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Famous Fremont Street – Experience Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas, Nevada is the most famous gambling city in the world. The city of Las Vegas was used as a setting for several Hollywood movie and TV show productions. Since the early 1990s, Las Vegas Boulevard, also called the Strip, has become the center of tourism and gambling. Then many hotels and wellness centers opened their doors on the Strip. As a result, downtown Nevada hotel and casino managers decided to build a new attraction to make their hotels and casinos more attractive. As a result, the idea of ​​the Fremont Street Experiment (FSE) was born.

Fremont Street plays an important role in the history of gambling and entertainment in Las Vegas. In 1906, the first hotel in Las Vegas opened its doors: the Hotel Nevada. The Club del Norte obtained the first gaming license. Today, an association of ten downtown Nevada casinos and hotels manages the downtown FSE attraction. The largest casino and hotel complex in the FSE is the Golden Nugget. The area of ​​the casino for games is 38,000 square feet. Originally built in 1946, it was the first casino-designed building in Nevada. Over the past few years, the Golden Nugget has undergone renovations and is recently expanding its capacity with the construction of a new hotel tower. The world’s largest gold nugget found by a metal detector called the Hand of Faith (27.21 kilograms) is on display in the lobby of the Golden Nugget. It was established in 1980 by Kevin Hillier in Australia and was later sold to the Golden Nugget Las Vegas Casino.

The oldest and smallest hotel in the FSE is the Golden Gate Hotel and Casino. It was the first hotel to open in Las Vegas. In 1907, a year after the inauguration, the first telephone in the entire city was installed in the hotel, which was then called Hotel Nevada. So I had the phone number “1”. Since 1959 the main attraction of the casino, the shrimp cocktail, was invented. For the past 50 years, shrimp cocktail has become the main attraction at this FSE casino.

The world’s largest slot machine housed in a 40,000 square foot gaming area is the key attraction at Four Queens, another FSE Hotel and Casino. Since its opening in 1966, the casino has been expanded several times. The latest attraction is the opening of the first casino club in the city center.

The Fitzgeralds is another of the famous casinos in the Las Vegas casino city center. The hotel is located in a 34-story building on the FSE. The casino theme is “The Luck of the Irish” including the famous leprechaun mascot and shamrocks. Nearly 1,000 slot machines and 29 gaming tables are located in the 42,000-square-foot casino.

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How to have hypnotic body language

When I worked at a national newspaper after leaving university and heading to the gold-paved streets of London, the receptionist for the entire paper was also a model: at that stage of my life, I had never met anyone so attractive in my life. real. Every day she would come in and try to be nice, even try to be cool, and then I knew she had made a fool of herself!

Why did I react that way towards her? Why was it that she became so successful? Do you ever respond to people with a lack of confidence? And what about those other people from my school? My friend knew almost nothing about them as people, he had never heard them speak, but his success was not a surprise to him…

They all had a certain air about them, that without even opening their mouths, all these people could have a hypnotic effect on those around them. It is this hypnotic body language that I want to talk about today because it can help you achieve more and stand out more without really having to do much more than slightly alter your non-verbal communication. I’d like to share with you 3 ways that are key to improving your own success.

3 keys to hypnotic non-verbal communication:

1- Genuine smiles and real laughs: I remember as a child, when my parents would invite friends over for dinner, my mother would always tell me to make sure to smile and show my teeth when I smiled when guests arrived (I was never enough cheeky enough to snarl when I did, though I was tempted). My mother knew that, on an intuitive level, smiles produce positive reactions in people.

I’m talking about a real, authentic smile here. A smile that has come from the depths of you and that expresses happiness. A natural smile produces wrinkles around the eyes and face, insincere people smile only with their mouth. Genuine smiles often come from your unconscious mind, people can feel, see and feel that they are real. A real smile means that you smile with your whole face: the muscles of the mouth move, the cheeks lift, the eyes crinkle, and the eyebrows dip slightly.

So smile more. Also, smile with enthusiasm, fun and joy. He really smiles at the world.

The reason photographers use ‘cheese’ is because to say that word you have to pull your facial muscles back, but it often gives an insincere smile. How many photos have you seen that show that smiles are full of cheese and not genuine?

There is some scientific evidence to support the widely used saying “when you smile, the world smiles with you”.

Professor Ruth Campbell of University College London claims that there is a ‘mirror neuron’ in the brain that activates the neurology responsible for the recognition of facial expressions and is the cause of an instantaneous and unconscious mirror reaction. In other words, whether we realize it or not, we very often unconsciously mirror the facial expressions we see.

So if you smile a true and genuine smile more often, the people around you smile more genuinely, that means they feel good around you. You are creating a better immediate environment for yourself and those around you. How do you feel if you are walking down the street and see someone with one of those deeply unhappy or angry faces? Science has shown that the more you smile, the more positive reactions people give you.

Do you laugh more if you watch a funny movie with friends or alone? Robert Provine found that laughter was more than 30 times more likely in people in a social setting than when they were alone. He found that laughter has less to do with jokes and funny stories and more to do with building relationships. Laughter creates a bond.

When you smile (a genuine smile) at another person, they almost always smile back with a genuine smile of their own, which leads to really positive feelings in both you and them; by cause and effect. Create a cycle of well-being: you smile and they feel good, they smile back and you feel good, and so on.

Studies show that most encounters work better, last longer, have more positive outcomes, and dramatically improve relationships when you push yourself to smile and laugh regularly to the point where it becomes a habit. I guess you already knew all this, but are you really smiling that much? Recent research suggests that we smile 400% more as children. How often do you genuinely smile at the world today?

2- Confidence – Something that I obviously lacked when I was younger; embarrassingly responding to the Newspaper receptionist.

I remember seeing a documentary about a murdered schoolgirl in the UK. The girl’s parents gave a press conference to ask for help in capturing the murderer. It was the fall of the assassins. The manner in which the father communicated during this press conference led the police to suspect that he was investigating and ultimately obtained evidence that he killed his own daughter.

Many criminals are caught not because the clues point them out, but because they act guilty, self-conscious, and lack confidence. These feelings communicate enough for suspicion to arise.

When we are internally congruent and more importantly confident, our body language becomes confident and this is communicated to the world.

Psychologists tell us that we can change our attitudes by changing our physical actions. Therefore, adopting the physiology of confidence can help you appear and, in fact, be more confident. Think about how you hold your body when you are confident and keep it that way more often: cause and effect means that holding your body this way will make you feel more confident too.

I remember reading David Schwart’s brilliant book “The Magic of Thinking Big” a while ago and he gave me 3 brilliant tactics to improve confidence with just your body:

First of all, he recommended being a ‘front seat’. Whenever you go to theaters, classrooms, meetings or presentations, the last few rows always seem to fill up faster, don’t they? Most people go to the back so they are not too conspicuous and this often shows a lack of trust in that person. Start sitting up front today, comfortable in the sight of others, and develop the confidence to be there.

Second, making good natural eye contact says a lot about confidence. If someone avoids eye contact, we can begin to wonder what is wrong with him or what he has to hide; maybe even holding something back. Lack of eye contact can suggest that the person feels weak around you or is afraid of you in some way. Conquer this and force yourself to look the person in the eye, you don’t have to stare! It is enough to look into their eyes long enough to tell them that you believe in yourself, that you are honest, open, trusting and comfortable with who you are.

When you seem confident and believe in yourself, the other person tends to subconsciously agree with that view that there is something worth knowing about you: if you don’t feel confident or feel good about yourself, why not? should someone else be? This is communicated unconsciously beyond consciousness, often with those wise ‘gut feelings’.

The other great tip David Schwartz gave is to walk 25 percent faster. I know when I was taken to football games to see my beloved Nottingham Forest when I was young, my dad would always tell me to slow down because he was excited and excited about my destiny.

Psychologists associate slovenly posture and slow walking with unpleasant attitudes toward oneself, work, and the people around us. But psychologists also tell us that you can change your attitudes by changing your posture and speed of movement. The action of the body is the result of the action of the mind, and vice versa, as I have already said; cause and effect! The person with low morale drags his feet and literally stumbles through life with little confidence. In the same way, average people have an average walk. You can see it and feel it.

Confident people move deliberately, they have an important place to go, and they are going to be successful every time they get there. Open your chest, throw your shoulders back, hold your head up high, take pride in who you are, move a little faster and feel your confidence grow. It doesn’t have to be dramatic, just hold your body confidently.

3- The right side of the brain: Most people are right-handed and as such have all the emotional aspects of their experiences and lives stored in the right side of their brain and the motor responses and practical use of the brain exist in The left side. side of your brain.

Evolutionary psychologists debate this, most tend to believe that we all have six basic emotions. Everything else is a derivative of those. Those six core emotions are: Happiness. Surprise. Disgust. Fear. Anger. Sadness.

What is worth noting here is that only two of them are considered really good. If we’re honest with ourselves, only one is guaranteed to be good, right? With April Fool’s Day just over, I remember how much I ‘enjoy’ the surprise!

The vast majority of our emotions stored in our brains are unpleasant in some form. It is true, bad things tend to stand out much more in our minds than good things.

So if you’re going to respond to anyone’s right brain, you might be subconsciously associating yourself with all those emotions stored in the right brain. You don’t want to do that.

To use this information to help you in life then when you meet someone for the first time; position yourself so that they have to look slightly to the right to see you. Look into your right eye when you shake your hand. I believe in this to the point that my photo is on the right side of the page on my websites, in my offices I position my chair in such a way that my clients have to face slightly to the right when communicating, etc. .

So, there are three powerful things to keep in mind when it comes to improving your success and achievement levels without saying a word.

Notice how when you smile genuinely and enthusiastically; when you carry yourself with confidence and resonate with the right parts of the brain, you begin to resonate with the whole world much, much more progressively.


How to prepare for a dance competition

final simulations
This technique helps dancers dance their new routines back-to-back to music in a simulated competition environment. That allows dancers to build their stamina and hone their dance technique on their own without the stress of actual competition.

Mental preparation before the competition
Sometimes novice dancers don’t realize the importance of mental preparation for a dance competition. It is almost as important as physical preparation or perfecting routines. Clearing your mind and concentrating 100% on the dance competition may not be as easy as it seems. Clear your mind of all toxins and tap into your motivation before hitting the dance floor. A couple of yoga classes, an hour of meditation, or just a few hours of doing something other than dancing can do wonders for you.

The right motivation before a dance competition is almost as important as the way you dance. While dancing, many amateur dancers think too much about the technical aspects. They focus too much on their routines, moves, ranking and forget to have fun while dancing. It can often make the dancer look stiff and negatively affect her dance style. Judges can usually tell when this is happening, as it is so obvious to the trained eye. Try to keep technical thoughts just for training in the preparation phase. When it comes time for the competition, all you need to focus on is the joy of dancing. The reason all professional couples always seem to be having fun is simply because they really are. In many cases, this will help you dance better and make you look better.

Start your preparations well in advance
Try to keep your mind clear of last-minute problems before your competition. Finding the best competition dress for you can be time consuming and sometimes quite frustrating, especially if you waited until the last minute. Start preparing for your competition well in advance. You need to free your mind from unnecessary last-minute worries that can affect your performance. The only thing you need to focus on is the upcoming competition and your dance. Before the competition, stress levels rise. That’s why you need to find everything you need – a dance dress, dance shoes and accessories – well in advance. Sometimes dancers tend to get so engrossed in perfecting their routines that they leave all preparations to the last minute. And then, before they know it, they have no time left to find an appropriate ballroom dress. Very often it is very difficult to find a suitable competition dress and custom prom dresses usually take at least 3-4 weeks to be delivered from the time the order is placed. That’s why finding a quality plain, standard or latin dress should be one of your top priorities as you prepare for a dance event. Standard and plain ballroom dresses usually require more time for production.

The hair and makeup of the competition should not be underestimated either. It is recommended that you leave your prom makeup and hairstyle to professionals. Since professional salon hair and makeup artists are often very busy during competition days, you should book your hair and makeup appointment as soon as possible, at least a couple of weeks before the event.

Some of the best professional ballroom dancers say that more than 50% of a dancer’s success in competition depends on how they look on the dance floor. That involves the whole look: the dance costumes, followed by the hair and makeup of the competition. A good quality latin dress or standard dress can enhance a dancer’s performance and can be of crucial importance to her final ranking. Some of the best dancewear companies sell their prom dresses with matching accessories that can save you time and ultimately money.

In case you need to buy a new pair of court shoes before the competition, try not to do it at the last minute. Get your dance shoes at least two weeks before the competition so you can practice in them. Try to avoid buying a new brand or style of shoe that you haven’t worn before right before your competition. The same applies to the ball gown. It is recommended that you get your competition gown at least a week in advance so that you have enough time to practice in it and ensure that it fits you well and does not hinder your movements.

Nutrition and Diet
Believe it or not, your eating schedule in the last 2 weeks before a dance competition can be crucial to your success. A proper diet will give you the strength and stamina to perform great in your competition. On the contrary, a poor diet can negatively affect your performance.

Although your body’s definition, strength, and energy level are more a result of maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle, what you do in the last few weeks can significantly affect your dance routine performance.

It is strongly recommended that you avoid heavy foods that are high in fat and cholesterol. Switching only to high-protein foods or even starving yourself just before a dance competition is a very common mistake.

Let’s keep in mind that two weeks of eating properly cannot make up for years of eating unhealthy foods. Your best bet is that instead of trying to get the dancer’s body of your dreams in just a few weeks by pushing yourself to the limits of exhaustion, you should try to make the best of what you already have. Maintaining a positive nitrogen balance is crucial to your endurance, that is, your overall performance. Maintaining a high energy level is more important than having a leaner but tired body. However, maybe shedding a few pounds before a dance competition could help you feel better. It may not negatively affect your performance if done correctly. Remember that if you feel like you need to lose a few pounds before a competition, you should do it slowly and gradually. Losing too much weight in a short period of time does not lead to anything good. It is not recommended to lose more than a couple of pounds, in the last 2-3 weeks just before your event.

Two weeks before the competition
– Keep fat intake to a minimum.
– Increase carbohydrate intake in the morning. Good sources of carbohydrates are: brown rice, whole grains, vegetables and pasta.
– Increase protein intake in the evenings. Good natural sources of protein are: fish, white meat chicken, egg whites.
– Drink tons of water. Water helps body sales dissolve fat faster than anything else. Along with that, water keeps you hydrated and energized.
– Avoid salt. Salt contains sodium, and sodium keeps water in the body. Which makes you feel heavy and makes your face look puffy.
– Take lots of vitamins. Made through natural sources: organic fruits and vegetables.

Right before the competition
– Make sure you eat something small. Dancing on a full stomach is almost as bad as dancing on an empty stomach. If you don’t eat anything, you run the risk of not having energy on the dance floor when you need it most. An energy bar or cereal bar will do.
– Drink a glass of water. You don’t want your stomach to be too full or dehydrated on the dance floor. Dehydration can be very dangerous and can lead to muscle cramps or even fainting.
– Light dinner before 20:00 the night before, lie down for 7 hours, sleeping more will make you feel sleepy in the morning. An energetic breakfast, a protein bar, a glass of water + some coffee can boost your energy before the competition. Avoid eating too much in the morning right before a competition.

Stretching and Warm-up
A good warm-up and stretching is very important before entering the dance floor. Try not to overload your body and keep your energy for the dance floor. Practicing intensively the night before your competition is not recommended. You can insult yourself or burn out. It is recommended that you try to relax and emotionally prepare yourself for the important day.

learn to move on

Every ballroom professional knows how important it is to always move in a dance routine. Even if you make a mistake, waste time, miss steps, get in the way of another couple or fall, keep going and keep dancing like nothing happened. It can even help you hide some small mistakes and make them unnoticeable for both the judges and the audience.

Don’t let one mistake affect the rest of your dance performance. Learning to keep your focus on your next dance steps and routine can put you one step ahead of your competition.

Many amateur dancers tend to believe that a mistake they made would put a negative mark on the rest of their performance, which is not necessarily the case.


Why Your Business Should Consider Invoice Factoring Financing

Many businesses today are unsure if invoice factoring financing is right for them. The reality, though, is that if you’re running a business that issues 30+ days worth of bills to customers, you really should still keep your back pocket in mind. Why? Because it can give you immediate access to the income you earned from sales.

The first is the first. Before you can understand why you should use invoice factoring financing, you need to know what it is. By nature, most people hesitate when it comes to the unknown. So one of the main reasons people don’t consider this option is because they don’t know what it means. However, the concept of factoring is quite simple. Invoice factoring is a form of asset-based financing in which a third-party lender, called a factor, offers cash in exchange for unpaid invoices at a discounted value. Once the customer pays the invoice, the business owner receives the remaining value of the invoice, less the factor’s fees.

There are many benefits to using invoice factoring financing. First, it’s fast! This is perfect for any fast growing business. Cash flow is a big issue for growing businesses using bill pay. Expenses are rising and you really can’t afford to wait 30-90 days for payments from your customers. Even if you’re not experiencing rapid growth, there will likely come a time when capital demands increase and your cash flow shrinks. Quick access to income during these periods is a significant advantage.

Another great benefit of invoice factoring financing is the flexibility it offers. With more traditional financing methods, there isn’t much you can do to control the outcome because historical data weighs heavily in determining how much, if any, capital you receive. However, with factoring you can choose which invoices you want to factor based on the amount of cash you need and the reliability of that specific customer.

Before making a deal with a factoring company, there are some risks that you should consider. Keep in mind that invoice factoring financing is meant to be a short-term solution. For larger financing needs that require long payment terms, look at other options. You also need to know if your contract includes recourse or non-recourse factoring. In recourse factoring, the business owner is liable if a customer fails to pay their invoice. Non-recourse factoring means that the factoring company bears the risk of non-payment.

In short, invoice factoring financing is an ideal solution for businesses that need a quick, short-term solution to their cash flow problems.

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Why granite kitchen countertops?

Many Americans have found granite kitchen countertops to be the ideal surface choice for their kitchen countertop and islands. If you’re like many Americans, chances are you’re planning to remodel your kitchen in the near future, including replacing worn and outdated kitchen countertops. In previous years, you were limited to painted, vinyl-coated, or synthetic options that would be susceptible to cracking, peeling, burning, and other staining.

Fortunately, today’s modern homeowner has the option of choosing to install granite kitchen countertops. Long used to enhance and beautify building exteriors, they have been made indoors with spectacular results. There are several benefits to choosing this natural stone countertop over the types available in the past and even now. These include:

– Granite countertops add a sophisticated and luxurious look to any kitchen. Available in many colors, each and every piece of granite used for countertops is unique and comes in a wide variety of veins, swirls, and crystal patterns. Unlike dyed synthetics, granite has a consistent color throughout the particular piece you choose. An added bonus is that sunlight often reflects off the tiny crystals it contains, resulting in minute changes in the appearance of the stone throughout the day, adding to the overall richness and to the kitchen environment.

– Granite kitchen countertops are easier to care for and more kid-friendly than other surfaces. They are naturally more stain resistant, scratch resistant, hot items such as hot pans, griddles, deep fryers and toaster ovens placed on granite countertops do not create burns or leave carbon marks on them, and can stretch dough and make you shop at them. Granite is easy to clean, and regular soap and warm water will do the job just fine. Unlike other materials, granite is a material for sanitary countertops as it does not promote the growth of bacteria by harboring the germ in the pores like synthetic or painted materials do.

– unlike synthetic or painted surfaces, granite kitchen countertops with minor damage can be repaired without having to replace the entire piece. If another type of countertop is damaged, the homeowner may have to bear the added expense of replacing the entire surface. In some cases, the DIYer can demand repairs without having to enlist the help of a professional, giving results that look just as good.

However, they can be expensive. Although they initially cost a bit more, granite kitchen countertops are incredibly affordable and more than make up for the initial cost in terms of durability, ease of use, and luxurious appearance. They also add value to your property, especially in terms of resale value. You may very well find that those granite countertops you’re enjoying five years from now can be a major selling point.

When it comes to countertop options, it’s easy to see why this natural stone choice is so popular with homeowners. By choosing it, you’ll enjoy the beautiful appearance, strength, durability, ease of maintenance, and familiar attributes that only a granite kitchen countertop offers.


How Volkswagen is achieving its environmental goals through the “Think Blue” philosophy

Volkswagen is on a mission to be the world’s largest automaker while maintaining a commitment to being environmentally and socially conscious. Since 1995, when the automaker set out a set of principles that it wanted to achieve, VW has worked diligently to achieve those goals. In summary, VW as a company has committed to:

  • keep your impact on the environment as small as possible
  • offer high-quality cars that are compatible with the environment, efficient, safe and comfortable
  • research and development of environmentally efficient products, processes and concepts for individual mobility
  • continually improve its policies, cars and production sites to be more environmentally friendly
  • follow its stated environmental policy
  • maintain a dialogue with customers, distributors, political authorities and the public
  • train your employees in environmental practices

VW Think Blue Commitment to ecology in action

In a field that relies on significant amounts of energy to make a product that relies on a continuous supply of energy to function, VW is a recognized leader in its green efforts.

Here are some examples of how the company continually brings its written policies to life:

  • In 2006, JD Powers included the Volkswagen Golf, Jetta and New Beetle on its list of green cars based on fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions. Since then, Volkswagen has been committed to offering fuel-efficient, low-emission “BlueMotion” vehicles that are the most economical models in their class. VW vehicles that offer Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) in diesel models, the Golf, Jetta and Polo, represent BlueMotion in action. VW’s TSI technology for gasoline engines aims to to maximize power from a smaller displacement while limiting fuel consumption.
  • Once criticized in Europe for the levels of CO2 emissions emitted by its cars, Volkswagen carried out an ecological restructuring in 2012 that commits the company to reduce the exhaust gas emission and fuel consumption of its entire European fleet of new cars. to 95 g/km by 2020. The company announced major planned investments to help it achieve these goals, along with its goal of improving environmental sustainability at each of its facilities worldwide by 25%.

Think blue, factory

  • With the announcement of its “Think Blue” slogan in 2012, VW committed to making cars 25% more environmentally friendly by 2018 in factories that follow green manufacturing practices. For employees, “Think Blue, Factory” is an opportunity to get involved as the company plans to honor workers who come up with ideas to reduce energy use at work.
  • VW’s production plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was awarded a 2013 Green Power Leadership Award by the EPA for its use of renewable energy at the plant. As EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy points out, “By investing in green energy on-site, Volkswagen Chattanooga is generating cleaner electricity and reducing harmful carbon pollution, and providing a shining example of an organization that thrives on innovation and The sustainability”.

think blue future

  • The company is always testing the next best green option. It is currently producing a small number of the VW XL1, a hybrid powered by an 800cc diesel engine, electric motor and battery pack that will deliver 313 miles per gallon. Priced at nearly $150,000, the vehicle isn’t intended for mass production, but it does show how a commitment to green vehicles could work. The company is also working on its 7-seat CrossBlue SUV to introduce strong ecology to the large car market.

Volkswagen’s commitment to the environment is serious and ongoing, even as it aspires to be the number one car manufacturer in the world.

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Are you electronically filing your right-of-way paperwork?

Managing a right-of-way (ROW) project that spans multiple states and estimating the associated cost and schedule has long been a complex problem. Enormous effort is usually spent on gathering and researching information, negotiating, and ultimately ensuring compliance with laws to record the transaction. Standardizing and maintaining common practices across the organization, especially those that operate in multiple states and support multiple internal processes, pose additional challenges. More exciting is integrating a ROW management system with the company’s financial asset, imaging and payables management systems. As ROW’s knowledgeable staff retire or move, more and more companies are realizing the high cost of retaining the knowledge base and transitioning to the new workforce, especially in light of internal and external processes. constantly changing. This is a rapidly growing concern given the impending retirement of baby boomers from the workforce.

Today, with many e-Government and electronic filing initiatives, some of these pains will go away. This article discusses a fairly standard way of obtaining rights of way and the significant savings that come with electronic document management, workflow automation, and electronic collaboration with government agencies. Using an electric power company as an example, this article shows how an end-to-end ROW procurement process can be managed.

A lifestyle

Traditionally, the first activity with a ROW project is to develop a budget and schedule estimate. This estimate has multiple components and its accuracy varies depending on the experience level of ROW staff and the quality of information available to them. The cost of ownership, labor, documentation and legal fees are certainly key factors on the minds of project managers. Large projects are more vulnerable to budget overruns due to the size and complexity involved. On large projects, a project manager leads a team of agents who coordinate various activities such as surveying, negotiating with owners, and perhaps the painful condemnation or expropriation process. This team of agents is responsible for completing easement documents that comply with local and state laws. To add to the complexity, each local and state government has specific dictated formats depending on the particular type of property owner (corporation, person), notarial clauses, etc. In addition, the team must select from several alternate routes and easements, then file documents with status and multiple recipients, and distribute reports.

A plethora of paperwork

These legal recordable documents are complex and vary widely by state and type of owner. Added to this is another set of internal forms and several letters sent to owners and other interface bodies. This process requires a great deal of effort and expertise for an agent to understand and complete the required paperwork within the utility, not to mention all the permutations of state and local government formats.

Despite expensive training or recruitment of specialized skill sets, document generation is error-prone and time-consuming. If the document is submitted incorrectly, late, or incorrectly, the cost and potential liability of these errors are significant. Although the agent negotiates with the property owner to define the proper legal documents, the project manager must deal with the resulting responsibilities. At a minimum, wasted time slows down an already cumbersome process and delays project completion. Missing approvals and other document errors can be catastrophic for the project.

For the utility industry, there are no uniform document standards across various state, county, and local governments, resulting in hundreds of potential legally recordable documents, letters, and forms. Complex legal disputes, especially around expropriation processes, can take a long time, sometimes years. Incorrect or late submissions may result in penalties and further delays. As project managers can coordinate multiple projects at the same time, each with multiple agents in different geographic areas under varying state and local requirements, it is clear that the Right of Way workflow is an issue that requires optimization.

Health Fitness

My opinion on cardio

My personal beliefs in cardio are very varied. I find that cardio does a lot of different things to my body; some affect me well and others don’t affect me as much. I will share with you my personal experience with cardio.

First of all, you better explain what cardio is. Cardio in my books is any activity that lasts for a long period of time (say 10 minutes) that uses large amounts of energy. This could be anything from running on a treadmill, jumping rope, or even doing manual labor. I will say that some of the best cardio sessions I have ever been involved in were climbing stacks of shingles up a ladder all day! Other people’s opinion may differ and not include outside work, but it all does the same thing – burns calories. However, for the purposes of this article, I will be talking about cardiovascular exercise that is done in the gym.

The Good: Cardio is the healthiest exercise you can do for your body. I have no doubt in my mind about this as it is what strengthens your heart. You can live without bulging biceps, but you have absolutely no luck without a good heart. I recommend doing cardio every day, even if it’s just for ten minutes. Go for a run on the treadmill in the morning to start your day, or go for a thirty-minute walk after work to get your heart rate up a bit. Cardio is always necessary, even if some of us don’t like it (including me). Where some people seem to get confused is in the amount of cardio they should be doing. Let me explain:

If you’re trying to get bigger, you should do a little less cardio, especially if you’re having trouble eating enough to do it. To gain size, you must be in a caloric surplus (eating more calories than you burn in a day). If you’re doing large amounts of cardio while trying to gain weight, you’ll need to eat more. While I’ve never had a problem with my appetite, I know plenty of people who do. They keep their cardio to a minimum when trying to bulk up because they have trouble consuming enough calories. I also recommend doing cardio after weight training in this situation. I’m a firm believer that weights should come first, so you can put your best effort into them. Long-distance cardio exercises, like running on a treadmill, don’t require much effort, so they can be done after lifting weights. There is also another secret that I strongly believe in. Since I know everyone eats breakfast before lifting weights (if you don’t read my blog post about eating breakfast before lifting weights), you get additional benefit from your workout by doing cardio afterwards. Because doing cardio increases blood flow and blood supply to your muscles, you can more easily get the nutrients your overworked muscles need. This will help your muscles get stronger and repair faster. In my personal experience, it hurts less when I do cardio after a workout than when I don’t. Honestly, it’s pretty amazing. In my personal experience, when I’m bulking up, I like to do 10 minutes of cardio 5 days a week (I only do weight lifting Monday through Friday). Sometimes I do more on the weekend, but I have an appetite to make up for it.

Second, you may be trying to lose weight. In this case, I recommend more cardio. As I mentioned in some of my previous articles, calories vs. calories out is the name of the game for weight loss. You should consume fewer calories than you burn in a day. This is where cardio really shines in the eyes of most people. Take, for example, someone like me who loves to eat (I really do love to eat; it can be a real problem when trying to diet). If I need to consume 2,000 calories to lose weight, I can simply eat 2,500 calories and do 500 calories of cardio to hit my 2,000 calorie mark. Quite simply, doing cardio while trying to lose weight helps them feel more satisfied throughout the day. Instead of eating nothing but salad, throw a baked potato into the mix (potatoes are loaded with potassium, by the way, which helps reduce the chance of muscle cramps). All you have to do is increase your cardio to reach your weight loss goals! Don’t get out of control though, as I wouldn’t recommend doing more than 30 minutes of cardio every day. When I’m trying to get back in shape for the summer, I usually do about 20 minutes of cardio every day of the week. I run at a decent pace (normally around 6 miles per hour), but I feel like that’s a lot of cardio. If I engage in any extra cardio I tend to feel very drained as my body cannot recover as well in a calorie deficit.

I also forgot to mention that your cardio pace also makes a big difference when calculating my recommended times. If you prefer walking for cardio, you can do it much longer than my recommended times, since you burn far fewer calories per minute. You will have to go longer than my recommended times to achieve the same results. Another thing to note is dealing with daily activities. If you’re a construction worker, you’ll probably need to do little or no additional cardio to achieve the desired results. If you’re trying to gain weight and stay healthy, I’d say it’s probably a good thing. If you’re trying to lose weight, you may need extra cardio, but not much.

Again, as I always like to point out, none of this is gospel. Results will vary depending on your body, but I think this is a great guide to start with. Stay safe and happy lifting!

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Family Feud: a fun game also for children

Camp Med, a licensed day care program and summer camp sponsored by the City of South Pasadena, asked me to give a presentation to our campers about the upcoming Summer Olympics, as I would be leaving for Beijing shortly to work on the games. I thought if I just talk and the kids just listen, it might get a bit boring. So instead I proposed an Olympic family feud.

The campers were divided into 4 groups. Each winning group would receive a prize. The way it worked is that it would ask a question and give a specific group a chance to respond. Unlike Family Feud TV, where only one person can participate, anyone in the group can participate here. Then the team leader would try to write the best answer. If the answer was wrong, the question would go to the next group. If a group was noticeably weaker, they would get the easier questions.

What struck me is how engaged the children were. You could see the wheels turning. They began to think. They wanted to give the correct answer. They wanted to win. They were having fun and so were the other counselors.

The questions that were asked required different skills, memory, reasoning and also listening (which he had talked about all summer). Thanks to the internet, it was very easy to ask questions as there are multiple sites for trivia, kids and information.

When I came back from the Olympics, the children were very interested in my experience. It was as if the Olympic family feud had opened the door for them to be aware of and interested in the Olympics. The event was such a success that we will be following it up with a Halloween Family Feud. For Halloween Family Feud, more jokes and questions will be included with an element of levity. And there will be more questions that our younger children will be able to answer.

The questions (with answers) of both family disputes are attached:

olympic family feud

1. Where am I going tomorrow?


2. The J in Beijing, how is it pronounced?

ace to z

3. How far is Beijing from Los Angeles?

6300 miles

4. China is the third largest country in the world. What is the world’s largest country?


5. What is the second largest country in the world?


6. Which country is expected to win the most medals at the Summer Olympics?


7. Where were the last Olympic Games?

Turin, Italy

8. Which country won the most medals at the Winter Olympics in Italy?

Germany (29)

9. The United States won the second most medals. How many medals did the United States win in Italy?


10. Who is shooting to win 8 gold medals and what sport is he in?

Michael PhelpsSwimming

11. Dara Torres is on the US Olympic swim team. How old is she?


12. Why have so many world swimming records been set in recent months?

The swimsuit: Speedo’s LZR Racer.

13. Which women’s sport will no longer be in the Olympics after this year?


14. Why don’t some of the athletes go to the Opening Ceremonies?

To avoid air pollution

15. What kind of work do I do at the Olympics?

Ticket Sales

16. Name this famous person that I gave Olympic tickets to in Korea in 1988? Key 1; She lives in California and is over 50 years old. Clue 2: She has been in science fiction movies. Clue 3: She received weightlifting tickets.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

17. Name this famous person that I gave Olympic tickets to in Spain in 1992. Hint 1: He lives in California and is over 60 years old. Clue 2: He appeared in one of the Batman movies. Clue 3: He received basketball tickets.

Jack Nicholson

18. How many Olympics have I worked on?


19. Name a Summer Olympic event that many people find better to watch on television than to see it in person.

Gymnastics, diving, water polo

20. Where will the next Olympic Games be?

Vancouver, Canada

21. What year?


22. In which country did the Olympic Games originate more than 2700 years ago?


23. When I was a 12-year-old boy, at the Mexico City Olympics, I was present when Bob Beamon completely broke a world record. He broke the previous world record so much that Sports Illustrated named him 1 of the 5 greatest sports moments of the 20th century. In what sport did he break the record? Hint: It was in athletics.

Bob Beamon set a long jump world record with a jump of (29 feet 2½ inches). It was one of the most amazing feats in the history of the Olympics. He broke the record by more than 21 inches. Since then it has been called the perfect jump.

24. What Olympic moment did Sports Illustrated call the greatest sports moment of the 20th century? Hint: It happened at a Winter Olympics. Clue 2: It involved the United States

In 1980 in Lake Placid, a group of amateur and college hockey players from the US defeated the best professional hockey team in the world, the Soviet Union, 4-3. Since then, this has been called the Miracle on Ice.

Halloween Family Feud

1. In what year did the first Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoon appear?

1924? 500 BEFORE CHRIST? 2004? 500 BEFORE CHRIST? 1945? (this) The Middle Ages?

2. Which famous movie character did Boris Karloff play?


3. What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?


4. What famous movie character was played by Bela Lugosi?


5. How much does the world’s largest pumpkin weigh? A: 245 pounds, B: 485 pounds, C: 685 pounds, D: 1,385 pounds (east)

6. What famous movie character was played by Lon Chaney Jr.? Hint: Michael J. Fox also played this character.

The werewolf

7. According to those silly and scary movies, when do werewolves come out?

on full moons

8 What do birds give away on Halloween night?


9. How are the bodies that are wrapped in cloth and kept in tombs known?


10. In folklore, a witch is known as?


11. As a Halloween gift, which chocolate bar do children like best?


12. According to legend, which Halloween creature usually has all of the following: a single eyebrow, tattoos, and a long middle finger?

A: a werewolf (this one), B: a vampire, C: a witch, D: a golem

13. If you were to draw a witch, what specific element would you like to include on her face?


14. Several famous sci-fi and horror movies were filmed in South Pasadena, name 1:

or Back to the Future (1985)

o Back to the Future Part II (1989)

o Back to the Future Part III (1990)

Halloween (1978)

Halloween II (1981)

o Halloween: 25 years of terror (2006)

or Night of Hell (1981)

o Jurassic Park III (2001)

o Prom Night (2008)

o Scream 2 (1997)

o Teen Wolf (1985)

Terminator, The (1984)

15. What is the favorite dessert of the monsters?


16. Name 1 of the 5 most popular Halloween costumes for kids last year (2007)?

Princess (10.7%)

Spider-Man (4.8%)

Pirate (4.7%)

Witch (4.2%)

Fairy (2.8%)

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Shanghai – A city of many faces

Shanghai is easily divided into three main parts: the Old City; the old French, British and American concessions; and Pudong, the New Shanghai. While older city structures tend to reflect typically older or more traditional Chinese culture, Pudong projects its vision of Shanghai with towering skyscrapers and bright lights. Wherever you stay, in traditional or new luxury hotels, Shanghai promises that you will experience a city where past and present coexist.

Architectural Contrasts

In Shanghai, the architecture reflects the trends and culture of the time. The Bund is, however, the best place to visit and see the range of popular international styles from the 1920s and 1930s. In the construction of its banks, theaters and luxury hotels, Shanghai saw a preference for the Art Deco style. This is particularly true of Palmer and Turner’s Peace Hotel and L. Hudec’s Park Hotel.

In parts of the Old City, the international aspect never gained ground. Art Deco was not common, but traditional Shikumen (old stone gatehouse) houses remain. The same thing happens with temples and markets. In Xintiandi, renovation and restoration has modernized the Shikumen, turning them into trendy bars, chic shops and high-end restaurants.

Across the river, a different kind of architecture is developing. This is the Shanghai of the future. In Pudong, the buildings and towers are conspicuous and eye-catching. They reflect the new Shanghai. The Oriental Pearl Tower is the tallest of its kind in Asia, while the silver-colored Jinmao Tower is a wonderfully elegant and luxurious 88-story hotel. The Shanghai World Financial Center is also located in Pudong. Built in 2008, it rises 101 stories. This impressive structure includes the Skywalk, an observation deck and the tallest hotel in the world: the Park Shanghai Hyatt.

Museums – Big and Small

The value of a city can often be judged by how well it cares for and presents its past. While it boasts high-end shopping, lively entertainment, beautiful architecture, and luxury hotels, Shanghai also allows visitors a glimpse into the city’s past. It even provides a look at different aspects of the city’s cultural history.

A visit to the city is not complete without taking time to admire all that the Shanghai Museum at People’s Square has to offer. Among the more than 120,000 pieces there are truly unique items. Sancai ceramic figurines (3 colors) are exquisite in design and representation. Shang bronzes include some wonderful objects of specialized crafts and art. At the Jade Gallery, you can wander among delicately carved jade pieces. Some date back to the 31st century CBE. Exhibits include ornate and skillfully rendered artifacts ranging from the Neolithic period to the Quing dynasty.

Shanghai is home to other smaller and often curious museums. One of the most intriguing local museums is the Shanghai Jewish Refugee Museum. You can locate it in Changyang Road, Hongkou District. The 1927 structure originally housed the Ohel Moshe Synagogue. During the 1930s and into the period of World War II, the Synagogue was the place of worship for many of the Jewish refugees seeking safety from the ongoing massacre. Shanghai, unlike other cities and countries, did not reject the Jews. In fact, it welcomed approximately 25,000.

Today, the synagogue is a reminder of an important part of Shanghai’s Jewish past and history. The former Prime Minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin, visited the Museum in 1993. He admired the various cultural relics, including ancient scrolls. However, he also came to thank the people of Shanghai for doing what so many other peoples and nations had failed to do.

Entertainment that delights

You can find entertainment in many of the city’s luxury hotels. Shanghai, however, welcomes visitors with a variety of places and forms of entertainment. They reflect Shanghai’s heritage as traditional and Western-influenced living offerings for your attention. See the incredible and world famous Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe at Shanghai Circus World or the Shanghai Center Theater. The Peace Hotel offers traditional New Orleans jazz every night, while at Babyface, the popular and trendy nightclub, visitors can people watch and listen to more popular music.

If you are a fan of opera, consider trying Chinese opera. The Yifu Theater offers classic examples of this stylized form of traditional music. Meanwhile, the Heluting Concert Hall hosts classical and chamber music performances, while the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra is on stage in the modern, butterfly-shaped Shanghai Oriental Art Center.

Jazz and blues are alive in Shanghai. Visit the Cotton Club, the J2 Club or even the House of Blues and Jazz. Alternatively, you can consult a local guide and find any number of modern techno, indie, or popular music venues.