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3D Character Animation: Introduction to Motion Capture and Freeform Animation in 3D Max and Maya

A popular (but often expensive) way to animate 3D characters is by using motion capture hardware. Motion capture dates back to 1915, when it was invented by Max Fleischer, involving only the use of cameras and drawings. In its early stages it was the study and capture of human and animal locomotion, known as rotoscoping. This information was used to help artists animate cartoons, such as “Koko the Clown” and “Snow White.” The pioneer in turning this work into entertainment was Walt Disney, who was undoubtedly the most successful and well-known 2D animator.

It is now used to digitally capture human movements using specialized hardware, often in the form of a motion capture suit worn by the individual. These suits vary in complexity and cost, with the most advanced suits often requiring less post-processing, such as data cleansing. There are four types of motion capture systems. The first is inertia motion capture systems, which use an array of small sensors to track the movement of joints and limbs. This data is then sent wirelessly to the host computer, which requires no external tracking hardware such as cameras etc. These suits are in the £25,000 range (Wiki 2008).

Mechanic Motion capture systems come in the form of a set of semi-rigid plastic rods containing a series of potentiometers that measure joint movement and angle. The suit is worn like an exoskeleton, with the control box located on the wearer’s waist or back. The advantages of this system are that it is free to occlude and low cost from £12,500 (Wiki 2008), making it a popular choice for small studios and educational institutes.

Magnetic The systems use a series of coils throughout the suit that measure changes in voltage and current to determine the position and orientation of parts of the suit. The advantage of this is similar to mechanical systems, in that they are not subject to occlusion or interference from reflective surfaces. However, they are vulnerable to EM and electrical interference.

The most modern and advanced motion tracking system is Organic Motions Markerless Motion Capture (MMC) System, which was introduced at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show. Subjects are not required to wear a suit or any type of marker system. Instead, the system uses complex algorithms to identify and make sense of human movement, detecting which part of the body is which. However, it has trouble detecting subtle movements of certain areas, such as fingers and facial expressions, as reported by Wiki (2008) “These systems work well with large movements, but tend to have difficulty with fingers, face, wrist rotations and small movements. .”. As the technology of the external tracking system improves, you will certainly be able to capture every movement and expression efficiently.

Similar to traditional 2D animation, 3D animation can be created by hand. This is the cheapest and slowest way to animate a character in 3D. Also, to create realistic animation, the artist must have a good understanding of human/animal movement. It is about incorporating physics and emotion into these movements, such as the weight and personality of the characters. Both will affect the way the character moves, even in a basic walk. A crucial part of making this happen is creating good joints.

This is done by making sure the weight gradient between the bones is a smooth curve, for example a 33%/50%/66% skew for bone A. This is as opposed to a straight gradient like 25/50% /75%. which creates a hard warp, while a curved gradient results in a much softer warp. The most important thing is to add a ring of vertices that are affected by both bones. By allowing these bones to warp the furthest parts of the mesh, your creature or person will animate much better. This method should be applied to any joint. The crimping that occurs due to the nature of 3D junctions can be corrected using the Skin Morph modifier (in 3D Max). Much steeper curves can be achieved using a gradient bias of 12.375%/33%/50%/66%/87.6% for one bone. As more gradient values ​​are added, it takes longer to set up the skin morph. This method of gradient drop can be applied to any character manipulation tool within the myriad of 3D applications available.

In my next article, I’ll walk you through the process of creating a very simple joint in 3D Max.


Bar Mitzvah Favors or Bat Mitzvah Favors – What to Give and How Much to Spend!

Before the recent financial crisis, there seemed to be no limit to how much parents would spend on their son’s or daughter’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah. It seemed to be a “can you get over this?” situation. where one party was more extravagant than the next. The decorations were exaggerated, bigger and more elaborate places were used, bands with 10, 11, 12 members, food from the best chefs and party details that were unforgettable, all without a budget in mind.

We went to a Bat Mitzvah that was held in an airplane hangar. This place obviously started as an empty space, they had to put a floor in the entire hangar, bring in tables and chairs, ovens for the chefs, lighting for the whole area, build walls around the area in use, sound system, set up areas of parking and god knows what else to make this a usable place to host a party. They made an elaborate video, which included a trip on a private plane and many other scenarios. They had a great band and then to close the night they played the original or what’s left of the original “Village People”. They had all sorts of things for the kids to win, electronics, clothes, etc., etc. They handed out various party favors when the whole thing was over. The party was absolutely amazing! It was over the top, absolutely! A great time was had by all, absolutely!

Was it necessary to do all this? How can someone count someone else’s money or tell him how to spend it? But I can guarantee that, since the last financial hit, there are far fewer such parties across the country than there used to be.

With parents cutting back on the size and crafting of a party to give, they’re also cutting back on what they spend on their party favors. While supplying party favors is our business, and of course we make more when people can spend more, we understand and appreciate what’s happening in the country. We also understand that it’s not about how much you spend on your party favor, but what you give away and how you print it (which will be covered in another article).

Your budget is your budget, spend what you feel comfortable spending. Take beach towels for example, this is a great gift, but depending on how you decorate the towel, it can get a bit expensive. In this case, think about printing with a one color print instead of embroidering them. Another example is a drawstring bag, you can get one for $7.00 or $8.00 or one for less than half that cost. The more expensive one maybe has an extra pocket or a sleeker design, probably, but in these financial times you have to think if it’s worth the extra money? In some cases it will be, in most the least expensive item will work just fine. Your child has his or her heart set on a sweatshirt—think crewneck versus a hoodie with pockets—less expensive but highly desirable as party favors.

But don’t make the mistake of choosing your end-of-the-night gift solely on cost. So many parents contact us and the first thing they say is “this is my third bar mitzvah, I just want something cheap so I can get this over with.” You can get something less expensive but still have some use for your child’s friends. Why even buy something cheap just to give away something at the end of the night that will be thrown away the next morning? A good online party gift company should have a great selection of bags and other items that are less expensive, but with the right decor would still be appreciated by your child’s friends. Of course, if you’re really on a budget, think about making a white t-shirt with a one-color print that’s cheap and can’t be worn with another t-shirt, whether it’s for sleep or sports.

Just remember these are 13-year-olds, if they want to receive a party favor at the end of the night, definitely. Do they really care how much it costs? Absolutely not. They just want something they can use.

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Weight loss in the "Zone" – Hot zone training to lose weight

Have you ever been in the area? Whether it’s baking cakes, golfing, driving or singing, we’ve all been to the area. And now we can get into the weight loss zone and body sculpting. We just need to get into the “hot zones” with our weight loss exercise.

On Saturdays I train a couple of guys who work in the banking industry. These guys often work 15 hour days during work and have young children, so they only get to see me for exercise once a week.

And that means I have to make it count.

Fortunately, their Type A personalities make it easy for them to get results…as they’re engaged, focused, and ready to hit the gym.

So how do I make training as effective as possible? Well, as I mentioned in one of my advanced training article series, I focus on 4 training “hot zones”:

behind the legacy

upper back



Take care of these areas using multi-muscle exercises and you’ll boost metabolism throughout your body in about 15 minutes. In fact, with the right selection of exercises, you can train the entire body in 2 movements.

This is how our workouts generally go.

Like everyone else, we start with a bodyweight warm-up exercise, always beginning with some form of overhead squat.

Overhead squat (holding a band or bar)

push up

Lunge (holding 1 second at the bottom)

inverted row

These 4 exercises prepare the muscles of the 4 hot zones for a more intense exercise. Next, we move on to traditional turbulence training strength supersets.

A1) Squat or leg press

A2) Bench press or chest press with dumbbells

Tip: Increasing the width of the squat allows the lifter to push the hips back more and allows for more work and results for the glutes and hamstrings.

B1) DB Row or Seated Row

B2) Hamstring curl

And now, from here to the end of the session, everything else is “sauce”. We’ll be doing Pullups, DB Split Squats (even though he dreads this exercise), Ab Wheel, Chins, and Dips, just to name a few of our “go to” exercises. Even some arms at the end for fun. You always have to have a little fun, and it’s a nice reward for beating the wicked split squats.

But again, if you don’t have a lot of time but need a full body workout, all you need to do is make sure you hit those 4 “hot zones” in your session.

Making training simpler, but more effective.

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Reality or fiction? 3 sexual myths debunked

Sex. It’s everywhere! On TV, in magazines, on billboards. How is it possible that a topic that is so often written about and talked about has so much misinformation?

It’s pretty safe to say that the topic of sex pretty much consumes us as a society. I don’t think there is an issue of any women’s magazine that does not contain at least one article on sex! Television, Internet and radio shows offer countless shows and programs that offer a ton of sexual information.

Despite our obsession with the subject and the deluge of information, there is so much false information floating around that I thought it might be a little helpful to separate fact from fiction when it comes to some questions about sex.

Myth #1: If you have to schedule sex with your partner it can’t be good!! Than?? If you have to wait for a spontaneous or “right” time to have sex while holding a job, raising your kids, making dinner, cleaning your house, etc., etc., etc., chances are good that time will come. “right moment”. “It’s never going to happen! So the question really is, ‘Is it better to have scheduled sex or no sex at all?’ I don’t think anyone needs a relationship expert to answer that!

Myth #2: Great sex is defined only by having an orgasm!

There’s this whole myth that reaching orgasm defines great sex! Is not true. The goal of great sex is to create a special intimate moment between you and your partner – emotionally, physically, and spiritually! Sure, orgasm may be a natural extension and expression of intimate moments, but it doesn’t define it! Therefore, the best way for any couple to define good sex is to communicate what intimacy means to you, both physically and emotionally, and to have your specific needs and desires determine what good sex means to you.

Myth #3: The longer the sex lasts, the better.

Sex is not meant to be an act of resistance: it is meant to be a moment and an expression of intimacy! I hate to break it to you (especially you guys), but current research suggests that the average duration of sex lasts between 3 and 10 minutes; anything longer than that is by definition not average. Hopefully this little bit of information will take some of the pressure off couples who aren’t having marathon sexual interludes! (psst – no one else is, we’re on a regular basis either)!

Remember, sexual intercourse is not the only act a couple can do to feel close and loved by each other. Foreplay, which can include tender moments of kissing, massage, and even pillow talk, is a great way to express love, intimacy, and passion between you and your partner.

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What Causes Candida Overgrowth: An Essential Treatment You Should Know About

This article will describe the causes of candida overgrowth and what you should do about it. One cause is mercury. The problem with mercury is that you can get it from a variety of sources besides fillers, from a coal-burning power plant to fish and most preservatives for vaccines.

But mercury isn’t the only thing that can lead to candida overgrowth. Anything that causes a change in the immune system can cause it. Some viruses damage the system by causing the cells they infect to produce a chemical that tells the immune base to shut down some functions, thus protecting the virus and also allowing the yeast to flourish.

Some mutations of the influenza A virus, the HHV6 virus, and Epstein Barr viruses such as Mono and Herpes can do this, among others. Other contaminants can affect the body’s immune system. Anything that kills the beneficial bacteria in the intestines (such as antibiotics) can lead to yeast growth, which then disrupts the immune system, making it more vulnerable to more yeast.

Once the candida has established itself, it mimics some of the immune system’s chemicals to change the function of the system, protecting itself. Once you clear the yeast, the body’s immune system may not rally to protect itself. That’s why once a person gets yeast, they are likely to be on a yeast diet for life unless their immune system returns to normal.

Eliminating allergies through NAET therapy can help. There are supplements that can help bring immune protection back on track. IP-6 and Formula 560 Transfer Factor, for example. Mitakki mushroom is used to treat people with cancer. Pine Cone extract from Japan and an extract called Earth Dragon Peptides also help. Since Essiac tea is used to treat cancer, we surmise that it has immune-switching abilities. There are other things that are available through prescription.

By the way, once your immune system goes out of whack, you’re more vulnerable to developing tooth decay and abscesses, no matter how much fluoride they contain or how much sugar you eat. Anyone who has had cavities has evidence of having a compromised immune system.


Wooden Dog House Plans: Easy

Wooden dog house plans are an answer for some people who are looking for a building for their pet. Whether you have a large or small dog, or even more than one dog, you can find a building to suit your needs.

easy instructions

Some of the dog houses you can buy at the store still require you to assemble them. This is not always as easy as it seems. Some of them are designed as challenges for drawing students because I can’t even understand the diagrams. Not to mention that they are written in a language other than plain English. I have no idea what some of the wording terms mean. Since they require some assembly anyway; Why not build your own dog house? Blueprints are sometimes much easier to read as they are basic pieces rather than pre-made pieces that you have to fit together somehow.


Log houses are available to buy, but some of the prices are outrageous. Getting wooden dog house plans and purchasing the materials separately can save you a lot of money. You can also get plans that fit your budget. Some of the kits are even much cheaper than buying a pre-made building for your pet.


Some people really like the idea of ​​personalizing their pet’s home. This is not always easy to do when buying a house that is already built. With the construction plans you can get suggestions to customize it. They can also tell you which paints and such are safe enough for you to use on your pet. This is a great advantage because no one wants materials that will hurt their pets. Many plans will also give you a couple of options on how to construct your building. This means you can adapt it to your pet more easily than a store-bought dog house.

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How to win friends and influence people

Self-help books are often written, but not all of them are as popular as this one, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Dale Carnegie wrote this book in 1937 and it was later revised and became an all-time popular international bestseller. This book is always in demand already selling 16 million copies worldwide. The book has been translated into many languages. The publishing business received a real boost with the growing popularity of this book.

“How to Win…” is actually a sequel to another Dale Carnegie book, “Effective Speaking and Human Relations.” After writing this useful book, he thought of writing this one for ordinary people. The book is presented in a very interesting way. This is based on personal experiences of the author. Thus, it becomes interesting for the readers. Another interesting aspect of this book is that after each chapter there are “nutshells”, which help readers review the previous chapter. It is certainly very important, since the book must be read by chapters. Some readers tend to skip a chapter or two and continue; this is not advisable for this book.

“How to win…” is divided into four parts and all of them are equally interesting.

First Part – Fundamental Techniques in People Management.

Part two: six ways to please people.

Part Three – How to Win People to Your Way of Thinking.

Part Four – Be a Leader: How to Change People Without Offending or Arousing Resentment.

The book is descriptive and very easy to read. The author describes things and then summarizes them. This helps the reader to review the chapter and continue with the next one. The examples are taken from real life, which has made this book more interesting. Brief comments are made in such a way that the reader has an idea of ​​the facts that he has just explored. It’s easy to remember and remember later.

Although the title itself says a lot about this book, it is necessary to describe the content a little more. If you have an interest in reading self help books, this is a must read for you. However, if this is your first time picking up such a book, you will find it useful. The book recommends a couple of exercises after each chapter. If you can try to follow them religiously, your life will change. The book is not made for a particular category of people; rather everyone should go through this book. Professionals, students and others too, should read this. It is a thought-provoking book that cannot be ignored. People interested in human psychology would love to read it right away. The incidents, which were used as examples, are amazing.

Since the book is divided into many chapters, you should read this one as well. Start at the beginning, read one or two chapters at a time, and leave the rest for the next day. This practice will not make your reading boring or monotonous. Even you will feel comfortable applying the methods slowly and steadily. This is more important than just reading it. The book was written quite a few years ago, so you may not get used to the suggestion at times. In fact, this is very natural, but try tweaking a couple of things to make use of the golden hints. So you can take the main essence.

Throughout the book, there is considerable supporting anecdotal evidence that embellishes the main text. These examples are subtly incorporated, adding to the flow and depth of the arguments presented. Examples of case studies used include Theodore Roosevelt, Sigmund Freud, Abraham Lincoln, and Al Capone. Dale Carnegie also uses true stories from the original course participants. These wonderfully dated settings add a classic touch to each chapter.

“How to Win Friends and Influence People” is a timeless classic. His wonderful charm lights you up while reading, encourages you to accept suggestions. The depth of this book will surely impress you. When you enthusiastically apply the many concepts explored in this book, they are sure to win friends and influence people.

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Two Xbox 360 fans with red light turned off – fix this problem today!

Ask any avid Xbox 360 gamer about one of the things they fear the most when it comes to their Consul and you’ll get a pretty unanimous answer. The dreaded “Ring of Death”, which pretty much means something terribly wrong with the Consul, rendering him pretty useless. This is the most common problem that many players experience. However, it is not the only thing that could go wrong. Another issue, though not as well known, is the Two Red Light Xbox 360 Fan shutting down. Usually this could be due to a loose screw and can be easily fixed, but there are times when it is more than that and could have something to do with the hard drive itself. Two Red Light Xbox 360 fan shutdown can also cause your entire system to malfunction if you continue to use it even though the fan inside the console is no longer working. Basically, this fan is what keeps your Consul from completely overheating from overuse. So a small problem like Two Red Light Xbox 360 Fan Shut Down can eventually lead to a much bigger problem like overheating. Now, before you panic, read on to find out the things that can be done to get your Xbox running smoothly again.

One of the things you can do to fix this problem is to return it to Microsoft for repair and restoration. This is a very convenient solution for those among us who are not as attached to our consuls compared to avid gamers. Just send them to the consul and they will fix it for you. Within 2 weeks or so, you will have your consul back, ready to be used again. However, if your warranty has expired, you’ll need to pay them $100 to get your Xbox fixed. Also, if you are an avid gamer or just a game addict, the long wait alone could push you over the edge. So, what else can be done to fix Two Red Light Xbox 360 fan off issue?

Well, you could try to do it yourself. I know what you’re thinking, “How can I do this without having done it before?” It’s quite simple, actually. The internet provides us with so much information about even the most mundane things and it is not surprising that it also provides us with some great resources for when it comes to fixing Two Red Light Xbox 360 Fan Shut Down issue. Do a quick search and you’ll see exactly what I mean. There is information that is provided for free, while there are others that you would have to pay for. But the thing is, it doesn’t matter how expensive the guide is or if they gave it to you for free. The real test here is how easy the guide can be understood, how specific and clear the instructions are, and how experienced the author is when it comes to fixing Xbox problems. The thing is, if you choose to fix the problem yourself, the only way to be 100% sure that you’ve done the right thing and fixed your red light problem is to learn from an expert who has been fixing the issues for a long time. Xbox 360 Consuls and knows the machine like the back of his hand.


Book Review “Find Another Checkout Lane, Honey”

I watched the show, read the books, took the workshops, bought multiples of newspapers. I’m still not getting it. So far, I’ve wasted money on paperwork piling up, coupons expiring, and getting frustrated because it doesn’t work for me. Who has five hundred friends who give you their inserts? I do not.

I know all the jargon and techniques so this was a repeat for me. The one statement I completely identified with was that clean young male tellers seemed to have the best checkout lines. In my case, they are restaurant servers. When you read the reason behind it, you’ll understand. Examine four lanes and look at the work habits of each personality, then choose which lane to enter. Unfortunately, we don’t have a choice in restaurants.

Although I’m not proficient in grocery coupons, I’ve always done well with clothing, cosmetics, and other items. Credit cards can cause you a lot of trouble, but if they’re only used for rewards and paid for right away, they can be good.

For branded cosmetics, I only buy during the gift with purchase promotions. Holiday sets can be found at outlet stores if you’re willing to wait six months. The week after Christmas, what’s left of the clearance shelves and shelves are affordable.

Since i stopped working to be a full-time grandmother, i have been exploring lower-end cosmetics and have been pleasantly surprised. I traded going to the theater for renting movies and using the local library.

Memberships work best for me because I always have something to do like go to the zoo etc. taking food with me avoids going hungry.

My latest hobby is getting samples of fragrances and cosmetics from department stores. Like the grocery store checker illustration, it depends on where you’re going and who’s working. I currently have a nice stash of fragrance samples on cards and enough foundation samples to equal a bottle.

Now back to coupons. One tip suggested in the book was to start stockpiling. That’s a technique I think I’ll try. Even without coupons, focusing on one item at a time, I was starting to see results. My budget for my entire adult life has always been fifty dollars a week for groceries and fifty dollars a week for gas. Fresh products have always had priority. We’ll see what happens. I still think it’s more entertainment to watch the shows and wish it was you.

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Kuala Lumpur: The Petronas Twin Towers And Much More

Kuala Lumpur is the federal capital of Malaysia and has a population of 1.6 million people. It has earned the hosting of major sporting events in its drive to become a globally recognized iconic city. The 1998 Commonwealth Games and of course the Malaysian F1 Grand Prix have managed to put this driving city on the map. The Sepang F1 circuit is located next to the airport, making it extremely popular on the racing calendar. It is an interesting place for a holiday and an excellent base to explore the rest of this fascinating country.

I found the internal transportation system easy to use, inexpensive, clean, and efficient. Traveling from KL International Airport by high-speed train, I arrived at the Central Station and used the local train network to reach my hotel. It was surprisingly easy, the staff were helpful when needed, and the locals were always ready to offer help. In addition to the main train network, there is a quirky painted monorail system which is again very easy to use and presents the visitor with a novel way of getting around.

Like most visitors, I really wanted to see the fabulous Petronas Twin Towers. The largest twin towers in the world, this spectacular building does not disappoint and is best viewed at dusk, allowing people the opportunity to take photos both day and night, when the towers are lit up to a brilliant effect. While it is the most spectacular building, it is by no means the only iconic building. Some of the new Malay buildings are exceptional, Islamic in design, standing out from Western architecture. Good examples are the Menara Telekom building and the Dayabumi complex. The much older traditional-style train station is a white, Moorish-style building that contrasts with the more modern buildings.

Petaling Street in KLs Chinatown is a busy narrow street lined with shops and with market stalls in the middle. A traditional Chinese arch at one end makes this relatively small street easy to find. Found it by accident, just getting on and off the monorail I stumbled across this little gem of a street. Petaling Street has been designated as a locally made retail area.

The cultural diversity within this great city has created a wide variety of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. At its heart is the “Golden Triangle” Jalan P. Ramlee, Jalan Sultan Ismail and Ampang Road mark the boundaries of this area which has many trendy bars, nightclubs and wine lounges. The variation of nightlife available has made this a popular spot for the young jet set. The wide variety of food available is amazing. The population here includes Indians, Malays, and Chinese, so this is obviously reflected in the food available.

To get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Kuala Lumpur boasts the beautiful Lake Gardens. This 230-acre large garden includes a butterfly park, bird park, deer park, and beautifully landscaped gardens. It provides a haven of peace in the center of the city and it’s easy to get lost for a full day here.

Kuala Lumpur has so much to offer and I can’t wait to go back.