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Happy Birthday Las Vegas – You’ve come a long way, baby!

Las Vegas is celebrating its 100th birthday this year.

What would it take to attract people to a barren, dusty, brown part of the country? A land auction began, in May 1905 a parcel of Clark’s Las Vegas Town site could be purchased for $200.00, these were exceptionally far-sighted people if you ask me. First of all, can you imagine being in Las Vegas in the early 1900s without air conditioning? This was not a discovery of these “resistant” pioneers. Just a year later Miller’s Hotel was built and the fever was running because, after all, people now had a place to stay. Miller’s was on the corner of Fremont and Main. Today, renamed The Golden Gate Hotel, in deference to the earthquake that nearly destroyed San Francisco in 1906, it still sits on the corner of Fremont and Main and they still serve their signature “99-cent shrimp cocktail,” which is a gamble a lot. better than it was in those days.

Las Vegas was incorporated in 1911, gambling, drinking and prostitution were made illegal…but divorce wasn’t and in the 1920’s tourist ranches started popping up around Reno the rich and famous could take up residence for six weeks and “disengage” from whatever partner they may have had. This was the ad that began to put Nevada in the spotlight.

Another big draw came when gambling was legalized in the early 1930s. The government began work on Hoover Dan, bringing thousands of workers to the area. Just think of being stuck in the middle of the desert with nothing to do with your money, so bars and casinos have been thoughtfully provided.

In the early 1940s, what would become known as “The Strip” was a 3-mile stretch of Highway 91, on the new highway to and from California. El Rancho was the first casino to open in 1941 on what would later become known as “The Strip.” Its address was Highway 91, Las Vegas Nevada with its “Opera House” theater restaurant and “Monte Carlo” casino…and also in 1941, El Cortez opened in what is now downtown Las Vegas. The Cortez advertised that they were “big enough to serve you, small enough to love.” How’s that for an advertising slogan? They also touted a cafe, casino, cocktail lounge and bar, and full dinners from $2.95. Meanwhile, back on “The Strip,” New Frontier opened in 1942 and The Flamingo, Bugsy Siegel’s dream, opened in 1946. Las Vegas it was on his way.

The next major milestone for Nevada was the atomic bomb test, which brought scores of tourists to Las Vegas in the 1950s. They also discovered Las Vegas, along with the mushroom clouds. Vegas Vic, the neon cowboy on Fremont Street simply waved them inside.

The 1960s were the glamorous days in Vegas, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis and the Rat Pack ruled supreme. The days of cigarettes and martinis (not today’s glorified watered-down ones), but the real thing, where even a drop of vermouth might be too much! All dressed in beautiful clothes; it was the order of the day, no jeans, no shorts, just elegance and sophistication. Neither children! Sinning was in full swing, maybe not quite as it would become in the 1970s, but maybe more exciting than even today. The lounge lizards were in attendance too, nothing could beat sitting in the lounges after the last main show and watching Louis Prima, Keeley Smith or Sam Buterra. It was truly a special moment in Las Vegas history. Before mega hotels or resorts, before corporations. Great deals on food and rooms.

The 1970s marked the beginning of the “new era” of Las Vegas. Circus Circus opened in 1968, built a 15-story, 400-room hotel tower and 850-seat showroom that opened in 1972. The 1,500-room International Hotel opened in 1971, only to be sold to Hilton. It reopened in 1973 as the MGM Grand Hotel. The MGM Grand had a newly constructed 26-story tower that housed 2,084 rooms and with 2.5 million square feet and a 2,000-seat showroom it set the new standard in the definition of a mega-resort. Nothing was as exciting as arriving under the marquee with thousands of lights on. Corporate money had entered the picture. The ’70s also marked the beginning of Elvis’s days and his long-term performances.

In the 1980s, a new name burst onto the scene in the guise of Steve Wynn, ushering in a wave of luxury hotels and casinos the likes of which the world had never seen. The Mirage opened in 1989 and Steve Wynn’s name went down in history.

Baby Boomers with kids in tow in the 1990s thought it would be a lot of fun to take their kids to Las Vegas. Hotels responded and built “kid-friendly” attractions. Wet n Wild water slides, cartoon characters, huge swimming pools, and video arcades ushered in the “age of kids.” Hello, what was everyone thinking? If you’re pushing baby strollers, you sure aren’t gambling and it’s changed the atmosphere from exciting and different to the old hometown. The Bellagio Hotel (another Steve Wynn masterpiece) opened in 1998 (with the distinction of being the most expensive hotel, at the time) barring anyone under the age of 18 who weren’t registered hotel guests. The Stratosphere hotel (tallest building west of the Mississippi) opened in 1996. 1997 brought New York, New York with its roller coaster. Mandalay Bay opened in 1999 with 3,300 rooms. In 1999, phase one of the Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino opened with 3,036 suites. And in 1999 he opened the Paris Las Vegas Casino.

Rod Stewart, Bette Middler and Tina Turner, Las Vegas “Boy Wonder” Wayne Newton and other notable stars ushered in the millennium.

With the long-awaited opening of Wynn Las Vegas, Steve Wynn scores again with a new level of opulence. This may not be the biggest hotel in town, but it’s the only one with a full-service Ferrari and Maserati dealership and its own museum. and art collection. Wynn also boasts a 100-foot mountain overlooking a 3-acre lake, what must Howard Hughes be thinking?

The turn of the century has brought Las Vegas back to its senses, once again sin is present, the main attraction is alive and well! Who knows what the next hundred years will bring?

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Mobile App Development Trends in 2017

With the advent of mobile technology, customers in today’s world are constantly on the go. People have become extremely tech-savvy these days, and thinking about the world around us is simply not possible without our smartphones. From hotel reservation to ticket booking, from shopping to banking, from booking a taxi to paying utility bills, almost everything is available at our fingertips, courtesy of mobile apps. Yes, as the mobile industry advances, the demand for mobile applications is going viral. People have started to understand the benefits of using the different mobile apps and this explains why mobile apps are so important these days.

While 2016 turned out to be an action-packed year for mobile development companies, the trend is expected to continue in 2017 as well. So let’s take a quick look at some of the top mobile app development trends in 2017:

Application of hybrid technologies: Hybrid app technologies are just like any other mobile app you’ll find on your phone or even in the Play Store. These are like some of those cool apps built with a combination of different web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, where you can play games or connect with people through social media, take photos, schedule your tasks, keep track of your health and do much more. These apps can access certain built-in capabilities of your device, such as losing contacts, camera, gallery, messages, etc., and behave like the native equivalent of a device.

Electronic government application: The Indian government is ready to make its dream of “Digital India” a reality, and this is ringing the bell for mobile app development companies. The government has recently launched a series of mobile applications ranging from education to agriculture and health care to e-government, and plans to launch more such applications next year.

Business Applications: Business applications are business applications that help the organization solve business-related problems. Common examples of such applications are automated billing system, email marketing system, checkout, content management, ERP, human resource management, messaging and collaboration systems, etc. Mobile app development companies these days are gradually moving to cloud computing. This is the latest trend in enterprise application development, where the company moves some or all of its infrastructure to an Internet-based (cloud) type of computing where services are delivered directly to computers and devices are delivered online.

GPS-enabled applications: Global Positioning System (GPS) applications are on the rise these days. It helps to determine the position of a person, navigate from one place to another, track the movement of our packages, create maps of the world, etc. Some of the top mobile app development companies are completely focused on creating apps with high accuracy GPS technology which are widely used all over the world in various industries viz. mining, aviation, marine and even military.

Messaging apps: Mobile messaging app development trends are replacing the traditional way of text messaging. User-friendly messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Hike, and Viber not only offer free messaging, but also allow voice calls, video calls, and file sharing options. However, based on technology trends in 2017, chat bots are perceived to be the new form of messaging apps.

Mobile payment application: Digital wallets are the latest mobile app development trend in 2017. Instead of making cash payments at the store counter or having to swipe your credit card, all you need to do is shake your smartphone or tap on it. the machine and your payment will be done! This application will store all the information related to your payments and credit cards. Simply link your credit or debit card to your Google account and let this amazing payment app take care of the rest!


Free Domain Name Registration – A Boon For Small Business Owners

Small business owners (SBOs) are very indispensable in today’s world, therefore they are very vital to any economy. However, with the demand for online presence by SBOs increasing day by day, many of them may not take full advantage of the various offers available online, including free domain name registration. While some of them may have taken the wrong approach to registering their free domains, others have misconceptions about the idea.

If you are a small business owner and you want free domain name registration to be a boon to you, it is very important that you use the right approach. It is interesting to note that not all free domain names are good for a small business owner. You need to make sure you get a free Top Level Domain (TLD) and not a subdomain. A TLD consists of a name and its extension (eg ‘’, where .com is the extension), while a subdomain is derived from a TLD (eg ‘ ‘).

A subdomain cannot be a boon to you as a small business owner because there are restrictions on its use. You will be denied access to the Domain Name System (DNS), which is basically used for domain management. You may also find that your web pages are full of relevant and irrelevant ads that you don’t even benefit from. The worst part is that you can be denied access to the site if the domain owner deems it necessary. Therefore, to avoid all these problems, it is very important to register a free TLD and you must not forget to choose the right extension. Although the .com extension is the most popular, there are other extensions that can also be used, for example, .biz (for business sites), .info (for blogs), .net (for Internet-based businesses), .org (for organizations), .pro (for professionals) and much more.

Free domain name registration will ease the process of setting up your website and automate most of your business functions such as finance, sales management, accounting, paying taxes, etc. Therefore, as a small business owner, it is very important that you take advantage of this initiative and ensure that you use the correct approach. Your domain registration must be done by an ICANN certified registrar to ensure you are dealing with the correct channel.

Home Kitchen

How to create a modern look in your kitchen

Decorating a new house to your own taste is one of the best things in any undertaking, although of course there are always budgets to respect and compromises to make, especially if you live as a couple! Modern interiors are often the ideal way to create a space that everyone can enjoy and put their personal stamp on.

Contemporary spaces in the home are fantastic because they are, by definition, minimalist. This gives any homeowner the opportunity to start simple and then add other elements to their home to suit their tastes as they go. For those decorating on a budget, this is also a great idea as you won’t need to invest in a huge amount of decoration right from the start.

The best way to start creating a contemporary kitchen is to choose accessories that give it a modern edge and look good regardless of the other elements and decorations you add to the space later. Some of these accessories include cabinets, which can dramatically change the feel of your kitchen.

A great tip when choosing your cabinetry is to opt for something that is high-quality, as this furniture will take up a lot of visual space in the room, regardless of how many other accessories you have in the area. Splurge a little on some great looking furniture, therefore, should be a priority.

There are a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from when decorating a modern kitchen, so as long as you choose high-quality fixtures, something of your personal taste should look great, regardless of tone and style.

For those looking for a little inspiration, white, black, or gray kitchen cabinets create a very contemporary space and will look good regardless of what other kitchen accessories you add later. Gray shaker cabinets are particularly on trend right now because of the subtle level of color they add to a contemporary space.

While white is a very simple and bright color choice, and other shades like black and red can be overbearing, gray shaker cabinets add just enough interest and variation to other colors in the room without overwhelming them. Consider this option if you’re looking to create a sleek, modern kitchen.

When it comes to colors for walls and floors, the same color palettes as mentioned above are a great idea. Whites, blacks, grays and brights give it a modern look, but be careful not to overpower a room with very dark or wacky color tones.

You can choose dark gray floor tiles to complement light gray shaker cabinets, or you can choose a black floor to complement stark, natural bamboo slab cabinets. Keep everything sleek and minimalist, with no fancy patterns or designs, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a fantastic contemporary kitchen.

Once you’ve covered the walls, floor, and furniture, you can proceed to add personal touches and unique style elements to bring your space to life. A great idea is to choose high-quality, unusual metals for sinks, faucets and range hoods. Copper is a fantastic choice for adding character to a room, and chrome is a classic and understated choice.

Similarly, investing in a large slab of marble or granite for an island countertop can make a beautiful centerpiece and a stunning statement when contrasted against a room’s calm, minimalist color palette. If you have the budget, choosing beautiful countertops is one way to really transform your modern kitchen into something exceptional.

From choosing between white and gray shaker cabinets to selecting the right shade of floor tile, creating a contemporary kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. The keys to remember are to opt for subtle tones and simplicity, accenting with stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces like copper fixtures and stone worktops, and always remembering to invest in quality for the best results.


5 tips on how to make your car more fuel efficient

With gas prices skyrocketing, it makes sense to make your car more fuel efficient. This way you will save money. Here are some tips that will help you save money on gas in the long run and also make your car more fuel efficient.

1. The moment you start your car, you must drive. While this may seem obvious to many people, there are others who start their car and then let it idle for a while. When you start your car and immediately drive away, it keeps the car running only when you need it.

2. There are drivers who have a tendency to constantly brake. Learn to drive without interrupting your trip. This will help increase your car’s fuel efficiency by up to 30 percent. Look to change your lane instead of braking for a vehicle in front of you.

3. If you intend to stop your car for more than 10 minutes, you must turn off your car immediately. This will help keep fuel efficiency high and burn more gasoline than necessary.

4. Never turn off your car if you are going to stop for only a few minutes. The reason for this is very simple. The amount of gasoline it takes to start the car is more than it will burn in those few minutes.

5. Make sure your tires are properly inflated as this will help reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency. This means checking tire pressure regularly.

While it doesn’t look like gas prices are going down any time soon, you need to do your part to ensure you get the most out of a gallon of gas. Just follow the tips mentioned above and you’ll end up with more fuel efficiency than you ever dreamed of.

Digital Marketing

Dale Calvert Network Marketing Professional Review

Dale Calvert began his career in the network marketing scene when he was just 20 years old. Dale is not just a talker, he is a doer. A company he joined grew to be a Mammouth MLM Organization of Sixty Thousand Distributors and 120 million in gross sales between 1994 and 1998, and this friction began before the birth of the Internet as we know it today. He is an icon and a legend among millions upon thousands, if not millions, of Network Marketers.

Dale Calvert is known by many for his Duplicatable MLM Training Systems before the internet and on the internet as well. Two Hallmark highlights in Dale’s career were “Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire” and “The Power of a Dream.” Since 2000, Dale has not aligned himself with any particular network marketing company. Currently, he is the CEO of the Calvert Marketing Group, which specializes in teaching, training, consulting, and seminar speaking engagements for various network marketing companies in need of specialized training around the world.

Dale has been featured in every network marketing industry magazine out there, as well as many home based business magazines. He is one of the new MLM Trainers who has not forgotten his roots and where he came from. Fancy houses, cars, and a fast-paced lifestyle aren’t what drive Dale Calvert. His enthusiasm comes from changing people’s lives through MLM industry awareness and education.

One of Dale Calvert’s main philosophies is that if you work hard every day and develop to your full potential, success and the MLM lifestyle will quickly follow. He believes that once people realize that it’s what you do for others that counts, you’re almost home. Dale, through his seminars and training programs, has developed and changed the lives of thousands of Network Marketers, invariably helping them become much more capable MLM Recruiters.

At one time he was one of the top MLM distributors at New Image International which is a popular network marketing company. He has been interviewed by Wolf Enterprises, which is a popular internet advertising company that leans heavily towards network marketers and is somewhat of a household name in the multi-level marketing industry.

Dale Calvert’s career began at IBM where he received 2 consecutive promotions. He realized that he hit a glass ceiling, so he requested a transfer to IBM’s marketing division. They denied him this saying that he did not have what he took. Not wanting to be bound by a corporate veil, he began studying self-help and recruiting tapes.

We see Dale these days appropriately migrating to social media, which tells us he’s still up to date. Technology is moving at the speed of light these days, yet we see Dale Calvert still being productive in the MLM industry and holding his own. His most important question for aspiring Network Marketers is why do you do what you do. If you are passionate about the business you are promoting, success will follow naturally as long as you work hard and keep going when most people give up.

Health Fitness

What foods can help you lose weight?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of exercising too often only to forget how many calories you’re taking in. With a good 2 hours at the gym under your belt, the allure of indulging can often creep into your thoughts and get in the way of why you went to the gym in the first place.

If any segment of this overview sounds familiar to you, the following theories may help you get through it.

First, track your calorie intake during a week in which you exercised heavily. Then repeat this same process but this time without exercising. Chances are when you compare your calorie intake over these 4 weeks, you’ll notice that you took in less during the non-training period than when you exercised.

However, before you decide to stop exercising with your weight loss system, monitoring your eating habits is not enough to guarantee successful weight loss. Exercise is also essential. The key to doing it right is striking the right balance between calories consumed and calories burned.

To help you maintain a balanced diet, free from the influences of snacking when you exercise, we recommend adding the following to your diet:

Oatmeal: This high-fiber food is low in calories and sugar, making it an optimal meal to ease your appetite between morning and lunch.

Eggs – Eggs are one of the few food options in your diet that include vitamin D and calories per minute. Also high in protein, eggs are a great way to fill up fast.

Blueberries – A great source of fiber, blueberries are fat-free and an excellent source of vitamin C. Best known for containing antioxidants, these toxin fighters have been shown to burn fat for fuel.

Brown rice and whole wheat pasta: These include a lot of fiber and little sugar. The perfect tea filler.

Ground Turkey Breast – The great thing about ground turkey is that you can use it to make many meals while benefiting from its low fat and high protein content.

Heated Apples: Nutritious foods don’t have to go unnoticed. By removing the core, cutting up the apple and heating it with cinnamon and sugar on top, you can make a great nutritious dessert.

Red wine: Although red wine should always be drunk in moderation, a study by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston found that dieters who drink 2 glasses of wine a day are 30% less likely to become obese .

Legal Law

The relationship between law and culture

Although you may think that the law is a dry subject, it profoundly influences the culture. Culture can be defined as a way of life, and what good is it if we don’t have the freedom to live safely? Laws protect our fundamental rights and allow us to pursue our goals. On the contrary, the norms held by a culture influence the laws established by the members of the community. Technological advances also influence culture, and laws must be changed accordingly. According to the American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers, Facebook is to blame for one in five divorces in the United States. In short, flirty emails and messages sent on Facebook can be used against you.

In a democracy, laws are decided by the legislature, which is elected by the people. If the people express their discontent with a particular law, the members of the legislature must accept it. The judiciary is independent, so if the legislature is at fault, it can be sanctioned. A citizen’s right to appeal the court’s decision also influences our notions of how free we are.

A liberal culture can only claim to be liberal if the laws do not differentiate between people on the basis of race, class, and gender. Protesters throughout the centuries have ensured that today we can live in a culture of transparency.

Although the law is precise and the culture is felt rather than described, the two are interrelated. Voting, discussing politics and cultural practices help refine the legal system and change outdated cultural practices.

Although the law states that all men and women are equal, in practice it is often found that men are paid more than women for the same work. Only through relentless campaigning, publicity, and legal steps can this anomaly be resolved.

Racial discrimination was rampant before. Although employers cannot legally discriminate on the basis of race, some employers still do in practice. Only if citizens make the effort to defend their rights, things will change even more.

Class barriers often prevent the poor from fighting the rich in court. Culturally too, the rich often get more respect. By pointing out discriminatory practices, discussing and educating people on these issues, permanent change can be brought about.

Educational institutions are often leaders of change in law and culture. Law students should think about issues related to justice, freedom, and culture. By discussing these topics with each other, their teachers, and other citizens, they can organize general opinion on current issues.

It is important to raise awareness on issues related to law and culture. Only then can you prepare future generations for the required change in the system.

Lifestyle Fashion

How to Cleanse and Consecrate Your New Oracle Cards for Accurate Psychic Readings

The energy cleaning of your new Oracle cards is very important before you start using them. Even if you have thoroughly cleaned them, it may still be a while before they are truly “YOUR” cards. Follow these steps to cleanse and consecrate your new cards!

When you first get your new deck of Oracle cards, and if you’re with a few friends, ask each of them to shuffle and cut the deck before you take them home. This will help the deck become more familiar with your energy through your friends.

When you get your deck home, shuffle them a few times before you start. This will help shake off any residual energy left in the cards. If you want, cut out a circle and call the Elements, though that’s not strictly necessary. Ground yourself and ask your spirit guides for help. You can then do any of the following:

  • Hold the deck in your hands. Feel the energy of the earth and the Divine energy from above connected within your heart chakra. Visualize a cleansing white light being emitted from your heart chakra towards the deck.
  • Light a white candle and pass the deck over the flame.
  • Light incense and pass the deck through the smoke.
  • If it’s a full moon, place the platform outside so it can absorb the moon’s energy throughout the night.
  • Blur your new deck with a sprig of sage, cedar, or sweetgrass.
  • Ask your angels and spirit guides to bless and energetically cleanse your cards.
  • Surround the platform with crystals and leave them for several hours.

Once clean, it is time to consecrate them. Again, land and ask your guides for help. Ask them to consecrate the cards to their highest good.

You should also energetically cleanse your deck of stray energies periodically. About once a month, I’ll take each card and sort them. All of my Oracle card decks have a number associated with them, so I just order them numerically. I will then cleanse them with white healing light from my heart chakra.

Once the deck has been thoroughly cleaned, it is ready for you to use. Remember that it may still take some time for the platform to absorb your energy to give you accurate readings. If you’re reading primarily to yourself, the cards will fit in no time.

Remember to think clearly about your question when using the oracle cards. I recently had a friend who was going through a lot of trouble. Although I asked my cards a question about me, the reading was clearly about her! I shared the read with her, but then did another read for myself from a different deck.

It is very important that you make your new deck of oracle cards yours. Follow these steps to cleanse them of other people’s energy and infuse your new deck with your own unique energies!


Different breeds of cats Pedigree or mongrel cat?

Cats are probably the easiest pets to care for and the simple reason is that they are very independent, undemanding and very self-sufficient, but which cat should you go for? Pedigree cat or mongrel cat?

Different breeds of cats Cat with pedigree:

Pedigree cats are usually acquired deliberately, rather than accidentally, and tend to be more carefully supervised than most mongrels. They are perhaps more likely to suffer from overfeeding and lack of exercise.

Your character is an important consideration. The foreign and oriental breeds, particularly the Siamese, are unusual cats in that they are loyal to one person, from whom they demand a lot of attention in the most vocal way. Some are known to be very noisy cats, especially the females when they call, but their undoubted grace and intelligence outweigh this handicap for most people.

Orientals are also unusual in that they allow themselves to be exercised on a leash. Long-haired cats, whether pedigree or mongrel, require grooming at least once a day. In fact, devotees of long-haired breeds tend to groom them two or three times a day.

Different breeds of cats Mongrel cat:

Most domestic cats are mongrels and very often have been adopted by a family on impulse. These readily available cats may not have been vaccinated against infectious diseases or may not have been dewormed.

As soon as you acquire one, you should take it to your vet to have it examined and then neutered. It should be understood that although adopting them may not cost anything, once you have them in your home, they will cost as much as any other cat.

However, there is no reason why these mixed breed cats should not be lovely companions for us. Many of the mongrel cats are beautiful and all are elegant in their own way. You will find that almost all mongrel cats are very easy to care for. Mongrel cats tend to be stronger than tall breed cats, mongrels are the product of immature parents and what you will find is that their kittens tend to be smaller.