Abuse! Victim! – How do you spell?

This is how I spell it!

A = attack

B = Barbarian

U = No invitation

S = surreal

E = Bad

V = Violated

I = innocent

C = crushed

T = Taken

I = inconceivable

M = Alters the mind

I am going to share some unedited facts or rather thoughts that I am forced to share. If you are looking for a positive and upbeat article, you better leave now. This article will not be the courtesy you expected.

Why should I edit, even express my thoughts with respect or rule, when addressing an abuser? This article is being written on behalf of all the victims of this world.

My first thought goes to those parents who marry someone other than their baby mom / dad!

Are you careful with your child?

Do you make sure that the man with whom you have fallen into lust, love or just married for food and shelter is not raping your child?

Do you hear your child screaming at night when he has nightmares of being hurt?

Do you care

If I sound malicious or angry with my thoughts, you are correct. I’m mad, I’m mad as hell, I’m even prepared to step up and challenge anyone who allows or ignores abuse.

How many of you readers have abused a child?

How many of you readers have lusted after a child less than half your age?

How many of you readers have verbally abused your wife?

How many of you readers are now on another page with pornographic photos of young teenagers?

How many of you readers are yelling at or hitting your child or spouse right now?

How many of you men are sitting in a strip bar watching a woman who could be your daughter or even your granddaughter?

How many of you readers are ignorant of the fact that your child is on a computer alone with a stranger?

How many of you readers are leaving your child alone with a strange babysitter?

How many of you readers are reducing your child to the lowest level of humiliation?

How many of you readers have taken extreme control over your loved ones to the point where you are afraid to speak up?

I am mad, angry, full of vile contempt for the fact that after all these years and education and what is supposed to be a much smarter world with all this new technology, the world is even more in stress and abuse than ever. .

Yeah sure we’ve always had pedophiles, abusers, mixed race, body part marketing, drug dealing, religious and political wars, but damn … when does it stop?

When does the abuser realize that what he is doing to that child is totally WRONG and SICK?

When does the victim realize that it is not their fault?

When does the abuser finally come to live in a prison of pain, fear, loneliness, scars, and hatred?

When does the victim feel confident and live a normal, healthy and free life?

When does all this end?

The more I educate myself, the angrier I get! I don’t feel smarter, I feel angrier, and I feel ashamed to even be a part of this human race.

Victims of abuse cannot go to sleep at night and dream of sweet things … they dream of rape, fear, pain, mistrust, an endless escape from an unknown assailant, they even continue to urinate on their pants.

Victims of abuse cannot enjoy a healthy sex life with their partners because the moment they feel like they are finding that place of ecstasy, the face of an abuser invades their world and breaks what should be an intimacy between lovers.

Victims of abuse cannot give or accept affectionate hugs in the way they should be.

Victims of abuse live a life of low self-esteem, zero self-acceptance, total guilt, fear, confusion, and even self-hatred.

Victims of abuse cannot have good memories, they cannot put enough good memories in their minds to override their bad memories.

Victims of abuse never forget their abuser or the rape.

Victims of abuse continue to be victims for many years of their lives, if not their entire lives.

Hate, I feel anger towards certain humans … can you bet I do?

I want all the victims in this world who read this to stand up and hate a lot … get angry … scream loud … rebel against the crime that stole their innocence.

DO NOT let this abuse control your life!

Don’t allow the abuser that satisfaction.

Get away from him … throw him as far as you can.

Never give him the time of day.

Treat him like you would the nastiest creature, because that’s what abuse is … a nasty creature.

Stomp … kill him … CHOOSE to let go!

Do the one thing your abuser would and will hate ….. Throw it away ….. park ….. store it in a box in the farthest place you can find … hole in the ground and write your name in it and bury it.

YOU are the only one who can stop your internal abuse now>

To all the bullies out there … DAMN !!!

~ D ~