A trip from Nassau Bahamas airport to your hotel is just one trip, or is it?

A ride is a ride
Or is that it?

It is true that a $ 100 suit meets the decency requirement as well as a $ 1000 suit. However, what is not true is that these suits are of equal quality. What is also not true is that the $ 100 suit and the $ 1000 suit will offer an identical experience. The next $ 100 is most likely an inferior fabric product and even more inferior workmanship. The $ 100 suit covers the essentials, but it won’t make you stand out from the crowd and it certainly won’t make you feel ‘like a million dollars’. On the other hand, a $ 1000 suit is expertly crafted from the finest fabric, looks and feels luxurious, and makes a bold statement. You feel like you have your personal glam gear with you the entire time you wear this outfit … you feel like royalty.

Similarly, a journey is not just a journey. While The Bahamas is a laid-back and laid-back country, rest assured that luxury car services are definitely available for the discerning traveler. There is no need to settle for the ‘$ 100 transfer suit’ when the ‘$ 1000 transfer suit’ is available to you without the price tag.

‘The $ 100 Transfer Suit’
The cheapest form of transfers, particularly from NAS (Nassau International Airport) are taxis. It is definitely a journey and will take you to your destination hotel or address. All local taxi services are The Atlantis Resort, Comfort Suites, Baha Mar, Breezes, Melia, One & Only Ocean Club and all other hotels on the island. If the condition of the car and the level of service are not important to you, then of course a taxi may be the best option. However, after a long or bumpy flight, the last thing you need is to have to locate a taxi only to have it pull up alongside you as if you were stepping out of a 1980s car accident. You may be lucky and get a taxi that be from this decade, but have to deal with the hot oven (car cabin) as the air conditioning is not working “right now”; it’s not a good start when the local weather tends to be between 80 and 90 degrees F. You may want to take a chance with a trucking company. They are a bit better organized and the vehicles are mostly modern. However, be prepared to wait 15 to 45 minutes at times for the shuttle bus to fill up with other passengers before it can leave the airport. Shuttle buses can also make several stops before reaching your hotel. Cross your fingers that your hotel is the first and not the last.

‘The $ 1000 Transfer Suit’

Far from costing $ 1000 per ride, a pre-arranged luxury private transfer will provide an experience fit for royalty. In addition to NAS, private car services can also be arranged from private airports, Odyssey Aviation and Jet Aviation Nassau / Executive Flight Support. In addition to serving the popular Atlantis Resort and other major hotels, private car companies also service marinas and clubs such as Albany Marina, Lyford Cay Club, Atlantis Marina, and Nassau Yacht Club.

Prices are always per vehicle and not per passenger. Depending on the number of passengers, this option is often less expensive than shuttle trips. Your driver is trained to anticipate and meet all your needs. Your driver will greet you at the airport with a warm smile and will escort you to the vehicle of your choice. Luxury car service companies offer modern fleets of fully insured luxury sedans, SUVs, limos and vans from which to choose. Families traveling with younger children can make arrangements in advance for child safety seats to be available in the preferred vehicle of their choice at the time of pickup, usually at no additional cost. Stops at the grocery or liquor store can also be arranged along the way. Water and soft drinks are always free and the limo bars are stocked. In addition to clean, modern and luxury vehicles, you can arrange in advance any other special requests, such as special wines, flowers, balloons, etc.

So why not choose the best ride to your hotel or destination and book a luxury private transfer?

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Measuring a business process: how to create customer-centric metrics

There’s a family quote that says, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” So how do you know what to measure for a deal process? It is different than what you would do in a manufacturing environment where you have specific defect metrics. In order to deal process, metrics should relate to customer needs.

In step 2 (creating the foundation) of the 10 steps to business process improvement, you develop basic information about the business process. A key area included in the foundation is the measures of success. After identifying your customer (or customer) and what they need from the process, you should also describe how you will know if you meet what they need. At this point, just write a sentence that describes what you want to measure. Don’t worry in this step as you will measure something, just identify what you want to measure. For example, a sales manager might describe a measure of success as “increased number of new customers.”

Since you, or the project team, are simply describing general information about the process in step 2, it will be fairly easy for you to define the what. If you have trouble writing the statements, ask questions like “What does success look like?” “How will you know when you will be successful?” As you create the measurements, think about effective efficiency, Y adaptability and try writing measurements that fall into each of these three areas.

Step 7 is where you spend some time thinking about as to convert your overall measures of success into specific metrics. By the time you reach this step, you will have drawn the process map (step 3), identified how long the process takes from start to finish (step 4), validated your information (step 5), and applied a series of techniques to improve the process (step 6), so that you are well positioned to tackle the metrics challenge.

Measuring the success of the sales manager may initially seem like a efficiency metric, because it seems to focus on volume, but if the sales manager also cares about the quality of new clients to which it could belong effectiveness And read something like, “30 percent increase in the number of new qualified customers over the next six months.” Notice how much more specific the metric is, than it appeared in step 2. However, if you had spent the time in step 2 to get to this level of detail, you would have found yourself drowning in too much unnecessary information too early in the process. .

In step 7, you must also determine how you will deliver the metric. You may need to create a new tracking method, establish baseline information, or develop a new report. In step 8 (test), make sure that any new report meets the needs of the stakeholders by displaying a standard version.

In step 10 (continuous improvement), decide how often you plan to review the measurement data. Will you do this weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually?

Lastly, remember that you can’t measure everything! Albert Einstein says: “Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.” So, use the needs of your customers as a source for what you measure. Include the most important effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability metrics to get started.

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Famous dads give push gifts; Join the trend

Rich celebrities are used to being gifted with expensive jewelry, and the trend continues until the day they give birth. Case in point: Pierce Brosnan gave his wife Keely three gold and diamond bracelets when their son Paris was born. Ben Affleck gifted his wife Jennifer Garner with gorgeous purple jewelry after she gave birth to their daughter Violet (who was reportedly brought back by the plain and practical Mrs. Affleck). Sarah Jessica Parker received a beautiful charm bracelet from her husband Matthew Broderick when their son James made his debut. Other famous dads celebrate the arrival of their new babies by buying expensive jewelry such as diamond rings, diamond earrings, pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, and jewelry made from their baby’s birthstone for their wives and girlfriends.

Until a few years ago, these “push gifts,” so called because they are tokens of appreciation for work, were a first for me. All I got when I gave birth to my son was … my son. Not to say that I am not immensely grateful; he is my pride and joy. But a nice pair of diamond earrings or a pearl cocktail ring, let’s say, to show me that my husband appreciated my months of rough pregnancy and the hours of even harder work would have been “ice” on the cake.

What made the lack of gifts worse was that many of my friends got dazzling jewelry from their appreciative and caring husbands. My favorites were a pearl bracelet, sapphire and diamond earrings, a yellow gold and diamond band, and a yellow princess cut diamond ring.

Poor thing, my husband didn’t know it was done.

Apparently he is not alone. Researching this article, I sent an inquiry to all the guys on my email list (whose wives can thank me later). Besides wanting to know if they knew what a push gift was, he also wanted to know if they thought the idea was heartwarming or silly. Did you pressure them? Was it just another damn thing they’d have to spend money on?

Naturally, the feedback I received was as varied as from the guys on my email list, which includes my boss, my coach at the gym, my brother, my best friend’s brother, my neighbors, my co-workers. and my dentist. to name a few.

First, for the sweet:

From Dave: “Yes, I gave my wife a gift. I didn’t feel pressured. She deserved it and more.”

From John: “I bought my wife a charm bracelet after the birth of our daughter Lindsay. I had charms for our two daughters.”

From Taylor: “Yeah, I bought my wife gifts both times in addition to flowers. The first time it was a cultured pearl necklace (as if she needed more jewelry). The last time it was a Kate Spade diaper bag.”

From Wayne, father of four: “Maybe for one or two, certainly not for all four.” [I certainly remember: Wayne’s wife, my friend Sandy, was the recipient of the highly coveted and aforementioned sapphire and diamond earrings.]

From Howie: “Considering that my wife had a cesarean section with both girls, is there a cut?” [Actually, there is, and it’s called a ‘cut your guts out’ present. My friend’s daughter Nicole got a sterling silver bracelet from her husband for her efforts].

“I gave my wife a birthstone for each girl, but forget about the idea of ​​’pushing the present’. Those nine months are the easy part. It is for the 18 years after that you have to give the gifts to your wife! Honestly, those two girls can yell! “

Dennis: “Funny, before my wife was pregnant I never thought of a push gift. My friend and his wife had a baby four months before us and his wife would surely tell my wife about this gift. It is not that I wouldn’t. I have given my wife and my son’s mother a great gift, but it was put into the realm of ‘did your husband buy you a diamond bracelet?’ It goes to show that keeping up with the Joneses makes some people do things they wouldn’t otherwise do. ” [OK, maybe this answer doesn’t technically fall under the sweet category as it’s got some ambivalence tossed in.]

“I’m not sure spending thousands of dollars on a gift is the best thing for the new family. Was this gift idea created by the diamond companies? So yeah, I got my wife a gift. I had the stone of birth of my son in a ring and a necklace “.

From Paul: “I gave him a day at the spa.”

From Derek, “I gave him a Tiffany ring because it was a nice thing to do, I heard, and because he deserves it.”

Now for the outraged:

From Ben: “No, I didn’t get my wife a push gift. The only thing I had in mind was to make sure all the important things were resolved. Adding something so stupid to this momentous event is ridiculous. The special gift is the gift of life and the creation of a human being. Now when I look back at those times, I wouldn’t even remember the insignificant gift. It sounds like a nonsense invented by a jewelers association. “

From Steve: “I agreed to fund the children for 22 years each. That was my gift.”

Peter L: “I’m not a big fan of the push gift. Does a woman give birth to a child and now expect a gift? While I have no idea what it’s like to be pregnant, I don’t know any woman. Sorry. The whole expensive jewelry thing doesn’t sit well with me. That’s what birthdays and anniversaries are for. ” [Thank God I didn’t marry Peter, not that he asked.]

From Dave H: When Meryl was born, I gave my wife a new bicycle chain for her road bike ($ 60 value) and installed it for her (free). It was the least he could do, since he had taken the chains. of all his bikes around the end of month seven when he refused to stop riding. She immediately started riding two weeks after taking our son out, and since she was lighter than I was used to, she was able to climb hills faster than I could. The good news is that she’s four months pregnant now and she’s slowing down more every day, allowing me to look faster. “

And last but not least, the clueless:

Peter C: “I can’t remember, but I’m sure I said something.”

Matt: “Whoops, was I supposed to give something? Why doesn’t anyone let us know these things?

Jim: “Color me without thinking. It never occurred to me.”

John S: “I must be a bad husband. Three kids in four years and I haven’t given Kim any gifts for any of them!”

What can a boy do?

Whether you agree with the boyfriends, cads, or are one of the clueless, consider yourself properly informed and remember that nine months of pregnancy capped by excruciatingly painful labor (not to mention sore nipples) is not a picnic. . It’s always good to be appreciated, especially when you’re a new mom, and your hormones scream? ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿?? I used to be a carefree sexy bitch, for Pete’s sake !!!

What’s more, jewelry that you give to your child’s mother can be passed on to that child when they get married or turn 21, for example. Best of all, you don’t have to spend thousands. Many quality jewelry pieces are as affordable as they are sentimental.

To help you get started, these are my favorite push gifts:

o Pearl Studs: Timeless and elegant, pearl studs go perfectly with bathrobes and spouts. Plus, high-quality freshwater cultured pearl earrings cost as little as $ 30 to $ 40 a pair.

o Diamond earrings: A bit more expensive than pearl earrings, sure, but diamond earrings are a jewelry staple. That means your efforts will not be in vain; these flares will get a lot of use. And you can have a good pair for less than $ 500.

o Birthstone ring: There are many options and price ranges depending on the stone and the setting. (Skip the diamond accents and you probably won’t break the bank.) Remember, a fancy ring can be given to your little one; so make sure you get something good quality that won’t tarnish.

o Nantucket Basket – A beautiful gold basket pendant necklace containing your children’s birthstones, the Nantucket Basket necklace is designed to be added to subsequent births. The necklace may seem expensive to you, but once you purchase the pendant, all you have to do is add the birthstones for each subsequent child. (Push the present out of the way forever).

o Mother and Child Pendant: The sterling silver version of this sweet circular pendant can be had for under $ 50.

o Charm Bracelet – The sky’s the limit here, but the initial investment shouldn’t be too bad. Like the Nantucket basket, this piece can be added on special occasions. Charms are priced everywhere; it is up to you what to spend. However, baby birthstone booties are a new mom’s favorite charm.

o Pearl necklace: traditional and classic, a pearl necklace is a great choice. If you have a girl, she can wear it in the future on her wedding day as something to borrow and as a reminder of how much her mother means to you. If price is an issue, akoyas and freshwater cultured pearl strands are the way to go. Save the pearls of Tahiti and the South Seas for when your shares are divided or your patent is approved. You understand.

Go shopping!

Well, prospective parents, now that you know about push gifts, there is no excuse not to gift the mother of your children a small (or big) token of your appreciation. And no, you don’t have to be rich and famous like Matt Damon or Michael Douglas, or spend your savings for college in the future. There are many affordable gift options that don’t cost a bundle. Do some research on the internet and you will be able to find unique and meaningful jewelry that fits your budget. (Just be sure to gift wrap it. We hate it when you forget it.) And don’t worry too much because we won’t like it. It really is the thought that counts. Not so sure? I’ll tell you a little secret: if you really want a surefire way to be a hero in your wife’s eyes, change her diaper every now and then!

See current pearl jewelry push ideas here.


Recommended products for professional games

Being a professional gamer is not a cheap thing to do. There is a lot of equipment to buy and it is not the cheapest, but not too expensive either. You get your money’s worth for what you pay for. In my detailed post I mentioned the playing team, I am going to go into more detail about the different teams that a professional player should have. The first is a controller. Now you can use just a standard controller or you can use what most professionals use which is a Scuf controller. You can buy a Scuf controller and add some customization to it or you can mail your own controller and customize it and receive it in the mail. By customization I mean adding a skin design to the controller, adding grip, changing the controller lever type, and / or adding paddles. Now the skin design is what covers the base of the controller, so instead of having a simple black controller, you could have a red and black controller. It just makes the controller look cooler. The grip is just so you have a better grip on your controller, so it doesn’t slip out of your hands.

There are two types of joysticks that you can use; concave and domed. The concave is where the center of the stick is sunken and the dome is where the stick is shaped like a dome. They don’t necessarily make you play better, it’s just your preference for what you’d like to use. The palettes are designed for button mapping. By this I mean the palette replaces a button so you don’t have to use that button.

These go on the back of the controller. For example, let’s say button A is used to jump, when customizing the controller paddles, you can assign one of the paddles to button A. So instead of always having to press A to jump, you can just push the paddle. Now the paddles can be assigned to any button you want, just do what suits your playing style. You can have up to four palettes, which means that you can have four buttons reassigned for the palettes.

The next thing you’ll want to get is a gaming headset. The two main companies are Turtle Beach and Astro Gaming. These headphones allow you to listen to game audio and chat audio on the headphones. It is up to you to figure out what levels you want each audio at. Each person has their own preferences, but most professional gamers use Astro games. Also, each person will say that one is better than the other based on the headphones they have. I’ve had a Turtle Beach headset before, but now I have an Astro Gaming headset. Personally, I think the Atros are better because they are better designed and I think they have better quality.

You want to have one of these brands because they will help you in the game. It will help you to hear things from a distance and it will help you to hear the people approaching behind you. Do some research, look at the reviews and talk to your friends about them and buy what you think is best. The last thing you will need is a monitor. There are many companies that manufacture monitors, like headphones, each person has their own preference of the brand they use. Major League Gaming uses BenQ monitors. They even have a specific monitor that professionals use at events. You can find them by simply searching for them on Google. These have the best quality and the shortest lag response time. The image is so clear, colorful and enjoyable because there is no lag, which means that everything that happens happens in real time without delay. Another thing I would recommend is a recording device to record your games. You can get a El Gato or and Hauppague HDPVR.

These are the only two I know of, but I’m sure there are more. Before buying one, make sure your computer or laptop meets or exceeds the device’s specifications. These are not necessary to be a professional gamer, but it is good to record your games and make videos with them and post them on YouTube. Basically all professional gamers make YouTube videos from their games. You can get fans to view and subscribe to your YouTube channel. This is not a necessity, but it is nice to have to show it to others. These are the products used by general gamers and professional gamers. I highly recommend checking out all of these. Theses would be an investment, a one-time purchase that would last a long time. Hope these help you out. Happy game.

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3 Ways To Quickly Thicken And Strengthen Your Lumbar Muscle And Avoid Injury!

Having trouble gaining the serious muscle you want? Are you exercising a lot with small changes to your body? Do you want to achieve that ripped look that men and women will envy and desire? This article will reveal three ways to thicken and strengthen your lower back muscle to create your best physique and how to avoid injuries that can derail heavy lifting for months or even permanently.

Tip No. # 1: DEAD LIFTS are as basic as an exercise to target rapid muscle growth in the lower back – they also affect the traps, lats, and thighs to varying degrees.

Start with a barbell on the floor right in front of your shins; Bend your knees, grab the bar and stand up. As easy as it may sound, proper form is paramount for safety and efficacy. Always lift with your thighs first, keeping your head upright. Pull the bar up as close to your legs as possible (it should actually rub against them). An alternate grip (one palm down, one palm up) will prevent your fingers from giving out before your legs or back are properly loaded.

Proper warm-ups followed by sets of six to eight reps will stress your lower back along with other important muscles. The deadlift should not be performed heavy for every lower back workout.

Tip No. 2: GOOD MORNING – Exercise is still one of the best ways to hit your lower back.

Standing with your knees slightly bent, hold a light barbell across the back of your shoulders. Now push your butt back, keeping your lower back arched and taut until you feel your hamstrings reach the maximum stretch point. Unless you are particularly flexible, you will not have to bend your torso (as is often recommended) so that it is perpendicular to the ground. The hamstring stretch indicates where the range of motion ends. Repeat for six to 10 repetitions.

Sometimes it is prescribed that you keep your knees locked throughout the movement. Do not do it! Locking the knees will shift the emphasis to the hamstrings and greatly increase the likelihood of a visit to the doctor.


Assume a prone position on a hyperextension bench or other appropriate flat bench. If you are using a hyperextension bench (either a 45 degree or flat model), hook your feet (back of your heels) under the bar or have a partner hold them if you are using a bench that lacks a component to stabilize your feet / lower body. Let your upper body hang over the front end of the bench. The front edge of the bench / pad should be level with the hip joints. The knees should remain slightly bent throughout the movement.

Then, leading with the head, “hunch” the torso up and back as far as possible, squeezing a maximum contraction in the erectors at the top. Lower yourself to a point where you still have at least half maximum tension on your lower back muscles and repeat for about 10 reps.


Four out of five people experience significant back pain during their lives, so to avoid being one of them, keep an eye on injury prevention first and building muscle mass second.

Your ultimate body is at your fingertips, as long as you follow the proven principles in this article. Rapid muscle growth is not a pipe dream or only for those with the perfect genetic makeup. Use these strategies in the order listed and very soon you will see that your lower back becomes thicker and stronger. Your lower back is of the utmost importance because it is the basis of your power.

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Learn when to use less used punctuation marks

Everyone is familiar with the most commonly used punctuation marks: the comma, the period, and the question mark. However, many people do not use the semicolon, colon, hyphen, parentheses, bracket, ellipsis, and slash when typing as much as they do with other punctuation marks. One reason could be not knowing when to use these less used punctuation marks. Another reason could be that there are other punctuation marks that can work in basically the same way, if not better, in a sentence. Still, a third reason may be that it is easier to avoid these punctuation marks to avoid misusing them.

Whatever the reason, here are some simple, easy-to-remember tips for when to use these less-used punctuation marks:


The semicolon is used to join two independent clauses. (Independent clauses are just two complete sentences that are closely related in meaning.)

The semicolon is used to join two independent clauses when used with a conjunctive adverb such as however, consequently, in addition, in addition, in the meantime, or otherwise; or with a transitory phrase such as, for example, as a result, in fact, or otherwise.

The semicolon is used to join two independent clauses that contain a comma.

The semicolon is used to join a series of phrases or clauses that are long or contain commas.


A colon is used to introduce a list, an apposition, or a quote, when the words before the colon are an independent clause.

A colon is used after a phrase such as the following or the next.

A colon is used to separate a title and a subtitle.

The colon is used with hours, minutes and seconds.

Colons are used in chapters and verses of the Bible.

Colons are used in note formats and for formal business letter greetings.


The dash is used to interrupt a sentence to add information and draw attention to the information.

The dash is used to highlight a definition, an apposition, an example, or a contrast.


The parentheses (always used in pairs) are used to interrupt a sentence to add information but without emphasizing what the parentheses enclose.

Parentheses are used to enclose letters or numbers of listed items in a sentence.


The bracket is used to include changes made to the cited material or to add explanations and clarifications to the cited material.

The bracket is used to enclose a short material in parentheses in parentheses.


Ellipsis (a set of three spaced dots) is used to show omitted words or punctuation from a cited source. Use a sentence completion period after an ellipsis when it falls to the end of a sentence.


The bar is used to separate lines of poetry from a cited source.

The bar is used to indicate fractions.

The bar is used to separate and / or.

Anyone who has found ways to avoid using these less used punctuation marks because there were other punctuation marks that worked better, knowing when to use them correctly was problematic, or they were just easier to avoid, will find these simple tips will help. make writing easy and hassle free. No more avoiding punctuation marks that could make your writing a powerful means of communication.

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Types of orchids for your home

Some of the most interesting plants you can find at your local nursery or home improvement garden center is the orchid. The orchid is an exquisite and very unique flower as it stands out among the rest of the flowers that are available for purchase. The orchid generally has a long stem that has one large flower to several small flowers at the top. There are many different types of orchids available today.

The beautiful orchid has adorned our world for many centuries. Today, orchid varieties exceed 25,000 and the number of hybrids far exceeds 100,000. The number of hybrids is continually growing as orchid lovers are creating new and more interesting flowers. The reason for creating hybrids is to increase the color, design and durability of the plant. By durability, which means how easy it is to grow, make the bloom last longer, and be less susceptible to dying under watering. These are the types of orchids that are available to buy at the nursery.

Each orchid comes from one of two very large families. One family is called Terrestrial and the other is Epiphyte. Within each of these families, the different types of orchids will vary. The two groups are based on where and how the orchid grows. The first family, the terrestrial ones, are the orchids that we normally see and many of the orchids grow their roots below the ground, although some can grow their roots above and below the surface of the ground. The term for this particular species is called semi-terrestrial.

One of the most common types of orchids within the terrestrial family is the Cymbidium. This orchid was one of the first types of orchids to be grown and brought into our homes. These orchids can be found in the regions of Southeast Asia, Japan, and Australia. Cymbidium must be planted in a mixture of soil and rock and is one of the most popular orchids. An attribute of Cymbidium is that this is one of the few types of orchids that can withstand colder temperatures.

The second of the two types of orchids are epiphytes. These orchids grow with their roots exposed to the elements and can be found growing in a multitude of different places, such as in trees and in rocky areas. Due to the places these orchids live, they offer a greater quantity of seeds to ensure that they are successfully disbursed by both the wind and animals and insects. When an orchid grows on a tree, its roots will get the necessary moisture from the tree’s bark. Epiphytes are easier to grow than terrestrial ones because the watering process is much easier.

There are over 1,000 different epiphytes today and each one is just as beautiful as the next. These types of orchids are typically found in more tropical areas such as Australia, Polynesia, Southeast Asia, and northern India. Of these types of orchids, Dendrobiums are the most common, but they don’t bloom as often as we’d like.


Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Breed Height, Weight, Color, History and Description

Description: The Kerry Blue Terrier is a medium-sized muscular dog. They have a large and long head that is in proportion to the rest of the body. Its teeth are in a scissor or level bite, its muzzle is long but in good proportion to the head. We see wide nostrils and a black nose. This dog has small eyes that are dark. With small V-shaped ears that are located on the top of the head, slightly above the line of the skull, and are carried forward.

The Kerry Blue Terrier breed has a long neck that is wider towards the shoulders. The high-set tail is straight and docked in countries that allow it. The height of dogs is 18½ to 20 inches, and female dogs 17½ to 19 inches. Both dogs and female dogs weigh between 34 and 40 pounds. Coat colors come in shades of brown, black to very dark blue. With the color of the adults that goes from slate blue to light gray.

History: The Kerry Blue Terrier breed comes from Ireland, Kelly County and dates from around 1700. This breed is a national Terrier of Ireland. The Kerry Blue Terrier is believed to have developed from old black, Spanish, or Russian terriers with the possibility of Irish wolfhounds.

There is also a belief that the Portuguese Water Dog has contributed to the unique silky wavy coat of the Kerry blue Terrier. This dog has been used as a versatile working dog, retriever, sheepherder, guardian, hunting, police work, and most commonly companion. In the United States, the Blue Terrier club started in 1922 and was recognized by the AKC in 1924.

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The best real estate website to use

With thousands of real estate websites, finding the right one can be a challenge. Do a Google search and you will see the most popular real estate websites, such as Zillow, Trulia, and Refine. Once the first page turns, even the least popular sites now have the same home search features. So how does a homeowner or home buyer know which site is the best? Before choosing, you should first understand a little more about how they all started and what they really are.

For many years, if you were in the market to buy a home, you had to go to the local real estate office in the area where you wanted to buy a home and ask to see a list of homes for sale. This listing was a printout of homes for sale from the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The list gave him basic information about the houses and some marketing comments. He examined it and then asked an agent to show him the houses he thought he might like.

This was great for real estate agents because, as ports of this information, buyers had to turn to them. It also gave the agent the opportunity to show the houses that the agent himself was listing first. For the buyer, this was not so good. It was difficult for the buyer to know if the agent was there to represent him or the seller and if they wanted to search for homes in more than one city, they may have to go to other real estate offices to see the list of other MLSs. These lists may also be out of date, and when you found your dream home, it may already be sold. This process can be time consuming and stressful for even the most seasoned buyer.

Fast forward a decade or two and there have been some major changes. MLS went digital and consolidated into larger MLS companies covering even larger areas. Here in western Washington we now use the Northwest Multiple Listing service (NWMLS) and it covers all but two counties; Clark and Clallam. In the 90s, the Internet brought the first real estate websites. Most of these showed the houses listed by the agent / agencies that owned the website and were not updated very often. Some of the larger real estate agencies, the ones with the money and the resources, began creating home search tools using data directly from the MLS. Now, for the first time, buyers don’t have to talk to an agent to find homes for sale and can get even more information (photos, schools, map locations, and up-to-date status).

Today, the price of producing these high-quality websites has dropped to the point where the average agent with the right skills can build their own. Now we see an explosion of real estate websites and it seems that most of them have home search functions. This leaves shoppers confused about which website to use.

Now that buyers can get information from almost any real estate website, what should they know before choosing one? First, here in Washington State, any licensed agent can show you and represent you at any MLS home, no matter what website you find it on. Most of these websites have a mobile app or are mobile friendly. While most buyers start their home search online, what they don’t understand is that the website they use to search for homes is a lead generation tool for the agent. The buyer is exchanging his contact information for the use of the website.

This is not a bad thing. If you really want to buy a home, then you will need answers to your questions, help finding financing, an agent to open doors for you, someone who understands the paperwork and can help you with negotiations, and a trusted agent to take care of you. in the closing process. That can only happen when you talk to an agent. Which agent you get is the important part. And that’s where finding the right website comes in. The buyer should use these websites to find out more about the agent they might want to represent. Knowing more about the agent before getting involved with an agent is the key to achieving your goals of buying or selling a home.

What you should look for is what is the agent’s experience in real estate. Do you work full time as a licensed real estate agent? What is your closing success rate? Do you guarantee your services? What do past clients have to say about the agent’s service? These questions can sometimes be found on the agent’s website, but if not, you should ask in the first contact with an agent. Now that you know how they got started and what they are, how do you choose the right website for you? First, let’s talk about the differences on these websites. We can divide it into four types.

The first type are the large non-brokerage sites like Zillow,,, and Trulia. These sites do not have agents working in the field. What they do is sell the leads that sign up on their site to agents who hope to convert the lead into a customer. These websites have worked hard to make sure home buyers find your site first. They have added a lot of cool home value estimating tools or mortgage calculators and all the information they can get on almost every home in the US and some other countries. They get most of this information from the public record and from what some owners can give them. The downside to these sites is that the information they used may be out of date or inaccurate. Take home values, for example, because they get their sold data (what homes were sold in the same neighborhood) from public records, not the local MLS, their numbers may be behind market trends. In the real estate world, we only look back at the last six months to help us determine the value of a home. While a home’s sale price may appear in the public record right at closing, it can take months to filter the system before these websites can include it in their data and that yields their numbers. There is also a question about similar homes. When a real estate agent or appraiser does a comparable market analysis (CMA) of a home’s value, they look for homes like the home in question (the home being appraised) of the same size, same rooms, same bathrooms, owned by the same size, same neighborhood and same state. This may be a bit of an art and the question is, can a computer do as good a job as an agent? This can confuse home buyers and sellers about the true value of a home.

I would like to take this opportunity to assess home values. In a free market, like ours here in the United States, the true value of a home is exactly “the highest price a buyer is willing to pay and the least amount a seller is willing to take” for any property. Only when a property is sold can the actual market price be set and everyone else – real estate agents, appraisers, county appraisers and any website – only make an estimate or guess.

The second type of real estate websites are the large and medium-sized brokerages such as Re / Max, Windermere, Coldwell Banker, Century 21, RedFin, and ZipRealty. These companies have multiple brokerages in many places in the US These real estate companies have agents who work directly for brokerages, usually as independent contractors. Leads or prospects who sign up on your sites are assigned to the individual agent or sometimes sold based on company sources. These companies take a large portion of the agent’s commission or pay, and some of them take 60% or more. This means that the agent has to work harder to convert as many leads into customers as possible just to make enough money to stay in business. Sometimes these agents take on more than they can reasonably handle, leading to poor customer service or a higher transaction failure rate. Some of these companies offer a discount to the buyer. This refund comes from the agent’s commission and can make it even more difficult for agents to provide good service to their clients. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about agents disappearing once a contract is signed or agents refusing to show homes to buyers looking for homes at the lower end of the market, but still want to write the contract and get paid. commission.

The third type of real estate website is small or independent brokerages. These companies are generally owned and operated by experienced agents who have the skill and knowledge to build a good quality website and provide good service to both buyers and sellers. You’ll find the same home search tools and email notifications as the large sites, and because these sites serve local communities, these sites often have more information about the areas they serve and consumers can read more. about the agents they may want to use. in the purchase or sale of your homes. These companies may have one or more agents working together as a team or as independent agents and generally have a higher successful closing rate. What makes these sites the best option for home buyers or sellers are the agents who accompany them.

The fourth type of real estate website is the independent agent website. These websites are created by the individual agent or a third party on behalf of the agent. They can be as good as any of the larger trading sites, depending on the skill, time, and money an agent is willing to invest. These agents can be very good agents, but most of them are little more than one-page public resumes posted by agents in the hopes of attracting buyers or sellers to the agent you are promoting.

So when considering a real estate website, buyers and sellers should keep in mind that a website will not help you buy or sell your home, it is the real estate agent. The website is a way to find the right agent to do the job. Think of it this way, since you can get the house information from almost every website now, what value do you get from a website? The value is in the service you receive from an agent who can save you time, money, and the heartache of poor treatment or poor service.

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Gameplay on PC

Rockstar Games has announced that GTA IV is coming to PC on November 18 and 21 in North America and Europe. Gameplay in GTA IV will be a bit different on PC than on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, mainly because gamers often use keyboards and mice instead of specialized controllers. However, Rockstar is adding what it calls a recently expanded multiplayer system just for PCs. On PlaysStation 3 or Xbox, the multiplayer system is as follows:

  1. There are 15 multiplayer game modes in GTA IV. PSM had the opportunity to play 7 of them. The rules of each game are determined by the host.
  2. Multiplayer mode supports up to 16 players.
  3. Your online character is fully customizable. You can modify your race, gender, hair, clothes, etc.

One of the great draws of PC games is multiplayer, so if you can create a unique PC-oriented multiplayer experience, it could attract more people. If it’s something substantially different, and it’s cool, it might even convince some of the people who bought the console version to buy the PC version for multiplayer only.

The map
The Grand Theft Auto 4 map is the only big city, it consists of five districts: Broker, Dukes, Bohan, Algonquin and Alderney. These are based in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, and New Jersey, respectively. You start at Broker and the other borougs are blocked by “teror alert”. These areas will gradually unlock as you progress through the story.

Expected system requirements

GTA 4 for PC is a possibility, the system requirements could be something like Crysis or Call of Duty 4.
Minimum requirements:

  • CPU: Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 2.4 GHz or AMD (R) Athlon (TM) 64 2800+ processor or any 1.8Ghz
  • Dual-core processor or better compatible
  • RAM: 512MB RAM (768MB for Windows Vista)
  • Hard disk: 8 GB of free hard disk space
  • Video Card (Generic): NVIDIA (R) Geforce (TM) 6600 or better or ATI (R) Radeon (R) 9800Pro or better

Recommended Requirements:

  • CPU: 2.4 GHz dual-core or better recommended
  • RAM: 1 GB for XP; 2GB recommended for Vista
  • Hard disk: 8 GB of free hard disk space
  • Video Card: 3.0 Shader Support is recommended. Nvidia Geforce 7800 or better or ATI Radeon X1800 or better

These specifications are not official system requirements. Stay tuned for more updates.