How to cure psoriasis

Once a person is diagnosed with the gene that causes psoriasis, they begin to think about the future. Two of the first questions asked are: 1) How will I cope with the disease? And 2) What exactly should I do to control the symptoms?

As of this writing, I have not come across any medical literature suggesting that there is an absolute and definitive cure for psoriasis. So to answer the question of whether there is a guaranteed cure for psoriasis, I must inform you here and now that there is currently NO CURE for psoriasis.

It is no different from the common cold, for which we all know, there is still no absolute cure.

But don’t despair, this doesn’t mean we can’t continue to manage the condition, just like we manage and continue to treat the common cold.

To control the disease, we must stand firm and be vigilant in managing the symptoms so that it does not get out of control.

Here are a couple of guidelines and tips that you can start applying today to manage psoriasis symptoms wisely:

  1. The best weapon against peeling skin and itching is simply MOISTURE! Trust me, it is your best defense against psoriasis. By applying moisturizing agents that include emollients, your itching won’t go away completely, but psoriasis flare-ups will be much more subtle.
  2. Vitamin D is another good fighter against psoriasis flare-ups. Now in a previous post I mentioned that you should always wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is extremely important when exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. However, the different wavelengths of sunlight, including UV A and B for SHORT but frequent exposures to natural sunlight, is what is needed to replenish vitamin D to fight psoriasis. Therefore, keep your exposure sessions short, that is, 10 minutes at a time to build up good stores of vitamin D in your body.
  3. One of the most difficult disciplines you should try to learn is DON’T CHOOSE the dry crusty skin that sits on top of the psoriasis plaques. Once you have properly softened the affected areas with moisturizing agents as mentioned above, these areas of scabbed skin can be safely removed. It’s hard for all of us not to itch the infected areas, but trust me, once you break the habit of itching, things will go a lot better. Now, even when you remove dry skin after using proper hydration, you must be very careful not to cause more or further damage to the skin. STOP if you feel the skin underneath is raw or exposed immediately. If you are not sure how to safely remove dead skin, consult your dermatologist. He will show you how to remove the skin without damaging the underlying new skin.
  4. I must emphasize that there is no guarantee that all known psoriasis treatments will actually work for you as an individual. You may need to try different treatments and prevention methods on your own skin and find the best solution for you personally. It is quite possible that a combination of treatments will work perfectly for me, but not so much for the next person and vice versa. It will take some time and effort on your part to find the right solution for you. You can also resort to UV therapy. However, this is a procedure that is done in a doctor’s room and could cost a substantial amount of money.
  5. Make sure not only to take special care of your skin on the outside, but also on the inside, that is, your stress levels. Stress can be a major factor in your psoriasis flare, but it could also be detrimental to your overall well-being. Avoid polluting your body unnecessarily with processed foods, artificial enhancers, and carbonated drinks. Make natural foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and organic meat products a priority on your shopping list. The benefits will be staggering.
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Enjoy San Francisco Without The Budget Seekers With These Money Saving Tips

Visiting the US may make you leave your heart, not your life savings. Here, you can have fun and also control your expenses. To downtown San Francisco with multiple easy-to-use transit options. However, the hilly and windy streets make driving through San Francisco expensive parking.

Driving in San Francisco is recommended only if you plan to travel outside of the city. The region’s rail system is accessible and affordable, a suitable alternative to driving.

Consider tourism deals when on a budget vacation. Consider free things like going to see top attractions like Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Golden Gate Park, and Golden Gate Bridge. The Park has free entry; while there may be an admission charge to use the parks, attractions may charge admission

San Francisco CityPass allows you to visit multiple attractions. This is a seven-day Muni Pass that allows unlimited cable car rides, other public transportation, and historic trams. In fact, it also includes the bay cruise and entry to other attractions.

Deep discounts on guided tours, bay cruises, and plenty of performances and entertainment can guarantee money savings. There’s also the half-price box office in Union Square that offers same-day discounts for many performances.

Eating in an expensive restaurant, especially on a strict budget, is possible, which is why the price of lunch is lower than that of dinner. Stick to a strategy, get a cheap lunch, and spend your food budget on dinner. Every June and January, there is Restaurant Week in San Francisco, where the best restaurants in San Francisco offer set meals at reduced prices.

Another way to save is to buy your plane ticket at least a month in advance to enjoy a lower price. However, October is the cheapest month to fly and is also the most weather-friendly month, while July is the most expensive. For shopping, visit Oakland Airport (OAK) near downtown San Francisco.

Hotel prices are increasing, however there are hotels with lower list prices. Find hotels that offer nice locations and there’s nothing but hidden parking fees.

Bringing a rental car to most tourist attractions is a good option. But finding parking is very difficult and with city traffic it can easily spoil your best mood. While downtown hotels charge $ 40 or more for parking per day, and this can be an inexpensive expense, as it can be more than the cost of rent. In fact, parking lots are expensive and during the time of special events, the rates go up more. On the other hand, renting a car for a day is the best, since taking care of the parking is not your problem.

Muni service includes historic cable cars, vintage trolleys, local buses, light rail and F line with routes to and from Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Golden Gate Park, the SOMA district and more. Train and bus rides are cheap, allowing you to travel in any combination for 90 minutes, although the historic cable car can be a bit pricey.

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Should I have another baby?

Should I have another baby? When I hear other women ask this question, I am always puzzled by the idea that some people PLAN these things. I have been fortunate that my husband and I have never had to “try” to get pregnant. Yes they were very blessed. If you ever saw me in the middle of my first few quarters, you might have seen me shaking my fists at the sky and yelling, “Stop blessing me!”

When you have a child every two years (more or less) like me, your children start to wait for a new addition. They say things like, “I ate a baby brudder” and “Mom, can we name our new baby Frederica?” and “Mom, can we have a girl later?” Those are the easy questions; I still don’t know exactly what to say when young children ask “How do you get your baby out?” or even worse, “How did your baby get? on? “.

Number 6 (so five years): Can I watch Netflix?

Me (looking at photos on my phone): No, lunch is almost ready.

No. 6 (looking over my shoulder): Was that when Number 7 was on your belly?

Me: No, that’s when YOU were in my belly.

No. 6: And it was in my belly?

Me: Haha, no! Babies are only in mommy’s womb.

No. 6: Well, how do they come out? … Mom, how did it come out of your belly?

I: * Totally trying to change the subject *

No. 6: Mom, did they cut you? How did they get it out?

I: * sigh * Moms have special holes that babies can come out of.

No. 6 (grinning widely): Is it your belly button?

Me: … What do you want to see on Netflix?

Should I have another baby?

In every family, motherhood has its pros and cons, no matter how big or small your family is. I have always believed that the only consideration should be love: are you willing to selflessly love a new addition? If so, then everything else can be solved.

I know what it feels like to cringe at the prospect of telling family and friends you’re pregnant. again. There seems to be something shameful about having more than three children; almost as if he was now personally responsible for overpopulation and for turning feminism back 50 years. Avoiding sarcastic jokes, pity, and even hostility from others is inevitable. Resources (financial, time, emotional, etc.) should always be addressed. Having another baby is not easy.

Still, we love having a large family, but I hate, hate, hate, first trimester disease. If I could have a new baby without morning sickness, I would be perfectly happy. Some people collect weird things, don’t judge me.

No. 6 (8 years old): What if we have another baby? We would have to go through all the trouble of naming it.

Me: What would you call it?

No. 6 * falls off the chair *: Oww!

Me: No, that’s not a good name.

No. 6: Owwlexander.

Dad: Good recovery.

Benefits of having multiple children

My two girls are the best of friends. They share everything but clothes. The sound of them laughing with their heads together fills my heart with joy. The four boys after the girls are also best friends. They use their imaginations together, play together and entertain themselves endlessly. Best of all, there are things that everyone enjoys together; there are programs that none of them will see if one of them is missing. (By disappearing, I mean leaving the house for some reason … not actually next to a carton of milk.)

There really are so many benefits to having multiple children … ‘Of course, you don’t normally see them between 8:00 p.m. M. And 6:00 a. Although, come to think of it, the morning after thunderstorms or bad dreams, the kids are in a brother’s or sister’s bed instead of mine!

Are you having another baby?

Children are always on the lookout for new baby signs, “Mom, your butt is so big! Are you having another baby?!?” Of course, children are not the only ones asking this question. Many people ask, with a kind of morbid fascination, if my husband and I are “done” yet. It doesn’t offend me; I also ask myself that question.

Children are not the only ones who assume that there will be another addition in the future. My last invitation for Baby Shower read “You’re invited to The Taco Mom’s biannual Baby Shower! “

“It’s time for another baby!”

People tend to assume that I planned to have all these children, but “planned” is a strong word. I once asked my husband, “Should I have another baby?” But it turned out that she was already pregnant. My sisters like to tease me and tell me when it’s time for me to have another baby. My answer: “You first!”

So … should you have another baby?

In the end, you are the only person who can answer this question for yourself. There are enormous amounts of joy and love involved in having multiple children, but it also involves an enormous amount of work. If this post seems a bit biased towards having more children, it may be to make me feel better about having seven children. But seriously, this life is not for everyone. All we can do is search our hearts, pray, and accept God’s will for us … you know, after a brief period of raging to the skies.


How to make money online easily with Google AdSense

The Internet has practically changed the way people today conduct their affairs. Nowadays, more and more people are handing resignation letters to their bosses to earn money online. Online jobs have been a bit hard to come by, but not after Google joined the fray. If you’ve had questions about quitting work, you’ll be at your boss’s door as soon as you’ve finished reading this guide.

Recommended Websites:

Google has allowed you to earn a lot of money working from home thanks to the introduction of the Google AdSense program. This program works in conjunction with your blog for keywords related to a particular topic. AdSense will automatically attach links to relevant ads on your blog pages. These are the steps you need to follow to make money online with Google:

1. Choose the particular topic you want to write about on your site or blog and compare it to similar topics in Google Trends.

2. Open a blog dedicated to your topic of choice and tweak it to incorporate the most searched topics. Consider integrating AdSense directly on your site. Sign up for a Google account if you don’t already have one.

3. After going through the terms of the agreement, sign up for a Google AdSense account. Configure your AdSense banner to appear exactly how you want it to appear on your blog. This will give your blog users a more personalized online experience.

4. Copy the banner code and include it in the necessary place on your blog. This step will vary depending on your host or blog provider.

The good thing is that there are very few requirements for those who need to make money online with Google. As long as you have computer and internet knowledge, you are almost ready to start earning a good income from the world’s most populous search engine. All you need now is a personal computer with a working internet connection and a web browser installed.


It goes without saying that AdSense offers you an easy way to start making money without any active involvement. After you have integrated it into your blog, you will be making money even while you sleep. It goes without saying that you will enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss.


The process involved in creating a blog is not as easy as opening an online writing account or working as a virtual assistant. You should also actively follow search trends on Google Trends and adjust your blog content.

Clearly, making money online with Google is not as easy as most other options. However, the good things are not easy. As long as you will need some time and patience to create a blog and sign up for Google AdSense, the return will be more than attractive. You will need to get used to how blogging works first before venturing into this craft.


Current news sources

We once relied solely on the newspapers, television, and neighborhood gossip for the latest fashion news. Since the advent of the Internet, newspapers have become a dying trend and are no longer the primary source of news-related information. More and more people rely on the Internet to stay informed and turn to sites they already visit frequently on a regular basis. Surprisingly, a multitude of platforms have emerged that offer current news in a wide variety of formats.

Most of these sites report in a very different format than traditional sites, which has historically been very objective and straight to the point. News sites now offer more opinion-oriented articles. They often present information in an informative but entertaining way in the hopes of competing with all the much less formal platforms that offer fun and offbeat reporting. Websites like Facebook and Twitter are changing the way we read the news. They facilitate the integration of staying informed in our daily activities.

Many of us check the news while browsing on Facebook or Twitter, and we turn to the profiles and statistics of our friends for the latest news or gossip. Traditionally, our expectations have been very high for the accuracy of a news source. Today we have become more insensitive to receiving news from less reliable sources, accepting claims without validation that the information is in fact true and accurate. Our friends’ latest Twitter status update is now an acceptable trending news source, and people are getting a lot more vocal about their opinions.

In the past, if we had a complaint or opinion about something we read in the newspaper, we would have filed a complaint and expected it to be read or published. Today, however, it only takes the click of a button to create a viral statement about what we have read or heard. We also have many more sources to validate what we have read in the newspaper or heard on television. We can see it not only from the “objective” point of view of traditional news sources, but also from the point of view of opinion. Sources like Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms make it easy for us to see what other people are saying and give us different points of view. Social networking sites structure our communication effectively to simplify our thoughts. Even email seems stale when we interact with our friends and share news through these innovative channels.

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How to build a pond

Ponds are beautiful features in any backyard space, but having them in the right place is key. You want to be able to see it first and it would be nice if you could also enjoy it from inside the house. Second, you want it to be in an area near a grounded outdoor outlet so you can easily plug in the pump. Third, you want to avoid areas with significant root systems that you won’t be able to dig into. Fourth, and probably most important, call before you dig! You don’t want to be digging and running into a sewer or gas pipe!

Once you have your perfect area, you can trace your pond in any shape and size you want with string. If you don’t like it, you can move the rope until everyone is happy. Experts recommend that you make a 7 ‘x 4’ pond to keep the water clean and they also say that you need to dig on a slope so that if the water freezes it will push up and not against the liner which can damage it.

Now is the time to dig! First dig 3 “of a foot wide ring. This will be the edge of your stone shelf. Then make a plant deck, a foot wide shelf that is 8” deep within the outline of the rope. After this step, you can dig the rest of the pond, inside the plant terrace shelf. Experts say you should dig at least 18 “with a slight incline, but if you plan to keep fish you’ll want to go even deeper than that.

The next step is to level the edges and then it will be time to cover the entire bottom with a 1 “layer of sand and add a layer of newspaper to that. If there are stones or roots that are causing the paper to bulge, this is the time to remove them.

Once the foundation is set up, you can put on your eyeliner. Remember to keep smoothing it out as you go and when you start to fill the pond keep gently pulling on it to keep it in shape. Now your pond is full and after you have installed the pump, it is time to make it pretty. Start with flat rocks in one layer that will hold the siding in place and then add another layer by staggering the edges to make an attractive edge. Viola, your own pond!


What wheels and tires can you use on your Freelander?

Because a Freelander is a 4×4 vehicle, the type of wheels and tires you use are very important to make sure you don’t damage the drivetrain.

Recommended tire sizes

Recommended tire sizes for Freelander 1 (1998-2006) is it so:

  • 15 inch wheels: 195/80 R15
  • 16-inch wheels: 215/65 R16
  • 17 inch wheels: 235/55 R17
  • 18 inch wheels: 235/50 R18
  • 19 inch wheels: 245/45 R19
  • 20-inch wheels: 245/40 R20
  • 22 inch wheels: 295/30 R22

Although we did not find many Freelanders with 22 inch wheels!

For him Freelander 2 (2006 onwards) recommended tire sizes are:

  • 16 inch wheels: 215/75 R16
  • 17 inch wheels: 235/65 R17
  • 18 inch wheels: 235/60 R18
  • 19 inch wheels: 235/55 R19
  • 20 inch wheels: 275/40 R20
  • 22 inch wheels: 265/35 R22

What do the tire size numbers mean?

Although many of us are quite used to sorting tires by their numbers and we know they are important, not all of us understand what they mean.

If we take the 16-inch wheels for a Freelander 1 the tires should be:

215/65 R16

The first number, 215, is the width of the tire in mm from sidewall to sidewall when you are not stressed and looking at it from above. The technical name is the width of the section.

The second number, 65, is the ratio of the tire’s sidewall height expressed as a percentage of the width. The technical name is the aspect ratio or the height of the section. In this case, 65% of 215mm is 139.75mm.

The R means that the tire is of radial construction, this just means that the strand layers are arranged at 90 degrees in the direction of travel, or radially (from the center of the tire).

The next number, 16, is the diameter in inches of the wheel rim on which the rim is designed. So in this case it is a tire for a 16 inch wheel.

It’s a little weird that tire sizes mix inches with mm, but this is how it’s done!

When you look at the size printed on the tire, this number, for example 215/65 R16, will be followed by two numbers and a letter. The two numbers are the load index and the letter is the speed rating. The load index indicates how much weight the tire can support (for a Freelander you need a minimum load index of 84 or 85, depending on the exact Freelander model you have) and the speed rating refers to the speed at which it can travel for 10 minutes continuously without the tire breaking into pieces.

The speed ratings are:

  • Speed ​​symbol Maximum speed capacity
  • MPH Km / h
  • L 120 75
  • M 130 81
  • N 140 87
  • P 150 95
  • Q 160 100
  • R 170 105
  • S 180 113
  • T 190 118
  • U 200 125
  • H 210 130
  • V 240 150
  • W 270 168
  • And 300 186
  • Z 240+ 150+

Can you use a different size tire than recommended on your Freelander?

As long as the total circumference of the wheel with the rim on is within plus or minus 2.5% of the recommended, then you should have no problem fitting different tire sizes to your Freelander (although the speedometer will give a slightly inaccurate reading). The total circumference is calculated from the total diameter.

If the total circumference is plus or minus 2.5%, you risk damaging your drivetrain.

Taking the most common Freelander tire sizes, here are some alternate sizes you can use:

The 195/80 R15 alternatives are:

  • 205/75 R15 (-0.87% difference in circumference)
  • 215/70 R15 (-1.70% difference in circumference)
  • 215/75 R15 (+ 1.47% difference in circumference)
  • 225/70 R15 (+ 0.32% difference in circumference)
  • 235/70 R15 (+ 2.34% difference in circumference)

The 215/65 R16 alternatives are:

  • 225/65 R16 (+ 1.76% difference in circumference)
  • 225/60 R16 (-1.44% difference in circumference)
  • 235/60 R16 (+ 0.28% difference in circumference)
  • 255/55 R16 (0% circumference difference)

The 215/75 R16 alternatives are:

  • 225/70 R16 (-0.83% difference in circumference)
  • 225/75 R16 (+ 2.19% difference in circumference)
  • 235/65 R16 (-2.19% difference in circumference)
  • 235/70 R16 (+ 1.09% difference in circumference)
  • 255/65 R16 (+ 1.36% difference in circumference)

The alternatives to the 235/65 R17 are:

  • 245/65 R17 (+ 1.64% difference in circumference)
  • 255/60 R17 (0% circumference difference)
  • 265/60 R17 (+ 1.64% difference in circumference)
  • 275/55 R17 (-1.52% difference in circumference)

Remember that if there is a difference in circumference, the speedometer reading will be slightly wrong.

You can check if it is safe to replace your current tires with any other size by using one of the available tire size calculators, so if you want to check it out for yourself, give this tire calculator a try.

How many tires should you replace on your Freelander?

It is always recommended to replace all four tires at the same time on your Freelander, with the same make, model and type, so as not to damage the drive train.

The Freelander 1’s 4×4 system is very sensitive to differences in the rolling radius of the tires, and if the tires differ by more than 5mm, you risk damaging the transmission, especially the rear differential.

To check that your tires are not winding up your Viscous Coupling Unit (VCU), the bulbous piece in the center of the propeller shaft that runs from the front to the rear of your Freelander 1, which is the driveshaft to the rear wheels. , then drive your Freelander for about 5-10 miles, then get under and check the VCU temperature. BE CAREFUL, the VCU can get very hot! If the VCU is too hot to hold your hand comfortably, then you have a problem with your tires and should seek to replace them IMMEDIATELY; otherwise you will have a very high bill for drive train items.

If you only replace two tires on your Freelander 1, make sure the new tires go to the rear (the same make, model and type as the front ones) AND check the VCU temperature, as noted above, to make sure that it is not heated. Never replace just one tire on a Freelander.

A little more technical details on Freelander tires and wheels

For those of you who like a little more technical details on your Freelander rims and wheels, here’s a little more information.

For Freelander 1:

  • 5 x 114 PCD
  • Scroll from 35 to 45
  • Boron 64.1
  • Fittings N 12 x 1.5

For the Freelander 2:

  • PCD 5 x 108
  • Scroll from 35 to 50
  • Boron 63.4
  • Fittings N 14 x 1.5

If you don’t understand what they mean, here is a short explanation.

PCD is the diameter of the pitch circle. This is the diameter, in mm, of a circle drawn through the bolt holes in the wheels. It also indicates the number of studs or bolts the wheel will have. So the Freelander 1 has 5 bolts and the diameter of a circle drawn through the bolt holes is 114mm. The Freelander 2 has 5 bolts and a diameter of 108mm.

Offset is where the wheel will sit in relation to the vehicle’s body line. The offset is usually stamped on the wheel and is measured in millimeters of et (et is the abbreviated form of the German word ‘Einpresstiefe’ which literally translates to insertion depth). The numbers are essentially the distance between the center of the wheel and the hub.

The center hole of a wheel is the center that fits over the hub. The hole measurement is the diameter in mm of the central hole.

The accessories are the necessary wheel nuts and bolts.

Digital Marketing

How to use Instagram to build your business brand

Three ways to start a brand-centric social media strategy

Instagram has quickly become a dominant force on social media and you will be surprised how effective it can be for your business.s.

A brand-centric social media strategy ™ is a great idea before starting any social promotion. Not only will you save time and money down the road when you have followers, but building them will also be a lot easier.

Branding with social media can actually reach a significant audience, but you must give users a sincere reason to follow.

This comes from understanding your current brand equity and properly translating it into an account that your ideal users will seek out and want to follow.

With Instagram you have enormous brand potential. If you haven’t already, you need to properly define your brand. Take a look at our post on how to define your brand if you’re stuck.

Now let’s see what you need to do to properly build your business brand on Instagram:

1. Your profile

Your profile page is where your business branding should start on Instagram.

You can feature your logo or a headshot depending on your company branding. I always recommend wearing your professional head shot if it’s the face of your business and using a logo if you’re a larger company like the Adidas profile shown here.

Then you have 150 characters in the description field to tell people what you do. Use this space to make a clear and compelling statement. If a hashtag defines your business, this is where to include it (or they if there are more than one).

If you ever have a promotion with a relevant hashtag, you can update your profile accordingly.

Then you have 1 chance for a link. If you’re just getting started with Instagram, you probably want to make this your home page. Ideally, have this link click a landing page for your free giveaway so you can use this space for list building as well.

The next time you have a new promotion, you will want to exchange the link and direct users through it.

2. Your publications

Consistency is key and not just in your posting schedule. You need to have a common theme for all your images where that theme gives your followers a window into what you provide.

This is not the platform on which spam ads can be sent. Your followers want to know a commercial brand on Instagram by seeing who is behind the brand, not its ads.

In saying that, you absolutely must show off your products, especially when you have something new to offer. But don’t just run infomercials.

Instagram is a great place to showcase your business community. If you have a birthday party at the office, please post some photos or a short video.

If you have a day when employees bring their dogs to work, let your followers see what’s going on.

When you post all of this, remember who your primary target audience is and who can become a customer. Tailor your posts to that general theme.

When appropriate, you can direct users to a link by posting: “follow the link in our bio for more” using the text section that accompanies each post.

3. Your competition

Your competition is a great way to find new followers who are already interested in what you do. They can also provide great information on which hashtags are effective in your industry.

If you already use Instagram, you will have seen how competitors always look at each other on this platform.

Once you like or follow a particular brand, you will see that in a few minutes your account will be followed by another brand related to the brand you just followed.

There are companies that literally just do this as their full business model.

Caution: Stay away from any company that promises to increase your number of followers. Volume may seem like a good perspective for a business, but these types of services will only devalue your brand and account by gaining irrelevant followers who post spam comments.

Follow your competition yourself and comment on their posts with real insight.

This is a genuine and sincere way to not only build your brand and find new people, but also put you in the position where your users will be with your own account.

See which posts your competitors post that perform best in terms of actual likes and comments, and adjust your own strategy to reflect your success.

A great way to start it all is to find out which hashtag really defines your business. Understand that there are communities for individual businesses on Instagram and you’ll want to be a part of the ones that are relevant to your industry.

Getting started can be tricky, but maintaining it can be even more difficult. A dead brand on Instagram sends a bad message to users and with 75% of users checking social media before making a purchase, you are risking a lot by doing this incorrectly or not doing it at all.


Kindle Fire and iPad Comparison

If you’re considering spending your hard-earned money on an iPad to improve your productivity, you might be interested to know that another option is now available. The Kindle Fire has many of the same features as an iPad, but at only a fraction of the cost.

Some things to consider:

Do you really need the larger size of the iPad or will a smaller, more portable device meet your needs? Fire measures 7.5 “x 4.7” vs. the largest iPad at 9.5 “x 7.31”. The Kindle is about the same size as a paperback novel (only half the thickness), while the iPad is closer to the size of a sheet of notebook paper. A Kindle fits much better in a purse or the inside pocket of a jacket and will be much more comfortable since it weighs 31% less than the iPad.

As with most electronic devices, as you reduce size or price, you may gain portability, but you will inevitably sacrifice capabilities. The Kindle Fire is first and foremost an electronic reader. Of course, it’s an e-reader on steroids, as it can play movies, music, games, and run apps on Amazon’s custom Android operating system. The Fire has access to nearly 17,000 apps through Amazon, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, and ESPN ScoreCenter. You can enjoy games, including Words with Friends, Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies and more. All apps are tested by Amazon on Kindle Fire to provide the best possible experience.

IPad has access to more than 140,000 applications, so there is sure to be an application to suit your needs. There are apps for business, education, entertainment, games, lifestyle, news, social media, travel, etc. The iPad is very versatile. It will solve a large number of productivity goals.

As an e-reader, Fire has access to more than a million titles. The Kindle Store contains the largest selection of e-books people want to read, including the New York Times® best sellers. Most new releases are priced at $ 9.99. With Amazon Prime membership, Kindle owners can choose from thousands of books to borrow for free, including more than 100 New York Times bestsellers, as often as one book a month, with no expiration dates. .

Woof! That’s a lot of available reading. Here’s the trick. Remember, I mentioned that the lower price of the Kindle sacrifices some capabilities. Amazon had to work hard to keep the price of a Kindle as low as possible and it means that some features had to be dropped. One of them is 3G access. The Kindle is only available with Wi-Fi. And it has just 8GB of internal memory (about 6GB available for user content). That’s enough for 80 apps, plus 10 movies, 800 songs, or 6,000 books. In addition to the on-board memory, you will have access to the Amazon cloud. You get 5GB of free online storage to store anything you want and you can access it from anywhere. Just remember to have your media on board before you leave your wireless access point.

There are more than 100,000 movies and TV shows, available to stream or download, all just one touch away. Amazon Prime members enjoy unlimited, commercial-free streaming of over 10,000 popular movies and TV shows. However, there is an additional charge for Amazon Prime of $ 79 per year; the first month is free with the purchase of a Kindle.

With iPad you’ll have 16GB of storage with 32GB and 64GB options. The iPad is a computer vs. an electronic reader. You also have the option to add 3G connection capability. This will bring the cost of an iPad from $ 499 for the 16GB / Wi-Fi model to $ 829 for the 64GB / Wi-Fi / 3G model. With the added cost of an iPad vs. With a Kindle, you get a lot more features: a 9.7 “touchscreen (diagonal), cameras (front and back), longer battery life, built-in speaker and microphone. It’s definitely more.

For those who want a simpler interface, the Kindle Fire is intuitive and even novice users will quickly find the music or books they are looking for. When reading, the Fire will be easier on the wrist and hand with its lower weight, but when it comes to video, the iPad has the advantage of a larger screen.

When comparing price, size, portability, ease of use, weight, and viewing experience, the Kindle Fire is undoubtedly the winner here and will likely reduce Apple’s iPad2 sales. With such excellent quality, almost unlimited access to content, and a low cost compared to the iPad, the Kindle Fire is the most popular hybrid e-Reader / tablet available today.


What is the best bass shaker? The aura against the butt kicker

I love bass vibrators.

Strategically placed under your chair, they add to the experience of any movie, game, or piece of music. Every explosion, every car chase, every fight scene turns into physical vibrations that shake your body properly.

For many, the choice comes down to the Aura Bass Shaker or the ButtKicker. I have them both in my house: the Aura under my couch and the BK under my gaming chair. They are both robust and well-made products, and I cannot speak highly enough of them.

But if you had to choose one, what would it be?

It all depends on the type of experience you want. If you want to shake your bones so hard your teeth chatter and your friends fly off your couch, AND you’re not worried about the price, choose the ButtKicker.

However, if you want to organically enhance your entertainment experience, for a low cost, choose Aura.

Before we continue, let’s take a look at the stats:

Aura Bass Shaker Pro:

  • 50 watts RMS, 100 watts max.
  • 4 ohm impedance
  • 40 Hz resonance frequency
  • Usable frequency response from 20 to 80 Hz
  • Dimensions: 6.2 “diameter X 2.5” tall
  • 1 year warranty
  • Price: $ 45 – $ 110

ButtKicker LFE Low Frequency Effects Stirrer:

  • 400 Watt Minimum Power Handling, 1500 Watt Maximum
  • 4 ohm impedance
  • Usable frequency response from 5 to 200 Hz
  • Measures 5.5 inches wide (oval) and 5.375 inches tall
  • 2 years warranty
  • Extras: wireless and has a patented magnetic suspension system
  • Price: $ 190 – $ 229

How do they compare?

In many ways, the specs speak for themselves. These guys, while cool, are as different as chalk and cheese.

Clearly, ButtKicker has a bit more of a growl. Plus, it’s wireless, which means a neat setup with no cables attached to the walls. Given the power of this machine, you will have to work very hard to get the sound right, and you may have to glue some rubber feet to the bottom of your sofa to prevent some strange sounds from happening. However, once you get the sound right, your friends will never know what hit them when they sit down to play a game of Baja Edge of Control.

So what about the humblest Aura? At a much lower price, you won’t get all the added extras. You’ll have to deal with cables and won’t get the extreme rumble of the ButtKicker. However, the Aura responds amazingly to low sounds at low volumes. If you live in an apartment, next to crabby neighbors, this is a brilliant way to enhance your “great sound” experience without actually having great sound. The Aura subtly tricks your brain into thinking you have your subwoofer up to 11.

And the winner is?

For the mammoth rumble, the ButtKicker is ideal. However, my heart belongs to the Aura because it is responsive, rumbling, and reasonable, and it definitely holds its own against its larger cousins.