5 effective ways to keep your child away from devices

But it does not have to be like that. While technology has become a part of our lives, it’s not too late to show our children that there are many other ways to have fun besides being locked inside the house with a gadget.

Here are 5 creative and effective ways to keep your child away from devices:

set a good example

Children, especially younger ones, tend to copy what their parents or guardians do. If you’re always on your phone, that’s probably what piqued their curiosity in the first place. Set an example for them and embody what you teach: Take time off from your phone, laptop, tablet, or TV every day and find alternative ways to have fun.

Take advantage of this time to play with your children in your backyard or take them to the park. If your kids can see that you can have fun without gadgets, they’ll think they can too.

Note: If you must use a device, please do not let children see it. Do what you have to do and then get back to your device-free time.

Don’t make gadgets accessible

One of the reasons kids spend so much time watching TV or playing video games is because they’re readily available. Keep your phones and tablets in a place that is not accessible to your child, and set limits on TV, computer, or game consoles.

You can give him 1 hour of TV a day, or he can only play video games on the weekends.

change your routine

The goal is to make your child understand that their free time does not equal screen time. Introduce new fun activities that could become hobbies like painting, playing a sport, or reading books. For younger children, regular play dates will be helpful.

Take your child outdoors

It could be as simple as playing with other kids at the park or planning a family camping trip. The outdoors is full of exciting things that are good for sensory play and will encourage your child to learn and explore things she doesn’t normally see at home.

Keep things exciting for your child

This may sound overwhelming, but it’s actually quite simple because it doesn’t take much to make children happy. If you feel bored with a previously favorite activity, it means you need to introduce new ones. It is also ideal to get involved in these activities as much as you can.

Kids want nothing more than to play with you, and if they do it often, they’ll choose that over a device anytime.

Follow these effective ways to keep your child away from devices and you’ll surely be device-free in no time!