8 brilliant storage ideas for tiny houses

Whether you have a lot of things or not, they need to be stored properly to avoid clutter and clutter in your home. This is an added challenge if you don’t have a lot of storage space. It is important to be creative and smart when using the unused spaces in your room and turning them into additional storage.

Follow these brilliant small home storage ideas:

Layer your shelves

Make use of your walls! Install some shelves and arrange them in a row. Shelves are a great way to store books, bags, shoes, and other small items that could cause a mess.

Vacuum thick clothing

To save space in your closet, take out all your thick clothing like coats, thick sweaters, oversized jackets, and other clothing that you only wear seasonally. Vacuum pack these clothes and store them inside your suitcase or in a drawer.

Replace your usual nightstand

A nightstand is very useful but takes up space on the floor. If you have limited space, try a wall-mounted nightstand. Just install a small corner shelf next to your bed and you can place your books, alarm clock, and essentials there.

Double your desk as a nightstand

If you can’t make it with a small shelf as a nightstand, another option would be to use your desk as one. Just place your small work desk near or next to your bed and it can double as your nightstand.

Invest in a clothes rack

A huge closet is not ideal for a small bedroom. Try a clothes rack! This way, you can hang only the clothes you wear regularly. Mix, donate, or vacuum wrap the others you don’t use or use infrequently.

Be smart about shoe storage

One space that is often wasted but can be used for storage is your door! You can buy a shoe rack specifically designed to hang on your door!

Opt for a floating desk

A desk is one of the most voluminous pieces of furniture. Free up some floor space by using a floating desk; You can choose between the normal wall mount or the window mount to get beautiful views while you work.

Get rid of your basket

Baskets and laundry baskets take up floor space. To save space, try a laundry bag / hamper that you can hang on the inside or outside of your closet door.

Be smart and give these brilliant small home storage ideas a try!