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Baguio City – Why is it the education capital of the North?

It is well known around the world that Baguio City in the Philippines has a host of tourist attractions for its visitors and a unique culture to boot. It is a great place to live that even most of the people who reside in the city are no longer local.

Some people migrate to Baguio due to its cool climate and beautiful surroundings. Students from all over the country travel to Baguio to study. The city offers many opportunities for students, not only because of the climate but because of the many universities that are located in it. This may be the reason why Baguio is also known as the Educational Capital of the North in the Philippines.

There are many universities in the city that offer different degrees. One of the best known universities is Saint Louis University. This university was established in 1911 and since then it has always been known for offering quality education and high standards. Students from all over northern Luzon often attend this university due to the good reputation it has established. Its nursing faculty has been awarded the title of center of excellence for several years.

The University of the Philippines Baguio is also known for its high standards. This university has definitely raised the UP name and has excelled in Cordillera studies ever since. Students from all over the Philippines can be found at UP Baguio. The University of the Cordilleras, formerly known as the Baguio College Foundation, is also one of the best universities found in Baguio. It offers various courses of the different disciplines. UC has maintained its pride over the years by having twice leaders in the Bar. This university is also the center of excellence in criminology and information technology. The University of Baguio is one of the universities with the largest population and is the only university in Baguio that offers dentistry and the other related medical courses.

There are more universities in Baguio to choose from, such as Easter College, Pines City Colleges, Philippine Women’s University, and National University. All of these provide students with the quality education they need. There is no doubt that Baguio offers students a wide range of learning and knowledge through these prestigious universities. This may be the reason why a third of the city’s population are students. In fact, the Baguio environment has been adapted to the educational and physiological needs of the students. Baguio truly caters to people from all walks of life.