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Nebraska Football Helmet – A History

Since the 1960s, Nebraska has maintained a very consistent football helmet design. They have always had a very conservative design; they have never been flashy or unusual in design, even for a special occasion like a game of bowling. In 1960, Nebraska had a red helmet with a white stripe and the player’s number on the side (eg, 22). In 1961, apparently the powers that be felt that even that design was too colorful and action-packed and instead opted for a white helmet with black numbers on the side. This Nebraska football helmet design is as simple as it gets for a football helmet. In 1966 the numbers changed to red and a red vertical stripe appeared on the hull for the first time. The white background and red stripe have never left the helmet since.

The red numbers lasted for only one regular season before they were phased out entirely. Instead of having the player’s number on the side of the helmet, the letters “NU” made it to the helmet for the Sugar Bowl game in 1967 and remained for 2 full seasons. During the third season in this helmet design (1969), a “100” decal appeared on the front of the football helmet. It was shaped like a blue soccer ball with white numbers outlined in red. The “100” marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

From 1970 to 1981, the Cornhuskers kept the exact same design. The helmet had a white background, a red vertical stripe, and the letter “N” replaced “NU”. This football helmet closely resembles the current design with one exception. In 1982 the team switched from the basic gray face mask to the red face mask. For almost 30 years, the exact same design has been maintained. The “N” is as simple as possible. It has no serifs and looks like the capital “N” in the basic Arial font that you could type in any word processing program. It probably fits well into the show’s image as a working-class Midwestern school, where they like to run the ball up the middle. In many ways, it’s the antithesis of some of the flashier designs out there at schools like Oregon, Maryland, and Boise State. There isn’t even a catchy logo like the Texas Longhorn or the Florida State Spear. Looking at this football helmet, you can begin to see why cold-weather, Big Ten Rust Belt schools rushed to admit the Cornhuskers as full members of the conference in 2010.


Arrange a congratulatory party for different occasions

A congratulatory party can be organized for many different events. Like a congratulations party for getting a raise, getting a promotion, getting engaged, getting a high score on a test, etc. Congratulations Party means fun and excitement and sharing happiness. For this, the party must be perfectly planned. For those of you who haven’t planned a party yet, you should know that every party plan follows some basics.

The first step you can take for your congratulations party would be to write down the headings needed to come up with a plan. These headers should include the TimeSpec, as to the date you would host a party. The second thing would be to determine how many people you are going to invite to the party. With this determination you are going to put another item that is Designing an invitation card. The next step after that is to write down the decorations that you would like to set up in the party area.

After writing down the decorations for your congratulations party, you will need to write down the list of food and drinks that you will be serving at your party. It is a time consuming process to write down the different foods and drinks because it is such an important part of the party. Once you have the food and drinks on your list, you can now move on to the games and trivia heading, as well as party favors and gifts for guests. This is just a basic plan and can be improvised with creative thinking. I wish you all the best for your Congratulations Party.

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How to gain muscle and lose fat – 3 easy tips

So do you want to gain muscle? Did you know that when you gain muscle you are building fuel burners for your body? That’s how it is. Muscle burns fat and keeps it away. This is where the term “turn fat into muscle” comes from.

Let us begin. Here are some simple tips.

1. Diet plays a key role in gaining muscle. If your body doesn’t have enough calories, it won’t have enough energy to build muscle mass. Your diet should also consist of the right types of food for your body. For example, your car requires Premium fuel, would you lower octane? No, especially if it’s a Corvette! Treat your body the same way. You may not think you’re a Corvette yet, but you will be. Eat whole grain breads, lean meats, fruits, drink smoothies with flax seeds, natural peanut butter, milk, eat legumes (beans), vegetables. Stop going out to eat. Fast food is very bad for you and very fuel inefficient!

2. Lifting weights is essential for building muscle. Try to do the widest range of weight lifting activities possible to work all the key areas of the body. You want to have a balanced muscle tone, not disproportionate. As you begin to lift weights, work your way up to a specific weight and hold it. To build muscle, you must lift the same amount of weight each time repetitively. If you’re looking to build strength, keep adding weight, but that’s not what we’re trying to do here.

3. Aerobic exercises burn calories and melt fat. Try walking and running. These are the simplest things you can do. This will give your body more definition and reveal muscles you couldn’t see before.

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The Best Immigration Lawyer – Take Your Opportunity

Searching for the best immigration attorney is of the utmost importance if you want to be successful in your immigration application. Only a good immigration attorney will have knowledge of all the nuances and finer points of immigration law to achieve the best results for your immigration application. All aspects of the immigration application require deft management and exceptional ability, whether it is presenting documents or preparing for an interview. It is important to see that your immigration lawyer specializes in the area for which you are filing your immigration application.

Careful selection is the key

Although there are attorneys who have experience in many fields of immigration law, you should select your attorney carefully as the success of your application is entirely dependent on handling your documents and filing as directed by your attorney. Your best immigration attorney should have better experience than others in the line and should also have a better success rate to show their superiority.

It is also important to see the status and position of your best immigration lawyer before you start doing business with him. To judge a lawyer, it is very important to see where he got his formal education and where he passed his bar exam. Taking education from reputed schools makes a huge difference in the development of the mental level of the students. Then it is also important to see if your immigration law attorney has joined any well-known bar associations or is a member, executive member, or president of any bar associations. These people are better informed and more familiar with local private and administrative personalities and can easily get out of difficult situations. Your attorney must also be a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

The task of selecting your lawyer becomes quite easy if you find that he/she is constantly in the news for his/her achievements, is constantly invited to August meetings and functions, and is well recognized in the lawyer fraternity. You can also be sure of the credentials of an attorney who has been appointed by a newspaper or magazine to report on immigration issues or who is publishing columns on immigration issues and high circulation magazines.

If your immigration lawyer is well known in business circles, maintains a decent office, participates in forums and discussions, is well recognized in the society and also maintains a good past performance record, then you can select him as your best immigration lawyer. But before hiring your lawyer, you should also make sure that they have a thorough knowledge and understanding of your case by asking them to clear up all your doubts and confusions regarding your immigration application. If you have some knowledge of the immigration law required in your case, it will help you make the right selection of your best immigration attorney.

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Christmas in July: fun facts and history!

Australia’s “Christmas in July” celebration is somewhat unusual and some even suggest a slightly eccentric festival that now draws international travelers to the land of Australia. Christmas in July’ or Yulefest as it is also known, is believed to have been born by accident one snowy night in July 1980 at an award-winning ‘Mountain Heritage’ boutique hotel in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. A group of Irish guests noted the irony of the winter weather in July and, wanting to recreate the feelings associated with winter at home, asked the hotel owner if he could organize some Christmas meals and festivities for them that evening. Thus Christmas was born in July sporting Christmas decorations, snowmen, mulled wine, carols, roast dinners, mince pies, plum pudding, eggnog, candy, Christmas cookies, log fires and the occasional snow amongst a magical Winter Yuletide Wonderland festivities.

The idea spread quickly and now in July, the peak season for Australian snowfields, Christmas decorations and special events are meticulously planned to attract visitors to the snow-themed Yulefest celebrations. Many families now enjoy winter vacations in the snowfields where they build snowmen while watching Santa Claus in the distance zigzagging through the snow slides. HoHOho-ing!

Interestingly, the earliest reference for the phrase ‘Christmas in July’ was in July 1933 at a girls’ summer camp in North Carolina, USA. The term later gained momentum with the release of the comedy film of Hollywood ‘Christmas in July’ in 1940. Later in 1942, Calvary Baptist Church in the US celebrated ‘Christmas in July’ with a ‘Christmas in July Gifts’ sermon which also included the erection of a tree Christmas, which at the end of the sermon would be covered with donations and gifts from the congregation. The donations and gifts are then distributed to missions around the world. In 1946 this annual service began to be broadcast on local radio. It wasn’t until the 1950s that American advertisers led the way for “Christmas in July” themes for sales.

While Yulefest has become an incredibly popular annual Australian unofficial Christmas season, Christmas in July in Copenhagen, Denmark in Bakken is quite unique, with the annual World Congress of Santa Claus. Bakken is a popular amusement park where hundreds of Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and elves from all over the world gather to have fun at this festival every year. They put on parades and love to go to the beach for beach paddle boarding every year. It is known to be quite funny to see all these Santas on the beach. The King of Santas for the year is named during this ‘Christmas in July festival’ and many challenging topics are discussed such as what is Santa’s true homeland and what size of gifts to give. There are even shaky giggle contests as part of the festivities at this fun event.

Here are some universal thoughts on some of the symbols associated with Christmas in July:

– Red is the main color of Christmas in July – it represents the magical flow of life, the blood that flows within us all – so remember to let your love, passion and energy flow. Commit to showing your love a little more each day and to doing what you do, however small you consider it, with a little more love and enthusiasm each day and you will discover a new passion for life within you and a new flow of energy.

– The second color of Christmas in July is green: greenery reminds us to honor the eternal transformative element of nature. Everything is radiating energy. Energy doesn’t die, it just transforms. Green eases our heart knowing that we are part of an endless cycle that is disbursed and reborn again.

– The combination of red and green on the color wheel: red and green are opposites and opposites create balance. These two prominent colors of Christmas in July draw us into a deep unconscious connection to the harmony and peace that we all seek within. The Christmas wreath has red and green and is tied with a ribbon to remind us that we are all tied up; We are for each other!

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Top 11 Responsibilities of a Property Management Company

1) Financial and Accounting Reports – Owners want to view financial reports, which include accounting and expenses for a specific time period. Management companies typically issue financial reports and “owners’ withdrawals” (owners’ earnings) to their clients on a monthly basis. Throughout the month, various expenses may crop up, such as paying a plumbing company that fixed a tenant’s sink or a painter who painted a vacant unit. Each expense should be clearly itemized for the property owner to see on a regular basis. It is the duty of the property management team to monitor and optimize the financial productivity of its clients.

2) An integral component of a property management company is removing the burdens and complications that inevitably arise when owning an apartment building. Therefore, the mission of the property management team is to act as a liaison not only between landlords and tenants, but also between neighboring tenants. For example, a tenant can report to the management of a neighbor, who organizes noisy parties at night or causes other disturbances to the residents of the apartment. It is the responsibility of the management team to intervene and resolve matters in the most efficient and effective way possible. In general, these issues can be resolved through civil discussion and compromise. However, if there is a tenant who refuses to cooperate, additional steps must be taken.

3) Apartment Maintenance: Tenants call the management team to notify them of any damage that has occurred and any repairs that may be needed. Landlords understandably don’t want to answer calls from tenants requesting repairs, and that’s why a competent property management team will have staff on duty to answer these calls on a regular basis. Nothing is built forever and things inevitably break; That’s why top-tier property management companies have a professional, formidable, and knowledgeable maintenance team.

4) Hire vendors for repairs – When looking for the right person to do maintenance work, managers need to assess specific needs and delegate the job appropriately. Management companies must assess whether the repair requires a handyman, licensed contractor, skilled electrician, industrial plumber, or other workers to handle the specific problem. Vendors submit bids, or cost estimates, to the management team, and the property management company uses its discretion and judgment to hire accordingly. It is important to hire trusted providers, who have experience and references available for your work. Hiring an incompetent provider will inevitably cause a tremendous cost to homeowners. Therefore, it is important that the management team evaluate multiple providers and choose wisely to minimize costs while maintaining an optimal level of service.

5) Optimize vacancies – When a tenant moves out of a unit, the owner wants a new tenant to move in as soon as possible. Therefore, immediately after the tenant moves out, the management team will make any and all repairs to the unit, as well as surrounding and common areas of the building, in order to beautify and optimize the vacancy for tenants. new tenants.

6) Marketing: In today’s market, the most popular means of apartment marketing and advertising is generally online listings. Popular websites like or are used regularly, especially in big cities like Los Angeles. There are still other modes of advertising, such as putting up visually appealing signs for people who are driving by, exploring the neighborhood for apartments.

7) Tenant Screening: Once the apartment is shown, those interested in renting it fill out a form that allows the management team to understand and learn who the prospective tenant is. Factors considered in the tenant screening process include: applicant’s credit rating, criminal history, income and employment history, and previous residences.

8) Negotiate and sign leases: Once there is an interested and qualified party who wants to move into the apartment, the management company provides a lease. A lease is a legally binding agreement between the property owner and the tenant, which precisely spells out the agreement and the expectations of both parties.

9) Periodic Inspections: It is imperative that your management company conduct periodic inspections of the property. During a property inspection, a trained member of the management company goes to the property with a checklist, which includes various elements of the building that must be maintained. When repairs are necessary, the inspector makes sure to document all the specifications and ensures that a reputable supplier is contracted to make the improvements.

10) Post Notices: Notices are issued to inform tenants of important issues or emergencies. Sometimes tenants must be informed of an upcoming building inspection or a scheduled two-hour “water shutoff” period. Depending on the region of the property, owners and managers must comply with various laws and regulations of the city, county, state, and federal government. Failure to comply with the legalities can cause major legal repercussions, so it is imperative to have a management company that is knowledgeable and familiar with real estate law.

11) 24-Hour Maintenance Phone Line – Because various issues can arise after normal business hours, it is important to have a member of the maintenance team responsible for incoming calls 24 hours a day. A dedicated maintenance team will take calls at 3am and, in the event of an emergency, will come to the property to make repairs.

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9 Important Points for the Best Ecommerce Web Development

Today, the internet cannot be imagined without e-commerce. Trade will be everywhere, it is universal and this will rule the world until it exists. However, today’s eCommerce has come a long way because today’s people know the importance of eCommerce web development and web design. This is the main reason for attracting a large number of customers to your website and this is why the internet is currently flooded with a number of eCommerce websites.

Due to this, the competition in the online market is becoming more and more dense with each passing day and it is not so easy to get ahead of others. To achieve the best in the online world, you need to design a website that is the simplest of all, easy to use, fast in operation and can certainly create a good image among customers. Here is a list of good and highly effective things for ecommerce website design and development.

1. The first and most important page is the home page of a website and it should be professional and very attractive so that the first impression of the website remains in the memory of the user and as we say “the first impression is the last impression” . “

2. The website must convey some kind of purpose, it must be goal oriented; Otherwise, there are websites that have nothing to say instead of distracting the customer unnecessarily to increase their web page traffic.

3. A good and effective e-commerce website should fully represent your business and customer satisfaction for best results are the only two reasons an organization should pursue.

4. The demands and needs of the customers must be taken into account so that people love your website.

5. Ecommerce website design should be highly communicative so that without promoting anything, you can communicate the idea and purpose of your website to the user.

6. Proper website navigation is very important otherwise user may get irritated and leave your website.

7. A filter search option is very necessary for customers.

8. No hidden fees, multiple payment options and a secure way to pay are very important and will keep user trust in your website.

9. A good eCommerce website along with an effective SEO strategy will give the website an edge among others. Therefore, it is very important that good SEO services are included with a good design.

From the above points, you can realize the importance of eCommerce web development and design. It is equally important to choose the perfect company for your website; otherwise, you won’t be able to profit from the ideas.

• Choose those professionals who have a commanding knowledge of various programming languages.

• Opt for those that use the latest technology and stay current with technology.

• Analyze your profile and look for references and most importantly previous work experience and history so you can gain confidence about your work.

• Select those eCommerce website design companies that can create online shopping carts on time and on budget.


Soccer Packages on Dish Network

Dish Network offers many sports packages to its subscribers to quench their thirst for sports. Soccer Package is one such sports package that allows subscribers to enjoy different live soccer matches. World Football Travel offers soccer travel packages to soccer fans that include soccer travel packages with top-tier soccer match tickets.

MLS Direct Kick, FIFA club World Cup and Euro 2012 are the soccer packages that allow subscribers to enjoy their favorite soccer matches.

On Dish Network, subscribers can watch various football matches on channels 454-472. Subscribers can watch Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia. Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela are fighting for a place in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

MLS straight kick

MLS Direct Kick is an out-of-market sports package distributed through cable and satellite providers in North America. Subscribers can watch more than 13 Major League Soccer games, including regular season and MLS Cup playoff games featuring star players Landon Donovan, Freddy Adu, Christian Gomez and, best of all, David Beckham. .

MLS Direct Kick is available from cable and satellite providers such as DirecTV, Dish Network, iN DEMAND Team, Cablevision(iO), Comcast, cox communications, Time warner cable, Adams cable, Blue Ridge Communications and Grande communications.

Subscribers can purchase the Half Season package and can enjoy from the second half of the package. Subscribers can get 60 Major League Soccer games in this half-season package. Games will appear on ABC, ESPN 2 and Fox Soccer Channel. On Dish Network, subscribers can watch various MLS Direct Kick soccer games on channels 455 through 465.

Subscribers can order this package by calling 1-877-DISH PPV (347-4778) or by ordering via remote where they can save $5 on individual match purchases.

Dish Network offers New Soccer Network, GOL TV in Spanish language to its subscribers. GOL TV is a 24-hour channel in Spanish dedicated solely to the most popular sport Soccer. Includes the main international soccer news and events, hundreds of games each year from Mexico, Italy, Salvador, Guatemala and South America. GOL TV will be broadcast on channel 632 at no additional cost in its three popular DISH Latino programming packages. A DISH 500 antenna is required to receive the new channel.

If the subscribers are soccer enthusiasts, then the MLS Direct Kick package is your best option.

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Puerto Rico – A jewel of the Caribbean

Puerto Rico is considered by some as the best island in the Caribbean and by others as the best destination for weddings. The island offers a wide variety of recreational options ranging from coastal venues and ocean activities to inland adventures beyond its shores. Explore the beautiful landscapes of Puerto Rico, hundreds of years of history, four different cultures and, above all, friendly and good-spirited people who leave a mark on the hearts of all who visit.

Distinctive Municipalities

With 78 distinctive municipalities, virtually any type of special interest can be found in Puerto Rico. From hiking in a forest or exploring a cave, to excellent cuisine, lively nightlife and exciting casinos, to romantic walks along a moonlit beach. Renting a car allows you to discover small towns, fishing villages and an incredible variety of cultural activities; to an island getaway with a stay at a Parador – Puerto Rico also has it all, including perfect settings for weddings and honeymoons, and spectacular meeting spaces. The Puerto Rico Convention Center is the largest facility of its kind in the Caribbean.

six regions

The island is divided into six regions, each with their own unique features and attractions.

metro san juan

Greater San Juan is one of the top 25 metropolitan areas in North America packed with big-city business, culture, and entertainment. However, the cobbled streets take visitors back 500 years in time. The enormous fortifications of San Juan have been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It’s a seven-block museum, but it also contains lively neighborhoods, with many places to play, dine, shop, and stay.

North “Atlantic Port”

Full of historical sites, beaches, lagoons, lakes, caves and forests. In the heart of the island’s fourth oldest city, Arecibo, founded in 1616. This region is home to the famous Parque de las Cuevas del Río Camuy, the Arecibo Observatory and Barceloneta Outlets.

West “Gate of the Sun”

Visitors can explore 17 small towns; discover some of the best surfing areas and beaches in the world, excellent seafood, coastal forests and unique coffee and sugar farms, numerous regional festivities and various golf courses and marinas. The major secondary airport of Aquadilla (BQN) is located here with direct air service from the United States, serving major eastern cities such as New York, Newark, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale year-round.

South “Porta Caribe”

Twelve towns with beautiful beaches and enchanted forests, freshwater lakes for fishing, golf courses, fishing villages, carnival-style festivities and Victorian-style manor houses in the most important city in the area, Ponce. Flights from Orlando and New York are available year-round to Ponce Airport (PSE).

Central “Porta Cordillera”

This is a major agricultural area with unique mountainous terrain, world famous for its coffee and noted for its outdoor adventure opportunities and numerous natural attractions, including its beautiful waterfalls. The area is also rich with archaeological sites, annual festivals, and shopping opportunities for unusual items from prominent local artists.


There are fantastic beaches, golf courses, nature reserves, impressive underwater reefs and small cays. This area features the picturesque offshore islands of Vieques and Culebra. Vieques was named among the top 10 islands in the Caribbean and Flamenco Beach in Culebra was voted among the best beaches in the world in 2014 by the Trip Advisor Travelers’ Choice Awards.

Hotels and Resorts

There are several spectacular beach resorts to a wide variety of value-packed hotels on the beach or on the beach, in the mountains, towns and villages, near historic sites and nature reserves, as well as at or near airports. .

Small hotels, inns, and guest houses (many of which offer bed and breakfasts) can be found in the metropolitan area and throughout the island along with a number of eco-lodges. These are family-oriented posadas with ocean views, a Mediterranean-style boutique hotel in a restored Spanish villa, small European-style bed-and-breakfast hotels just steps from the beach, a hillside villa overlooking panoramic view of the forest, service facilities with swimming pools and direct access to the beach, an old restored convent from the 16th century in the heart of Old San Juan, an old large house from a Spanish sugar plantation, one and two-bedroom villas located in 40 acres of nature preserves – the options are endless.

Paradors of Puerto Rico

Now let’s forget about these little gems. Best known for its affordable rates and quaint, secluded locations, each of its 15 country inns offers a convenient starting point for nearby exploration outside of the San Juan metropolitan area.

Paradores range from century-old haciendas to small estates in local fishing villages. Very often, the Parador restaurant is also part of the Mesones Gastronomicos program that designates restaurants that offer genuine Puerto Rican cuisine with the highest level of quality, high standards, and the best local dishes at reasonable prices.

As you drive around the island, you often see the Parador symbol. The word Parador in the property name is reserved for properties that meet and maintain the standards required for this program.

There is much more to learn about Puerto Rico. If you liked this information and want more, contact me and I would love to help you.


4 Reasons Why Managers Don’t Empower Employees

By definition, employee empowerment is giving your staff the freedom to make decisions without the authority of a manager, after they have received proper training. Make no mistake, giving up responsibility to employees because you’re too busy, too lazy, or too important to do it yourself isn’t empowering—that’s what we call dumping.

While true employee empowerment carries many valuable benefits, few leaders use it as a means to raise the bar and drive excellence within their team. So why don’t managers empower their employees? Well, there are four fundamental reasons:

they are too busy. Too often, managers are so involved in “doing the job”who lose sight of the fact that they may very well have a team of talented employees who can perform those tasks with just a little training and direction – freeing him to be the visionary leader he was hired to be.

They think it takes too long.Many managers feel that in the time it takes to train an employee on a new task, they could have done very well themselves. Unfortunately, this is short thinking because your employees “never learn to fish” in this way, and they must continually interrupt them for petty matters that they should be able to solve on their own.

They think it’s too risky. Some managers fear that their employees will make costly mistakes; in essence, these managers are unwilling and afraid to take the risk. They don’t want to suffer the consequences of a poorly executed decision, even if it is a valuable learning experience for the employee.

They are secretly bullied.. Some managers question, “What if the employee makes a decision that makes him seem smarter than me?” These types of managers don’t want to wake up any movers and shakers within the department; therefore, mediocre or marginal performance from employees is okay, and it’s the most they get out of the team.

So if you’ve noticed that your boss rarely empowers you to make decisions or delegates challenging tasks to you, there may be an underlying reason. On the other hand, if you’re the boss who rarely empowers staff to handle routine problems within the department, you might identify with our top four reasons above.

In short, creating and maintaining a culture of excellence cannot be accomplished without fully engaged employees who feel they are part of the organization and who are truly valuable contributors to the organization’s success. For training tips and strategies on how to properly empower your team, delegate new tasks effectively, and win back your valuable time, check out some best practices posted on my website.