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County Down – Co Down – A lying wonder in Northern Ireland

County Down – Co. Down, is located in Northern Ireland. County Down is known for its scores of wonderfully urban hills and arable land. By contrast, southern County Down is known for its rugged Morne Mountains, which are made of stark granite. Slieve Donard Mountain is 848 meters high and Slieve Croob towers over a further group of hills in the heart of County Down.

Some of the resorts that line the County Down coast include Warrenpoint, Newcastle, Donaghadee and Bangor, and rail tours are offered to explore these picturesque locations. The County Down Museum is County Down’s collection of 9,000 years of human story, offering engaging exhibits, hands-on activities, award-winning educational opportunities and lively events.

The County Down Museum is situated in the old buildings of the County Down Jail from the 18th century. The complex has been restored complete with jail cells and tourists can find out more about County Down at the recently launched exhibitions, aptly named Down Through Time.

The County Down Museum compilation consists of around 10,000 items and around 30,000 images, which have been composed since the museum opened in 1981 and all communicate about the archaeology, as well as human and natural history of County Down. Locals or those with connections to County Down have donated most of the items to the museum, with only a few relevant items purchased by the museum.

County Down has many important archaeological sites and early monuments, thanks to its history spanning many centuries, as well as more modern sites for the outdoorsy sportsman. Belfast, the mother city of Northern Ireland, straddles the perimeter linking County Down and County Antrim.

Cathal McGarvey (1866-1927) wrote the famous old Irish ballad “Star of County Down”, which is set in Bainbridge, County Down. It tells the story of a young man who fucks a lovely lady named Rose McCann and imagines marrying her. Renowned for its illustrious landscape, it is laden with primitive remains, and the remains of medieval castles and monasteries dot the landscape.

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Military Spouse Resume Tips

My friends came over the weekend and brought two small gifts for my children. One gift was a small stuffed animal and a book, the other a small puzzle; but what stood out was the presentation! Clear cellophane wrap around the book and beautifully tied rawhide ribbons in a bow that was so beautiful I didn’t even want to open it, or at least wanted to store it somehow to give it away again. Presentation makes a difference! So I keep this in mind when I look at client resumes. I like a resume printed on a good quality printer, no smudges, on thick, unbleached paper, and if you email it, no italics and I like a little white space. Whether you’re delivering your resume in person to a company or passing it out at a networking event, make sure you have a fresh manicure and a good haircut. Clients often want to know a clever way to combine their chaotic work history and how to package the gifts they’ve earned throughout their military lifestyle. Should they opt for “spouse-friendly employers” or hide the fact that they are spouses on the run; they recall hiring managers making comments about why they should or shouldn’t hire a candidate. Consider these tips as you search for your dream job, and remember that the law of attraction applies to resumes too, so regardless of my advice, if you love your resume, others will too!

1. Appearance matters.
First impressions count, so make your resume pretty! Consider limiting any bold or italic fonts, as these often look cluttered if the resume is scanned; Better yet, try creating a clean PDF version of your resume as well so it can be sent to jobs electronically and doesn’t lose its professional appearance. Hiring managers don’t like hard-to-pronounce names, so if you have a hard name, put a nickname in parentheses next to it for the job search; they can learn to pronounce Vandana after they hire you. If you have an equally exquisite email address, consider changing that too. While friends may enjoy emailing [email protected], consider renewing the email on your resume with your initials or first and last name and Internet provider; It will look much more professional. You never know if a human resources manager is spying on MySpace or judging her personal address. Also, make sure your home and cell phone voicemails are brief, professional, and clear while you’re looking for a job.

2. Don’t play hard to get:
You don’t want a potential employer calling your home and freaking out over your sarcastic recording. Bottom line, make sure you include a correct name, email, and mobile number that you can access at all times. Try to send resumes when you have time to interview too. If you work full time, take night classes, and are about to have a baby, you may not be free for potential interviews, and if a company calls you in and you postpone the date, another candidate may be hired instead. the act. because they appear first. Perhaps postponing the résumé until summer vacation or three months after giving birth will increase your chances of being selected.

3. Make up for lost time:
Spouses often struggle with the proverbial gaps in their resume. Stop worrying so much about it and just think about what you did during that time that would still be worth listing. When you have a gap in your career, it’s okay to include those extra part-time jobs you just took to earn some money, and remember to word them as professionally as possible and include transferable skills, like customer relations or multitasking, to that your future employer sees some benefit to the job. You can also fill in a gap with any volunteer work or education you may have completed, especially if it’s relevant to the job you’re looking for. If you have a long gap in your resume, try to fill the gap with some bullet points instead of a long explanation in a cover letter that should focus solely on your strengths. If the blank space is so big that you can’t fill half a page, then take an introductory computer class and volunteer at organizations associated with the type of work you want to do, join some professional organizations, or attend a conference. so you can have something current to brag about.

4. Boldly define the benefits:
Job selection experts aren’t mind readers, so don’t assume they’ll understand military spouse jargon; Make sure your resume is clear and to the point. Write your resume with the needs of the company in mind rather than highlighting what you’re looking for. Resumes are not job descriptions of what you did, but rather a personal press release showcasing accomplishments in clear, succinct bullet points that highlight your strengths, your transferable skills, and past contributions that will make you stand out and pique your interest in instead of a summary of your entire employment history. Businesses should be able to quickly see your credentials and spot highlights that make you a good fit for their company.

5. Size doesn’t matter:
While one really good page is better than two average pages, don’t shrink or start shrinking the text to comply. Remember that short and sweet is all you need; and I say go for the more modern “profile” instead of a generic goal (job description you’re looking for). The company knows the target if you are applying for a job and a profile summarizes their selling points. One-page resumes are back in style, so consider moving some of those accomplishments into the cover letter and pairing the resume content so it looks more like a sales brochure than a dissertation. In addition to choosing a simple, clean font, have your resume professionally edited and avoid any jargon. Note that a positive tone and active tense in the first person reads more engagingly.

6. Do not pretend:
Some spouses hire a fancy resume writer who rephrases what they’ve done in previous jobs into percentages and dollar signs of what they’ve accomplished, but then are stumped during interviews when asked about their own resume. Do not mention that you are a database expert if you have never worked with one. And instead of sprinkling buzzwords and clichés on the resume, make the resume authentic. Think about your top strengths first, and then use a strong verb that describes where you really stand out rather than what looks good on paper. Not only will your confidence shine through, but once you’re hired for the job, you’ll end up being a much better match than if you overdo it on your resume and end up being placed in a job that requires “attention to detail.” hate.

7. Peeking is not cheating:
Go grab a coffee at the local library or bookstore and take a look at the resume book section. Do a search online, or better yet, ask friends who have good jobs if you can use their resume as an idea template. I’m not saying to plagiarize a resume manual word for word, but reading other people’s resumes can “remind” you that they also awarded you something that you forgot. It may even be helpful to go back to your old employee handbook that outlines your previous job description to help refresh your memory of your skills and successes. As long as your ideas come from enough different sources and really resonate with who you are, you’re not cheating.

8. Tell your friends to brag:
As with everything else in military life, it never hurts to be over-prepared. When you go to an interview, take a few extra copies of your resume in case you need to pass it on for a second interview, you never know. If you wrote “references available upon request,” make sure you really do have references and have a pre-written pager of these references and their contact information ready and available. Don’t forget to let people know you’ve used them as a reference so they don’t blow your cover and say “Sara, who” when a future employer actually calls.

9. Don’t assume:
Don’t assume the hiring manager knows how you’re connected. If you know someone well in the organization, include their “contact” in the first paragraph of your cover letter. Some spouses assume that an employer knows they are computer literate or have references available upon request. It never hurts to include all relevant job skills. Another assumption people make is that the HR professional reviewing her resume knows all the jargon associated with each job. He wants to stay away from abbreviations and jargon no matter how common he thinks the word is.

10. Show off your stuff:
A beautiful resume that sits on your computer won’t get you that job. Contact all military spouse job resources and post your polished resume. Also, print out a few extra copies and take them with you so you can pass them out to your network. Also try traditional job search sites and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince, and the same goes for your job search. Buy some nice folders and put some resumes in them to drop off at your idea organizations. If an organization isn’t hiring, ask them if they can keep your resume in case something opens up.

Now let’s get started!

o Write down everything you have done in the past about your work history from your first job until now. Include any relevant volunteer work, seminars, and training you’ve received, and next to each item list the skills you’ve acquired, such as answering a 5-line phone, introducing yourself to a group of 50, generating X dollars in income, etc. . .

o Create a skeleton resume with the main content you want to share with potential employers and then save it as a “skeleton resume” on your computer; and then you may want to create two different resumes for the two addresses you are targeting. For example, one resume might include all of your military volunteer work and be great for applying for that perfect position with a spousal-friendly employer, and the other resume might look more corporate and include just your work history, a P.O. Box, and that.” great” corporate contact in the cover letter.

o Ask mentors (outside the military) to review your resume and give you honest feedback. Please consider the resources available to you on base or email me at [email protected] to schedule a resume consultation, which includes editing, discussing your resume, and lots of support, training you to take the next step in your career!

If you would like to work with me as your coach or have any questions about the profession, please feel free to write to: [email protected] and subscribe to The Military Spouse Coach e-zine which offers low cost, high quality training products that you can take advantage of. !


Definition of friendship: some data

Friendship is a personal relationship shared between each friend for the well-being of the other, in other words, it is the relationship of trust, faith and concern for the other’s feelings. It is a relationship of mutual care and intimacy between one another. A friend is one who knows you as a person and considers you for who you are and not for what he looks for in a good friend. The best friend is the one who accepts the good and bad qualities of his friend and also takes the initiative to correct and repair them. Friendship is a distinctive type of concern for your friend, it is a relationship of immense faith and mutual love.

Friendship is about how much you care and understand each other. It is a pure relationship, which would make your friend smile, feel good about how much you love and care about him. It is about talking, listening and building a strong relationship of loyalty between them. It is a chain of love that gradually develops with the participation of each other. In certain cases, the friendship may not last longer and may end or lose its primary importance of mutual love and respect. There are some friendships that can end with unresolved conflicts and quarrels, which means that this type of relationship was not strong enough to stand on its own through adversity and bad times. Friendship is not about joy and fun, it involves equal loyalty from both partners.

It should be understood that not all friends are best friends. One can meet a lot of friends in his life, but there are very few who will be his during his ups and downs. How one should recognize his best friend, the one who will understand his strengths and weaknesses and will be with you in all your good and bad stages of life.

A true friendship does not consist of a large number of friends that you keep, but is valued for its value and ability to sustain you and be with you in all phases of life. That said, finding a best friend among your friends is the most difficult task. hard. A lot of people say that best friends automatically grow closer among a group of friends and you never have to go the extra mile to find one. This is how the strong bond between true friends is formed. So best of luck finding or recognizing a true friend!


Reserved Parking Spaces – A Major Business Necessity!

Parking spaces are an important asset for any business operating in a major city. Despite the availability of public transportation and the rising cost of gasoline, many workers still prefer the convenience of driving their own cars to work. Most statistics from large cities would support an increase in registered cars on the road and this number is projected to even double in the next ten years.

Business Owner Considerations

What does this mean for the business owner? Regardless of the type of operation of the company, it is always necessary to have an assigned place for the vehicle. Therefore, every business owner has two factors that need to be considered about the parking space: an area for customers and an area for employees.

  • Employees – The main issue workers are considering is whether or not to drive their personal car to work, and most aren’t looking at where to put their vehicle, but the traffic congestion they’ll face driving that commute every day. For any employer, this reality could mean an increased need for parking and the likely existence of a shortage.
  • Customers – On the other hand, customers will certainly prefer driving a private car over public transportation due to the convenience factor, and they certainly expect the same consideration once they get out of their vehicles. Whether the business is located in an office building or a fancy restaurant in a business center, it is the owner’s responsibility to provide customers with the necessary parking spaces. Any customer anticipates that he should be able to leave his car at a nearby secure location without worrying about police tickets to get to a business destination.

Options to consider

Commercial establishments at places of business typically have parking spaces on or near the building premises. The size of that space varies depending on the size of the company. In many cases, unfortunately, the number of available parking spaces is limited, resulting in congestion of car parking stalls during peak or business hours.

Locating a business or office within a building with limited car parking can be a real problem, especially if most customers use private vehicles. Unavailability of parking spaces could potentially drive customers away.

research needed

To avoid such problem; When choosing a location for a business, finding a business building with enough parking space for customers is imperative. Survey the area surrounding the business site as thoroughly for enough assigned vehicle spaces as you would for other essential building amenities. Do it during business hours to see the real status of the parking lot, whether it’s generally full or somewhat open during the business day.

Some businesses require larger physical parking spaces than others. To get a good understanding of the required area within a given location of all the businesses operating there, conduct research on all the businesses within the area being considered. Such research should provide a clear picture of the number of customers traveling within an area and their preferred mode of transportation.

The size of a parking area is influenced by factors such as the company’s target market, as well as the hours customers spend inside the business premises. For example, a restaurant may require a larger area compared to a convenience store simply because restaurant customers tend to stay longer than convenience store customers, so the total number of parking spaces would be larger. for a restaurant. When renting or buying office space, always use these factors to get the full picture.

Available options

For established businesses with a limited parking space issue where moving to a different location is not an option, the best way to resolve this dilemma is to provide customers with alternative vehicle spots nearby, perhaps in commercial car parks provided by the owner of the company. . Unfortunately, this may not help with the similar issue for employees.

If business growth has caused this new concern, consider asking nearby businesses and establishments if they have parking areas that they can share or even make available for lease. A good example of this arrangement would be a restaurant located downtown that primarily serves dinner; That business and its customers could share a parking area with a business that operates during normal daytime business hours.

The best way to handle this problem is to think it through carefully when selecting a specific building to lease. Many commercial buildings may offer restricted car stalls for tenants, even if it is an additional charge. This may need to be something that is included in the office space lease in order for assigned vehicle spaces to be provided to the customer and employee.

The bottom line is to ensure that adequate customer and employee car parking spaces are provided with any office space lease being considered. Location is important; however, parking is also important for any business, so find a workplace that provides adequate facilities for clients and employers, and you’ll both be satisfied!

Home Kitchen

Home renovations that will increase the value of your property

Remodeling your home is about increasing your quality of life and the value of your property. If you don’t do both, consider rethinking your plans for a renovation. Finding the best exterior and interior remodeling to do on your home can be tricky, especially if your sole purpose is to recoup the cost once you sell the property.

The good news is that there are experts who can help you decide what updates to make to your home. The following are some of the most popular ideas that you can use to improve your home and increase its value.

Get rid of small dark rooms

Prospects looking for a house to buy as properties with lots of space and light. If your house is dark, consider adding more windows throughout the house. Then for any small dark rooms you may have, you can open them up and install more windows. There’s nothing like natural light flowing through the house, so windows are a big plus. Try to create open floor plans, vaulted ceilings, and other upgrades that can make the interior of your home seem larger.

Enhance the curb appeal of your home

The first thing homebuyers see when they arrive at your property is the front of the house. The garden, front door, shutters, roof, and windows should make a great first impression on prospects. If not, then it’s time to get some exterior remodeling done. You can hire an exterior remodeling contractor to do new construction on the exterior of your home. For example, you can build a new porch or simply redo the door, windows, and roof.

Build a terrace in the back

People who like to entertain family and guests will love an interior terrace. There are many different layouts that you can go with to make the deck more attractive. Choose high-quality wood that is stained and sealed, so it can stand up to the test of time and the outside elements. You can also include unique features like built-in benches and tables or even a fire pit. Data shows that homeowners typically get an 80 percent return on investment at the time of sale when they build a deck.

Have the basement finished

Your base can become the new meeting place for whoever decides to buy your home. For this reason, you should treat your basement as more than just a storage room, but as a possible bedroom or office. Finish the basement floors, to make it more pleasant to be in. It can also include other features, such as a bar, a children’s play area or a media room.

Hopefully these interior and exterior remodeling ideas will help you come up with concepts for your own home renovation project.

Digital Marketing

Which whiteboard animation software is hot these days: Videoscribe or Easy Sketch Pro 2.0?

A whiteboard animation software that is full of features, easy to use and affordable is probably what a good corporate presenter or online marketer would look for. If you are not looking for an award-winning but extremely expensive video animation tool, then those whiteboard animation software available online can be a great alternative to engage your prospects or corporate audiences.

There are several such tools out there today, but let’s focus on these two that can have almost the same functionality: Sparkol’s Videoscribe and Paul Lynch’s Easy Sketch Pro 2.0. Both creators recently updated their babies to version 2 with the former releasing it in July 2014.

In Videoscribe whiteboard animation software
The recent version of Videoscribe is actually a much better version than the first version. It’s much easier to use, easier to navigate, and quite refreshing to look at. It has also added new free SVG images to its library totaling hundreds of doodles in 42 folders. Although they will never be enough to meet all the expectations in several stories, at least you will have many more free SVG images to start with.

It’s also great that the font and text color features have been improved, giving you more variations in your texts. Just don’t check all the boxes for Extended Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, etc. as you import fonts, unless you have a special need, as it will take a long time to complete. Just fill in the basic characters for your storyboards.

However, one thing that limits Videoscribe Whiteboard Animation Software is its inability to add videos on the canvas itself. It would have been great to make a video in the background while a hand draws an image or text on it.

At $29/month or a one-time payment of $665, Videoscribe may not be for everyone, especially if you don’t use the tool consistently. I’ve been a subscriber for almost a year and will probably just have to switch to an annual plan to save a few bucks.

You might wonder if it’s worth it.

Well for me it is! Having a tool like Videoscribe is a great help in presenting my ideas online and offline in a fresh and refreshing way. I just have to maximize its use to fully experience its value.

If you’re already a Videoscribe enthusiast, you can also check out my specially designed SVG images for Videoscribe. They are absolutely free!

In Easy Sketch Pro whiteboard animation software
I’ve been using Videoscribe for about a year now, but hadn’t heard of Easy Sketch Pro 2.0 until a few days ago (shame on me!). Although this whiteboard animation software is basically the same as Videoscribe, it does have one unique feature that Videoscribe doesn’t have: the inclusion of live video on the canvas! This is a unique feature as it will bring your sketches to life at any point in your message. Now that I think about it. A hand drawing a car that a man gets out of in about 5 seconds and suddenly everything comes to life when the video plays. Cool, right?

What’s better than that is that you only have to pay a one-time fee on Easy Sketch Pro 2.0 equivalent to a one-month Videoscribe subscription. I think those are the biggest differentiators of whiteboard animation softwares that I am trying to point out.

Your drawback?

Actually there are also two that I can easily count. Although there are 50 folders in your library, the actual images are limited. You have to upgrade or purchase images separately. And images you might have bought somewhere for your Videoscribe projects may not work if they don’t have the PNG (.png) equivalent.

So which whiteboard animation software is the best?

Price is an important consideration for me. So I will easily give the option to Easy Sketch Pro 2.0!

But that doesn’t mean I’ll give up on Videoscribe easily. At least not yet. In fact, I can do some things so that one complements the other. I can probably come back to share more tips on how to do it in my next post.

In the meantime, I recommend that you experiment with whatever whiteboard animation software you’re using to wow your audience.

You will rock!

Health Fitness

Best Elliptical Machine for Weight Loss: 3 Options to Help You Burn Calories Faster

Looking for the best elliptical machine to lose weight? Elliptical trainers have come a long way since Precor introduced the first one in 1995.

Today’s ellipticals allow you to burn more calories than ever before, with several different design options for a more comfortable workout.

With that in mind, here are 3 different elliptical trainer options that can help you burn more calories and lose weight faster than other machines:

#1. NordicTrack Freestrider

The NordicTrack Freestride trainer is a variable-motion elliptical, similar to a regular elliptical, but instead of a fixed stride length, you can choose your own stride length as you train (based on how hard and how hard you press the pedals). ).

In fact, you can achieve strides of up to 38 inches. Most standard elliptical machines only give you strides of around 18 to 22 inches.

So you can choose a short, stair-like stride, a medium jogging stride, or a full sprint stride, depending on your goals.

Having this flexibility means you’ll more easily find a pace that’s right for you, so you’re more likely to stay on the elliptical longer (because it’s comfortable) and burn more calories.

Plus, there’s a power incline feature that changes the slope of your running route. This recruits more muscle groups and again burns more calories.

Another bonus? A full color web browser. So you can read emails, watch YouTube videos or catch up on business news, again a great way to keep training longer and burning more calories.

#two. Bowflex Max Trainer

The Bowflex Max is a new twist on a traditional elliptical. It combines the motion of an elliptical with a stair climber, and adds upper-body training arms often seen on elliptical machines.

The main benefit? Using the Bowflex Max, you can burn 2.5 times more calories than a regular elliptical, treadmill, or stair climber. In fact, athletes in the Bowflex lab burned up to 600 calories in 30 minutes. That will make you lose weight very fast!

Another advantage is that this machine is very compact, ideal for smaller training areas or home gyms. And it’s also very low-impact, making it great for people with knee problems or leg cramps.

#3. Elliptical cross trainer Yowza Miami

While Yowza isn’t as well known as Bowflex or NordicTrack, your new Miami trainer gives you some amazing benefits when it comes to weight loss.

The movable arms on this elliptical move side to side instead of back and forth, more like a steering wheel. This helps trim your core.

Plus, it comes with a “smart” scale that monitors minute changes in your weight. The scale detects these changes and then communicates with the trainer, making you work harder if you’re gaining weight.

The downside to this trainer is that it’s a bit pricey, around $3000. But if you want the latest technology in your workouts, it might be worth considering.

So those are 3 of the best elliptical machines for weight loss. Each one is designed to burn maximum calories and help you get more out of your exercise routine.

You won’t be long in noticing looser clothing on any of these ellipticals!

Legal Law

Role of a Real Estate Attorney Know Your Role When Buying or Selling a Home

Role of a real estate attorney

First, your attorney will send you a letter outlining what documentation they may need from you. Since you are likely to pay at least $1300 more for legal services, I think it is important that you know what your attorney will do for you! Below is detailed information about the role of a real estate attorney and what you need to do when working with your attorney and obtaining a mortgage. Don’t wait to hire an attorney before deciding on your new purchase, be sure to interview them well in advance of the closing date.

Your Real Estate attorney should tell you what expenses you are likely to incur in connection with closing procedures, including:

Property Transfer Tax
legal fees
property tax

If you bought a new home from a builder, your Real Estate attorney can give you an informed estimate of how much you should budget for “hidden fees” such as:

Ontario New Home Warranty Registration Fee
Installation expenses for water and hydroelectricity meters
fencing charges
Qualifying Deposit Fees
much others

If all the conditions of the Agreement have been fulfilled and the Offer is firm, the lawyer proceeds to investigate the property title. Initial searches include:

utility searches
property tax searches
building searches, zoning and urbanism
registered title searches

The letters are sent by your lawyer:

to all municipal or regional utility departments to confirm there are no arrears or outstanding charges
to ensure that there are no conditional sales contracts, easements or unregistered agreements, encumbrances
to discover other liens affecting property or equipment left by Seller

Easements are a big problem and there are always stories written in the real estate newspapers and magazines about buyers who didn’t realize they weren’t allowed to put up fences or create a parking space because the inspection of the property they were on they worked didn’t work. It doesn’t actually show the city’s rights to access the property. Your attorney’s job is to make sure all of this is disclosed to you. Your attorney will also inform the utility departments of your name and scheduled closing date, and request that final meter readings be taken on the closing date so final bills can be sent to the Seller.

Your attorney requests a Tax Certificate to verify the amount of current year’s taxes and to inquire about arrears and outstanding tax charges. Your attorney will also write to the Department of Building and Zoning for full details on zoning laws, restrictions, and permitted uses (so you know if you can operate a business from your home or build a huge deck, for example). It is important that you send your attorney a copy of the property survey as soon as possible; If the seller has a survey, I’ll get it for you if it’s not already included in the offer documents. If there is no survey, tell your attorney so he can advise you how his interests can be protected through Title Insurance.

A Property Title Search is initiated at the Property Registry Office to ensure that the Seller is the true owner of the property, has the right to sell the property to you, and that the property is not subject to encumbrances, usurpations, easements . , liens, agreements or mortgages that were not disclosed in the Contract or Sale. You may have heard of fraud cases where people’s homes were sold by scammers who didn’t have title! This is where your attorney really earns his fee. This search must be completed by the Application Date (title search date) shown on your Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Other important duties of your attorney include:

Do a foreclosure search at the appropriate sheriff’s office to make sure there are no foreclosures against previous owners of the property that could affect your title.

Prepare and deliver a letter to the Seller’s attorney requesting that any items revealed in the initial searches be dealt with at or before closing.

Review the content of the Mortgage Commitment letter that your bank will prepare when you process your financing, and check with you the results of your signature.

Inform you of any closing day costs related to mortgage financing when your financial institution provides you with a Final Mortgage Commitment Letter.

If your attorney is also acting on behalf of the financial institution (which is often the case), he or she will prepare all necessary mortgage paperwork and submit this package to the financial institution for approval prior to closing:

– Certify the title of the property to the financial institution at the time of closing.

– Advise you of government programs designed to help homebuyers that would apply to you, including Land Transfer Tax Refund programs, Ontario Homeowner Savings Plans, RRSP plans, and information on CMHC’s 5% down payment.

– Inform your insurance broker of the name, address, telephone number and fax number of both your lawyer and the financial institution that grants your mortgage. Your attorney needs a letter confirming that insurance coverage is in effect at closing; This is very important because the bank will not advance the $ to close your purchase until they know you have homeowners insurance.

Lifestyle Fashion

Do you want to become a makeup artist? Learn about its advantages and disadvantages, remedial schools and courses

Makeup is used in various fields such as television, magazines, theater, photography, the cosmetic industry, and many more. Makeup artists change your appearance by applying cosmetics to your face. They make you look good and feel good. They change your overall personality. They can make you look younger or older. They can cover up your flaws. And so this profession is in great demand and popular especially in the field of television.

If you have decided that it is your profession, you should know its pros and cons, several makeup courses and schools available.

Advantages of being a makeup artist

• You don’t have to submit to a desk job from 9 to 6.

• You can start your business or work as a team. You don’t have to work for someone else.

• You meet different people on a daily basis and can develop your own network.

• Gives you an inner satisfaction of making people look good. You bring happiness to people.
• Allows you to experiment with your creative ideas.

• Results are fast

• You can meet celebrities and visit new places.

• This profession offers flexible work schedules.

Cons of being a makeup artist

• There are no working hours

• The competition is very tough

• Many think that the people who dedicate themselves to this profession are the type of people who “are good for nothing”.

• It takes time to develop a career in this profession

• It takes time to build your own network of customers.

How to become a makeup artist?

A formal certification in makeup artistry is not essential. You can become a makeup artist by learning the techniques yourself or you can go to a makeup school or you can work at a cosmetics company. If you want to learn it on your own, a lot of constant research is required. You should know what kind of makeup is in fashion. You should read books on the art of makeup, understand different styles. To train yourself, you can experience your makeup art on your friends. A certified makeup artist will always be preferable to others. So, there are many makeup schools that provide the necessary certification. Here you will get a formal education and training in this profession which will be very beneficial in the long run. By working at a cosmetics company, you will be exposed to various makeup products and their uses. You will also have the opportunity to apply makeup to your clients.

Makeup Courses

There are various courses available as part-time makeup; fashion and photography; stage, media and special effects; Diploma in fashion makeup, theater and media.

It is very easy to become a makeup artist, but if you want to master this art, take as many makeup courses as you can. It will improve your skills. This profession is very rewarding and is in high demand. Nowadays everyone wants to look beautiful.


4 things that need inspection before deciding on an apartment

cell phone reception

Cell phones are essential these days more than ever. Almost all people rely on these devices for a number of different reasons, from work, to communicating with family and friends, to keeping track of their daily tasks. However, if you find it difficult to use your phone due to poor signal, that’s a big deal. When touring the potential apartment, tenants should try to use their phone in all areas of the place to see if the reception is up to par and consistent.

Another thing that is equally important for everyone is Wi-Fi, there are landlords that include utilities such as water and heat in the rent, while others give rental incentives such as Wi-Fi and cable, so it is important to ask about the Wifi.

Water temperature and water pressure.

These are things that often go unnoticed but that tenants must deal with every day. Nothing could be worse than having extreme water pressure, which can be too strong or too soft, and unstable water temperature. They certainly won’t be able to take a shower as they go through the apartment, but they can turn on the faucet to test the temperature and pressure on their hands to see if they’re okay. In case there are any issues in this regard, they can check with the landlord or company to see if they can be fixed before moving out.

no pests around

Even if they are only renting an apartment, they consider it their home. However, insects and rodents, among other pests, also find their way in, making it a major problem for many people. It is very unhygienic and gross to have pets in an apartment. They have to take a look at the top and inside of their cabinets to see if they have feces. Also, it’s a good idea to check your baseboards and walls for any large holes or cracks as well.

If they are still not satisfied with this, they can ask the landlord for a copy of the latest pest control treatments performed on the apartment/building. It is stated in the lease if the unit/building had any pest problems because landlords disclose such information about their apartment for lease. Tenants must be willing to ask specific questions. Since this will be your home, there should be no pests.

Power outlets and electrical system

Many things in the home require a power outlet to work, including phones, chargers, and appliances, among others. When touring an apartment, try plugging a device into as many outlets as possible to make sure they work. If you can’t think of anything to bring, you can always stop by a nearby hardware store to pick up an electrical receptacle wall plug AC outlet ground tester. Its price ranges between $5 and $10. You can test the state of the circuit for each outlet in the apartment. Additionally, you can check all the lights in the apartment to make sure they can be turned on and off as needed. When they move without checking the outlets, they’ll be sorry when something doesn’t work when they need it most.