The 2011 cybersecurity incidents have made headlines

2011 is turning out to be a busy year for those involved in information security, so far there have been the following incidents related to information security in the headlines during the first 5 months of the year:

February 2011 Hacking attack on HB Gary by the group known as Anonymous.

March 2011 RSA hack stole token data (attackers were allegedly advanced persistent threats).

April 2011 Sony hacks data theft that allegedly involves information related to 77 million accounts and 2.2 million credit cards.

April 2011 Epsilon hacked victim, email addresses stolen.

WikiLeaks-related attacks by the group known as Anonymous.

April 2011 Ritz-Carlton hotel guest data stolen in hacking attack.

April 2011 Amazon Web Services cloud outage (unavailable).

May 2011 Lockheed Martin (details not released).

May 2011 Woodside Petroleum (Australia’s largest oil company said the attacks were coming from everywhere).

May 2011 Public Broadcasting (a fake news story and lists of reporters’ accounts and passwords were posted on a PBS site).

May 2011 A congressman from New York reported that a lewd photo had been mailed when his Twitter account was hacked.

Hacking is a type of targeted attack typically executed by an external human using commercial methods to exploit accessible vulnerabilities and inflict damage. Protection methods are generally applied to limit the damage dealt during an attack, limit the duration of an attack, or deter an attacker. The effectiveness of any protection measure in use is clearly at stake when a successful attack occurs. Forensic tools and methods are used to analyze attacks, allowing lessons learned to be captured and documented. Data theft is often motivated by financial gain, focused on credit card data for sale to scammers or email addresses for sale to spammers.

Unavailability incidents occur for a variety of reasons, often not involving malicious activity. Such incidents can grow as related resources cascade and fail, a phenomenon with potentially widespread impact.

The Internet is often used to carry out the attack. The nature of giant public networks facilitates anonymity while being reliable and predictable.

The list does not include the large number of malicious code-based incidents that have become common events or the large number of incidents involving sensitive, typically government sites, that never make it to the press.

The rapidly evolving sophistication of hacking attacks is cause for concern. State sponsored activity involving “Advanced Persistent Threats” is emerging behind the curtains as a valid concern for businesses around the world. The press is unlikely to suffer from a shortage of headline material for the remainder of 2011.


Strategies for starting an import and export business as a career

One of the most popular and rewarding industries in modern society is the import / export industry. If you have the motivation to be successful in business, you may want to start an import / export business.

If you start an import / export business, you could, for example, import custom-made lighting fixtures and export paper materials. The possibilities are endless if you start an import and export business. If you want to start an import / export business, it is important to think about what type you would be interested in.

There are several types, including an Export Management Company (EMC), an Export Trade Company (ETC), and an Import / Export Trader. An export management company is a company that generally specializes in a single product and handles all export operations for a national company that wants to enter the market abroad.

An export trading company focuses on knowing what foreign buyers want to buy and then locates domestic sources interested in exporting. Finally, the import / export trader does not specialize in a single industry or product and therefore does not have a specific customer base.

According to the United States Department of Commerce, the import / export industry is a $ 1.2 trillion-a-year industry. When an entrepreneur wants to start an import / export business, he has the world at his feet. Every day, thousands of products are marketed around the world.

Anything from food and beverages to jewelry, furniture and clothing can be imported and exported. Anyone in the import / export business will find that the demand for certain imports or exports can change rapidly. For the savvy merchant, any product can become part of the global merchandise inventory.

Home Kitchen

Kitchen Design Basics – Backsplash Options – Foils

When people typically think of kitchen backsplash options, they will typically think of ceramic tile or stone tile materials. While this is a popular option that can add color and texture to a kitchen, there are other options that work too and offer a distinctive look.

If you are on a tight budget and looking for a traditional look, painted bead panel panels are an option to consider. The bead board comes in a variety of materials; MDF is an inexpensive option and suits a painted finish quite well. I would only use this material on walls that are not exposed to moisture. The area behind a sink may not be a good location, however if you have a typical 4 “tile, laminate or granite backsplash immediately above the counter, you wouldn’t hesitate to use a bead board for the countertop. rest of the wall area at the bottom of the upper cabinets.

Another possible choice for the backsplash material is sheet metal, either stainless steel or galvanized iron. This installs easily with construction adhesive and results in a modern looking finish that is visually stunning.

The possible options for a backsplash in the kitchen are only limited by imagination. While tile is still a solid option, its installation requires a good level of skill and, depending on the material selected, can be expensive. When considering backsplash materials, don’t forget sheet materials like bead board and sheet metal – they offer a unique look at a bargain price.


5 unusual ways to improve poor signal reception

Poor cell phone signal reception is never appreciated. Nobody likes signal bars missing from a phone screen. You may have suffered from this problem at some point in your life.

These problems have always existed and over the years people have come up with some unique and unusual home remedies for these problems. Here are 5 ways these crafty individuals say they improve signal reception.

An old radio antenna

An old radio antenna could be a solution for your poor reception. They say all you need is an old radio antenna. This may seem absurd, but there are actually testimonials available on YouTube that guarantee results from using this technique. All you need to do is place a radio antenna near your cell phone and connect it to your cell phone’s external antenna using copper wire.

Tesla Coils

It is an electrical resonant transformer circuit that can help you improve your cell phone reception. All you need is a small piece of tesla coil and masking tape. You can tie the tape around your cell phone antenna and then use the tape to make sure it stays there. (i.e if you can actually find the antenna on your phone …)

Paper clip

This is one of the simplest methods to improve reception. A paper clip is available in almost every office. All you need to do is take a paper clip and fix it on your phone’s external antenna. Attention should be paid when doing so as paper clips can damage your cell phone screen or case. Duct tape can be used to tie the clip with your cell phone. (This was also featured by the guy with duct tape on his glasses)

Empty cans

Now you will never throw away those empty cans as they can recover from your poor signal reception. This is one of the most absurd ways, but it actually works like magic. All you need are two empty cans, a cutter, some copper wire, and a soldering iron.

The steps

1. Wash cans properly so there is no residue.

2. Cut the end of either of the cans correctly all the way where there is no opening, and then join the two cans together by welding them together.

3. Punch a hole in any of the cans and put the copper wire inside and make sure it stays well. Now attach the other end of the cable to your cell phone’s external antenna, and voila!

Here are the simple steps of using empty cans to improve your signal reception. There are many variations of the method available and some even include the option of making small propellers out of the cans to decorate them.

Insulated wire

This is again one of the cheapest methods. All you need is 20 cm of insulated wire. Strip both sides of the wire (about 1cm each) and twist around half of the wire onto a stick to give you those circles. Now that your antenna is ready, you need to attach it to your cell phone’s external antenna and you’re done.

Enjoy these cheap and easy methods and say goodbye to poor signal reception. Or you can really boost your cell’s weak signals with proven signal boosters that are very affordable, much more effective, and will do much less damage to your expensive wireless devices.

Digital Marketing

Does live video streaming work?

Have you discovered that many people have started posting live on social media today? With many live streaming social media apps starting with live video and making it possible for their users to go live and generate videos for their followers very easily, it is no wonder that many small businesses get involved and use this technique. to your advantage.

You might feel a bit unsure about the first time you use a live video from social media, but it is certainly worth the investment of some time and effort.

Help remind your followers

When you post on social media, it’s a super fast way to get in touch with your audience and let them know that you are active and online. Your followers will receive an alert to tell them that you have gone live, and you will be able to see how many of them are engaged with you and are watching the video live. For that reason, you allow people who would not normally visit your page to view your video live.

Live videos are more interesting than other content

You will get a lot more interest by posting a live video. Statistics show that people are likely to spend 3-4 times more time watching live video than pre-recorded video.

While you can post a video that you have previously recorded, a social media livestream is definitely worth a try because they are more engaging and interesting than pre-recorded videos. Your audience will enjoy seeing something in the real moment it is happening. It allows them to understand their true self or the real business that you are operating from behind your website, blog, and social media.

It is simple and accessible

It’s incredibly easy to start a live video on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you have a smartphone that is less than a few years old, you are most likely well prepared. Today’s smartphone cameras deliver video quality that could only be found in high-priced standalone video cameras just a few years ago.

If things are not going well, you can simply remove it and start over. Once you delete the video, no one will be able to continue watching it and they will not be able to find the previous content that you have filmed.

Participate in real time

Live videos are a great way to make it possible for your audience to understand more about you, have faith in you faster, and stay more interested. People who watch the video can comment in real time and share their ideas and points of view.


Different birthday traditions

When it comes to occasions like birthdays, we all celebrate with birthday cakes, balloons, chocolates, and other delicious treats. But things are not the same everywhere. Different countries have their own way of celebrating birthdays. Let’s take a look at some of the more unconventional but interesting ways to celebrate this personal milestone.

Africa – Initiation ceremonies are held in various African nations for groups of children in lieu of birthdays. Children are made to learn the laws, beliefs, customs, songs and dances of their tribes upon reaching a certain age.

Argentina – On their 15th birthday, the girls dance to the rhythm of the waltz with their father and other boys.

Brazil – Sweaters with ear lobes. The birthday boy gets a tug on the earlobe for every year he’s been alive. The birthday person also gives the first slice of the birthday cake to their most special friend, usually mom or dad. At the age of 15, girls waltz with their father and grandfather. Dance with a total of 15 couples, each of which symbolizes a year of his life.

Canada – Grease the nose with butter. In Atlantic Canada, the birthday boy’s nose is greased for good luck. The greasy nose is believed to make the birthday boy too slippery for bad luck to catch him. This tradition is reputed to be of Scottish origin. In Quebec, the birthday person is punched for every year they are alive and then one for good luck.

porcelain – In China, the birthday boy pays tribute to his parents and receives a gift of money. Friends and relatives are invited to lunch and noodles are served to wish the birthday boy a long life.

Denmark – A flag is flown outside the window to indicate that someone in the house is on a birthday. Gifts are placed around the birthday child’s bed as they sleep so they can be seen immediately upon waking.

Ecuador – When a girl turns 15, there is a big celebration and the girl wears a pink dress. The father puts on the birthday girl’s first pair of high heels and waltzes with her, while 14 maids and 14 boys also dance with them.

England – In England, certain symbolic objects are mixed into the birthday cake while it is being made. If your piece of cake has a coin, you will be rich. In addition to that, when you are celebrating your birthday, your friends give you the “blows”, they lift you up in the air by your hands and feet and lift you up and down to the floor, one for each year and then one for luck, two for the luck and three for the old man’s bogeyman.

Germany – A family member of the birthday person wakes up at dawn and lights candles on the birthday cake. The number of candles will be equal to the age of the birthday person, plus one for good luck. The candles are left lit all day. That night after dinner everyone sings the birthday song and the birthday boy blows out the candles. Then the presents are opened and the party begins.

Guiana – Duck, chicken or lamb curry with rice are the main dishes for the birthday celebration. A family member bakes a piece of fruit, black or a sponge for the birthday girl / boy to cut. The birthday person will wear something fancy.

Holland – Birthdays of special years like 5, 10, 15, 20, 21 are called “crown” years. The birthday boy receives a great gift on the birthday of the year of the crown. The family decorates the dining room chair for the birthday boy with flowers, streamers and balloons. At school, the birthday boy may give his classmates chocolates or other things to eat, and the teacher makes the child a special birthday hat made of paper streamers and paper flowers.

Vietnam – Everyone celebrates their birthday in the new year. Tet is not only the beginning of a new year, it also means everyone’s birthday. The Vietnamese do not recognize the exact day they were born. A baby meets one with Tet, regardless of when it was born that year. On the first morning of Tet, adults congratulate children on growing up one year by giving them red envelopes containing “Lucky Money” or li xi. These envelopes are given to children by their parents, relatives, close friends, and siblings.


Borderlands 2 – Game of the Year Edition Review


You follow one of six unique Vault Hunters, each with different abilities: Axton the Commando, Salvador the Gunzerker, Maya our resident Siren, Zero the assassin, the two DLC characters, Gaige the Mecromancer, and Krieg the Psycho on their quest to stop Handsome Jack and Hyperion, find adventure and the best team on Pandora.

Before we get into the story, I want to spend a little time with our playable characters, their different abilities, and backstories:

First is Axton, our command, who like Roland uses turrets. A former Dahl sergeant, dishonorably discharged for his personal glory in search of roads and sentenced to death by firing squad. His ex-wife / commander recommends that he not attempt to escape to one of the many locations beyond Dahl’s reach, which he does, then heads to Pandora after hearing one of Handsome Jack’s commercials. Depending on the tree you use, your turret can heal you, set off nuclear blasts, or even spawn a second turret.

Salvador, the Gunzerker, in my opinion, is the Brick of this game, using two pistols instead of his fists. Born and raised in Pandora, he loves violence (and steroids, which causes his 5’4 ″ height), but he pointed it towards bandits and other outlaws. However, prior to the events of Borderlands, he too is willing to die for his actions, but before doing so, Hyperion attempts to take over his city. After defeating the invaders, Salvador becomes interested in the vault, after interrogating (torturing) the last survivor.

As I said earlier, Salvador’s skill is to shoot, which means firing two weapons at once, so the location of the weapon for him is key. A good method is to keep a Slag Gun on each rotation. Their skill trees range from weapon and damage increase, fire time extension, ammo regeneration, and healing.

Zer0 is the Assassin of the game, kind of like Mordecai’s hunter with his sniper rifle skill, but without Bloodwing. A hit man, dealing with common and political coups, is disillusioned when his victim fails to defend himself, even after Zer0 demands it. A waiter tells Zer0 about Pandora after he bemoans her lack of interest lately.

Not much is known about Zer0, even its gender may be a lie. It gets its name from the scratch displayed on its faceplate. There is also much debate as to whether or not Zer0 is human, given his body type and lack of fingers. I’d like to think it was possibly a RAT, or genetically modified in some way, although it is speculated that Tanis knows its origins.

Zer0’s ability is deceptive, creating a hologram of himself to distract enemies. His skill trees involve strengthening his sniper rifle’s use and critical damage, strengthening his ability to deceive and combat, and strengthening his melee attacks. Very useful since his melee weapon is a sword.

Maya is one of the 6 mermaids, like Lilith, although her ability is to phase lock, lock an enemy in a bubble and damage it. She was given to The Order of the Impending Storm when she was identified as a Mermaid when she was still a baby. She was secretly trained until she was revealed as a goddess to the followers of the orders. She later found out that they were actually using her to extort money from followers. Maya kills the monks who raised her and decides to go to Pandora to learn more about Sirens and finally explore.

Maya’s ability can be excellent at cooperating, playing the role of a healer. With his ability to block a teammate from the fight for your life, heal them by shooting and heal everyone by phase-eliminating an enemy. Like the other mermaids, she can also deal elemental damage, even creating some out of thin air.

After the game’s release, we were given two DLC characters, Gaige and Krieg. Both completely new and unique to the game. Here is his summary.

Gaige is a high school student who made an anti-bullying robot for her science fair. While making the robot, he cut his arm quite deeply, so instead of healing it, he cut it off and made a cybernetic one to digitize his robot, at that point called DT. He later discovers that the school bully found his blueprints for DT and sold them to the local police. Enraged, she finishes DT, with claws and digitized lasers, and renames him Deathtrap.

At the science fair, her bully’s father has bribed the judges, giving Gaige third place. His thug begins to gloat and push Gaige, prompting Deathtrap to protect Gaige with his digital claws. When the claws hit him, the bully, for lack of a better word, exploded. Gaige was sent to the principal’s office, where her worst fears are confirmed, she will be expelled and arrested. His father creates a distraction, with a golf cart and lots of gas, and Gaige escapes to a ship heading to Pandora. There he hopes his intelligence can be appreciated.

Gaige uses Death Trap, his robot companion that can attack with claws, lasers and explosions, it can also regenerate your shields and those of your teammates. That doesn’t mean that Gaige herself can shoot, she has a lot of fun and unique abilities. Depending on the tree you use, you can trade precision for damage, have bouncing bullets, and cause electrical and burn damage.

Our final character is Krieg the Psycho, basically one of the bad guys turned vault hunter. Not much is known about Krieg’s past, other than that he is considered the property of Hyperion, although small glimpses of the man he was before can be seen with his inner voice. Before the events of Borderlands 2, he roamed the badlands looking for bandits and other fighters to come out with his bloodlust. He tries to avoid non-combatants / innocents as his inner voice threatens to kill him if he does.

He meets Maya, his inner voice thinks she can help him, so he tries to call her out, but screams about poop trains instead. Maya, thinking that he is a normal psychopath, engages him in combat and does not see the RATS approaching behind her. Krieg’s inner voice can finally shout a warning to Maya, before decimating her attackers. At the end of his intro video, you can see him on the side of the train heading to the Windshear Waste, explaining how he got there.

His ability is The Buzz Ax Rampage, your melee damage increases by 500%, you recover completely with each kill, the speed increases by 33% and you get the ability to throw your buzz ax. Depending on the tree you choose, you can upgrade your melee abilities even when you’re not rampaging, add explosive damage, and deal elemental damage. Krieg’s abilities also alter the fight for your life, where he can drop a grenade and gain double experience from kills, or throw dynamite at enemies to try and regain health.


Our game begins when our game’s main villain, Handsome Jack, discovers that the train that takes you and your fellow Vault Hunters is a trap. They find you out of nonsense, from Borderlands one, who decides that you will be his ticket out of his frozen wasteland prison. You travel through the Windshear Waste, where you encounter some new additions to the Borderlands baddie team, Bullymongs, and your first boss fight Knuckledragger.

Claptrap later takes you to Liar’s Berg, where you meet one of the new characters, Sir Hammerlock, where, after doing a few more missions, you finally make it to the sanctuary, where you can meet various Borderlands characters. The old Vault Hunters are back, and more developed with great personalities.

Compared to its predecessor, Borderlands 2 has definitely gotten better. From character customization, Borderlands you have to choose hair, shirt, and pants color, while in 2 you get tons of color schemes to play with and head customizations. You can get these customizations by shopping by doing certain missions, enemy drops, and ammo machines.

The weapons have also improved a lot, they are more accurate, brightly colored and stronger. The launchers in one were weak and did more damage to you than you, here … well, if you shoot yourself, it will still take a large chunk of your health, but it could be a one-hit kill in your favor too . Sadly, the Atlas weapons company is gone, but we get the elemental Maliwan instead (perfect for Maya). The rarity levels remain the same (white (most common), green, blue, (rare) purple (rare), orange (legendary), and light blue (pearl / mega legendary).

The main story is so immersive and you really get attached to these characters. There were several parts that made me cry. There are so many twists, turns, and surprises that it always makes you guess, even if it’s the first, the second (True Vault Hunter mode), or the third (Ultimate Vault Hunter mode). Another fun bonus is that they brought back the Catch-A-Rides and, of course, Scooter. You get your basic two-seater racer, with many more color options, and a new edition, the Bandit Technical, which could even carry for gamers, has a turret and you can also use your normal weapons on it, this also has many customizable colors.


The co-op mode is great, there is no tether (unless your teammate has the menu open), you can complete separate missions and you both get the rewards. The advantage (or disadvantage if you don’t like a lot of difficulty) is that the more teammates (only two per system, four in your party total), the stronger the enemies and the rarer the loot. A personal recommendation for us if you are cooperating, have a Siren on your team, especially if you are doing a Carnage Dome Challenge, even if they take her out, you can still shoot her back to health from the sidelines.


Something you might want to invest in is the Game of the Year edition, or all the downloadable content, not just Gaige and Krieg. In the GOTY set you get both characters and four expansion games, they all take place after the main story, so if it’s your first game, save them for last. The GOTY expansions are: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty, Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt, and Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. I know there is more DLC, but I only have experience with these four. After completing each DLC, you will get an exclusive head and skin.

Captain Scarlet and her Pirate’s Booty takes you in search of Captain Blade’s lost treasure. You meet Captain Scarlet just after arriving in the strange city of Oasis, where she asks you to join her in her search for the lost treasure.

The second DLC, Mr. Torgue’s Carnage Campaign, features Mr. Torgue, of Torgue’s weapons. He has found the next vault, so to decide who can open it, he organizes a brutal fight until the tournament of death. In this DLC you get a ton of Torgue gear, along with certain heads and skins.

The third campaign is Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game. It wasn’t as well received as the other DLC, and I can see why. It begins as a hunting trip with Hammerlock, which turns into dealing with a cult of Handsome Jack. Sadly, the story seems a bit thin, with some parts unnecessarily difficult and some ridiculously easy. Honestly, I played it to complete it.

The fourth was Tiny Tina’s Assault on the Dragon Fortress, my personal favorite. While our current Vault Hunters interrogate a Hyperion spy, the Originals play a game of Bunkers and Badasses to pass the time. The story is such a wild fantasy, and I never felt it dragged on, it manages to include most of the characters. Since it’s from Tiny Tina’s mind, you know it’s wild, entertaining, and you never know what anyone will say.

Health Fitness

How to recover after a skate session

If you are like me, you love to skate. A two to three hour session at your local park is not uncommon and makes you feel amazing. People skate for all kinds of reasons, but it goes without saying that the health benefits you can get from skateboarding are like feeling amazing after exercise, and the challenge and rewards available keep us craving for more. The problem that I face, and that many other skaters face, is pain and pain after a session. This can be especially evident the next day. Some skaters treat it differently than others. Some people seem immune to pain and can wake up every day and skate like crazy, no matter how beaten they were the day before. For the rest of us, here are some solid tips to get the most out of your skate sessions without feeling bad the next day.

Skate more often: It may seem counterintuitive at first, but skateboarding is like any physical activity. If you don’t do this for a while, your body will have a harder time adjusting to the abuse. Some people live in a cold and rainy climate during the winter, so they stop skating for a few months until it gets hot again. Then when spring rolls around, your body is not used to all the hits and goes through a sore phase for a while before it can adjust again. If you skateboard more often, your body will adapt to the abuse and it won’t hurt as much after a session. This does not mean going out every day to jump 20 steps because you will get better at that. This type of abuse can lead to serious injuries, but if you skate a little every day and work to progress your learning curves while maintaining a positive attitude, you will have a better time and enjoy it more.

Stretch Before and After Your Sessions – It’s easy to tap your toes and make butterflies right after you start skating hard and right after you stop skating. In fact, if you don’t have time to stretch, you will have to do it later for injuries and pain. Professional skaters do it all the time. They have to compete, film, and jump huge things all the time to earn money, so they learn from the best physical trainers in the world. Those physical trainers will teach you first that to avoid injury while exercising, you must learn to stretch. If you haven’t stretched much recently, that’s fine. Get started now and take it easy. Stretch in the morning when you wake up, in the afternoon just after you’ve warmed up skating and right after your skate session, then stretch again before bed. This amount of stretching throughout the day will make your body relax and become more agile, and it will help blood and oxygen flow through your muscles and joints, repairing them faster. It is also a great idea to stretch the upper body like the neck, back, and arms.

Warming up – Just as warming up is important in skating to ensure you don’t fall when you start skating, warming up is important to ensuring your muscles have a moment to decompress. To warm up, take a short walk. I usually walk around the skate park after I finish skating. This can be combined with filming your friends or taking pictures if you are a photographer. It will help blood flow to your joints for further recovery.

Eat or drink lots of protein after a session – I read a lot of blogs and forums about people looking for the best recovery methods, and this is the same everywhere. You should eat or drink plenty of protein, 30-50 grams, immediately after a workout, along with coconut water or Gatorade. Your body needs the protein to rebuild muscle and the energy drink will replenish glycogen levels and raise insulin levels. Insulin can help restore muscle protein by inhibiting protein breakdown and stimulating protein synthesis. Since I am vegan, I recommend a plant-based protein shake. You can find them at your local sprouts, whole foods, or online at Of course, they aren’t cheap, but if you really don’t want to feel so sore after a skate session, they’re worth a try. Also, eating or drinking substances rich in potassium after a workout will help to replenish the spent stores. Coconut water is high in potassium, making it a great post-workout drink. I get mine at the local 99 cent store to save money. Make sure you get the one with no added sugar. Your body also needs things like sodium and calcium to replenish muscle energy. Bananas and sweet potatoes are excellent sources of potassium, sodium, and calcium. Add these to your post-skateboarding meals and you’ll be feeling better in no time. Also, grapes and cherries contain antioxidants that help the body relieve joint pain. Another tip is to take fish oil or flax seed oil pills. Omega-3, 6, and 9 work wonders for lubricating your joints.

Sleep Better: Sleep is essential for rebuilding muscles, joints, and tendons. If you stay up late partying or watching TV after skateboarding sessions, you won’t reap the benefits that sleep offers. To get the most out of your Zs, get at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep every night. If you’re like me and have trouble falling asleep, you can try taking a herbal supplement like melatonin or valerian root (I found a supplement called ‘relax & sleep’ at my local Dollar Tree). Drinking a hot cup of chamomile tea will also help. Plus, committing to a ‘tech blackout’ after 9pm every night will help you go to bed more easily. Whatever the cost, get the sleep you need to recover and you can skate to your full potential every day!

Reduce stress: Acute stress, like the one you get from exercising, is good for you. Chronic stress, like when you don’t get enough sleep or when you have to turn in an assignment at school, is not good for you. To fully recover from your skating sessions as quickly as possible, take time to do stress-relieving exercises such as short walks, hanging out with friends, and riding your bike. These are all things known as active recovery and they can go a long way toward mentally recovering from a hard skating session. Socializing with good friends and laughing are the best ways to relieve stress.

Ice, then take a hot bath: Putting ice on your ankles after a skating session for 10-15 minutes, then bathing in hot water will relax your muscles and facilitate your recovery the next day. The frosting reduces the swelling that could occur if you land on your ankles with great force, and the hot water relieves the tension in the muscles, making it easier for blood to pass through them. Combined with a post-workout stretch, applying ice and a hot bath can be a great way to recover after a skate session.

Squats with body weight: Squats with the appropriate body weight during the day and between skating sessions will strengthen the connective tissue around the joints and, in fact, have more stability around the joints of the ankles, hips and pelvis . First, you’ll want to learn how to squat with the proper body weight.

Hope these tips help you have more fun skateboarding. Sure, it can be very painful at times, but it’s about overcoming our personal challenges and getting the reward of walking away from a trick that makes it all worthwhile. I love skateboarding, and I’m sure you love it. So if it were up to me, I would skate all day every day. However, as we age, our bodies don’t recover as quickly, but if you take these 5 tips seriously, maybe your recoveries will be faster and you’ll be skating again in no time!

Legal Law

Bringing the score to life (Part 2)

For many beginning writers, and also for some veterans, the punctuation can be confusing. The scoring rules sometimes seem arcane, abstract, and even random. But if we see punctuation as a form of traffic control: commands to stop, pause, look ahead, etc. – it is easy to master these necessary grammar rules. In a previous excerpt, we explained how to use periods, commas, colons, and semicolons.

Hyphenated Words to Combine Ideas. People often coin new words by combining several. Stuck in with hyphens, these expressions are often converted into individual words. The word for America’s national pastime began as base ball, evolved into base ball, and eventually took the modern form of baseball. The last example: email turned into email and then email.

Scripts offer a great way to show how things are related to each other. Consider the following sentence: “East Coast liberals like Hillary Clinton differ from West Coast liberals like Jerry Brown.” We could say, “West Coast liberals,” but that’s not quite so concise.

Of course, connecting too many things with hyphenation can be silly. Thus: “The African-American senator for the first time from the South Side of Chicago made his first candidacy for the White House in 2008.”

Use em-hyphens – like this one – to make aside. If you want to establish complete phrases or lists, look for an elongated dash known as em-dash. Look at this sentence:

The Chicago Cubs’ inability to win a World Series for 100 years, a period that saw nineteen different presidents, has caused anguish among fans.

The em-dash helps the author to make an aside. The electronic script tells the reader to pause, as if to say, “Hey, check this out.”

Critics say em-dash makes writing cheaper by encouraging a loose, casual style. Without a doubt, the excessive use of any tool can be annoying. When we use em-dash too much, like here, it distracts and annoys the reader. But in moderation, again not like this, em-dash offers a useful and even fun way to emphasize a point.

Use ellipsis to show vanishing thought … Every time I see an ellipsis, a set of three points, I hear the sound of the harp music. Ellipses (plural of ellipsis) suggest that thinking turns off, reflects, open ideas. Ellipses allow us to deviate for a moment …

Case in point: “Dorothy considered her challenge: ‘If only I could see the Wizard of Oz …”‘ We see the girl with braided hair, a wicker basket, and a dog named Toto staring off into space, in her own world, lost in thought.

The ellipses also perform a more technical task: marking gaps in the quoted passages. Quotes often omit entire sections. People rarely speak in compact packages, so writers have to stitch together comments made at different times. To indicate a space, use an ellipsis. Therefore, we can quote John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address this way:

Do not ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country … Let’s go out and lead the land we love, asking for His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God’s work must truly be our.

The ellipsis here indicates that the writer cut words from the original source. Connecting one part of the quote to another makes a point quickly.

Psst: use parentheses to make aside. Sometimes you want to offer a little related information. That information could strengthen the argument (by providing details or context) or simply provide an aside. (Ben Yagoda loves parentheses.)

Parentheses provide an efficient way to add basic information. When you want to provide examples of various things, use parentheses instead of saying “for example” over and over again. When Barack Obama began shaping his administration in 2008, he drew on America’s elite universities. New York Times columnist David Brooks described the emerging team:

January 20, 2009 will be a historic day. Barack Obama (Columbia, Harvard Law) will take the oath of office while his wife, Michelle (Princeton, Harvard Law) looks on with pride. Nearby, your foreign policy advisers will be beaming, including perhaps Hillary Clinton (Wellesley, Yale Law), Jim Steinberg (Harvard, Yale Law) and Susan Rice (Stanford, Oxford). Phil.).

Here an elite, there an elite, everywhere an elite. Brooks uses parentheses to clarify this point.

The wasteful use of parentheses makes the writing choppy. It is disorienting when you stray from the main train of thought, over and over again. On the other hand, sometimes you want to show how hectic the world can be. “So are my parentheses part of my style?” Yagoda asks (rhetorically). “Actually, yes. They appeal to me in part because they express my belief that the world and language are multiple, intricate, and illuminated by digression.”

Use quotation marks to say exactly what someone said. To indicate that you are using someone’s exact words, use quotation marks. Then:

“Don’t ask what your country can do for you,” said President Kennedy. “Ask what you can do for your country.”

Use the exact words of the speaker. If you want to paraphrase, quote only the words that were spoken and use your own words to connect the sentences. Then:

After challenging the nation to “ask what you can do for your country,” President Kennedy challenged other nations to “ask not what the United States will do for you, but what we can do together for the freedom of man.”

Punctuation is generally enclosed in quotes. So: “Don’t ask what your country can do for you,” Kennedy said.

Put punctuation marks outside the quotation marks to avoid confusion about what is being quoted. When television journalist Tim Russert died, a website ran this headline: Tom Brokaw as host of “Meet the Press?” The headline suggests that Brokaw was in fact the host and that the show’s name contains a question. The headline should have asked: “Tom Brokaw as host of” Meet the Press “?

Sometimes it is necessary to quote someone by quoting someone else. To do that, use single quotes, inside double quotes, like this:

“I went back to the doctor and he said, ‘Henry, I told you, you can’t come, you’re going to die in that mine.’ I said, ‘Well, Dr. Craft, let me try one more time,’ because I had some debts that I wanted to pay off. “

And what about a date within a date within a date? Go back to the double quotes (“), like this:

“I met Joyce at the rally, and she yelled at me, ‘Let’s sing something. How about,’ I’m not going to let anyone turn me over ‘? Let’s do it.’

Use exclamation marks (rarely!) To show enthusiasm or to be emphatic. I once worked with someone who used exclamation marks, a lot of them, all the time! Whether talking about something mundane or exciting, he ended each sentence with a multitude of these happy punctuation marks! I guess it’s not much different from someone who agrees with you all the time, or says “have a nice day” no matter what’s going on! But it’s too much!

Sober word writers avoid exclamation marks except to show someone yelling. They point out, for example, that the constitutional guarantee of freedom of expression does not include shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater. Novelist Elmore Leonard suggests using no more than two or three exclamation points per 100,000 words (the length of a book). And I agree. Mainly! To show real emotion, tell a great story instead of relying on a lighthearted punctuation.

And yet I admire Tom Wolfe so much that I admit the value of each and every one of his exclamations. By one count, Wolfe’s novel Bonfire of the Vanities contains 2,343 exclamation points on 659 pages. “I’m trying to get the score back where it belongs,” Wolfe once explained. “The dots, dashes and exclamation marks were removed from the prose because they ‘reeked of sentiment.’ But a! Show someone who gets carried away. Why not? The writer carefully not using this punctuation does not bother to convey what is exciting to the reader. “

Wolfe uses the exclamation point wisely, conveying excessive jealousy or innocence or naivety or rudeness. It works for him. For most of us, however, it is like a sharp object that is best left in the drawer.

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What is the fundamental question?

How much do you love yourself? (and follow-up questions)

This fundamental question, once understood, activated and applied on a daily basis, by you, using your own God-given thinking mind, will gradually transform you from wherever you are into a person who consistently receives a harmonious inner living space that is powerful, protected and safe. . Are you ready to receive this transformation? Of course you are! And you already have the necessary resources available to do it here and now! And these resources have nothing to do with anything that exists outside of you … or anywhere else in the material world for that matter.

I’m talking about the use of your own internal thought process and how it regulates the flow of the Spiritual Current as it receives it, fills it and shines forth as it spreads from the Universal Source, through you, into the world at large. Think of yourself as a center of distribution and reception of energy for the Spirit of God through you. Believe that you are a beacon of light, a bright point of origin in the Source of God. A source of origin of the Pure Living Spirit in manifest flow. Consciously put these ideas into active contemplation. Get started right here, right now. Immerse yourself in the idea of ​​Unity in, of and as Source.

The practice …

Next time you are in front of a mirror, look at yourself as if you were someone else and ask yourself the following question and follow-up questions: How much do you love yourself? Do you absolutely love yourself or do you put conditions on your own self-love? (ie I will love myself more when I lose that weight, get that title, attract that new love interest, etc.) Do you love yourself the way God loves you? (Not “how God loves you” but “how God loves you”, which implies that there is no separation between the love that God has for you and the love that you have for yourself). Now pause … Don’t look for an answer right away. Let your conscience feast on the questions as you go about your daily life. Review the questions every day until they become a regular part of your conscious and subconscious thinking. Now … once the questions are firmly embedded in your being, the answers will be presented to you as you go about your daily activities. Did you feel a pang of disharmony when someone criticized your talents? Did you feel the compulsion to defend yourself when someone tried to “push one of your buttons”? Do you even have these “buttons” that people could push? Did you feel unworthy when someone presented you with an unexpected gift? Did you compare yourself to someone and feel you were not quite “up to par”? Can you imagine the so-called “social standards”, whatever you dream they might be, and you feel a “low vibe” because “you just don’t fit in”?

The beauty From this approach of “letting the answers appear” is that because you have practiced asking yourself the fundamental question, each time an answer appears in the form of a situation that disturbs your inner harmony, you can instantly make the necessary mental adjustments. in your thinking. / feel nature to further refine and strengthen the resilience of your mind / body while silently reminding yourself that there is no separation between God’s love for you and your love for yourself, and that God loves you absolutely and unconditionally, pass Whatever happens, period and now and from now on you have adopted God’s love for you as your love for yourself, and instantly and consciously let go of any disharmony and allow your Oneness in and of God’s Absolute Love to completely fill and bring you back to Divine Harmony in, of, and as your mind / body experience. And after a while, very little bothers you, and the lines continue to blur between God’s love for you and your love for yourself until these lines have completely faded, and you’ve absolutely embodied the concept and practice that God’s love for you and your love for you are one and the same.

Congratulations, you have now answered the fundamental question in the affirmative, not from your point of view, but from the point of view of God through you!

You are the power, strength and love of God personified in each and every one of the moments of this eternal now !!!

Thank you, and visit:

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