 10 fan busy using his imagination to play, this is the toy for you.

Build-wise, the quality is superior to its predecessor, the Omnitrix F/X. The thick fabric strap fastens with Velcro, making it easy for a toddler to take on and off. The main part of the watch is made of thick plastic and includes a black and white LCD screen. It can be quite large on the child’s wrist and is larger than the F/X.

There are three game modes. Battle mode sees Ben 10 running until a villain approaches, at which point the Omnitrix sounds an alarm to alert him. At the bottom of the screen you are told which alien to choose and you are timed as you mark the aliens until you find the correct one. When you press the clock to select the winning alien, you see him fighting the villain and then find out if you won the battle. Normal mode allows you to select the alien by turning the dial and hitting the clock. You can hear the sounds of Ben 10 and you are shown some images of the chosen alien. The status mode shows the statistics of battles won and lost and includes configuration options such as sound.

For Ben 10 crazy kids under the age of 5, the Deluxe Omnitrix presents a few obstacles. The battle mode is not suitable for children who cannot read yet, as they will not know which alien they should choose to fight in battle. Also, moving between modes can take time for them to get used to, as they are likely to get lost trying to get to where they want to be. But after a week or so for one persistent fan, they’ll figure it out.

For older kids more used to game consoles, the gameplay and graphics might be a bit weak, but for those kids who love RPGs and want to imagine themselves as Ben 10, this is a must-have kit.

Omnitrix F/X (2 stars)

The Omnitrix F/X provides a nice role-playing experience with its flashing red and green lights and transformation sound effects taken directly from the TV series. Turn the dial to choose from the 10 aliens and see them silhouetted on the Omnitrix’s face, which is backlit for easy viewing.

The Omnitrix F/X is a great stimulus for the imagination. It is well made and withstands the usual drops and bumps against walls from children. Although it seems expensive for a plastic strap, rotating dial, and red and green lights, the daily use it’s likely to get means you’ll see your money’s worth. The sounds are authentic and the children seem excited to touch the dial before “transforming”. Perhaps more suitable for Ben 10 crazy kids under 5 years old as they don’t have to deal with games. In fact, it does little more than make noises, flash lights, and display alien images on the dial, so you’d expect it to be much less expensive than the deluxe version, but you’ll be sadly disappointed. Comfort-wise, the F/X also lacks its plastic strap, which can be difficult for youngsters to hold on to and can be a bit big for smaller wrists.

Alien Omnitrix Visor (1 star)

Omnitrix Alien Viewer lets you watch cool scenes from the TV series and watch Ben transform into different aliens by inserting one of several available discs, three of which are included. Other discs are available with the Ben 10 4-inch collectible action figures (each sold separately). Each disc features 8 animation cels showing Ben’s transformation into an alien. The viewing opening is 1 cm in diameter. It is true to scale for realistic role play.

The Omnitrix Alien Viewer could be a nice little addition to your child’s Ben 10 toy collection. If you collect the Ben 10 4-inch collectible action figures, you’ll soon have a huge collection of the discs that come with these toys, allowing you to see Ben in more and more forms. But beware, it’s not just a smaller version of the other Omnitrix. It has no lights or sound, so to an excited child it appears to do nothing more than look like an Omnitrix when using it, though this alone encourages the imagination. Viewing the aliens is also not ideal as there is no backlight. You have to point the viewer at a strong light source and get the right angle to see anything and then the images are small. Changing disks can be tricky and disk storage is limited. Knowing that young children do not lose sight of these small pieces will not be your top priority. If the disks are lost, the Omnitrix becomes useless.


The choice is hard: Alien Force Ultimate Omnitrix is ​​more up to date with the current TV show and its aliens, but Deluxe Omnitrix offers a video game style as well as role-playing experience. What you choose should probably be determined by the age of your Ben 10 fan.


The Kindle Fire, ready to burn the market

We are getting close. It’s time. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, the holiday season is fast approaching. Many of us do not know what to give. The anxiety of this can be overwhelming. However, a possible recovery from this dilemma has come to help. Welcome, the Kindle Fire.

Affordable, at just $199, this new Kindle is within the reach of many, as a gift. It really is very competitively priced relative to other comparable products on its market. For what it offers, it’s hard to beat.

You can read, watch, listen, play games and surf the Internet, all in one compact and lightweight package. Much more than an eReader, the new Kindle Fire offers a new 7-inch color touch screen. The vivid, high-resolution image is easy on the eyes.

With an extra wide view, it allows for a charming gaze while watching over 100,000 movie and TV titles. Enjoy commercial-free streaming of current TV shows. Buy or rent new releases with just a tap of your finger. It doesn’t get much simpler. And, for those who are a bit tougher on their belongings, it has an extra durable screen, making it more scratch-resistant and able to take a little more knocks.

It has a dual core processor, which allows those who enjoy multitasking the perfect opportunity. Amazon’s Kindle Fire is fast and efficient. It also doesn’t get stuck with memory loaded. With Amazon Cloud, you have free storage for all your downloads.

You may have a teenager on your shopping list. They would love the opportunity to listen to their favorite music while playing one of the many games out there. With many apps available, including some of the most popular titles, you won’t have to look far to find what you’re looking for.

The Kindle Fire still offers millions of book and magazine titles. But, now it offers so much more for such a great price. This fast and efficient tablet can match ingenuity with just about anything, but it won’t stretch your wallet. Even though you know you need to shop for others during the holidays, discovering that you wouldn’t mind having one for yourself will be a new temptation. Maybe adding it to your list is also not a bad idea.