Some California injury victims receive less compensation due to their health insurance

People who suffer traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or other serious injuries as a result of the negligence of a third party must receive proper medical care. Victims who do not have health insurance generally obtain medical care on a lien basis, and their liens are resolved after a settlement or judgment is entered in the case. To determine damages based on medical expenses in these cases, the judge or jury must determine whether the treatments were necessary and whether the charges were reasonable. The complete medical bill is presented to the fact finder (usually a jury) at trial.

This procedure is very different from medical expense cases submitted to a health insurer. A victim whose medical bills are paid by an insurance company is only responsible for the copay or deductible. And insurance companies almost never pay medical bills in full. Typically, a large portion of the medical bill is discounted due to rate reductions negotiated by the insurance company.

As the law stands, victims of California personal injury lawsuits who have health insurance receive less compensation than victims who do not have insurance. How do courts assess damages for a personal injury victim who pays for medical bills with private health insurance? The cases that address this issue have emphasized the public policy of not penalizing victims who have health insurance. Less emphasis has been placed on cases where medical bills are written off or heavily discounted due to contracts between insurers and health care providers. The topic is important to victims in cases of traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and other serious injuries where treatment is often lengthy and very expensive.

The California Supreme Court has ruled that medical bills paid by health insurance must be included in the evidence given to the jury. The Court has stated that a victim should benefit from the purchase of health insurance. A victim in a personal injury case may present evidence of all collected medical bills, regardless of how the bills were paid. Those bills provide the jury with evidence of the amount of damages the victim should receive to compensate them for her bills. The bills also help the jury assess the victim’s injuries. Submitting total bills helps a jury or judge determine how much to award a victim for their pain and suffering.

But, after a trial in which the full medical bill is presented, the defense can request a hearing to reduce the amount of damages awarded to compensate the victim for the medical bills to reflect cancellations or reductions due to contract health insurance with medical providers.

The solution that the courts have come up with is to remove medical bills that have been canceled from damages. This is in contradiction to the original justification for allowing insured victims’ medical bills to be presented at trial. The rule was designed to prevent the negligent party from benefiting from the victim’s decision to purchase insurance. The idea was to encourage victims to have insurance. Reducing the victim’s recovery due to insurance cancellations or adjustments benefits the negligent party. If the victim did not have insurance, the negligent party would be responsible for the full cost of treatment. It seems logical that since the victim paid the insurance premiums, she should receive the benefit of contract cancellations or reductions.


Tips and Warnings for Choosing the Right Palm PDA

A PDA or Personal Digital Assistant device is a handheld computer, also known as a pocket computer. The latest PDAs have audio capabilities and color displays that can be used as portable media players, mobile phones, or web browsers. Many PDAs are accessible to extranets or intranets through wireless wide area networks (WWAN) or Wi-Fi and the Internet. Newer models already use the latest touch screen technology.

Recently, typical PDAs have a memory card slot for data storage, a touch screen for data entry, and connectivity such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and IrDa. However, many PDAs, particularly those used primarily as telephones, may not have touch screen functionality, a directional pad, a soft key, and thumb pad or numeric keypad for input.

PDA software typically includes a to-do list, an address book for contacts, an appointment calendar, and various types of note programs. In addition, linked PDAs often include web and email support as well.

Many original PDAs, such as the Palm Pilot and the Apple Newton, have touch screens for consumer interaction. Some have shortcut functions to frequently used programs. Touchscreen PDAs, such as Windows Pocket PC devices, often have a dockable stylus that can be used for touchscreen purposes.

Personal digital assistants for business use like Treo and Black Berry. It has full keyboards and thumbwheels or scroll wheels for easy navigation and data entry. There are also full-size folding keyboards available on the market that plug right in. You can also use wireless technology to interact with the PDA and allow the user to type normally as if using a computer keyboard. Black Berry has additional features such as push-based emails and apps.

Newer PDAs, such as Apple’s iPod touch and iPhone, have new user interfaces that use other input media. iPod touch and iPhone use a technology known as Multi-touch.

PDAs fall into two main categories, such as palm-sized computers and handheld computers. The main differences between the two include the data entry mode, size, and display.

Palm-sized computers are lighter and smaller compared to portable versions. It has smaller liquid crystal displays, which are based on touch screen or stylus technology, as well as handwriting identification software for data entry. Therefore, handheld computers are heavier and larger than palm-sized computers. It has a larger liquid crystal display or LCD, which uses small technology for data input.

When shopping, determine how much you are willing to spend on the purchase of a PDA. PDAs can cost between US$100 and US$600. You can buy one at any electronics store. There are more than 10,000 Palm PDA software applications, from graphics programs to word processors.

Research the features of the model you are interested in. Compare it with the characteristics of other models. Also check its compatibility with your desktop or laptop computer. You may not be able to transfer data files if the two drives are incompatible.

Check what operating system your Palm PDA uses before you buy it. Not all PDAs are comfortable with every type of operating system. Find the owner’s manual online through the company’s website. Keep an electronic copy for your records.

Palm PDAs are fragile. It can be easily destroyed and damaged when accidentally submerged or dropped into water.


How to become a high paying dog groomer

There are few things in life more satisfying than finding a job you really like and getting paid well for it. So if you love dogs, why not become a dog groomer? There are two paths you can take to become a hairdresser: go to school or work your way up.

While a mandatory license or certification is not required to become a dog groomer, like any career, credentials count for a lot in the pet grooming industry. Dog owners are not likely to entrust their beloved dogs to you unless you demonstrate the necessary skills to care for their pets.

Like any other profession, the best credentials are the ones you get from school. Attending a pet grooming school gives you the benefit of on-site training and face-to-face feedback from instructors and fellow students. Many states require pet sitting schools to be licensed as vocational schools, ensuring that they maintain certain standards. Just remember that the quality of training varies widely between schools, so be sure to choose the one that best suits your goals.

If school cuts your budget or family obligations too much, or if you just want to make sure you really want to become a hairdresser, you can take an online course or any of the increasingly available home study courses. These courses also work in areas where there may not be a school close enough to attend.

But if you need to get started right away, you can apply to a grooming salon or pet supply store that offers this service and start out as a grooming assistant. It might take you a year of work before you’re even considered for the salon’s grooming program and the pay isn’t that great, but at least you earn while you learn to become a dog groomer.

If you’re a dog enthusiast, you’re probably familiar with several breeds. But a groomer should learn about as many breeds and cuts as possible. The best way is to update yourself with the standards set by the American Kennel Club and check with the National Dog Groomers Association of America, which, by the way, it would be a good idea to be a member of when you start out.

Get the best dog grooming tools and supplies you can afford: dog brushes and combs, deshedding blades, nail clippers and files, nail clippers. Once you have the knowledge and equipment you need to be a dog groomer, you may choose to set up shop in your own neighborhood, take a position at a grooming salon or pet supply store, or offer in-home service.

Do you need one more good reason to become a dog groomer? It’s a great way to break into the $43 billion pet care industry.


California RFID tracking device is in use for preschool-age children

A federal grant is giving money to California’s Contra Costa County to track preschool-age children using RFID chips. These RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips are a device that tracks the exact location of the item the tag is on. This is used on items like CDs, electronic devices, clothing, and more. Helps prevent theft by activating the doors with alarm if someone were to walk out with an unpaid or non-“degaussed” item at checkpoints. These chips can also be used to track people’s behavior through their personal items. The George Miller III Head Start program in Richmond, California is the first school to adopt this new technology here in California. This controversial chip is not placed inside the human body, but is attached to a sweater that children will have to wear. These shirts will have an RFID chip inside and will be automatically registered by each school gate. This helps them cut costs and keep an “inventory” of the children.

A lot of controversy has arisen along with these chips. Although they seem harmless because they are worn outside the body, parents wonder why this type of security and surveillance is needed for preschoolers. This seems to be above and beyond any type of monitoring necessary for children under the age of five. What the county hopes to benefit from the chip is children’s movements for data collection, automatic attendance and tracking meal times. According to a county official; They are implementing this to reduce the cost of teachers manually tracking this information so they can better serve the needs of their students and have more time to teach them. The question is… how much time do you really save? Do the benefits of this device outweigh the risk and cost/maintenance? What if someone forgets their jersey at home or a chip starts to fail and the system crashes? Then it would do more harm than good, diverting teachers’ attention for an even longer period of time trying to fix the system and manually counting kids who forgot their t-shirt.

It is safe? That is a question from many parents whose children attend this school. After they approved this new program, they did not design an opt-out option for parents who were concerned about this. They have been using this RFID system for a long time in the UK and Japan with small children because they are faster and harder to track. They say it’s great for security, protecting children from being kidnapped and abducted. The other side of the argument says that because these trackers are only embedded in clothing, it would be easy for a child to remove their t-shirt or whatever item of clothing the RFID was attached to and then render it useless for security.

Are these chips a false sense of security for parents and school officials or do they really help teachers have more time to teach their children? Whatever your thoughts on this device, technology has come a long way and it’s only getting better.


The Nintendo DS Lite

This is a stylish device that packs a lot of punch. Since its release, it has come in several color variations, such as enameled navy blue, ice blue, and crystal white. Of course, there are the more traditional shades of black and white. Creative colors and stylish looks aren’t the only strong factors of DS Lite. Rather, the features are quite unique and overwhelming.

The Nintendo DS Lite is recognizable as a dual screen handheld game console. Its predecessor, the Nintendo DS, was modified, lightened, the designs were improved and voila, the Lite was born. All of these improvements also seem to have worked as more and more people appreciate the sleeker, more feature-packed design. In fact, Nintendo has sold over twenty eight and a half million units!

So, here comes the moment of truth. What are the features of Nintendo DS Lite that have contributed to the high demands from consumers? First of all, the device is more than capable of accepting Wi-Fi signals. Such signals will originate from other DS Lite systems, as well as other Wi-Fi hotspots, the Nintendo Wii, and the original Nintendo DS.

Weighing 218 grams, Nintendo DS Lite measures 5.24 x 2.9 x 0.85 inches. Compared to its predecessor, the original DS, the Lite has a longer battery life. A battery life of 15 to 19 hours can be expected with a 3 hour charge of the 1000 mAh battery.

The LCD screens on the Nintendo DS Lite are certainly more durable this time around and much brighter. There are four brightness levels. The stylus is larger than the original DS, allowing for a better grip. The top hinge is definitely stronger and more shock resistant. It is also designed with device protection in mind. This is evident by the filter cartridge that is complementary to the device, allowing for a more even surface. Additionally, debris and dust particles are now effectively kept out. Its bottom is protected by black plastic that prevents the accumulation of fat. Game Boy Advance games now stick out 1cm due to design changes, but this has not affected the playability of the games at all.

The Nintendo DS Lite also has a built-in microphone, switch, and other original DS features placed in better strategic positions to maximize the use of the device. In every way, Nintendo made DS Lite better!


Is Cesar Millan the Gay Communities "super babysitter"?

Facing the ”Dog Whisperer”

It’s okay, I admitted it, I’ve gotten sucked into the episodes of ”The Dog Whisperer” and I’m intrigued by the magic of César Millán with canines. The guy is quite nice and is an animal lover (I guess), so I give him points for that. And I even tried his training methods (sort of) on my goofy but stubborn Rottweiler. But for some reason I’m not completely sold. The skeptic in me says this Mexican guy hit the jackpot one day when he realized he could make money by convincing desperate shitzu/pitbull/goldendoodle/shepherd owners that he could rehabilitate grumpy, ill-mannered terrors. of the.

You see, I don’t quite understand how it all works. Have you seen the show? If not, basically César is summoned to the home of an exasperated (and often illiterate) dog owner who has allowed his pet to run his life. Naturally, they show footage from the movie of the dog at its worst, perhaps viciously barking at the postman or gobbling up the neighbor’s kitten. The dog, it seems, is a lost cause. But have faith! Cesar Millan has arrived! And in the course of one visit, it seems, he’s crushed the offending animal’s spirit and cast the strange spell of his own. And all it took was a few hard tugs on the leash accompanied by a weird “SSSTT!” sound! Plu-eeze. Now obviously Caesar is a trained and accomplished animal behaviorist, and his methods seem to work…somehow. But even I know that rehabilitating a stray animal requires more than a few leash tugs and some weird non-human verbal cue.

There must be more that they are not showing us. Like when that evil Chow tore off two of Caesar’s fingers and then lobotomized him; Or when that barking terrier had vocal cord surgery. Suppose it is not suitable for family viewing. My other big problem with Cesar is that he insists on treating these dogs like… like, well, dogs! He frowns when he allows them to climb on the furniture…he discourages them from “baby talk” with them…he insists they don’t share our food…and, worst of all, he bans them from his bedroom. Hey? If I didn’t have my dog ​​to snuggle with each night, who would keep me toasty and toasty (let’s just assume my partner could… but let’s leave her out of this).

Anyway, my point is that César does not approve of assigning human qualities to our dogs. Dont ask me why. I’ve had dogs that are more human than, well, some humans I know! They certainly have exhibited more feelings and emotions than those humans, and more loyalty, more devotion, more consistency, and more love. Anyway, those are my problems with César. Of course, if Mr. Millan showed up at my door one day, he’d invite him in. In fact, I might even ask you about this barking problem I have with one of my dogs and this aggression problem I have with another. Oh, and maybe you could help me figure out why my little boxer insists on messing with big dogs that can gobble her up in one bite. Ahh, who am I kidding. I could use Cesar’s advice, and am in awe of his magical touch with animals. I love his show, and I try to take his advice. In fact, I wish I could communicate with dogs as well as he does. The bottom line, you’ll see, is this: I’m jealous.


Benefits of Traveling on an Airport Shuttle Service

There are several benefits of traveling from the airport shuttle. The airport shuttle provides various services such as baby car seat service, spacious spaces, free Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment. Airport transportation services are intended to drop you off at your home, hotel, or business, and pick you up from these locations to the airport. Airport shuttle services offer airport buses, vans, and limousines to transport passengers to and from the San Francisco airport. The airport transport service has a car seat service for babies in its vans and limousines, so that the child is safe and enjoys his trip. Transportation companies have seats professionally installed in their transportation vans. The vans have seat belts so that the child does not fall. Transportation services are available 365 days a year. They offer personal ride and rideshare services. In vans or limousines you will have television through which you can enjoy a lot. You may have an important meeting and you want to prepare for it, so the transport companies have high speed WI-FI internet in their vans. This could benefit you to complete your work that needs to be completed before the meeting. The airport transportation companies offer first class seating facilities. The seats are made of leather. They are so comfortable that you can sleep on top of them.

You can make a prior reservation or book from the airport. Usually, passengers prefer to make reservations in advance to avoid the time and hassle of paying at the airport. Once you have arrived at the airport and your luggage has arrived after checking, simply tell the driver the address you are going to and provide them with the confirmation number or last name. The transport companies have their representatives at the airport who will activate it in their system. The transportation company will pick you up at the airport and drop you off at your preferred destination.

Many San Francisco airport shuttle companies also take people on a tour of the Napa Valley wine country. The Napa Valley wine country is an abundance of wineries with delicious red and white wines to enjoy. There are several reasons that make wine country tours a particularly good use of limousine transportation. The first is that it is risky to drink and drive. So if you are driving in a limo, the driver will drive safely and give you information about the best wineries. Second, it’s here to enjoy, so you can kick back and enjoy the music and food while they do the driving. The limousine is an excellent option for this popular activity.


All About Wheaten Terriers

Few things give us as much pleasure as having a dog. Dogs make wonderful companions and it’s no wonder they’re known as “man’s best friend.” A dog will always greet you with joy and happiness unlike people who can be grumpy or unpleasant at times. Dog owners always talk about the “unconditional love” of their pets and this is a fact because a dog will always be devoted to its owner, even if that owner is not the nicest person!

Dogs have become so popular as pets that many people don’t realize the time and energy it takes to properly care for them, and some people buy a dog on the spur of the moment without giving much thought to whether they can care for them. him or not. This results in the abandonment of thousands of dogs. If you are considering buying or adopting a dog, you should know that not all dogs are created equal, some breeds are more upkeep than others, and you should choose a breed that suits your lifestyle. Wheaten terriers are high-maintenance dogs for a few reasons that we’ll address in this article.

Wheaten terriers are a breed of dog that originated in Ireland. They were originally bred as an all-purpose farm dog whose varied roles range from watching, protecting, and herding livestock to hunting vermin. While most terriers can be aggressive at times, this is not the case with the Wheaten terrier. They are softer than other terriers.

Wheaten Terriers are famous for their coat, which is very soft and made up of hair, not fur. The Wheaten Terrier is a popular dog among allergic dog owners due to the fact that they have a single coat and shed very little, making them relatively hypoallergenic. There are four coat types: American, English, Heavy Irish, and Traditional Irish.

Wheaten terriers are medium-sized dogs that do not shed; Their hair continues to grow and therefore requires regular brushing and trimming, making them a high maintenance dog to keep. Whether or not you keep your dog inside or outside, you’ll need to brush him regularly to prevent his coat from matting or matting. These dogs also require more frequent baths than most other dogs due to their soft coats.

Like all terriers, the Wheaten terrier is an active and playful breed that needs exercise to thrive. They respond well to positive training, and harsh or aggressive treatment can result in a dog that is afraid to bite. They are highly intelligent dogs that require a great deal of attention. If you don’t have time to give your dog, this may not be the breed for you.

Wheaten Terriers make excellent family pets, often being very good with children and other pets. Early training ensures that your dog adapts well to the home environment and can be very protective of his human pack without being overly aggressive.

Wheaten Terriers are generally a hardy breed, although they are prone to a condition known as protein-losing nephropathy (PLN). This condition results in the loss of protein from the kidneys and can be fatal. Inflammatory bowel disease, kidney dysplasia, Addison’s disease, and cancer are other health problems Wheaten terriers can develop.


Hotel California meets the Great Gatsby – Music as a teaching resource for literature

The most famous artistic product of the 1920 binge is the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby, a novel about a man who tries to recreate an ideal past in a drunken and materialistic present. It’s one of those books that almost everyone has a strong impression of whether or not they’ve read it, making it difficult for many to approach the story with fresh eyes.

If you are a teacher looking for interesting and relevant ways to delve into The Great Gatsby, why not try something like this for the size? The 1920s were to World War I what the 1970s were to the hippy movement. The unprecedented global carnage that followed the so-called “War to End All Wars” turned disillusioned Americans inward, setting their priorities on money, bootleg liquor and partying. Similarly, after the hippies failed to raise world consciousness with peace, love, and patchouli oil, 1970s America drowned its sorrows in disco music, drugs, and polyester pants.

For homework, have your students compare The Great Gatsby to a 1970 song of the same style. Take, for example, The Eagles’ Hotel Californiaone of the best-selling and most recognizable songs of this (or any) era of American history.

Hotel California features some of the most analyzed and memorized lyrics in rock and roll. If the mystery element means a lot to you, you’ll probably be disappointed to hear Don Henley’s two cents: “It’s basically a song about the darker part of the American dream.” Not that a lot of rock stars knew anything about it. In other words, the symbol of Californian prosperity (when it still existed) stands as a microcosm of American decadence in the 1970s.

The “hotel” (wink, wink) California is not a Motel 6. It has mirrored ceilings, patios, master bedrooms, pink champagne, and snooty guests. The narrator can’t help but notice the seductive woman with a Benz, a mind that is “Tiffany-twisted”, and lots of handsome guys following her. He orders wine, to which the captain replies, “We haven’t had that spirit here since 1969.” Since wine isn’t a spirit (and we bet The Eagles have a basic understanding of alcoholic beverages), let’s go ahead and assume that Henley is referring to some other spirit of 69

In a grisly turn of events, there is a beast-slaying ceremony involving “steel knives”, prompting the narrator to “return to the spot”. [he] it was before”. It is only when it is too late that he realizes that he can “review” but “never leave”. involved.

So let’s review: luxury, substance abuse, a beautiful temptress, materialism, violence, living in the past, and being trapped. Reminds you of someone?

As a general rule, music is one of the best resources for teachers because it can be deeply personal and relatable at the same time. Also, the fact that the lyrics are often very open to interpretation means that your students will be putting in a lot more work than they think.


Cancer, Compassion and Gravitational Force – An Open Address to the United Nations Secretariat

Medical science has made compassionate discoveries, such as providing anesthetics to banish the pain of surgery. Now there are important new discoveries for the betterment of the human condition. At the same time, millions of people are fleeing religious terrorism around the world. Since this concerns human health, the problem comes under the auspices of a medical science. However, such a science cannot solve this problem until it is capable of addressing a new awareness of the psychological nature of human mathematical intention. Mainstream Western science has led civilization to become obsessed with a pathological aspect of mathematical thinking. However, the mind can now be shown to encompass two aspects of mathematical thought, one compassionate and the other completely cancerous, directly related to the trauma of cancerous growth and development. Quantum entanglement to guide optimal evolutionary consciousness is about biological information energies interacting with chaos energies, as proposed by the 1939 Nobel Prize in Medicine Svent-Giorgyi.

In his second book on his theory of evolution entitled ‘The Rise of Man’, Charles Darwin noted that the existence of human compassion was pronounced. So much so that within placid societies compassion could be associated with the fate of human evolution. Darwin, like most other scholars, educated in the realms of Western science, was completely unaware that Isaac Newton had published his theory that gravity caused the evolution of universal emotional consciousness. This is an infallible argument. It is confirmed in Newton’s Query Discussions No. 28 published in his second English edition of Opticks. Newton derived this theory from ancient Greek science that associated the gravitational force with a universal demiurge to spew life force into the cosmic egg.

This concept was borrowed from ancient Egyptian theories of creation, in which atomic mathematical purpose pertained to the ethical functioning of an infinite living universe. Compassion was a crucial behavioral concept that, in the Second Kingdom, was conflated with political law. The Greek geometer Thales and the mathematician Pythagoras studied Egyptian ethical political mathematics at Thebes, and their work led to the invention of ethical science in third-century BCE Greece. c.

Compassion is now central to the science of quantum biology as an infinite fractal logic governing the evolution of emotional awareness, and it can now be defined in new scientific terms. The quantum physics of nanotechnology has been used to examine the properties of Dr. Candace Pert’s discovery of the emotion molecule. This molecule constantly improves the health of cell evolution so that the DNA of newborn children evolves, to better cope with their generational environmental changes. This compassionate function affects the future of the human species, not identifiable with the primitive and violent animal behavior of the past of immature sexual emotion. Darwin considered this animal behavior to ensure the survival of the fittest, yet virtually all past life on Earth has gone extinct. The concept of compassionate human survival needs to be critically examined scientifically, as it relates to human evolution within a multidimensional universe. However, the practical ability to do this is beyond the scientific expertise of those who can only define universal compassion in terms of yesterday’s separatist religious convictions. In times past, such quantum evolutionary leaps resulted in hatred, fear, and unimaginable psychotic violence, as history has clearly recorded.

In 1969, the American Psychological Association in Washington explored the idea of ​​an evolving consciousness, inspiring Julian Jaynes to write his controversial book ‘The Origin of Consciousness in the Collapse of the Bicameral Mind’, published in 1979. Jaynes argued in his book that a bicameral mindset, a separation between the rational and the intuitive aesthetic mind, was a normal state of human mindset just 3000 years ago. Throughout the 21st century, assessments of his book by neurological researchers have given sustainable biological credibility to his theories of the human evolutionary process.

Julian Jaynes wrote about the early evolutionary process associated with linking both cognitive aspects of the human mind. The placid peoples living in Mesopotamia remembered the familiar guidance of the deceased eminent elders as voices in their minds, regarding them as the voices of loving gods. In other tribes, who had invented things like mathematics and cuneiform, people began to lose this benign and comforting form of schizophrenia and made idols to replace primitive consciousness. The priests, claiming to know the will of such idols, despised people with a placid character and generated fanatical hatred towards them.

Anatolian refugees, seeking freedom from invasion, were so widespread in 1200 B.C. C. that the vast Hittite empire collapsed. The most powerful king in central Assyria, Tiglath-Pileser I, impaled thousands of passive people, as well as enslaving many refugees, sentencing them to government policies of the cruelest nature imaginable. The king had images recorded depicting this horrible death by slow torture of non-violent people. Likewise, in 1600, Giordano Bruno was imprisoned, tortured, and then burned alive by the Roman Catholic Church in Rome for teaching on the lost ancient Greek concept of gravity at Oxford University. Newton suffered a mental breakdown after being similarly threatened by the church in England, after daring to publish about this lost Greek concept of gravitation.

The only mathematical logic that supports Newton’s gravitational concept of the evolution of emotion is infinite fractal logic. At present, it can be considered a crime against humanity that our prevailing scientific culture continues to deny that infinite logic can be linked to the process of life. It is no longer acceptable for science to continue to define compassion in terms governed by a physical law that demands the eventual destruction of all life in the universe. Albert Einstein’s genius can now be immortalized beyond the limits of this ‘universal law of death by heat’ which he incorrectly considered to be the main law of all science.

Some scientists are now beginning to realize that as science evolves, it must embrace the energies of compassionate evolution, if civilization is to avoid extinction. The original pagan Platonic Greek science was specifically dedicated to preventing such extinction, which was mathematically linked to their definition of ultimate chaos as a property of formless matter within the physical atom. Although it is normal for some species of animals to fight to the death for a chance to mate, this does not ensure infinite evolution. Now it is necessary for humanity to free itself from what can be described as a primitive religious mentality that compels it to worship the terrible and ancient gods of destructive chaos.

The optimal growth and development of seashells has been measured across space-time to use an invisible mechanical force about which current science has no general understanding. This knowledge must become common logic within a medical science as soon as possible. Deeply ingrained fixed religious emotions, threatened by the evolutionary process that redefines the concept of spiritual reality, are extremely volatile. Backlash will only subside when the new omnitechnology is capable of providing genuine and evident benefits to the entire global human condition. Various tribes on earth are now being forced by the millions to blend in with global humanity, causing untenable living conditions due to religious disregard for any omniscience and technology that can easily cope with such a situation. The entire global economic system continues to promote international debt slavery, based on the prevailing logic of the law of heat death that has sentenced humanity to extinction.

Last century, to discredit the philosophy of the Nazi Third Reich and that of empty religious dogma, the Nobel laureate mathematician Lord Bertrand Russell pointed out that both were basically meaningless and that a more loving social system should emerge to replace them. . Russell’s most famous essay was entitled “A Free Man’s Worship” and argued that Einstein’s chief law of all sciences, the universal law of heat death, should be the foundation of social welfare. However, this inadvertent idea remains a death cult. Russell’s pleasure-seeking philosophy made him the leading proponent of the cult of free love in Britain, resulting in the particularly sordid result of three marriages collapsing.

Babylonian culture arose as a materialistic culture, in which priests used their finite mathematical knowledge to predict eclipses in order to terrorize the population. Egyptian culture, on the other hand, developed infinite atomic mathematics, which later became the basis of Platonic ethical government theory in Greece.

During the 1800s, the champion of American democracy, Ralph Waldo Emerson, used infinite mathematical logic in Sanskrit, which allowed evolution to be an infinite biological process, to point out that American culture had inherited the Babylonian mechanical ethos to sink people into economic slavery. The concept of American democratic liberty, drawn from a limited understanding of ancient Greek political philosophy, was declared by Alexander Hamilton, during the formation of the Constitution of the United States of America, to be based on the false assumption that the theory of Newton’s gravity referred to the workings of a mechanical universe.

Aristotle envisioned a science to guide an ennobling government for the health of the universe so that civilization would not be destroyed. That medical science, based on compassionate mathematics, represents a new form of cancer research, in which medical scientists can embrace the concept of mathematical infinity. Georg Cantor, considered the greatest mathematician in history, referred to Aristotle’s theory as the meaning of ‘the pursuit of happiness’ mentioned in the Constitution of the United States of America. Cantor wrote that the denial of this mathematical concept was a myopic fear of infinity that inhabits the modern scientific mind.