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Sapa – Little Hanoi – The largest Vietnamese market in Prague

Do you know that only a few Czechs know about the existence of a large Vietnamese community in the south of Prague?

This wholesale and retail market supplies goods to smaller Vietnamese retailers in Prague and perhaps surrounding towns. Most of the items sold here are imported from China; track track, they are very cheap. If you are a shameless and skillful negotiator, you can get a good deal.

Goodies you can find there

-Clothes and Wears: jeans, shirts, T-shirts, socks, gloves, hats, accessories, etc.

-Vietnamese Groceries: vegetables, rice, noodles, herbs, spices, meat, dried goods, and many items you might not find in regular Czech markets.

-Handmade willow products: some are made in the Czech Republic, others are exports from neighboring post-communist countries such as Slovakia and Poland. Some of these products are sold at half the prices in regular markets.

– Household and personal items.

-Toys and typical Chinese import products.

-Vietnamese music

-Vietnamese food: Delicious noodle soups, various types of rice dishes, snacks and much more.

Even if you don’t buy anything, do yourself a big favor by eating noodle soups at one of those many stores. There are many types of noodle soups besides the more popular Pho. I have already tried three restaurants: Hai Phong, Thang Long and Hue Xua. The first two serve northern cuisine, while the latter, Hue Xua, prepares central-style food. A plate of noodles costs between 70 Kc and 80 Kc.

Eat eat eat. I’m sure you won’t find these deliciously delicious noodles anywhere else in Prague.

How to get there: Sapa Market Center – Sidliste Pisnice, Prague 4; Daily schedule

There are three ways to get to Sapa: from Kacerov (metro C, red line) and Smichovske nadrazi (subway B, yellow line)

From Kacerov (the bus goes even on the weekend)

-Get on the bus no. 113, 333 and more buses during the week.

By Smichovske nadrazi

-Walk about 5 minutes to the bus station, from point 1 to point 4 on the map. [Map]

-Get on the bus no. 198 or any bus going to Sidlisce Pisnice.

Get off at Sidlisce Pisnice. Sapa will be on the left. You won’t miss the big sign. Cross the street and enter the market. Use this link to calculate your own schedule and route.

If you’re still not sure, grab any Asian you put at the station or on the bus and ask for the address. It is likely to be a Vietnamese going to the market.

Website: | Read original with photos.

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Do you have difficulty incorporating vegan food into a Paleo diet?

When you stop to think about the dire health conditions in the United States and other parts of the world due to our diet choices, you realize how much damage we have done to ourselves. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States for both men and women. Preventable heart attacks account for the majority of these deaths. 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese. 1/3 of all American children are overweight or obese, and obesity is increasingly being diagnosed at very young ages.

We eat like there is no tomorrow, and then we pay the price, and not just individually but as a society when health care costs run into the billions due to preventable conditions.

The vegetable alternative

Approximately 16 million Americans currently follow a vegetarian diet, and many of them are vegan, meaning they do not consume any animal products or by-products (milk, honey, eggs).

Celebrities, world leaders, nutritionists, doctors, and children live healthy, energetic lives as a result of a plant-based diet. They enjoy heart health, lower body weight, and lower insulin resistance.

Unbeknownst to many, Bill Clinton, former Democratic President of the United States, suffered from heart disease. He announced in 2011 that he had miraculously reversed his heart disease, and had done so on a strict meatless diet. Recent research has been shown to support Clinton’s claim.

Oxford University conducted a large study and the results of the study revealed that following a strict vegetarian diet reduces the risk of hospitalization due to heart disease complications and the risk of death from heart disease, both by almost 1/3.

Study Results

45,000 participants took part in the study conducted by health and diet experts from the University of Oxford. About 34% of the study participants followed strict vegetarian diets. (In this particular study, a vegetarian was defined as an individual who abstained from consuming both meat and fish.)

Those who participated in the study were followed for more than 10 years, while the researchers collected information on their dietary choices, exercise habits, alcohol consumption and other variables that could potentially impact heart disease risk.

The researchers who conducted the study found that even after controlling for other factors, study participants who followed strict vegetarian diets were significantly less likely to develop or succumb to heart disease.

Francesca Crowe, PhD, of the University of Oxford was the lead author of the study. In a statement, she said: “Most of the difference in risk is probably due to effects on both cholesterol and blood pressure.” In her statement, she added: “This demonstrates the important role of diet in preventing heart disease.”

Research by Oxford University experts also revealed that study participants who followed a strict vegetarian diet tended to have a lower body mass index than non-vegetarians, and were also less likely to have diabetes.

More benefits of following a vegetarian diet

This most recent study was one of the largest studies ever conducted to examine the cardiovascular benefits of following a vegetarian diet; however, it’s not exactly breaking news that a meatless diet is associated with a multitude of health benefits.

For example, another recent study followed about 37,000 adults and found that by eating at least one vegetarian meal a day, you can reduce your risk of dying from cancer by about 20%.

Other research has shown that, compared to meat eaters, people who follow a vegetarian diet:

• Have a reduced risk of foodborne illness

• Experience less severe symptoms of menopause

• Have a longer overall shelf life

• Have better insulin resistance

• They weigh less and are less likely to be obese

Even if you’re not ready to give up your favorite burger just yet, you can still reap the health benefits of incorporating a few more meat-free, heart-healthy foods into your overall diet. Choose plant foods more often. Fill your plate with healthy vegetables and whole grains. Eat raw whole foods.

Some examples of some delicious foods to consider are:

• Avocado

• Berries

• Walnuts

• Seeds

• Lentils

• Green leafy vegetables

• Red, yellow, purple and green vegetables

• Quinoa

• Sweet potatoes

• Steel Cut Oats

• Soy milk and soy beans

• Much more

Consider eating one or two meatless meals a week, and cut meat off your plate whenever you can.

Replace that meat with black beans, kidney beans, chick peas, and other beans that have virtually no fat. Choose fruit for dessert instead of baked goods and raw vegetables for snacks.

Choose a fresh fruit and protein powder shake for three lunches a week instead of a burger or chicken lunch.

Small changes can go a long way, and maybe at some point you’ll cut out meat altogether.


Why Cheap Dependent Company Insurance May Not Be Cheaper

Learn about the auto insurance companies that brag about their low premiums on national TV, radio, and social media. They really want you to internalize their messages.

However, the truth of the matter is that there may be a misconception about what they mean.

“Replace your current coverage with ours,” they proclaim, “and you’ll find savings on your auto insurance!” Or “Give us ten minutes and we’ll present you with a cheaper rate than others.”

The real facts indicate that most vehicle drivers will not realize any savings by switching to a direct insurance company. This is because no dependent company has the means to offer coverage other than its own. The gloss of a cheap quote can actually be the mask that covers a higher insurance deductible and less liability coverage.

To underscore this important lesson, we bring you this true story involving someone who decided to go with the ability of an independent agency to find personalized auto insurance for him.

A motorist who had previously been insured through one of these highly publicized dependent companies promoting ‘cheaper rates’ decided to go with an independent agency known for its impeccable customer service.

Following a review of this man’s ‘affordable’ auto policy, the insurance specialist discovered some serious gaps in coverage. Realizing that this could cause serious problems if the policyholder is ever involved in a car accident, he went to work reviewing the many policies offered through his company’s network of providers. She identified an excellent plan that covered the gaps and had a competitive low rate attached.

The client was pleased with the find and left with a new peace of mind due to his newly purchased policy.

By a twist of fate, it wasn’t long after this policyholder was involved in a car accident that left his vehicle in total disrepair. Since the other driver was at fault in this collision, it was assumed that the other driver’s insurance company would pay for the damages.

But there was a major downside to this. The other insurance company offered to pay well below the full value of the car.

That’s when the new policyholder whose car had been totaled decided to call his new company. The insurance company gave him no trouble, no problems. Instead, they sent him a check for the amount that was actually worth his car—three thousand dollars above what the at-fault driver’s insurance company was offering!

Guaranteed: The happy ending to this true story would have been very different if that ‘cheap premium’ policy with gaps in coverage had been in force.

Now, be the judge, is that ‘cheap’ policy really ‘cheap’?

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How to achieve a smooth painted finish on the cabinet

When it comes to a beautiful finished cabinet paint project, there are a few things a homeowner needs to keep in mind and properly sanding your cabinets and doors is a must to get it right the first time. Cabinet painting is a very detailed system. Homeowners looking to undertake these types of projects should take the information in this article to be prepared for what it takes to produce beautifully finished cabinets.

Painting your kitchen cabinets is not like painting the walls or doors of your house. You must follow a system. The first part of that system is to remove any hardware. Next is to properly clean your cabinets and then fill in any holes or grains that will show up in your finished product. The worst thing that can happen is to do everything right, and not cover holes or grain, so you have to start all over again.

This article is about how to achieve a smooth finish, and that starts with sanding your cabinets. Depending on what cabinets you have, whether they are oak or redwood, you need to choose the correct sandpaper grit. The two different grits homeowners should have on hand are 150-grit and 220-grit sandpaper.

Going with a grit coarser than 150 will start to dig into your wood and those scratches will show up when you paint your cabinets and the scratches are really bad then you need to fill them in and start the process over again. Never go below 150 grit sandpaper. Some people will suggest 120 grit sandpaper, but that is incorrect and should never be considered for your cabinet painting project.

You’ll start by sanding with 150-grit sandpaper first, because that’s what will penetrate the caulk or other paint that’s on your cabinets to give your primer something to adhere to, too. When painting your cabinets, you don’t need to sand the wood. Sanding down to the wood is only necessary if you are going to stain your cabinets a new color or to give them a fresh look.

Most people think that you need to sand your cabinets down to the wood to paint them, but that’s not true. Also, the purpose of sanding your cabinets is to remove the gloss sealer that is now on your cabinets. Gloss Sealant is made to repel or create a poor bond for grease, oil, dirt, and paint. Once you have finished sanding your cabinets, make sure they are very dull and free of scratches.

After you’ve sanded down the first level of protection on your cabinets, you’re now ready to remove any leftover dust. If there is dust that was not removed, the dust once primed will give its own sandpaper feel and your finish will not be smooth. It’s best to clean cabinets with a damp rag once you think you’ve removed all of the sanding dust. Let the cabinets dry for a few minutes and repeat the wiping process with a damp rag or towel.

You are now ready to prime your cabinets. After the primer has dried properly, it usually takes 4-24 hours, depending on the primer you used and the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is when you put away the 150 grit sandpaper, you don’t need it anymore. Once your cabinets are primed, you will need to use 220 grit or finer sandpaper. Sand the cabinets smooth because the primer usually has a texture of its own. You are going to lightly sand the primer. You’re not trying to sand the cabinets hard, because you don’t want to sand the primer and have to re-prime the stained areas of the cabinets.

Repeat the dust extraction process. Use microfiber cloths to remove dust, then use damp rags or towels to remove any remaining dust. The next step is to paint your cabinets with the first coat of premium paint. Let the paint dry and sand your cabinets again between each coat of paint. You want to apply a minimum of 2 coats of paint.


Mercedes Benz E55 AMG: The World’s Fastest Wagon Combined With Top-Notch Benz Aftermarket Parts

The new E55 AMG pickup is rated at 469 horsepower and 0-60 mph times of 4.6 seconds from its supercharged 5.5-liter AMG V8 engine. It has high-performance four-wheel disc brakes with oversized cross-drilled and ventilated rotors with multi-piston calipers.

The exclusive new wagon also comes with AMG aerodynamic bodywork with 18-inch AMG alloy wheels with staggered tires. Inside, Black Birdseye Maple trim is standard, as are special AMG gauges and Nappa leather-trimmed sport seats.

Four-zone climate control is standard on the E55 AMG pickup that allows different temperature settings for the rear outboard passengers as well as the driver and front passenger. Also standard on E55 AMG wagon and sedan models is a harman kardon Logic 7 audio system that features seven-channel surround sound, concert-quality output and 12 high-end speakers.

The S-Class’s air suspension, called Airmatic DC (for Dual Control), is standard on E55 AMG models. The Airmatic suspension uses sensors that monitor road conditions, driving style and cornering forces to ensure the system always chooses the best air spring and damper settings. The system can switch between different damping profiles in a fraction of a second and the driver can also select from four preset suspension response programs.

A new sport suspension for the CLS55 AMG that is based on Mercedes-Benz semi-active air suspension with giant ventilated and perforated disc brakes carries staggered 19-inch wheels with 255/35 front and 285/30 rear tires. To help manage all the power, the ESP system can apply the brakes on a single wheel to transfer torque to wheels with better traction, achieving the same effect as a limited-slip differential.

Partstrain brings you a full line of the highest quality imported Mercedes Benz auto parts, high performance truck parts and custom auto parts. Highly reliable and proven Mercedes Benz interior and exterior parts, car and truck engine parts as well as car accessories are in stock to meet all your standards and preferences. Adding to their satisfaction is their hassle-free website with its comprehensive and easy-to-use parts catalog ensuring a convenient online shopping experience. So if you need fast and easy excellent quality Mercedes Benz parts, shop at Partstrain and the staff will be happy to provide you with the best services.

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How to create free content for online video marketing

Cost management is one of the important factors in planning video marketing strategies. You can better manage your costs if you know that you can produce good quality and effective videos for free. It means you don’t have to spend more on equipment and software. It only uses your existing resources. This is how you will make your videos for free:

1. Equipment, Tools

You will need the following to create your video: computer and webcam, internet connection, and yourself. Since you already have them, you have no cost for equipment and tools.

2. Video creation software

There are several video creation programs that are free to download and use. It depends on the type of video you want to create. In this article, three styles of video are discussed: Presentation, Screencasts, and Talking Head.

For video presentations, PC users can use the latest version of PowerPoint, Camtasia Studio, SlideRocket and many more if you search online; Mac users can use Apple Keynote. It’s important to choose a program that allows you the option to control the movement of the slides or move the video forward or backward while you discuss your presentation. You can then record the presentation with your video discussion to share on multiple sites.

Screencasts are the preferred style for instructional videos, as well as videos showing solutions to problems. PC users can use, CamStudio, etc., while Mac users can use QuickTime X, Copernicus, etc. Jing is a software that can be used for both PC and Mac.

To create Talking Head videos, you need software to record your webcam images and audio. To make your video interesting, add props or graphics to highlight important points in your presentation. Do not forget your own performance: smile and speak clearly. PC users can use Windows Live Movie Maker with Windows Live Essentials (for the webcam option), while Mac users can use QuickTime X.

3.Video editing software

Edit your videos to fit your purpose in the shortest amount of time. Don’t forget to add the appropriate text, graphics, and music to create effective content for online video marketing.

Add text below the speaker’s face for additional information, such as the speaker’s name, company name, or website, but remove it after a few seconds. Add music to grab the viewer’s attention, but turn it down when necessary to avoid distracting speakers. Emphasize your CTA with text to make it more powerful and to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion regarding the information you are sharing.

Both PC and Mac users can use YouTube and WeVideo Online Video Editor. Windows Movie Maker is for PC users only. You can search online for other free editing software.

Make sure your free videos have the following components: Brief but effective introduction; Content that exactly matches the video title and a CTA that specifically asks viewers what to do. You can do a lot of video marketing tactics if your videos are created at zero cost.

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Get help for scatica: relieve pain through exercise

Contrary to what you might think, exercise is one of the best things you can do to help relieve sciatica. Bed rest is fine initially for a few days if necessary when the pain starts, but it will worsen your condition if it continues. Exercise and physical movement are necessary to condition the muscles of the back and the small muscles of the spine to better support the back. Without proper exercise, your back muscles become weak and this can lead to more back injuries that will cause a greater amount of pain. Exercise is not only important for maintaining muscle conditioning, but also for maintaining the discs in your spine. Since your discs are not internally vascularized, movement is required to get nutrients into your discs and also to remove waste. Keeping the discs healthy will help prevent pressure on the sciatic nerve. Many exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home. A simple exercise program for sciatica usually includes strengthening your core muscles, stretching your hamstrings, and aerobic exercises.

What exercise is for sciatica?

Before you start your sciatica exercise program, be sure to visit your health care provider. It is important that you have a proper diagnosis of the cause of your underlying pain. For example, do you have a herniated disc or, in particular, spinal stenosis? This will determine the correct type of exercises that you will need to do. Doing the wrong exercises will increase your sciatic pain and possibly cause permanent damage. Not only is it important to do the correct exercises, but the exercises must also be done correctly. Exercises done incorrectly can make your problem worse. It’s a good idea to work with a physical therapist or chiropractor to learn how to do the exercises correctly. Then you should be able to safely do it on your own.

1. Core muscle strengthening

An exercise program for sciatica usually begins with strengthening your core muscles. Your core muscles include your stomach muscles and your back muscles. Strengthening these muscles will provide better back support. Stretching exercises for the back and stomach target muscles that cause pain because they are tight and lack flexibility. By stretching and strengthening your core muscles, you should be able to recover quickly and slow down future occurrences of sciatic pain.

2. Hamstring stretches

Next, you can incorporate hamstring stretching exercises. If you’re not familiar, your hamstrings are located on the back of your thigh. Most likely, your hamstrings are too tight and are putting strain on your lower back. Tight hamstrings can make your condition worse, or this may be the cause of some of your sciatic pain. Hamstring stretching should be part of your regular exercise, whether you have sciatica or not. This form of stretching is known to be effective for most forms of sciatica.

3. Aerobic exercises

The third form of exercises involves aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises aren’t what you’d call specific to sciatica, but they can be beneficial. Aerobic exercises provide fitness throughout the body. One of the easiest forms of aerobic exercise is walking. I am sure you are aware that walking is a very low impact exercise and will provide excellent therapy for your sciatic pain. It is best to walk every day. If you’re not used to walking, be sure to start slowly. Try to work up to three or more miles a day. Your walk should be fairly brisk to get your heart rate up. Walking will strengthen all the muscles in your body allowing you to have good posture. Good posture is important to relieve and even eliminate all back pain.

Important Final Tips:

Taking care of your sciatica will be a daily effort. Be careful how you lift things, don’t sit or stand for long periods of time, and try to maintain proper posture. Everything contributes to relieving your sciatic pain. Don’t forget to get a proper diagnosis before you start and make sure you learn how to do your exercises correctly. If you follow this regimen, you should have great success. In fact, you can experience relief in a few days to a week.

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Nirad C Chaudhri Review: Thy Hand Great Anarch

Nirad C Chaudhri lived during the time of the Indian freedom struggle and recorded his experiences in the book: Thy Hand Great Anarch. He was a refined man who supported the British regime and was highly critical of the struggle for freedom.

He begins his memoir by recording his life as an employee. Having failed his master’s degree, he was unable to get another job. He criticizes the Non-Cooperation Movement stating that he was a massive brainwashing of the people. The non-cooperation movement was a civil disobedience movement started by Mahatma Gandhi to drive the British out of India. The non-cooperation movement included the removal of indigenous people from work areas and civil protest. The goal of the non-cooperation movement was to paralyze the British government. The agitating masses were illiterate and Chaudhri records a case where he was physically harassed by uncooperative agitators.

After the Non-Cooperation Movement came the Chauri Cahuri incident when an angry mob torched a police station and burned British policemen alive. So Gandhi withdrew the non-cooperation movement. This was followed by the massacre at the Jalian Wallah Bagh incident, where peaceful protesters gathered and were shot dead on the orders of Colonel Dyer. This brutal murder was met with a storm of protests in the country.

Then came the Simon Commission to settle the Indians and offer partial autonomy to India. The Simon Commission met with hostile resistance. People waved banners that read: ‘Simon go back’ and burned effigies. After the Simon Commission, Gandhi adopted the Salt Satyagraha in Dandi, where people would march to the seaside to make salt. This was done in protest against the harsh taxes imposed by the British on basic products. For Chaudhri: Gandhi was not an apostle of peace and gave himself up to moral and psychological violence.

The times leading up to independence were harsh for India. There was a lot of causality. The British were fed up with ruling India, so they decided to leave. Lord Mount Batten was appointed British representative to India. Along with India, the Muslims of Pakistan wanted a separate nation. Jinnah was vociferous in the creation of Pakistan. Gandhi was very disturbed. Independent India was beset by many problems. They were unemployment, poverty, death and hunger. Nehru decided to make India a socialist country.

Chaudhri’s struggle is so movingly portrayed in pristine language. For the average India, life was dizzying. The British exploited India’s economy by taking away its resources and bringing in finished goods. Cottage and cottage industries, the backbone of the Indian economy, were severely in a ditch. A positive development of British rule in India was the spread of the vernacular press and the development of railways. Railroads united the country. Post-independence India was one of the quarrelsome princely states. It was the iron man of India Sardar Vallabhai Patel who united India and made it one country. The press played an important role in spreading the gospel of freedom. The partition of India and the creation of Pakistan created many problems. There was a mass exodus of refugees from Pakistan to India and from India to Pakistan.

Chaudhri’s work is highly philosophical and literary, synthesizing India and its turmoil into political catharsis. Nehru commented in his opening speech that we have made an appointment with destiny. When the world sleeps, India will wake up to freedom. Chaudhri’s wonderful interpretation of the political and cultural landscape of India is essential reading.

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Why Men Disappear Instead Of Breaking Up: 4 Great Reasons To Help You Stop Wondering Why

It hurts like hell when someone you care about suddenly stops calling and responding to your texts. Did you have a relationship with him but he didn’t have the courtesy to say something and just disappeared? It’s amazing, I know. So by sharing some thoughts on why men disappear instead of breaking up, I hope it gives you some peace of mind, you can stop wondering why this happened, start moving on with your life, and find out more about what you can do. do to prevent it from happening again…

  1. Men disappear instead of parting because you want to avoid the conflict and drama of the breakup. He knows that you will be hurt by the breakup, which will most likely end in tears or a fight. And men generally have no idea how to handle a woman who is emotionally out of control. You may even fear it. Therefore, I would rather disappear and avoid you, rather than face the drama.
  2. Another reason a guy will disappear instead of telling you he wants a breakup is because he desperately wants to avoid being asked “Why are we breaking up?” Most men cannot specifically understand their loss of interest in the woman they used to be very attracted to. And if he doesn’t understand it, how can he possibly explain it to you? He would have to lie…would that really be better?
  3. Men will also disappear instead of breaking up because they don’t want to tell you the real reasons for your break up. Very often, the reasons a man decides to break up are not the same reasons a woman would end a relationship. He instinctively knows that you may not understand the reason for him. Also, there is no way he can help you understand his logic either. Maybe he knows the reason why he’s not attracted to you… but he can’t tell the truth because he’s too cruel. Do you really want to know that he thinks you’re not pretty enough, boring, etc.?
  4. He has made a firm decision and does not want to discuss it with you. He predicts that you can try to talk to him about his decision, but he knows that nothing you say will change his mind. So since it’s a foregone conclusion, he thinks there’s no point in arguing about why he won’t see you anymore.

The most important thing to know is that his actions have made it clear that your relationship is over for him. And even though he hurts, you can be thankful that it happened now, instead of letting things drag on any longer.

While there are ‘logical’ reasons why a man disappears instead of breaking up, it is not an excuse for his immature, irresponsible and hurtful behavior. Fortunately, the end of this relationship means that you have the opportunity to find a man worthy of your love, who will treat you with respect and appreciate you. But you will need to know how to attract and keep that man if you want to have the relationship you have always dreamed of having.

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Tax HELP for Independent Contractors

Entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to maximize their personal income tax deductions would do well to remember the acronym HELP when filing taxes. It stands for Home Office + Equipment + Logbook + Postage, four of the best ways for independent contractors to reduce their taxable income.

home office deductions

If you don’t maintain a store or office for your business, you may be entitled to deduct a portion of the rent for your house or apartment, plus heat, electricity, and other household expenses at tax time. To qualify, you’ll need to move from the dining room table to a spare room designated for business use only. No folding sofas for house guests, off-season storage of holiday decorations, or other non-commercial use in a tax-deductible home office.

Inventory storage space also qualifies for the home office deduction, so if you use a room in your house just for inventory, you could also get a tax deduction. Household services would not be part of the deduction if this storage unit is not located within your living space.

To take the home office deduction you will need to know the square meters of your house, as well as those of the office or storage room. The part of your home that is occupied by the office becomes the percentage of expenses that you can deduct at tax time. For example, if your bedroom is 10′ x 20′ (200 square feet) and your home has a total of 2,000 square feet, your office will take up 10% of the total space. That would make 10% of the shared household expenses deductible for the business.

In the event of a tax audit, it helps to have a photo of your office or storage space in use, as well as copies of all utility bills and receipts for expenses you deducted. Homeowners can deduct household expenses without depreciating their home.


Every piece of equipment needed to run your business is deductible, along with all the supplies you need to run that piece of equipment. Equipment purchases would include the tablet you buy to keep up with business when you’re out of the office, the camera or cell phone you put on your credit card and use to take photos of products and furniture for your home office . Even equipment converted from personal use to exclusive business use is deductible at current value.

Any business equipment you buy that has a life expectancy of two years or more and costs more than $75 will need to be included individually at tax time. Equipment supplies and small equipment purchases do not need to be itemized; these can be grouped together. Keep receipts for purchases of equipment and supplies with the rest of your income tax receipts; If you want to keep the original receipt with the warranty documents, a copy will do.


Entrepreneurs and small business owners often overlook the importance of recording car expenses and business mileage. This logbook has two purposes. You’ll get higher tax deductions and win IRS audits. If you don’t write down every mile driven for your small business, as well as actual car expenses, you could end up paying hundreds of dollars in income taxes that you don’t owe. This includes all business mileage done in the family car.

During the first year a vehicle is used for business, you can choose whether to deduct mileage or out-of-pocket expenses, as long as you use that car or truck 50% or more for business. Once you choose to deduct mileage, you can’t go on to deduct actual expenses. That’s why it’s important to add up your car payment, gas, oil, repairs, insurance, license, and other vehicle expenses that first year, before selecting mileage as your deduction. Which one is better will depend on how many miles you drive vs. your actual expenses.

Shipping costs

It’s amazing how many small business owners use stamps purchased with personal funds to mail their business invoices. It may seem easier when you tell the grocery store clerk to add that book of stamps to the total, but it’s a tax-deductible expense he’s letting slip through his fingers. Take the receipt and stamps, circle the amount paid, and post them in your office. You’ll reap the savings at tax time.

There you have it, real tax HELP for entrepreneurs. But don’t stop there, because almost everything you do on behalf of the business is deductible at tax time when you understand what the IRS allows. Whether you hire an accountant to do your taxes or prepare them yourself, every independent contractor should take the time to learn the basic IRS rules for small businesses. You will keep more money in your pocket and make it audit proof at the same time.