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It’s showtime! Develop an effective video marketing strategy

Regardless of the form it takes, whether it’s an ad, a YouTube video, or a commercial with original promotional content, effective video marketing can do wonders for a business in any industry. Any business, whether a large corporation or a small business, can use digital video to increase awareness of its products and services both locally and nationally. If executed correctly, an effective video marketing strategy shouldn’t cost you a small fortune.

So how can you promote your business effectively and affordably in this age where video marketing has become the new way to reach customers? It seems like there are so many tactics and strategies involved in video marketing, and it can be challenging to know the do’s and don’ts of the various video platforms. Here are some tips on video marketing.

Where to post your videos

You have many options for posting videos online. If your business has a blog, then this can be an effective way to upload and display all of your video updates, especially if you have an RSS feed on your blog page. Also, many companies choose to market their products on video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo to reach a larger customer base. Social media posts (like on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram) give your followers instant access to your videos.

what to record

Just like a movie, a video should tell the story in a creative, engaging and close way. Whether you’re promoting a product or marketing a service, it’s important that you feature people in your videos. This could consist of people using your product successfully and/or customers providing testimonials. Try to keep each video short (just a few minutes) while telling as much of a story in a compelling way as you can. At the end of the video, provide a call to action that tells the viewer how to proceed to the next step.

When to post

A consistent, scheduled video upload schedule provides a routine that viewers can look forward to and look forward to. Depending on the pace of change in your industry, you may want to post daily or weekly to keep viewers up to date. Otherwise, once a month should suffice. There are many websites outlining the days and times each week that your video post is most likely to be viewed. These will help you design your posting schedule.

How to write an effective description

Your readers need to understand what they will see and why it will benefit them before they even hit play, so they can decide if your video is worth watching. Provide a detailed overview of the video content and be sure to highlight the key points the video presents. On YouTube and similar platforms, it can be effective to include links in your summary to other sources like Facebook, Twitter, or your company’s website, so that viewers can follow you on other social networks and contact you. Also, keep in mind that what you include in the description plays an important role in search engine optimization (SEO), which affects how your video ranks on search engines. Seek professional advice on effective ways to promote your video through these channels.

The 2 main platforms: YouTube and Vimeo

These video sharing websites are filled with every type of video imaginable, so in order to successfully market your product here, you need to stand out. You have to create videos with relevant content that viewers want to watch and share with their friends and family. You also need to make your title unique and compelling enough that it’s easy to find among all the other videos. Personalize your channel and make sure it’s easy for viewers to navigate and find what they’re looking for, and be sure to provide a link to any other social media platforms in your description.

Video marketing should be part of your marketing plan if your business has an online presence. These tips should get you started in terms of creating content, writing descriptions, and finding channels to post to. If you need additional help, consider using a professional marketing company who will work with you to develop a video marketing strategy.


Honoring the grace of little things

Sometimes life calls us to be still, to be silent and to pay attention to the Divine nature of everything around us. In that stillness, we come to recognize the beauty of the song and the frankness of the wounds, the magic of the insignificant and the terror of the unknown.

And from there, we return the message to others so that, in turn, they wake up and start looking at life again as if it were the first time.

It doesn’t matter what brought you here, or what path stripped away your protective layers to leave you trembling in the wonder of life. You are here now, and so I want to share with you a vision of the things that touch our hearts. I want to give you a glimpse of the intricate and miraculous web of life and see recognition light up your eyes, even when these things awaken the deep memory of the infinite possibilities of love despite the vastness of an incomprehensible universe.

Today I woke up to the symphony of birds whose names I will never know and marveled at the incredible complexity of their harmonies as they enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of a bright new day. He spoke to me of joy.

On the street, parents walked their children to school, their little hands engulfed in his, smiling as they tilted their heads to listen to the stories that flowed from those rosy lips and soft cheeks, excited at the possibilities of a new day, and that spoke to me. of hope.

I remembered the way a sloth moved slowly through the branches of a tree hanging upside down so that its baby could cling to its belly without fear of falling, and I felt love.

At the base of the stairs, the fern finally managed to break through the cracks in the stone to spread its tiny leaves towards the warm sun, and it speaks of courage.

The way young people lean excitedly, expectantly into their future, even when they don’t know what it holds, and it speaks of confidence.

And the way the old dog stretches out to let the morning sun warm his stiff joints and surrenders to each present moment.

And the way the car hesitates for a moment before shifting into gear, reminding me of my own doubts.

And the way the grackles peck at the green oranges in the trees, carefully preening themselves with the oils, then announcing their gleaming handiwork with loud squawks before flying off to what they’ll do next. And I am reminded that self-care precedes all service.

And the way a sentence can jump right off the page to pierce your heart with its honesty and truth, so you have to stop for a minute to experience its awe and beauty.

And the way you sometimes catch a glimpse of someone in a vulnerable moment and see within them the soul that is there, and your heart fills with compassion and love for their innocence.

Yes, I know that there is a lot of pain and suffering in our world. Good things end and bad things linger, we fail and we fight and hurt, battered by loss and accident and tragedy until one day we slip into the darkness beyond it all.

But I also know that we have incredible potential and that our experiences can make us kinder and more loving if we let them. I know we have a choice in how we respond to life: dismiss dissonance as nonsense and huddle behind walls, or embrace the things that touch us even when we don’t understand their full meaning.

Life speaks to us in a myriad of ways that cannot be measured or understood unless we listen carefully and then are able to accept the messages of love, courage, and hope. I know that life can be a beautiful dialogue with our souls, and for that I am deeply grateful.

Health Fitness

Mass Bench Press: The Countdown Bench Press Workout

Bench Press Countdown Workout

This is a bench press workout my training partner and I used prior to the 2008 British Bench Press Championships where I lifted 225kg raw. This was my biggest raw bench ever and I proved to myself that my training principles worked.

The training consists of four workouts in a ten day period. Individual sessions alternate as follows:

  1. Heavy bench press and assist.
  2. Heavy squats and speed deadlifts.
  3. Speed ​​and assist bench press.
  4. Speed ​​squats and heavy deadlifts.

The 10-day cycle is a mini training cycle within a larger 30-day cycle, and this larger cycle is part of an even larger 90-day cycle. Once in the 30-day period, a single repetition maximum of 1 repetition was attempted to gauge progress. Each 30-day cycle focuses on a specific bank support team, eg gangs or chains. Before beginning this training program, my training partner and I benched our 1-rep max so we could calculate weight percentages. My 1 rep max was 195kg. We trained three days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Shoulders trained hard and heavy on speed day.

The workouts are as follows:


  • Under the spinal weight I have written the % of my 1 rep max for the flat bench only. This figure is approximate and rounded to the nearest 5 or 10 kilogram jump.
  • On days not mentioned, for example, Wednesday of the first 10-day cycle I’m training squats and deadlifts.
  • All close grip vises are lowered to a height of 3 boards.
  • On heavy bench day I always do close grip pressing as well.
  • Perform a proper warm-up before exercise, including the warm-up on the specific exercise.
  • All workouts are done with wrist wraps only.

First cycle of 30 days

monday Flat bench press 5 sets 5 reps @ 160kg (80%) friday Speed ​​bench press 8 sets 3 reps @ 100kg (50%) Wednesday Flat bench press 8 sets 3 reps @ 175kg (90%) monday Speed ​​bench press 12 sets 2 reps @ 100kg (50%) friday Flat bench press 3 series 1 rep @ 200kg MAX. Wednesday Speed ​​bench press 12 sets 2 reps @ 100kg (50%)

On heavy bench training day complete 2 chest assist exercises and 3 triceps assist exercises. The exercises are from the following lists, but the list is not exhaustive and other exercises may be added:

bench support Incline Press Decline Press Flat, Incline, Decline Flyes Pec Dec Flye Floor Press

triceps stand Close Grip Press Skull Crushers / Kettlebell / Barbell Tricep Pressdown Dips Rack Lockouts

This cycle now repeats for the second 30 day cycle only now instead of just pressing I entered BANDS. I used medium blue wooden bands which add about 20kg to the weight of the bar at the top of the movement, meaning an “empty” bar now weighed 40kg. My one rep max had now increased to 200kg so all calculations now have to be done at this new weight, however due to the introduction of the bands I actually dropped the barbell weight by 10kg! The bands were used for both speed and heavy days.

At the end of the second 30-day cycle, we again tested our 1-rep max bench to figure out what barbell weight we needed for our third and final cycle. My one rep max had now increased to 205kg and I felt very strong and happy to have broken the 200kg barrier.

The third cycle repeated the previous two, only instead of bands we introduced CHAINS. To each side of the bar I added 17.5kg of chain weight, meaning an “empty” bar now weighed 55kg. My one rep max had now increased to 205kg so I had to recalculate my training percentages to account for this. The chains were used for both speed and heavy days.

Finally, at the end of this cycle I tested my 1 rep max again and managed to bench press 210kg. The most he had accomplished without using specialized equipment. I was obviously delighted with the result and both my training partner and I have never felt stronger. Now I completely rested for 2 weeks, without training even once during this period. Then on Saturday I competed at the British Championships and hit 225kg on the bench which surprised me as I was 15kg off my previous best which shows how important rest and nutrition is within a training routine.

Conclution Gangs and chains seem confusing and are often difficult to control, but persistence can pay off big in return. The explosive power of the chest is greatly increased and drives you through previous sticking points. Training only ‘heavy’ once every 10 days allowed the muscles to fully recover and I felt fresh for each workout. Speed ​​training further increased explosive power and allowed me to bench press faster even on heavy days.

For more information on bench press, bench press tips, bench press videos, and bench press workouts, please visit my website at

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Death Chamber Three (Part Two, to Call the Cadavarous-SF)

This kind of journal writing was the key to Professor Primus’s discovery or dilemma, whatever you want. I was excited and disturbed to find out all this, and my colleagues questioned my sanity and his as well. I had read and reread his articles with almost frantic intensity, since I was only there during the last minutes of his life. At which point she had found his hand moving in the last few paragraphs of him, all apparently sculpted with scientific madness as those same colleagues would call it. My uncle blamed his old age for not finding a way out of this dilemma in time, if he had searched for other artifacts, or pottery with hieroglyphics, he claimed that he would have found the tunnel to exit the Chamber of Death Three, as he referred to him. . with his last scribble of him on a piece of paper knowing that he was standing next to his last dying breaths. He looked chilled and even fully dressed in a wool coat and warm hat, in his Minnesota home, in that horrible winter of ’66.

Like I said, my uncle blamed his old age, now I can claim him as a relative, I was skeptical at first if I should. Many of his observations and messages in his writing struck me as extremely out of place, especially those attempting to connect this new found species, or race of earthly beings that had walked the earth at some point, with those cults he mentions from other planets. , cults, the word, use for the phrase “Out of the ordinary people” of maybe Mars, or Mercury, or Venus, even mentions a planet called Moiromma, in a boarding solar system; a people from a cold planet, under a reiterated and silent premise in the history of humanity, a pre-adamic civilization. They seem to have created some kind of pagan mystical religion, since God will have nothing more to do with them. Again, my colleagues call this a cryptic wisdom, perhaps belonging to the Sumerians, that if I go ahead, it will bear no fruit. Writing these letters he lived five days in total in that chair, pencil in hand. Always related to some terrible and dark intelligence, not writeable, except for what I have mentioned above.

The notes and letters go on to say: he became ill on the fourth day and lost consciousness, perhaps a little delirium, and while in this state, he felt like he was dreaming. His writings at this time were scribbles, and what I got from them were frantic words, this was invariably my assumption, a prelude to doing any experimentation while he was still alive had to be done by these subhuman creatures, otherwise, how could i have done it? he fell ill in a state close to a coma, inside another world, perhaps because once in the other world he could not lose his consciousness, astonished he said that he found this, this strange dream, if not meaningless and irreverent for him, because with he would have gladly given them whatever information he had stored in his mind or memories, freely. On the other he had what he said was this, “The eternal dead can lie, while the earthly living cannot”, and they don’t have eons to wait for the truth, whatever truth they are looking for, he calls this cult, the Uhluhtc Cult.

He said there is one hope for him, and only one, and at this point I don’t know the end, that I myself must enter this black abyss within the crust of the earth, and bring his soul back, unless I wait until the end of days, and pray to God to save him among this group of shipwrecked. But I put caution before audacity, if only I could piece this all together for myself, I might try.

That was all she said. I don’t even know if she tried to navigate her way out of this sleeping sickness, because this process had taken some of her will away from him, these last scribbles were just scribbles, sensors writhing.

No: 610 (3Second part: No: 611, 3-18-2010

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Endless Youth Anti-Wrinkle Cream

For centuries, humanity has been trying to find the fountain of youth that will help us live longer with a healthy and quality life. Longevity has been investigated and continues to be one of the main topics of study.

However, although there is still no magic formula to prevent aging, there are creams, treatments and natural remedies that have been shown to slow the aging process and improve the health of your body for years to come.

The first thing you should do is follow a healthy lifestyle, you should eat healthy foods rich in vitamins like fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, also protein like turkey, chicken and fish.

Avoid overexposure to the sun, use sunscreen, drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin, avoid smoking, alcohol and apply a good anti-wrinkle cream.

Wrinkle Creams

Over the years, many anti-wrinkle creams have been formulated to reverse the effects of aging, some are moisturizing, cleansing, others cover wrinkles and smooth the skin.

But most of the creams on the market do not produce the desired effects or only work partially, recent studies have shown that most anti-aging creams give the same results as a regular moisturizer.

On top of that, another problem is that the creams on the market include harsh chemicals and other substances that are not healthy for the skin, such as petroleum jelly, parabens, and alcohol. I prefer to avoid any cream with unnatural ingredients that can cause irritation, dryness, and inflammation.

Wrinkle creams are the ones that only contain natural ingredients from natural sources like avocado extract, grapeseed oil, water, vitamin e, vitamin a, wakame seaweed, antioxidants, and others.

There are 3 powerful anti-aging ingredients called Cynergytk, Phytessence Wakame and Coenzyme Q10 that have been shown to produce very effective results by protecting your skin, improving collagen and gradually reducing wrinkles.


Exploring California’s Wild Islands: Channel Islands National Park

The Channel Islands have the makings of a great national park: jaw-dropping scenery, abundant wildlife and wildflowers, fascinating historical sites, and a sea voyage to boot. Thanks to that incredible landscape and flora and fauna, this national park is also a National Marine Sanctuary. And because you have to take a boat or plane trip to visit these islands, enjoying the park’s attributes is much more of an adventure than a typical national park visit.

One advantage of that limited access is that there is no overcrowding here. Visits in 2012 were only about 250,000 people. That same year, Yosemite had 4 million visitors, about 16 times more. In addition to being a National Park and National Marine Sanctuary, it is also part of the International Man and Biosphere Program. The Channel Islands National Park consists of five islands, four islands that form a chain: San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz and Anacapa; and one separate from the others, Santa Barbara. The mainland of California and the four Channel Islands form the Santa Barbara Channel. Oddly enough, the island called “Santa Barbara” is not part of the Channel that bears that name.

Your starting point should be the park’s visitor center, which is located on the mainland in the city of Ventura. You’ll find exhibits, an indoor tidal pool, maps, books, and a simulated caliche (kah lee chee) ghost forest (more on that later). The telescope at the top of the building allows you to get a closer look at the islands, on a clear day.

Island Packers Company, the park’s concessionaire, adjoins the park’s headquarters in Ventura Harbor. As the name implies, Island Packers is a cargo travel provider, but its beasts of burden are ships. Island Packers guides are wildlife experts. If they see a blue whale or a pod of Pacific white-sided dolphins or a group of seagulls circling and swarming as they cross the Channel, the skipper will head towards them for a closer look. Around the islands, you are likely to see harbor seals, California sea lions, and brown pelicans.

At fourteen miles from Ventura, Anacapa is the closest to the mainland. Anacapa is the smallest of the islands and is made up of three islets, East, Middle, and West Anacapa, the largest of the three. Western Anacapa, protected as a Research Natural Area, is the world’s primary breeding area for the previously endangered brown pelican. Today, the pelican has recovered so well that it was removed from the endangered species list in 2009. Anacapa is also the largest breeding area for the western gull.

The team takes you over Arch Rock, Anacapa’s iconic landmark, to see a popular hauling area for harbor seals. They then circle back to the landing cove at the eastern end of East Anacapa. Guides take passengers to the landing area six by six in boats, where they disembark directly onto a ladder on the pier. A stairway built into the side of a cliff leads 157 steps up to the island’s plateau. A large crane carries supplies for the rangers who live here.

Once in Anacapa, you can hike a 1-mile loop trail to circle the island. Western gulls and common seals are the most frequently seen animals. During the breeding season, seagulls could be seen nesting up the trail. The trail winds through stands of giant coreopsis, or tree sunflower. This 4-foot-tall tree-trunked sunflower grows on all islands and blooms in the spring. The aptly named Inspiration Point, at the western end of the islet, offers breathtaking views of the West Anacapa Peaks and Santa Cruz Island.

The Bureau of Lighthouses, which later became the Coast Guard, has operated a lighthouse in east Anacapa since 1932. It was the last lighthouse permanently built on the west coast. The remains of a series of shipwrecks, mostly before the construction of the lighthouse, but also after, lie scattered around Anacapa and the other Channel Islands. The wreck of the sunken Winfield Scott and other wrecks can be explored by SCUBA divers.

You can camp on Anacapa Island, but in addition to your camping gear, you’ll also need to bring all the water you’ll need. The first residents of the lighthouse had a concrete water catchment basin to channel rain into a cistern to supplement their water supply, but the gulls seemed to like landing here so much that people rarely used the captured water. You can see this basin in the southeastern part of the island, not far from the camp.

The return journey to the mainland is often against the prevailing wind and current, making the journey more rough. For those prone to motion sickness, take Dramamine or Ginger, which may be more effective according to some medical research.

Not including Santa Barbara Island, which is located about 54 miles southeast of Ventura, the Channel Islands can be thought of as the Santa Monica Mountain Range with a coastline. The geologic forces that created the Santa Monica Mountain Range were also at work here. In the geological past, these islands were united into one large island, called Santarosae. With the general warming of the Earth after the Ice Age, rising sea levels drove them apart. Rocky shorelines provide a firm base for algae which in turn form a base for invertebrates, fish, birds and marine mammals.

The islands are a special place to see rare species or relatively common species in greater abundance than usual. The island fox inhabits the largest islands: Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and San Miguel. It is a domestic cat-sized carnivore related to the mainland gray fox and lives on deer mice. San Miguel is known for having the largest variety of seals and sea lions (pinnipeds, meaning “feather-footed”) that breed on its shores. The California sea lion, Steller sea lion, northern elephant seal, northern fur seal, and harbor seal breed on the island. The Guadalupe fur seal does not breed here, it only visits. Many species of land and sea birds nest on all the islands. In fact, Santa Rosa has a freshwater marsh where blackbirds and other mainland birds nest.

The islands have a rich history. The Chumash, “island people”, inhabited the islands for about 6,000 years. Its signs are found in 3,000 archaeological sites. Artifacts such as shack rubble, piled seashells called middens, and stone tools are evidence of their past. In 1542, when the first European explorer visited this site, there were between 2,000 and 3,000 Chumash. In 1959, Phil Orr discovered a human femur in Arlington Springs on Santa Rosa Island. Using more advanced techniques to age ancient material in 1999, scientists dated the bone at 13,000 years old, making it the oldest known human find in the Americas. This find supports the idea that the first inhabitants of North and South America arrived by boat. The first European to set foot in what is now California, Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo wintered here but died from a fall. Although his grave has never been found, monuments honor him on San Miguel Island and in San Diego.

After the Chumash were transferred to the mainland missions around 1814, the land was owned by a variety of people. At one time, the islands produced cattle, garden crops, and wine, labeled Isla Santa Cruz. Since World War II, the US Navy has used San Miguel Island as a firing range. Today, it is used for missile testing at the Pt. Mugu Air-Naval Missile Test Center.

Although Anacapa is the most common destination, the dealership offers regular trips to the other islands. They also offer sailing excursions aboard a schooner. In 1978, The Nature Conservancy acquired an interest in Santa Cruz Island from the Santa Cruz Island Company. With Island Packers, TNC offers trips to the island from May through November. Trips to San Miguel are planned for the fall. Because this trip is infrequent, you’ll need to make reservations well in advance. There are one and two day trips available. On both trips, you sleep aboard the ship en route, only to wake up in Cuyler Harbor the next morning. Diving these islands is an unforgettable experience, with kelp forests and shipwrecks to explore.

A trip to Channel Islands National Park is much more adventurous than visiting many other national parks. Abundant wildlife, steep cliffs, the journey across the Pacific Ocean from the mainland, unique plant life, and historical artifacts make the experience like visiting another world. The densely populated cities of Southern California are less than a 2 hour drive from Ventura. You have to go there to believe it’s real.

Channel Island National Park

Mailing Address: 1901 Spinnaker Drive, Ventura, CA 93001, Telephone Number: (805)658-5730


island packers

Mailing Address: 1691 Spinnaker Drive, Ventura, CA 93001, Telephone Number: (805)642-1393


Channel Islands Aviation

mailing address: 305 Durley Avenue, Camarillo, CA 93010, telephone number: (805)987-1301

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Live Anywhere During Retirement – Best Nesting

It sounds like a dream, but many of today’s retirees who have embraced technology and new forms of second home ownership are living the dream.

By combining condo hotels and technology, many people find they can spend more time in the places they love, with less expense and more luxury.

Condominium hotels are hotels that have been converted or built for individual ownership of hotel rooms and suites as a traditional condominium. A condo-hotel unit offers the owner hassle-free rental income when the owner is not in residence and the personal luxury of maid, valet, etc. service. when he is at the residence.

As technology evolves, many of us find that the office is anywhere with Wi-Fi and Blackberry cell service. So why not an office in luxurious surroundings? On a beach or in a luxury hotel?

Will retirement simply be spare office space that looks like a series of hotel condo suites? Many demographers believe that the baby boom generation will redefine retirement as a second career choice, not an endless round of golf or rocking out on a lonely front porch. That retirement will look like a wireless, wall-less race of new ideas and inventions.

If these predictions are correct, the future is indeed bright for the hotel condominium industry.

Better Nesting is a trend in the real estate industry that will dramatically reshape American housing. New products such as condo hotels and fractionals play an important role in this Besting trend. Boomers will look for new alternatives to better afford a luxury lifestyle in retirement. Condo hotels are just one of the new trends, private residence clubs, destination clubs and timeshares will be important to real estate markets in the future.

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From day-old chicks to laying hens: how to grow your own eggs!

Most people think that eggs come from the store.

Well surprise! Not only do they NOT come from the store, but anyone with a little time and a little space can raise beautiful laying hens from day-old chicks. In about five months, you will be able to prepare a delicious omelette with your own eggs.

Guess how the chicks get to your doorstep? In the US mail! Yes, they really do. When chicks hatch in the incubator, the yolk of the egg they were in has been nourishing them during their incubation. Because of this stored feed, the chick does not need to eat right away and can be mailed to your door.

The maximum travel time should not exceed 48 hours from hatching to arrival at home. Most hatcheries ship only a specified distance to allow chicks to arrive safely.

When you pick up your chicks at the post office (go pick them up, don’t wait for the postman to bring them to you), take them home right away. Keep them warm. Remember, these are chicks! they are fragile

The ideal “chick nursery” consists of a draft-free area lined with sawdust or wood shavings, a heat lamp directed at the floor, a feeder, and a water source. (Your local produce store can help you with this. You’ll want to be sure to buy a chick starter, it comes in big bags.) These chicks know what they need to do to grow big and strong, but a little help from you doesn’t hurt!

Our best nursery was an old 100 gallon water tank that we lined with wood shavings. The sides are high and keep out drafts (killer for chicks), and the wood chip floor covering keeps chicks clean and sanitary. Every day add a thin layer of additional wood shavings, which will keep your chicks healthy. (Wood shavings absorb chick droppings and the resulting rotting action actually provides some gentle warmth from the floor.) A 100 gallon tank will allow you to add shavings for at least 3-4 weeks for about 25 chicks, by which time the chicks may be getting too big for the tank anyway!

Let’s go back to day 1, bring the chicks home. Have a heat lamp ready with a 100-200 watt bulb, positioned pointing downward. Remove the chicks from the shipping container and dip their beaks, one at a time, into the water and food. (Remember, they know what to do with food and water, but it helps them to see where you are.) Then let them go!

Chicks that have been shipped out can be a bit disoriented, and we have found that a little apple cider vinegar helps tremendously. Add a tablespoon of cider vinegar to a gallon of water to help settle their stomachs. Chickens thrive on it, and we have found it helpful to have access to vinegar water their entire lives. This will also prevent the chicks from pecking each other.

Add a couple of pinhead-sized handfuls of gravel and sand to the wood chips. Your chicks need gravel in their “crop,” the pouch inside their throat that serves as their “teeth.” You may have noticed that chickens do not chew their food. What they do is allow the food to travel to the crop, where they have a supply of gravel that grinds the food for them. You will see your chicks scratching in the dirt, looking for gravel and other goodies. This is normal and another sign that your chicks are healthy and happy.

You will need to monitor the heat lamp for the first few days. If the chicks are lying below, they are probably too cold. If they move away from it, they are probably too hot. They should be kept at about 95 degrees until they grow their feathers. Look at these. If you see the chicks walking in the light and stretching out a leg or wing and then moving away from the light, it’s probably in good shape. The optimal distance for the lamp to be from the bottom of the floor is when the chicks lie in a circle around the light of the lamp. You will be able to say it.

Make sure you leave the light on 24/7.

Another sign of happy and healthy chicks is the chirping sound they make. Not an anguished “Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!” sound, but a quiet, small, chatty chirping sound. You will be able to tell pretty quickly when you have happy chicks, because they will constantly make this sound. If you don’t hear anything, something is wrong with your babies. Check your heat, food and water. When they are happy, they will sing.

At about 3 weeks of age, the chicks will be fully feathered and will be able to withstand temperature differences quite well. You can transfer them out of the 100 gallon tank now. Some people will use a chicken coop, and others will make a cage with no bottom, but lined on the top and sides with chicken wire so predators can’t get inside. If you live in the country, your perky chicks will be highly attractive to local skunks, raccoons, opossums, foxes, owls, and other vermin. Protect them! Make sure nothing can trap your babies.

The dietary needs of your chicks change as they grow. We find that feeding a cafeteria-style buffet works best, with your choice of whole or cracked corn, whole grain oats, brewer’s yeast, and oyster shells. Whole grains prevent parasite problems. Make sure your chicks have access to fresh, green grass and plant material. They love to eat insects and vegetables!

Once your chicks are around three months old, they will look like adults. Although they are not. Give them a couple more months and start looking for fresh eggs. Hmm!


World Beating Kenyan Athletes: Is It In The Genes Or Is It In The Money?

At every Summer Olympics, one thing is predictable: the middle and long distance races will be dominated by Kenyan athletes. The debate will then continue: what do these Kenyans have? Again theories will be postulated as to why they always win.

The most dominant theory as to why they win is: it’s in their genes, they’ve been raised at altitude and therefore “oxygen trained”, they run to and from school and therefore start training early and that’s a single way out of poverty.

There is quite a lot of literature on this subject and several scientific studies have been carried out on it. However, none of the studies have conclusively said why Kenyan athletes always win.

There is no doubt that a combination of all the factors mentioned above together with some serious training will produce good results. But which of these factors contributes the most to the exceptional performance of Kenyan athletes?

Before we get into the factors, it’s worth noting that the majority of Kenyan distance runners come from the Kalenjin community in Kenya.

As a Kenyan who has lived in the Kenyan highlands all my life, I postulate that the factors are ranked as follows in decreasing order of importance. Getting out of poverty, it’s in your genes, running to and from school, growing up.

These classifications are based on the following observations. Nandi district in Kenya is not the highest place where people live in Kenya. Kapsabet in Nandi is at an altitude of 6,499 feet while Tamau, another city in Kenya, is at an altitude of 7,229, but very few athletes come from Timau. Also, there are many other places in the world where people live at higher altitudes than Kapsabet.

Running to and from school undoubtedly plays a role in preparing young children for an eventual career in athletics. But children in Meru, Kenya, which is at the same elevation as Kapsabet, also run from school every day. So running to and from school would not explain the difference between Meru and Kaspsabet in athlete production.

There seems to be reason to believe that some ethnic groups are naturally gifted to excel in certain sports. Just look at how the Spanish and their Brazilian cousins ​​harass everyone else in soccer. In Kenya, the one factor that the Kalenjins, who make up the majority of Kenyan runners, do not share with other Kenyans is that they are Kalenjins. So there seems to be reason enough to believe that his success is due, at least in part, but quite significantly, to his ethnicity.

There are many Kalenjins who live in the urban centers of Kenya. These Kalenjins with their genes, altitude and all hardly produce any reputable athletes. Sure your kids aren’t running to and from school, but more importantly, your kids are assured of a college education and can have a job after college. The amount of training and effort that Kenyan runners put into becoming the best in the world is simply phenomenal. Sure, the athlete will probably have more money than the college student eventually, but what it takes isn’t worth it to a person who has “other ways out of poverty.” In the 1960s, Kipchoge Keino could have won because he had Kalenjin genes. Today, the Kalenjin genes are certainly favored by the presence of 4×4 cars and large mansions in the villages owned by athletes who would otherwise be farming the land for $2 a day.

Thus, the success of Kenyan runners today has more to do with psychology than physiology, and more to do with attitude than altitude.

Real Estate

San Pedro Belize Real Estate Listings

Belize Real Estate Listings

Belize is an emerging market with a wide range of real estate opportunities. From Caribbean getaways to luxury homes, you can find something to fit your lifestyle. Whether you are looking to retire to a beachside abode, or are seeking the perfect home for a second family, Belize offers many options.

San Pedro Belize Real Estate is a tropical town on the southern tip of Ambergris Caye. It is one of the most popular vacation spots in Belize, and a major part of the tourism economy. The area is a popular destination for water sports, such as boating and snorkeling. The island also features fishing, which is a big economic contributor. If you are interested in buying property in the area, you should check out these listings.

Ambergris Caye is known for its warm, tropical weather, as well as its pristine beaches. In fact, the area is surrounded by the Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest reef in the world. This is why the region is considered a prime location for vacationers and retirees. There are also many restaurants, small hotels, and resorts, which cater to tourists and backpackers. These amenities make Belize an ideal destination for those who are looking to relax, enjoy the ocean breeze, and take advantage of the island’s many activities.

San Pedro Belize Real Estate Listings

Real estate is very affordable in Belize. Prices are lower than other countries in Central America and the Caribbean. Home prices are typically in the tens of thousands, which is ideal for those looking for a home for retirement. With a low property tax and no inheritance tax, purchasing a home in Belize can be a financially sound decision.

Ambergris Caye is an idyllic island that offers a variety of properties. You can find oceanfront condos and homes, as well as smaller, more rustic cottages. Most of the real estate on the island is located on the south end of the island. However, there is a section of land in the north that is undeveloped and available for purchase. Some of the properties for sale in this area include beach front lots, and vacant beachfront lots.

In addition to its stunning beaches, Ambergris Caye has a diverse, rich culture. For example, there is the Ambergris Museum, which displays artifacts and photos of life on the island in the 1950s and 1970s. It is also home to several Mayan ruins.

The island’s largest settlement is San Pedro. The town celebrates the history of early settlers from Yucatan. Many festivals are held in the area, including Township Day, which commemorates the town’s founding in 1984.

The climate of San Pedro is primarily tropical with highs in the 80s and lows in the 60s during the summer months. Rainfall is generally low, averaging 53 inches per year. Since traffic is limited, the main means of transportation is bicycles and golf carts.

Although the area is known for its laid-back, tropical lifestyle, there are also modern amenities and services available to residents. There are a number of festivals held throughout the year, and there are many nightlife options. One of the most popular is Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar.