Best time to visit the zoo

Most people flood the zoo when the sun is out, it’s hot, and it’s a perfect day for humans to come out. But that is not the best time for the animals to come out. When it is very hot, animals do not like to go out. They get lazy, they lie around, they’ll come in if they can and you won’t see them.

You see, when the sun goes down, it’s a good time for the animals to lie down and rest, so that’s what you see when you visit the zoo and it’s really hot.

When the animals become most active is when it is a cool cloudy day and often when it rains a little. My wife and I decided one day to take the kids to the zoo even though it was a bit rainy outside. I’ll tell you what, that was the best time we’ve ever had at the zoo.

It seemed that all the animals came out just for us. They were all very active and extremely fun to watch. We got to see 3 year old snow leopards fighting and playing with each other for about 20 minutes. Mama leopard was sitting there watching her three little cubs play like little children.

The grizzly bears were outside running around, playing in the water, eating apples, and having a great time. The lion approached the glass and even growled. What a deep and intimidating sound to hear, but it was an incredible experience.

I’ve seen lions in the wild in Africa before, but never had the chance to hear one speak. Even smaller animals like otters played wildly. The giraffes were outside and so were the elephants. The fresh air brought all the animals outdoors and we were able to see almost all the animals in the zoo that day.

You know when you’re heading to the zoo and all the animals are lame and most of them are inside. That’s not fun. It was much better to have a little rain and see all the animals than to go to the zoo and not see any animals.

And the other great thing is that there weren’t many people there either. You see that rain attracts animals but scares humans away. So we went to any and all exhibits we wanted and we were pretty much on our own.

We actually had lunch in the bear cave and watched the bears while we ate. We were completely alone there for more than 30 minutes. Our daughters played like crazy and had a blast.

So if you are thinking of going to the zoo but the weather is not so nice, you should go. It could be the best trip to the zoo you’ve ever had. A little rain can’t keep you away.