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5 important things to remember when doing aerobic exercises

1) Consistency – If you don’t maintain it, it won’t work. As with any exercise regimen, you must do it consistently to achieve the desired result. There are no short cuts.

2) Intensity – The harder you exercise, the more weight you will lose.

3) Enjoy: love the exercise you are doing. If you don’t like swimming try running, if you don’t like running try dancing. Find an exercise that you like so that you can stick with it.

4) Time – The length of your workouts is crucial to getting the maximum benefits from aerobic exercise. Walking around the block for five minutes is a great idea, but if you push yourself until you’re fifteen, you will not only use more energy, but you will also prepare yourself for greater distances in the future.

5) Proper diet: running a mile and then eating three slices of pizza and a banana split afterward is probably not the best idea. Make sure you have a snack before you go out to exercise. Make sure to eat something with protein, like a cheese bar, along with something that contains vitamins and natural sugars, like baby carrots or a tangerine.

By doing this, you will provide your body with quick energy from natural sugars and vitamins, along with protein to maintain your physical activity. Make sure you don’t eat so much that it gives you a cramp, keep it light and easy.

During your exercise, be sure to drink plenty of water. By drinking lots of water, you can get rid of the lactic acid created in your muscles. Water helps dilute and decrease the acid accumulated in the muscles from training, therefore reducing the amount of pain in the muscles after exercise.

After your workout, be sure to eat another snack that also contains protein. This helps your body recover from exercise. Contrary to popular belief, once you are done exercising, your body will continue to function. It takes energy to cool down and must continue to fuel your body’s need for energy.