Suzuki Vitara 1.9 Liter DDIS Diesel Engine Review

The Suzuki Vitara became a huge success right after its introduction in 1988. It is a fact that both the first generation and its replacement in 1998 were not road competitive vehicles. The other fact is that they were well priced, attractive, and pretty good off-roaders. The new Grand Vitara has to compete with more rivals now than in the early days. So you need good off-road performance as well as decent looks and sophistication. When Suzuki launched the Grand Vitara in 2005, its new look was much sleeker, nothing of the scruffy machine it replaced. It’s no shame to admit that this car’s slightly muscular design has elicited some whoops of excitement.

The vehicle it replaced had been for sale since 1998 and was in dire need of a pension. This car was designed and engineered as an old-school off-roader, meaning it has a low-ratio gearbox and a separate ladder chassis for a supreme experience on rough terrain. But the only disappointment with this model was that it felt more like a farm machine than a car. This has been addressed in the new Vitara model, which has more car-like refinement and composition for the on-road experience, while retaining old-school off-road credibility. Becoming the first of its kind, it has an Integral Body Frame construction.

The textures and colors used in the cabin of this Grand Vitara are very nice and the design is also quite clean, the switches and instruments are red backlit which feels somewhat exotic. The action of the switches is very smooth and the brilliant presentation of the dials is really noticeable. The Vitara comes with fine ergonomics; the rear reclining seats can also be folded and split 50:50. It has good legroom, but headroom is dangerously inadequate in the most upright position. The Grand Vitara comes with air conditioning, power windows and a CD player. Suzuki Vitara petrol engines are offered in two variants: a 2.0-litre 140 hp that generates 183 Nm of torque, with 220 g/km emissions, 25.8 mpg economy and 12.7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h

The other is a 188bhp 2.7-litre V6 that generates 249Nm of torque, CO2 emissions of 263g/km, accelerates to 62mph in 9.7 seconds and a combined economy of 21.2mpg. The Suzuki Vitara diesel engine comes in a 129bhp 1.9-litre DDiS that produces 300Nm of torque, accelerates to 62mph in just 13.2 seconds, economy of 30.5mpg and CO2 emissions of 205g/km. A conventional Torsen center differential is used in the four-wheel drive system. With an unlocked center differential, the system can be set as standard using the rotary dial on the dash and the differential can be locked in low or high range modes. The braking system is good; it takes 2.8 seconds to reach 60-0 mph. But if you’re on steep off-road descents and use the brakes more often, they’ll overheat very quickly.


5 tips on how to make your car more fuel efficient

With gas prices skyrocketing, it makes sense to make your car more fuel efficient. This way you will save money. Here are some tips that will help you save money on gas in the long run and also make your car more fuel efficient.

1. The moment you start your car, you must drive. While this may seem obvious to many people, there are others who start their car and then let it idle for a while. When you start your car and immediately drive away, it keeps the car running only when you need it.

2. There are drivers who have a tendency to constantly brake. Learn to drive without interrupting your trip. This will help increase your car’s fuel efficiency by up to 30 percent. Look to change your lane instead of braking for a vehicle in front of you.

3. If you intend to stop your car for more than 10 minutes, you must turn off your car immediately. This will help keep fuel efficiency high and burn more gasoline than necessary.

4. Never turn off your car if you are going to stop for only a few minutes. The reason for this is very simple. The amount of gasoline it takes to start the car is more than it will burn in those few minutes.

5. Make sure your tires are properly inflated as this will help reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency. This means checking tire pressure regularly.

While it doesn’t look like gas prices are going down any time soon, you need to do your part to ensure you get the most out of a gallon of gas. Just follow the tips mentioned above and you’ll end up with more fuel efficiency than you ever dreamed of.


Animals deserve respect just as much as people

In this beautiful world, animals deserve as much respect as people. They have as much right to live as we human beings. It’s our world, but it’s also their world. So this planet belongs to all the creatures that live on it. However, many are against this notion as they believe that animals do not have feelings or souls.

Are we going to have all the rights, just because we’re at the top of the food chain? Does that give humans the right to remove the privileges of animals? Didn’t we learn our lesson through countless wars?

It seems not! Many people still don’t understand it, like a child who never learns. Animals have rights. And surely they deserve respect, so that they can live their lives free from suffering, abuse and mistreatment. A life is a life, and it should be valued. Animals cannot speak for themselves and that is why we have to be their voice and take care of them.

So protecting them is something you and I should be proud of. As individuals, it is our responsibility. All creatures have the right to be free from persecution, cruelty, captivity, exploitation and abuse by people. When we respect the welfare of animals, we restore the balance in natural preservation.

animals deserve respect

“Each and every animal on earth has just as much right to be here and have respect and love, as you and me.” – A stranger

However, many think that animals are on this planet for us to exploit, dominate, use and rule over. Many of us think we are above it all, but we have a lot to learn. However, there are also those who do think that animals deserve as much respect as people.

So, I am one of those people who strongly believe that animals should have a better place in our world. They are sentient beings. We should protect them the same way we care for a disabled child. Both do not have the same conscious principles as we do. But they still need to be loved, cared for, protected and respected.

blind to the truth

Just because animals can’t tell us how they feel doesn’t mean they don’t have rights. One day our sun will expand, and that will be the end of us. However, we cannot get away from a fact. We are the people who are defining what criteria to value. But who gave us such a privilege?

In my opinion, I believe that animals have a special place in our world and some of them, especially our pets, become members of the family. They have no voice to speak for themselves, so they deserve respect and to be saved. And I think we as people should do that for them.

Of course, I don’t think animals need to rule human society. But does it give us the right to be cruel, kill, abuse, starve, torture or slaughter other living creatures? It is illegal to kill another person, but it is somehow okay to hurt, mistreat, or kill animals. How is that less bad? Most of us are blind to the truth.

The arrogant animals and species

“Animals are the real victims on this earth. They do not declare war, they do not have weapons and they do not want to destroy humans or impose religion. However, for some people, their only crime is that they exist.” – The SVB Author

In truth, we are an arrogant species, giving ourselves the right to be superior to all other species and putting down every other class. Most people claim that animals do not have feelings or souls. They believe that they are worthless and that they are only here to provide food and necessities for us human beings.

Ever since I was a child, I have always rebelled and wondered why man thinks he is at the top of the food chain. We are not faster, stronger, or even brighter than many animals. Of course, we can reason and we have a lot of intelligence at our disposal. But then again, we are also the only arrogant species that has such little respect and is hell-bent on killing the very planet that sustains our lives. So to me this kind of intelligence is more like stupidity.

animals have feelings

Despite all the things going on in our world, our lack of consideration and awareness in this matter shows that we are not as evolved as we should be. It begins by paying equal attention to animals as to our fellow human beings. Some people are now beginning to wake up to these facts, but we still have a long way to go.

So all animals deserve respect because they can suffer and feel pain in the same way and to the same degree as you and me. They can feel joy, pain, fear, pleasure, care, sadness, loneliness, and motherly love. They understand more than we give them credit for.

Animals are also living beings. Why do people feel better? It is beyond me. Humanity would be nowhere if animals did not exist in this world. The truth is that it is just as bad to kill an animal as it is to kill a human, it is murder. Killing an insect by accident is okay, but a herd of cows or a pack of lions is not okay. I often believe that people are equal to, if not inferior to, other animals.

The most disrespectful of all animals

We have the power to think, visualize, and invent things, and it’s what made humans thrive in the first place. It’s an amazing ability. And yes, human beings have an imagination, but we also have an awareness of ourselves. So, we have the ability to reflect on our existence. However, we must have more integrity and compassion.

In fact, we are the most sophisticated of all the animals in this world, but the most disrespectful. We can speak different languages, cook, create things, drive a car or fly a plane, and even discuss all kinds of situations. However, I ask you: “If we are more intelligent and have a greater ability to think, why are we acting with such disrespect towards this planet and the animals that live on it?”

Therefore, the world would be much better off without our foolish ways of thinking that we are the best on the planet. And yet we act like idiots and treat animals like things! No matter what you say, people are animals inside. We hunt, we fight, we multiply, we group, we live, like any other animal and sometimes even worse.

animals are not things

However, through our experiences, we know that animals suffer pain and suffering. Scientifically, we realize more and more that many of them exhibit intelligent behaviors. It is unacceptable to think of another person as less than the color of their skin or gender. Therefore, it is unfair to treat animals with disrespect. Instead, they deserve respect as much as you and I do, if not more.

On this beautiful planet, we are the leading species. Therefore, we have a moral responsibility to protect the interests of all other forms of life on this earth. And it starts with accepting them as equals. Animals are not ours to exploit; They are not toys or things. They are living creatures, just like you and me. For me, it’s not about whether animals can think or talk, but rather “Many are suffering.”

“I hope that one day the time will come when men will regard the killing and harming of animals as they now view the killing of men.” – A wish of Leonardo da Vinci.

A final word on animals

Have you seen how industrial farms or slaughterhouses do their jobs? What if it had glass walls? Could you still look them in the eye and say you can’t see the pain they’re enduring? I can not.

I worked as a veterinary assistant. And sometimes, he had to look them in the eye before leaving them. They have feelings. So I think about quitting and finding a better way to help them!

As a result, I believe that animals deserve the opportunity to live a healthy and happy life. People are not better because they use tools or are smart. And it is simply intolerable to exploit innocent creatures, sometimes in very cruel ways. They can feel and at some point think like us. So animals deserve respect as much as we do. Let’s start now.


RV Spring Prep Checklist

Your RV has been sitting idle for the winter. Now the first signs of spring are here and it’s time to get it out of storage and prepare the coach and chassis for this year’s camping season. If you’re like me, you’ll want to have some sort of logical sequence to follow rather than going through the drive at random. I made a simple checklist to use so nothing gets overlooked. I prefer to do most of the spring prep myself. If you feel more comfortable with someone else doing it, you can make an appointment with a reputable RV service center to do it for you.

* Depending on how your unit was winterized, it will need to be winterized. If you used non-toxic RV antifreeze, you should run fresh water through the entire system until all traces of antifreeze are gone. To remove it from the 12 volt water pump, add water to the fresh water holding tank, turn on the pump and turn on all water faucets. When the coolant is out of the system, turn off the pump and take the water heater out of bypass mode (if applicable). Reinstall any water filter cartridges you removed for storage.

* At this point I like to sanitize the water system. Make sure all drains are closed and drain plugs are installed. Take a quarter cup of household bleach for every fifteen gallons of water in your freshwater tank. Mix the bleach with water in a gallon container and pour it into the freshwater tank. Completely fill the fresh water tank with water. Turn on the water pump and open all the faucets, let the water run until you smell the bleach. Close the taps and let it sit for at least twelve hours. Drain all the water and refill the tank with fresh water. Turn on the pump and turn on all the faucets until you no longer smell the bleach. It may be necessary to repeat this process to remove all signs of the bleach.

* With the water system under pressure, check for water leaks. Check the operation of the toilet.

* Wash the unit well. This is a good time to inspect roof and body seams and window sealants for cracks that allow water ingress. Consult a dealer for sealants compatible with these materials.

* Inspect canopy operation and clean canopy fabric as needed.

* Inspect tires for signs of dry rot. Inflate all tires to the recommended COLD tire pressure.

* Lubricate all hinges and locks with spray lubricant.

* Remove any protective tape or covering you have put over the LP gas vent lines to keep out insects and rodents. Check any mouse traps you have set. Open all doors and compartments and check for rodent intrusion and water damage.

* Inspect and clean the interior.

* Plug in all unplugged appliances for storage and replace any dry cell batteries you have removed. This is a good time to put fresh batteries in items like smoke detectors.

* Test the operation of the carbon monoxide alarm, LP gas leak detector and smoke alarm.

* Check the fire extinguisher. Make sure it is fully charged.

* Reset any circuit breakers you have turned off. If you removed any fuses for storage, reinstall them.

* Clean or replace air conditioner filters if not done before storage and remove covers that were placed over air conditioners.

* Open the vents and windows and air out the unit.

* If you removed the batteries from the coach and chassis for storage, install them. Whether they have been removed or not, check electrolyte levels, clean terminals and clamps, and check charge level on all batteries. Recharge the batteries as needed.

* Check the operation of the electrical steps if applicable. Lubricate the pitch mechanism.

* Test the operation of the hydraulic jacks if applicable. Check hydraulic fluid level.

* Test the operation of the rear camera and monitor, if applicable.

* If you did not change the generator oil and filters before storage, this is a good time to do so. Inspect generator exhaust system for damage before starting. Start and run the generator for two hours with at least half rated load. See generator owner’s manual for load capacities.

* Turn off the generator and connect the unit to the ground. Turn on the refrigerator in electric mode. Allow enough time for it to cool down and check for proper operation.

* Check all interior lights and accessories for 12 volts.

* Test the monitor panel to see if it works properly.

* Check the operation of the sliders if applicable.

* Check that the remaining 120 volt appliances are working properly.

* Test the ground fault interrupter (GFI) to see if it works properly.

* Turn off the refrigerator, leave the doors open, and allow enough time for it to come to room temperature so it can be checked in gas mode.

* Before using the LP gas system, perform a leak test and gas operating pressure test. A qualified technician with the proper equipment should perform these tests.

* After this is accomplished, open the LP gas valve and check the operation of all LP gas appliances. Make sure the water heater is full of water before testing the water heater. If a gas appliance is not working properly, have it inspected by a qualified technician. Insects are attracted to the odorant added to LP gas and build nests that can prevent the appliance from working properly.

* If your unit was in long term storage and you did not change the engine oil and filter prior to storage, this would be a good time to do so.

* Check all fluid levels in the transmission, power steering, engine coolant, engine oil, windshield washer, and brakes. Consult the vehicle owner’s manual.

* Start the engine and verify that the readings are correct on all gauges. Verify that the dash air conditioner is working properly.

* Perform full chassis lubrication if not done prior to storage.

* Check the condition of the wiper blades and replace them if necessary.

* Check the operation of all the lights on the chassis.

* Make sure the vehicle’s inspection/emissions label is up to date.

* In addition to this, if you have a pop-up or travel trailer, the wheel bearings and brakes (if equipped) should be inspected at least once a year. Inspect any canvas for dry rot and tears; Inspect all hitch and coupler work for damage. Inspect the safety switch and pigtail for proper operation.

happy Camp,


Copyright 2006 by Mark J. Polk owner of RV Education 101


Stuffed red peppers perfectly cooked in your toaster oven

These stuffed peppers differ from traditional stuffed peppers in a few ways. First, I use vitamin C-rich red peppers instead of the standard green or poblano peppers. Second, the filling is made up of anchovies, fruit, and nuts instead of the traditional meat or cheese fillings. This makes for a unique flavor profile that I love. The peppers cook perfectly in a toaster oven. The proximity of the heating elements provides a beautifully browned top to these tasty stuffed peppers.

This recipe makes 8 slices. Serve two halves as a main dish or use one as a side dish. These stuffed peppers go great with roast chicken or turkey, as the filling is similar to a fruit and nut filling. It’s a much prettier presentation compared to simply serving a plate of stuffing or dressing.


4 large red bell peppers

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 cup whole wheat bread cut into 1/2-inch square pieces

10 chopped anchovies

1/4 cup golden raisins

4 whole dried apricots, chopped

1/4 cup pine nuts

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley

1/4 cup dry white wine

1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper


Heat your toaster oven to 350 degrees F. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil on the stove.

Cook the peppers in the boiling water for 8 minutes. Remove and let cool slightly.

Mix the pieces of wholemeal bread with the extra virgin olive oil. Bake in your toaster oven for 10 minutes. Transfer to a mixing bowl. Add the anchovies, golden raisins, apricots, pine nuts, parsley, dry white wine and freshly ground black pepper. Mix well.

Cut the cooled red bell peppers in half lengthwise. Remove the pit and seeds, but leave the stem attached. Place them in a baking dish lined with parchment paper. Evenly distribute the filling between the bell pepper halves. Bake in your toaster oven until heated through and top is golden brown; this should take about 30 minutes. Serve hot.

Best toaster oven for cooking stuffed peppers

You’ll want a toaster oven capable of even cooking that also has browning capabilities. Any mid-range or higher unit should do the trick, just avoid cheap models that never get hot enough for proper browning. Visit Toaster Oven Reviews to find the best model for cooking stuffed peppers and much more. You’ll find thousands of reviews and a handy buying guide to help you along the way. Look in reviews for any problems achieving or maintaining proper temperatures.


Toyota Fortuner 3.0 4WD Automatic


The prominent automaker Toyota has been quite busy with the SUV segment as it could do a good business in this segment. Despite its vigorous business in this segment, the Fortuner sat idly by when other models like the Rexton, CR-V, Yeti and Santa Fe sold like hot cakes on the market. The company did nothing to improve the sale of its SUV to stay in contention. As of late, the company has finally given its top-of-the-line 3.0-liter 4WD variant an automatic gearbox so vehicle lovers can finally have a capable Fortuner without having to change gear while driving. Is it enough to keep the great Toyota relevant in a sea of ​​modern competition? We have to wait and see.

look and feel

When the company decided to renovate the structure, Fortuner received some minor visual adjustments to make its exterior appearance look better. Changes implemented include slightly smoked headlights and taillights, and the addition of chrome bezels on the fog lights. It also has new dark gray 12-stud alloy wheels to add to its curb appeal. Additionally, the refreshed model also comes in an all-new Mica Gray color.

Interior design

The facelifted model’s interiors now come in all black themes with some wood stain on the dash and door pads. The look is simple and rather subdued. However, Toyota makes up for it by making sure there are plenty of conveniences for customers. There is plenty of room in the middle row. The only drawback is that customers would have to fold down the third-row seats to get to the massive storage area in the rear of the vehicle.

vehicle specifications

The new vehicle has cruise control and automatic xenon headlights with windshield washers for driving in dark and rainy conditions. It also comes with a reversing camera, electrically adjustable driver’s seat and a new touch screen for the dashboard. The much-talked-about dash houses a navigation infotainment unit that features voice control. This feature is a bit slow to respond to adjustments made. Installations inside the SUV use AUX, USB and Bluetooth connected options. Under the hood, the revamped vehicle comes with a 3.0-litre engine that can produce a power of 171PS and a torque of 343Nm. Although the engine is smooth and punchy, it is still quite loud inside the cabin. With this engine specification, it can reach a speed of 100 kilometers per hour in 12 seconds. It also comes with a 5-speed torque converter which is similar to the one found on the 4×2 variant.


Heavy Duty & Commercial Truck Components

Commercial Truck Components

If you’re in need of parts for your heavy-duty or commercial truck, you need to find them fast. Not having a vehicle can cost you money and time, and your business can’t afford to be down for long. With over 5 million parts in stock, you can get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. Here are some of the most common heavy-duty and commercial truck parts that you may need.

A truck’s frame and wheels are manufactured at different workstations along an assembly line. Different groups of workers will add truck components at each workstation. Truck assembly begins with the frame of the truck and ends with the vehicle being driven off the line. Next, the hood and other components are mounted on the cab and sleeper and stored alongside the assembly line. The interior work then begins. The truck is complete once the exterior components are installed.

Heavy Duty & Commercial Truck Components

Another vital component in any truck is the water pump. This pump uses a centrifugal pump that is driven by a belt attached to the crankshaft. When the pump is working, it circulates liquid and ensures that coolant flows over the cylinder block, radiator, hoses and radiator. This helps to keep the engine running cool at optimum operating temperatures. The timing belt is another important component of any truck.

A recent project led by Mercedes-Benz trucks Division has proven that 3D printing is possible for plastic truck parts. The process works by melting powders using lasers and creating complex shapes. The process is cost-effective and the cost of 3D printing machines has dropped dramatically. In July, Airbus selected Stratasys printers to produce brackets for planes. The initiative aims to increase supply chain flexibility and reduce material consumption and waste. In addition, McLaren Formula 1 Racing is reportedly increasing its use of 3D printers.

Commercial trucks are further divided into heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty types. The most common heavy-duty trucks are tractor-trailers, sometimes called “Semi’s,” “Big Rigs,” or “Eighteen Wheelers.” The latter types are also commonly referred to as pick-up trucks, cargo vans, and transit vans. The manufacturer of light-duty trucks can choose from models made by Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, and Ram.


Earn money without money: repairing lawn mowers, take a part

Most families these days are looking for any way to earn a little extra money without breaking the bank, if you are handy with small engines why not start a lawn mower repair business?

Lawn mowers need a lot of maintenance, especially when they sit all winter. Most of that maintenance is pretty simple, like tune-ups, draining the gas and replacing it with a new one, or sharpening the blade. Often though people don’t think to do these things and in a short time simple maintenance becomes more expensive and complex.
This leaves the door open if you know how to work on small engines like these, not just lawn mowers, but also gas brush cutters, snow blowers, and any other type of small gas engine. A lot of people don’t know how to properly maintain this type of equipment and just advertising the maintenance could bring you a good source of income.

If you have the tools, offer blade sharpening services and even engine repair, while most mower repairs are simple, some engine will have to be replaced. As you earn a bit of money, invest it in buying used lawn mowers and other equipment that you can revive and sell for a profit. There is a driving market for used lawn equipment pretty much anywhere you live.

Deciding how much to charge your customers is easy, make calls to repair shops in your neighborhood and ask them how much they charge. Since you’ll be new to the business, be prepared to seriously undercut your prices, this will help you get and keep clients, and since you’ll be working from home, your overhead will be low anyway.

You’ll need to have a garage with a decent workbench and space to work, or better yet, if you have a van or truck, you can advertise mobile repair. Mobile repair earns an even higher hourly rate as your customers are relieved of the responsibility of transporting their dirty lawnmower in the back of their new SUV.

The best way to advertise your business will be by having your family hand out flyers around the neighborhood, leave signs on telephones, and advertise in your local grocery store.

Since this is a seasonal business, keeping customers is essential, try to offer them extras if you can, like a free oil change or a loaner lawnmower while you work on yours. Little extras like these, along with a friendly attitude, will keep them coming back year after year.


The diesel DPF dilemma

If there was a way to make your street legal diesel particulate filter (DPF) equipped diesel truck perform at the same level as a non-DPF off-road racing rig, would you want to know how? DPF removal is great for off-road racing, but what about the rest of us who just want better fuel economy, improved towing, and diesel performance?

Most late model diesel truck owners are now familiar with the term DPF. If you used to get 15-20 miles per gallon on your pre-DPF diesel truck, you were probably surprised when you first noticed your new $50,000 diesel got 8-13 MPG. And how about the first time you were towing a heavy load up a long grade when your diesel suddenly went into DPF regeneration and your speed plummeted to the point of being dangerously slow? If you’re like thousands of other diesel owners, you’ve been looking for a way to safely and legally improve your diesel fuel economy as well as increase horsepower in your 2007.5 thru 2010 Dodge Ram equipped with DPF 6.7L Cummins, 2007.5 thru 2010 GM 6.6L Duramax, or 2008 to 2010 Ford 6.4L Powerstroke. Now there is a new option that will give you exactly what you want!

Many of the major manufacturers of diesel performance aftermarket products have tried to find an effective way to reverse the fuel economy and performance reducing effects of the DPF emission control device. Matt Snow and the diesel performance geniuses at Snow Performance have found a simple yet brilliant solution. Installing one of their Diesel Stage 3 MPG-Max Boost Cooler methanol and water injection kits on a DPF-equipped truck increases fuel economy by 1 to 3 MPG, with most diesel owners getting more than 2 MPG. And here’s the best part: the more often your truck went into DPF regeneration before installing the Boost Cooler kit, the better your fuel economy will be. Let’s see the reasons why.

A diesel particulate filter is designed to remove soot and other particles from the exhaust gas stream. Soot and filtered particles accumulate until the filter needs to be cleaned, a process called “regeneration”. In the Dodge, Ford, and GM diesel engines that are so popular in North America today, filter regeneration or cleaning is accomplished through the use of a fuel burner that heats the particulate filter to the point of burning soot. and the particles. Each time the filter needs to be cleaned, more diesel fuel must be burned to heat the filter. And, as you can imagine, this doesn’t help with diesel fuel economy.

Snow Performance’s product development team already knew that pre-DPF diesel engines using their Boost Cooler Kits experienced reduced NOx and particulate emissions due to increased combustion efficiency. The injected methanol acts as a combustion catalyst, which means your diesel fuel burns more efficiently and completely. Instead of sending unburned fuel and particulates out the tailpipe in the form of smoke and smog, the use of Snow Performance methanol and water injection kits on pre-DPF diesel engines dramatically reduced their emissions. What they didn’t know for sure, but suspected, was that their kits would have an even more beneficial effect on newer diesel trucks coming out with DPFs installed.

The Snow Performance team was right. Running one of their Boost Cooler kits on a DPF-equipped diesel truck still led to lower exhaust gas temperatures and increased horsepower. More importantly, the water and methanol injection kits improved combustion efficiency so dramatically that their test trucks’ particulate filters never got dirty enough to need cleaning. The injection of water and methanol “cleaned” the exhaust stream so effectively that the filters did not need to go into regeneration mode. This, of course, led to even greater and more consistent gains in fuel economy.

For the diesel performance enthusiast, combining a Stage 3 MPG-Max Boost Cooler Water & Methanol Injection Kit with a diesel performance chip, programmer or tuner allows you to use today’s popular electronic boosters without the worry of clog and ruin your expensive particles. filter. Now you can have your diesel performance cake and eat it too! For increased fuel economy, more horsepower and torque, a better towing experience, and reduced emissions without resorting to DPF removal, invest in a Snow Performance Stage 3 MPG-Max Boost Water-Methanol Injection Kit. Cooler for your Cummins, Duramax or DPF equipped DPF. Powerstroke diesel today!


Chinese Lion Dance Facts and Information

In China, a lion is considered a guardian creature. The Chinese use these powerful beasts for protection and to ward off harmful and evil spirits. The lion dance is the most popular folk dance in China. Without going through the Kai Guang ceremony, a new lion should not be used in the lion dance tradition. Kai Guang or Dian Jing means tapping or opening the eyes. This is a ceremony where a special chosen person is assigned to splash the eyes of the lion. This ceremony is performed to give life and tame the new lion.

Chinese shops often have a Buddhist, Taoist, or ancestral altar or shrine. In front of this altar, the new lion is placed. The drum, cymbals and gong are played steadily and softly in the background. The designated person will sprinkle the eyes with cinnabar. In this practice, some schools also use the blood of a live rooster. The first thing we will score is the mirror of the front part of the lion’s head and followed by the eyes, the mouth, the ears and the rest of the lion. After this, the lion’s senses are said to be ‘awakened’.

The lion slowly wakes up, his eyes moving and blinking. Then the ears blink, the mouth opens and the body moves. When the lion is brought to life, the gong, cymbals and drum grow louder and firecrackers are set off outside the restaurant or shop. The new lion will usually always start with three bows; left, right and then center. The lion will face the altar and bow three times, then continue with the traditional lion dance routine.

Originating in China a thousand years ago, the lion dance is classified into two main styles, southern and northern. The lion of the north is usually red, yellow and orange in color, furry in appearance, with a golden head and is used as entertainment for the imperial court, while the dance of the south is usually performed as a special ceremony to exorcise evil spirits, as well as to invoke luck. gold fortune Southern lions are available in a wide variety of colors and often have a distinctive head and large eyes, with a bagua-like mirror on their forehead.