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Bathroom Tile Grout Alternative

When one is laying tile on a bathroom floor, experts will always tell consumers to fill the spaces between the tiles with grout so that the seal is secure and does not allow moisture to seep into the floor. If moisture seeps between the tiles, it opens up the possibility of mold growing under the floor. It is important to put something between the tiles to create a seal, however there are alternatives to using grout. It’s just a matter of deciding what works best for the consumer, taking expense, aesthetics, and efficiency into account. All of these options can be done by taking a “do it yourself” approach instead of hiring professionals if the consumer wishes.

The first alternative is grouting with sand. It is cement based and is most commonly used for intermediate tile and stone. Buy a package of sanded grout from Ace Hardware Outlet for $6 per 7-pound package. It is a commonly absorbent product and must be sealed to protect the product from stains and dirt. It is very simple to apply and a great option for those unfamiliar with the process. Since the price is so affordable, it makes it much easier to pay the right amount and fix mistakes.

Another alternative is an epoxy-based one. The advantage of using this type is that it is resistant to stains and mildew. While this can be applied by oneself, it is quite difficult as there are several components in the mix that need to be combined and mixed just prior to application. After mixing, there is only a small window of time to apply the epoxy-based grout to the area. If this is your first time applying this type, it is suggested to hire an experienced contractor to do the job. However, if one is interested in taking on the project, this guy can be found at The Home Depot for $31 a pack.

These options are great alternatives to using standard grout materials. Both options are affordable and will keep any bathroom safe from stains, mold, grime, and fungus that could build up on the floor. Consumers looking to upgrade their bathroom should look for alternatives to grout to save money and time during their upgrades. These alternatives will give consumers the same benefits of traditional grout without having to spend time outlining each individual tile on their own. Once finished, the consumer will be pleasantly surprised with its results!

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Book Summary – Multiple Streams of Internet Income – Written by Robert Allen

Robert Allen is a successful writer and investor. He has written several books that are already published and reviewed in Success Progress. This book is now 5 years old, which is old in the years of the internet. Therefore, I will review a part and give updated tips on internet strategies to make money.

Why is this important to me? I understand that I am asking you to spend 6 minutes with me on this video and then potentially a couple of hours reading this book. Therefore, the content has to be worthwhile. That said, the content of the book is well worth the effort. Years ago, a spouse could work and support the family. This country had what was called a middle class. Then we go into the “DINK” era, which is dual income with no kids. Thus, both spouses worked to make ends meet. Today, you have working spouses and families that are still drowning in debt and suffering from money problems. Creating multiple PASSIVE income streams is critical if you want to get out of the rat race and provide for your family. Contrary to popular belief, this requires work and focus. Usually when you hear about overnight success, they never tell you about the previous 10 years they spent kicking their butts.

Building multiple streams of income takes time, but once you start doing it, you’ll see the power of passive money and compounding. Investors like Robert Allen and Robert Kiyosaki have typically done this with rental real estate. Robert Allen pioneered the billion dollar no down payment real estate market. In my humble opinion, I think the internet offers a lot more upside opportunities with less risk. If anything, you can start generating monthly cash flow from the internet and park it in cash flow real estate. This method will make you rich if you spend time on it.

I am a huge fan of the three stooges. This is the case because my mental capacity matches theirs. The question then is, how do we start making money online? I’ll save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars with just one word: CONTENT. Don’t spend money on traffic software, Google Ads or anything else until you understand that content is king. The reason Stooges have been known for over 70 years is because of their content. Good content persists.

Enough with the esoteric stuff, here are some things you can do right now to dive into making money online.

1. Content: everyone is unique and you should start there. If you are passionate about a particular sport, hobby, or animal, then start there. Start discarding everything you know about that particular thing. A mind dump is where you take a piece of paper and a pencil and simply start writing down the words that come to mind on a particular topic. Don’t worry about organization. That will come later.

2. Research: Now we want to do some research. That is why the Internet is so strong. In the old days, when you wanted to sell something, you had to make calls, knock on doors, and send mailers. Today, the Lead Funnel is live and all you have to do is use Google to start taking advantage of it. You can use the Google AdWords tool. You just “Google” AdWords and you can put in websites or terms and see how many people are searching for that topic. This is very strong because if your content is good and millions of searches are being done per month, then you are well on your way to generating an income stream.

3. List Building – Your list is critical and where is the money. Don’t buy a broker email list. Don’t spam. Don’t try to take the easy way out on this. Building a good list will take time, but if you serve the list with good content, it will pay you back 10 times. You want to gather a following, so start writing short articles on your topic and start submitting them to article sites. Sites like EzineArticles are free article sites that will help you drive traffic to your site. You can create an article and submit it to various free article sites. Look up article marketing for more details.

4. Social Media – Creating social media content is critical to creating and helping generate revenue. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are great places to start. Coordinate all of these things and your traffic will build.

After you have some content and do your market research, you need to know the end game. How will this be monetized?

1. Free partial ebook: You can write an ebook on your topic and give away the first few chapters for free and charge for the entire book. Imagine selling an ebook for $2.95 and offering it to a list of 200,000 people. If you get a 5% sales rate, you just made $29,500. There is power in small numbers. McDonald’s is a billion dollar business that sells products for 99 cents.

2. Affiliates – Do you know that you don’t have to sell, collect, pack or ship anything? One of the largest and most trusted affiliates is There are others like Clickbank and commission crossing that you can also check out. You simply link to the affiliate product or service, and as people buy, you get paid.

3. Advertising – Google and YouTube will pay you to have ads on your site. How cool is that? When you watch YouTube videos and click on an embedded ad, the creator of the video gets paid. Can you hear the money going into your account while you sleep?

4. Mobile applications: Mobile applications are a great opportunity. I’m getting my feet wet on this now and will share the success as I go. If you think about iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, the size of the opportunity is enormous.

All the things I talked about today are free to do. Once you get down to business and building, there are low-cost services like Traffic Geyser, IContact, and Keyword spy to help you in your search for internet income streams. You will need to invest in a website and some design work. There are cheap subcontractors that can help you with this. Remember that you need to run this like a business and set realistic goals for yourself. If you’re in a position where you hate your job, set a one-year goal to leave. In that time, work on your content, website, marketing, and list building activities. If you give yourself a year, then you will earn money.

I hope you have found this brief summary useful. The key to any new idea is to work it into your daily routine until it becomes a habit. Habits are formed in as little as 21 days. One thing you can take away from this book is CONTENT IS KING. People want good content. People love to buy and hate to be sold to, so when you have great content, they’ll love paying you for it.

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4 keys to a killer real estate video

Video is quickly becoming an essential element in real estate marketing. Pricing and technology have made video more accessible than ever, and savvy brokers, property managers, and home sellers are beginning to take advantage of it. According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly 90% of surveyed homeowners said they would prefer to hire a broker who uses video to market their home. However, only about 5% of runners are currently using video. And even between them, the quality of those videos can vary greatly. Studies have also shown that listings with videos get about 4x more clicks. This is of particular importance for vacation rental listings, because they have to be sold over and over again and are therefore even more dependent on a high volume of web traffic.

While it’s obvious that adding video to real estate marketing will soon be as highly anticipated as professional photos and a website, simply having a video isn’t enough. It has to be a GOOD video. Here are some tips on how to create a professional-quality video that will make any real estate listing look its best.

First and foremost, find someone who knows what they’re doing. None of the other items on this list will matter if you don’t have a competent videographer behind the camera. The good news is that this doesn’t cost what it used to. For around $500-1000 (depending on your market area) you can get someone who knows what they are doing, has good equipment, and delivers professional photography and video. Perhaps even including drone shots! Videos are not easy to make. You have to understand the equipment, the lighting, the content, the sound, the editing and a million other things. Without a professional, you will almost certainly end up with an inferior result, and you will probably lose a lot of time and brain cells in the process. Time is money. Spend the money and save the time.

While it’s technically possible to shoot decent video on your phone, these days, it’s not easy to do, and you wouldn’t be reading this if you knew how to do it. You don’t need Hollywood-level gear, but you do need a certain minimum quality, or your results will likely end up looking shaky, too dark or too bright, grainy, and generally not very good (see #1 above) . It will almost certainly come with its own gear, which should be fine for your purposes. Some basic requirements are a good camera (a mid-level DSLR can take stills and video), a slider, a couple of different lenses, some basic lighting, a decent shotgun or lav mic, and professional editing software (Adobe’s Apple’s Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro are standard) to put it all together. These days, it’s fair to expect a drone to get involved as well. The antennas add an exciting creative element, as well as a significant amount of geographic context.

You want your final product to tell a story. That means you have to organize yourself and convey a certain amount of relevant information. Start with a script. Even if you don’t plan on using a voiceover or on-screen presenter, it’s a good idea to establish a logical flow ahead of time. A script will also help ensure that the essential details of the list are conveyed. Whether there’s a narrator, on-screen text, or both, it’s important to give viewers the details they’ll need to assess the home and what it has to offer. It’s best to keep it simple, including things like address*, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, interior square footage, and lot size. Add some pictures of the neighborhood and a map to establish the location. And of course, don’t forget your contact information.**

Think of it this way: Assume the viewer has no other information available besides the video. Your goal should be to give them everything they need so they can decide if they want to schedule a visit. It never ceases to amaze me how often I watch videos without these basic details. If viewers have no way of knowing if the house has 2 bedrooms or 7, or if it’s on a large corner lot in the suburbs, compared to downtown Detroit, how are they going to decide whether to call it? Assuming they can even figure out who you are in the first place.

Basically, treat your video like you would a paper flyer. Anything that belongs on a flyer belongs on the video.

*Obviously, this depends on whether it is a house for sale or for rent. Vacation rental listings often do not include the address.

**Most MLS organizations will not allow you to post your contact details on videos, so make sure your videographer gives you an unbranded version as well.

No video, regardless of quality, will do you any good if no one sees it. You could have Martin Scorsese direct it and Al Pacino do a walkthrough tour, but without proper syndication, no one will ever know.

First of all, post it on YouTube. If you have your own channel, great. If not, your videographer can post it to theirs and then send you the link or embed code.

From there, post it to your website. If you don’t have a website, you need to get one. You needed to get one five years ago. All of your marketing should be predicted around driving traffic to your website so that they can be impressed by how good you are, and then decide to call you and pay you money. Marketing 101. There are many ways to accomplish this, but that’s for another day. If you’re advertising a vacation rental, you’re probably already using HomeAway, AirBnB, or the like. They make it easy.

ADDITIONAL TIPS FOR BROKER: Once you’re on your website, share that link on all of your social media pages. Then include it in your next email newsletter to your database, so they know what a creative, tech-savvy real estate professional you are. They will be impressed. You can also post the link to Zillow and other industry sites.

Add a rider to your billboard that mentions the video. A large red sign, visible from across the street, reading “Hey, look! I made a video!” Or something like that. That way all the other potential sellers in the neighborhood, and all the people just passing by, will know that YOU are one of the 5% of agents that is smart, savvy, and forward-thinking enough to use video to market. your listings You will get many more listings.

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Filing a Petition to Vacate an Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) Lawsuit in California

This article will discuss the use of a strike motion in an unlawful detainer (eviction) action in the state of California. This type of motion can be filed when a lawsuit seeks relief or damages that are not supported by the allegations in the lawsuit, or are not verified as required by law.

The strike motion may request that the entire grievance be removed or only certain parts of it. The Court can only consider the issues that appear on the face of the lawsuit. As with an objection, no extrinsic evidence is allowed, other than what may be judicially noticeable.

Section 436 of the Code of Civil Procedure provides in pertinent part that this motion may be filed to vacate any irrelevant matter inserted in any pleading, and to vacate any pleading or part thereof that is not drafted in accordance with the laws of this state.

In the case of an unlawful detainer claim, the code states that it must be verified by the Plaintiff. If the complaint is not verified, the entire complaint must be dismissed because the complaint is not verified as required by section 1166(a)(1) of the Code of Civil Procedure. Therefore, the complaint is not filed under the laws of this state.

Or if the eviction lawsuit asks for rent or other damages, but the three-day notice attached to the lawsuit does not contain a request for rent or other damages, this means the lawsuit is subject to dismissal.

Many eviction complaints seek additional statutory damages for malicious conduct, but do not relieve any facts that support a finding of malice. This is clearly subject to a strike motion as several California appellate courts have ruled.

A UD complaint containing a sentence for statutory damages (up to $600, in addition to actual damages) where the complaint does not allege adequate facts to support a determination of “malice” is improper and therefore subject to a motion of strike.

A California Court of Appeals has ruled that if a claim of right appears in a complaint that is legally invalid, the complaint is subject to dismissal.

Because the statutes governing unlawful detainers have no provision regarding the timing of a hearing on a strike motion, the timing of strike motions is governed by section 1005 of the Code of Civil Procedure, which requires notice 16 judicial days from the hearing on the strike motion, plus five calendar days for notice by mail. Court days means Monday through Friday, excluding court holidays. A defendant who wishes to file a motion to strike must contact the court clerk and obtain a hearing date within 4-5 weeks from the date filed, no later than thirty-five (35) calendar days, or the date earliest available to the clerk of court. .

Be aware that some clerks will try to tell you that you must give the same notice as a motion to vacate, this is not true. The same minimum 16 court days notice that is required for a stay is also required for a motion to strike. See Rutter Group Cal. Landlord-Tenant Practice Guide Chapter 8-C 8:255.5 (2012).

The author sincerely hopes that you have enjoyed this article.


Stan Burman

Copyright 2012 Stan Burman. All rights reserved.

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Buying Tiny Homes For Sale Vs Building Your Own

The tiny house movement emphasizes downsizing and living with what you need. Many young people and retired couples see the advantages of avoiding mortgage payments and living small. Some businesses in California and Colorado have tiny houses for sale, but many believers in the movement are building their own. Here are some important factors in choosing to build or buy.

building skills

While most people can cobble together a structure in nature, LOST’s bamboo and leaf structures would not be up to building codes in most suburbs. Not only are there some basic carpentry skills and a full set of tools that become necessary, but aspiring builders should also consider the need for more complex skills that involve electrician and plumbing work. The DIY route is appealing, but the average handyman quickly gets lost with this project.

specialized materials

The hobbyist contractor may have some serious remodeling projects under his belt, but building a structure on a trailer requires special weight and durability considerations. Tiny houses for sale by professionals are built to handle travel at highway speeds, when a little wobble in the wind can twist the entire structure. Other residences may only experience comparable stress in an earthquake or hurricane, but many of those living within 100 square feet feel the need to move houses every few years.

Professional Guarantees

Buying houses for sale will allow you to choose between different guarantees. The structure that you build yourself does not have a professional guarantee that it will withstand adverse weather, weather and circumstances. Turnkey contractors and builders have a range of options where your investment will be protected for months or years. Homeowners insurance is not always available for these small structures, and not all insurance providers would support the stability of a DIY structure.

resale potential

These casitas are not a popular investment for pinball machines because they don’t tend to retain value well. Inhabited trailers have a similar problem in that they are significantly less attractive after being inhabited for years. That said, buyers looking for a bargain are much more likely to consider paying for a getaway residence that has been put together by knowledgeable individuals. Its considerable DIY skills are difficult for a third party to assess, so buyers are likely to assume that the wiring and other key components will need a thorough inspection.

Living in a miniature mobile space can be liberating for people with the right temperament. Unfortunately, not everyone inclined toward that lifestyle can handle the complex set of challenges that construction brings. The movement toward these structures is gathering momentum, and more and more books and other resources are becoming available. Those who are undecided about their skills should invest time in watching DIY instructional videos and consider paying to attend a conference. If possible, try to get in touch with other people who have tried the project and see what you can learn.

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Summerlin Homes For Sale

Homes For Sale

If you are looking for a home with a large pool and spectacular views, then one of the Summerlin homes for sale will meet your needs. These homes feature 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, a den/loft and wine storage. In addition to this, you can enjoy multiple entertaining spaces such as the outdoor kitchen or the spacious courtyard. You can also enjoy a luxurious oasis backyard with a putting green, water falls, and hundreds of misters.

In addition to luxury home sites, there are also new construction homes available in the newest phases of Summerlin. In the Mesas and Paseos neighborhoods, Toll Bros. offers townhomes and single-family tract homes. The Ridges neighborhood is home to semi-custom homes and vacant lots. The Discovery Land Company will soon start selling luxury home sites in Summerlin. Summerlin is one of the most popular master-planned communities in the Las Vegas Valley, and continues to enjoy the highest median sales price for a third year.

Summerlin boasts a number of custom and semi-custom homes from prestigious builders. The neighborhood has 13 custom neighborhoods and boasts 943 homes, from 2002 to present. Home sizes in The Ridges range from two to eight bedrooms, with up to 20 cars in garages. If you are looking for a luxurious home in Summerlin, consider one of the many new listings for sale. In addition to a convenient location, Summerlin’s proximity to many popular attractions and entertainment venues will ensure that you enjoy your new home for years to come.

Summerlin Homes For Sale

The Regency at Summerlin is a beautiful community with expansive grounds, resort-style amenities, and exquisite single-story homes. This staff-gated community also features a private 22,000-square-foot clubhouse. Residents enjoy low-maintenance living, while also having access to recreational opportunities within the community. These summer homes for sale are perfect for those who want an active lifestyle. Whether you are a retiree or just want a place to call home, you will find something in Summerlin for sale.

Whether you’re looking for a home in the heart of the Strip or a more upscale area, Summerlin has something for everyone. From luxury homes to affordable townhomes, summerlin is a great place to find a dream home. Check out the listings now. A number of these properties are part of the Greater Las Vegas Association of REALTORS(r) MLS and are marked with an IDX logo.

The master-planned community of Summerlin, Nevada, is the largest in the Las Vegas Valley. It has received countless awards for its developments, including “best place to live in America.” The community is highly connected, with a range of educational, medical, and entertainment options. Its rapidly growing population is increasing real estate prices as well. It is not hard to see why summerlin is one of the best places to call home.

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Condos Vs Apartments

Although technically the main difference between an apartment and a condo is legal, in dozens of communities around the world there are clear differences. In this article we will briefly define each and then explain these differences.

Although they tend to look the same, an apartment is a private unit in a building that is rented and generally does not have any type of community of owners. Also, they do NOT provide additional services to their tenants.

A condominium tends to resemble an apartment; however, they are owned by someone rather than rented. Condo owners typically enjoy a host of benefits, such as swimming pools, gyms and clubhouses, and property maintenance and repairs. A condominium is generally run by an HOA and its residents MUST abide by the rules set forth by this HOA.

To answer the question of which is better for you: apartment rental or condominium ownership, you need to determine if you want to stay in your residence for a long time or if you intend to move a lot for one reason or another. If you are going to move a lot, renting an apartment is the best option for you. But if you want to settle down and love the city you live in, you should at least consider buying a condo. There is more of a community-oriented atmosphere in a condominium complex than in an apartment complex.

For some people, living in an apartment complex is too restrictive and they prefer the much more relaxed atmosphere of an apartment complex. Other people love the more orderly lifestyle that a condominium complex offers. The complexes also tend to be divided into specific communities; like a retirement community or a professional community. If you are undecided about what kind of community you want to live in; or maybe which city you want to live in, it’s a great idea to rent for a while first. You can find many condo owners who rent out their units. This is a great way to get familiar with a specific location BEFORE you spend a lot of money and time buying a unit there.

Another thing you can do if you rent an apartment or condo unit for a while first is save up the money to buy a condo of your own. Renting can be a good thing because you may not want to stay in your current town or city. So why spend the money on a more permanent location when you don’t have to? Take the time to get to know a specific area or complex, get a feel for the community. In the meantime, you can make sure you have a permanent job or your own business before you buy a condo. In other words, do all your homework first. Don’t just go into a blind purchase. You will be very happy that way.

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5 reasons why NOT saving for college is a good idea

Good. You caught me. In fact, most of the time not saving for college is a bad idea. Every once in a while I run into a parent who tells me that he’s not saving for college in order to increase his child’s chances of getting financial aid. The idea is that having money makes college and the government thinks you can pay for college and therefore no help is needed. This, to some extent, is true. If you have millions in the bank, I’d rather you don’t take my tax dollars and use them to put your kids through college so they can spend the money on first class tickets to Vail.

However, assuming that saving for college will ruin financial aid is short-sighted and makes too many assumptions. The first is that financial aid will be available for your child. We don’t know what the government will have in the way of aid in 5, 10 or 15 years. You should also realize that most financial “help” comes in the form of loans. It’s quite possible that you’re creating a situation where you’re burdening your kids with onerous loans they’ll struggle to pay back in exchange for a slightly better lifestyle now. I wouldn’t call that good financial planning.

Another reason saving won’t do much harm when it comes to aid is that the government knows you have more to save than just for college. If you save in your name instead of your child’s (including 529 College Savings Plans and Coverdell ESAs), less than 6% of the savings in those types of accounts will count toward financial aid. Yes, it counts a little against you, but not as much as assets held in the child’s name at 20%.

There’s a good reason not to save for college: You have bigger needs for that money. Note that I don’t say “if you can’t afford it”. That’s because determining affordability often comes down to seeing if there’s money left over at the end of the month. Most of us find ways to spend the money that is available. What we spend it on can be a true vital necessity, but it can also be a doubtful desire.

So what can take precedence over college savings? As a retirement planner, I like to see money set aside for when I can no longer work. Of course, food, clothing, and shelter also seem like necessities. But let’s be clear: You can spend $20, $40, or more than $100 on blue jeans. I’m thinking the $100 pair doesn’t count as a need.

In the end, though, some people just won’t be able to afford to save for college without falling short in other vital areas. That’s not selfish, it just is. But for the rest of us, it’s an area that deserves our attention.

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Real estate investment in apartment complexes with demographic analysis

Demographic changes and population trends influence almost every decision in modern life, from city planning to health care provision, from educational needs to lifestyle. These and other demographic factors determine the shape of our society and the growth of urban or suburban life. Consider a real estate investor whose livelihood depends on people changing homes or jobs. Economic mobility is a key determinant in the future of this business, as is the economic health of the region, jobs, and the area’s amenities for singles or families. Recent climate stories that have impacted the US will also be a change in short and long term demographics or urban area.

Development planning is further linked to demographic data to determine priorities. The average age of the population is an important factor in the type of housing that will be required in the next two decades. As well as the influx of immigrants or hurricane evacuation victims (Harvey, Erma, Maria) to large urban areas that have job opportunities and supportive families. This may be a temporary need or if families relocate to the area, a permanent change of address and an opportunity to increase rents due to high demand. The inventory and demand in these areas could be an untapped opportunity.

For investors, the stakes are just as high. Investing in commercial real estate requires the ability to forecast where there will be a growing population and where the population’s average income will increase to reduce housing. Investors are better prepared to see news, changes due to weather or unpredictable changes in the environment, as well as businesses expanding across the US.

Indeed, investing in commercial property requires a deeper understanding of demographics; Not only should population trends be considered, but also competitive demographics, the business climate, and climate changes. Road traffic patterns can also make or break an investment, especially near busy intersections in competitive markets.

Traffic demographics can add to the complexity of making a commercial real estate investment. Given how much is at stake in real estate investing, whether it’s residential or commercial rental properties, reporting demographics and market segmentation data is even more important. Can you start buying land or buildings now at a reasonable market price while you wait for demand to build? I think yes it can. In fact, there are good properties on the market today that offer good returns (ROI) under current conditions. The demand for displaced workers and residents may be only six months from now. Take advantage of this opportunity and diversify your portfolio by working with a good real estate broker.

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What is VRBO?

In the vacation rental market, VRBO is short for Vacation Rentals by Owner. In today’s era, travel agencies are no longer the only source for booking quality vacations. Most vacation condominiums are privately owned, which means that each gate at a Beach Resort is owned by a separate person or entity. Before the internet came along, property owners relied on travel agencies or real estate companies to fill these rental properties with vacationers. Owners and travelers alike needed a direct means of doing business. The Internet now makes it possible for property owners to be contacted directly by the potential user of the property, thus cutting out the “middle man” and resulting in mutual benefit for both parties. However, this method of booking vacation or business accommodation is not without risk; but if one is willing to take the risk, it could result in huge savings.

Two decades ago, if you wanted to book a nice 2-bedroom vacation condo on the beach, you would have needed to get out of the yellow pages and call a travel agent, who would in turn contact or put you in touch with a realtor. company that managed that exact type of property. The package was booked and paid for through the travel agent, who would get a predetermined percentage of the cost of the package. The resort’s management firm, which is almost always a real estate company, would also get a large percentage of the profits. This association allowed these companies to maintain control of the vacation rental market for years, and precisely how the large management companies found today were able to grow into the mega-corporations that they are.

As the Internet became more widely available, websites began to appear that allowed the owner to advertise their property for weekly rentals. These sites are very popular with regular tourists and are growing more and more each year. Most property owners using these listing sites have chosen to discontinue contracts with property managers in an effort to save on management fees. This is a very important factor to consider when reserving a property from a VRBO site. By the time he arrives, all negotiations will be over; and if the property is not what you expected it to be, there will not be a front desk or management number to call for fines. Your only source of contact is likely to be the property owner, who may live hundreds or thousands of miles from the actual condo you reserved. This is the bet that needs to be considered when reserving an unmanaged property from a VRBO site.

Trust is key between both parties. The landlord trusts that his property will be properly cared for, and the tenant trusts that a good property will be there upon his arrival. Assuming the property is exactly as advertised, and all amenities and utilities work as they should, this deal could be a great opportunity for both parties. Eliminating the “middle man” will generally result in lower rental rates, while also generating a higher profit for the landlord.