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How much do magazines influence today’s teenagers?

Kids are growing up too fast these days for anyone’s comfort. They seem to learn faster, and as long as you stick to this, every parent seems to revel in the idea that their child is a fast learner. But this also implies that they will start behaving like teenagers much earlier. Teenagers seem to grow up and go from playing with dolls to putting on makeup almost overnight. Sometimes it comes as a great shock to the parent who hasn’t been looking hard enough.

The media and exposure to a vast field of information has fermented this change that is taking place in our current adolescence. Teen magazines have a particularly high impact on the mindset of teenagers and they seem to be enamored with providing information on the latest pop stars and models. Teen magazines have changed over time to satisfy the growing curiosity of children. Previously, these magazines talked about a celebrity’s favorite color or favorite outfit, but now they publish relationship facts, makeup tips, and hair tips to entice teens to try them on themselves.

They no longer deliver the ethically correct message of waiting for the right person to make the move, but instead discuss the ways and means of attracting the “hottest” guy in town and how to get and keep him. All this talk puts a lot of pressure on teenage girls to have a ‘boy’ who is ‘in’ and flaunt it. This creates a lot of problems with more and more teenagers trying to imitate pop stars and celebrities. They crave the gaunt, skinny look and diet and a large proportion become anorexic. They worry about a bad hair day and want to skip school if they get a little pimple on their face.

Clothing and accessory stores actually help the cause by providing cutting-edge clothing, ranging in size from small to extra-small. The choice of accessories is so wide from an attractive and eye-catching range that it becomes impossible to decide what to buy.

Teenage boys, however, have not been as influenced by teen magazines and are quite content with their involvement in sports, bikes and mixing platforms. They are interested and attracted to girls at a younger age these days, but they are not too attacked by the corporate world with accessories, clothes and makeup.

Even when parents protest about the influence that the ten magazines have on adolescent children and the irresponsible way in which corporate companies behave, these protests are refuted by the companies on the pretext that these magazines are intended for older children. sixteen years old. In fact, these companies want to take full advantage of this trend and try to lure teenagers into ever-increasing consumerism and imitation of models for higher profits and more money.

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Why it is important to court your wife every day

I have read some books that talk about how to maintain a strong relationship between husband and wife and I find that some of them are really effective. However, some of the advice I read was detailed especially for the husband on how to maintain his relationship with his wife. I can simply say from my experience that the strongest way to maintain a happy relationship with your wife is by courting her every day.

Courting your wife every day is important. Usually, when a man likes a woman, he has to woo her and impress her in order to gradually win her heart. This is what we husbands did when we tried to get our wife to sweep our feet. But during marriage, most husbands begin to take their wife’s feelings for granted. This is the biggest failure of most husbands and became the reason why most wives get depressed. Your wife needs to be impressed and loved especially by you forever. It’s the happily ever after she longs for before she marries you.

The love your wife has for you is actually the fuel you both needed to ignite the passion in your relationship. Your wife will brighten the atmosphere of your house; she will take care of you and your children. Therefore, she deserves all the love and care from her in return for telling her how good she is and how grateful you are to have her. It is easier to court your wife because she already loves you. Everything else you do to impress her will make that foundation of love even stronger and more stable.

Why did God create Eve for Adam anyway? For me, it is for the reason that a man must complete himself and reach the highest state of happiness that he could not achieve on his own. This is the very goal for which a man should marry, he has to complete himself by having a wife. Therefore, a happy and satisfying relationship with his wife is the love of hers that she marries in the first place.

To achieve this lasting relationship with your wife you have to take care of her love. You have to make sure that the foundation of love that she has for you is maintained and strengthened over time. For this you have to court her every day. This is not difficult to do, especially if you really love your wife. During marriage there are many trials that a couple is bound to go through and the only way to combat both the easy and the hardest problems you will ever encounter is to face them together.

If you take your wife’s psychological need for love and care for granted, then you are beginning to undermine your relationship with her. Then you will start to experience some misunderstandings. They will have difficulty understanding each other for little things for no apparent reason. They will start yelling at each other and say things that they are not supposed to say to each other because they are married. All of this will happen because their hearts are drifting apart and the foundation of love that makes them a couple is weakening.

Being together and in love, nothing can destroy their relationship. Not even death because love is greater than death. If you are in love, there are no issues that cannot be easily resolved because you will try as much as possible not to offend or hurt your partner. Make this a wake up call for husbands; maintain the relationship with his wife. Love her every day and she will love you even more. Most successful marriages are based on this idea, especially those couples who make God the center of their relationship.


Twitter – Don’t be so quick to follow

In one of my previous posts, I talked about how networks are changing since social networks appeared. One of my new favorite social networks is Twitter, I love it, I love it! And it’s great for networking, if you understand the culture, that is. If you’re new to social media, you’ll soon discover that each community has its own etiquette, customs, and rules, and Twitter is no different.

The past month or so has been really interesting, learning about hashtags, functionality, glitch whales (left), and what people are talking about (pretty much everything). Twitter is this community where the personal and the professional merge: people discussing their industries, what’s for dinner, tech news, and links to lol cats (me, also tells you what you posted just before the person stopped). Next). Turns out there are a lot of Twittermongers out there who will follow you for you to follow them. They then “unfollow” you, hoping you won’t notice, thereby inflating the number of followers they have. This is completely lame and defeats the purpose of the site: being social and interacting. If they’re not following you, they probably won’t even know you’re replying to their posts unless they use a service like Tweetbeep… which means they probably won’t reply to you either. By the way, Tweetbeep is like Google Alerts for Twitter. Check it out at

So my first lesson on Twitter is: don’t be so excited to follow someone who doesn’t want to follow you. If it’s someone you’re a fan of or a news site, that’s one thing. But I am always tired of those who have little or no interest in interacting with others on any social networking site. Peace. @jenn_ex


Here are some reasons to justify their increased prices

Below is a sample “We are raising our prices” letter that you can adapt for use in your business. Note the reasons given for raising prices. Of course I just made them up, but the point is to use valid reasons that can be applied to your business. Insurance premiums, wage increases, transport costs, fuel costs, increased Australian dollar or foreign exchange rates, additional security measures, skills shortages, land taxes, decreasing profit margins, having to move to new facilities, and many others are all valid reasons. which you can use to increase your prices.

Can you see how they have made a limited offer to entice business owners to buy now? And with cash in advance? So not only do they get most companies to pay the highest prices, but they also get an immediate cash flow boost from the 10 companies that pay up front. And that they clearly detail the additional products and services they are offering. So while they have to raise their prices, they offer extras to sweeten the deal. You will see that a specific dollar amount was mentioned from the beginning. That is to get the attention of the owners. If that was hidden at the bottom of the letter, chances are they wouldn’t have even read that far. Would you read a letter that said “Save $4,975 when you shop now”? I guess you would. So keep in mind that you have to grab their attention from the very beginning. Then tell them you don’t want to raise prices, but because of (insert your business reasons), you must. It really is that simple. I mean, would you be offended if you got a letter like that?

Add a few extras to sweeten the deal

After you’ve explained how you should increase your prices, add a few extra products and services, and you’ll find that no one really notices. If they are happy with your product or service, they will continue to use it. You can include additional value within your own business, as we have seen in this chapter. Or add some other business value, like the free “Insurance Consultant” consultation in the letter. In this case they have done both. They will provide some additional services and some gifts from another business.

Your action plan to increase your prices and add value

  1. Create a valid USP for your business, something that will make your customers say “Wow, this lady really knows her stuff, what a great deal.” Involve all your staff; Make it something everyone is a part of. Remember that a good USP formula is… “You know when (insert a problem or frustration common to your industry or profession here), well, what we do is (show how you solve this problem better, faster, easier, or better). even cheaper than the others )”.
  2. Stop competing on price, don’t be a retailer, if you have a price advantage over the competition, that’s fine. But don’t be a detail maker. Compete based on your USP and the tremendous additional value you offer your customers.
  3. Add value and increase your prices – Add tons of extra value to your product or service. Make your business stand out so much that price becomes irrelevant to your customers.
  4. Contact related but non-competitive businesses in your local area; Explain that it costs money to get a new customer. They should know this anyway. You’ll send them new clients for free, they just have to give away some of their time, or a free meal, or 3 free hours of gardening, and so on. If they know it costs $200 to get a new customer, there is no point in giving away a small sample of your product or service to get that customer. Particularly when you explain how that person can become a customer for life.
  5. Give coupons, discounts, gifts, extras, etc. with every sale you make. Once you’ve gotten the other businesses to agree, give away some of your coupons, discount coupons, freebies, etc. with every purchase.
  6. Add extra value from within your business: little things like extra service, thank you letters and calls, follow-up calls, cleaning up after follow-up visits, birthday cards or phone calls, being on time, making sure your customers understand what’s about to happen next, alerting your customers to useful information that could help them, sending flowers and gifts or scratch-off lottery tickets, etc., can make a big difference in how your customers perceive you. And it’s all a matter of perception. You see, you might be the most honest person to ever walk this earth. But if you’re a used car salesman, people will have a certain perception of you. It is not true, but it is true in their minds. And what you want is for your customer’s mind to say, “Wow, this guy is the best, most reliable car salesman I’ve ever seen.” By doing some or all of the little things above, your customers will perceive you as someone special, unique, different and caring.
  7. Offer an outrageous guarantee, better than risk-free: when you take any risk out of doing business with you, your sales can’t help but increase. Even if you are much more expensive than your competitors, the fact that dealing with you is a ‘no risk’ situation will mean that more people will choose you. Most business owners seem too scared to offer an outrageous guarantee. They think that people will take advantage of them. The simple fact is that they won’t. You will probably find that maybe I out of 100 or I out of 1000 people take unfair advantage of your guarantee. And who really cares? Because, when you offer a better than risk-free guarantee, you’ll soon be making a lot more sales at a much higher price than you are now, that you certainly won’t care if 1% or more of people try to scam you.
  8. Use testimonials to prove what you say is true: Testimonials from previous satisfied customers also help reduce any risk a customer may feel when doing business with you.
  9. Send a letter to all your customers telling them you’re raising your prices. But before you do, there is a 1-month window of opportunity to buy at the above prices. Use the sample letter as a template. That way, you’ll get a cash flow boost from customers who come to buy at the old price, and when they all start paying the new, higher prices a month from now. While you’re at it, include a customer survey with the letter and ask them to tell you what they liked best about doing business with you, what they liked least, if they’re happy with your service or product, what you could do. better and so on. You can offer a prize, a gift, or an incentive for additional responses. When you receive them, pay close attention to what your customers tell you. Do much more of what they like and eliminate everything they don’t like. Then you can easily justify your increased prices.
  10. Over time, make sure all of your marketing efforts clearly explain why your business is different—focus on the benefits your customers will get when they do business with you. Or tell them about the disaster they will avoid by doing business with you. Emphasize your risk-free guarantee, customer service, reliability, proven track record, twice the warranty of others, cheaper running costs, etc.

This is a sample letter that you can modify and use…….

Dear Customer,

Save $4,975 when you buy now

This is your last chance to buy at our old prices – we don’t want to, but we just have to raise our prices

First of all, don’t worry, if you renew your security contract with us in the next 30 days, you’ll not only save on our new prices, but you’ll also get an additional 10% off saving you a whopping $4,975 on your contract. current.

We really don’t want to do it, but we’re going to have to raise our prices. The rising cost of insurance premiums, recent industrial action resulting in wage increases for the security industry, rising fuel costs and land taxes mean we simply must raise our prices or we will go out of business.

We just want to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” for your business, we have enjoyed helping you protect your business and property.

We want you to be assured that you will continue to receive the same great service from us; in fact, we’re introducing the following new services for your benefit, all at no additional cost.

  • Twice as many patrols: We will now inspect your property every 20 minutes, instead of 40. Your premises will now be safer than ever.
  • Free nightly security escorts for your staff: We know that from time to time some of your staff work late at night and as you know “you can’t be too careful these days”. From now on, we will be there to safely escort you to your cars, and we will provide this service free of charge. Just give us a call 10 minutes before you want to leave, and we’ll be there.
  • $500 Free “Insurance Consultation” – Over the last three years we have served over 50 local businesses. No ome has been stolen in that time. And because of our great track record, businesses that use us may be eligible for a significant insurance discount. So we’ve arranged a “free consultation” with our friends at Jakes Business Insurance to see if you can save some more money.
  • $1,000 Free “Property Security Audit” – We want to maintain our 100% “Theft-Free” record. Therefore, we will offer you a free “Property Security Audit”. We will spend a day reviewing every inch of your business premises and provide you with a full written report. This will cover areas such as fire safety, alarms, personnel safety, “weak spots”, blind spots, etc.

So even though we are going to increase our prices, we are offering a higher level of service, and you may be able to save $1,000 on your insurance policy by using us. Hurry up…

We must clarify that this offer is strictly limited to the first 10 businesses that renew their security contract with us and pay the first two months in advance.

Feel free to call us at 1800,000,000 to discuss any of these changes. Our goal is to provide you with an even better level of service and protection than in the past. We enclose with this letter a complete list of our new prices and services, as well as the contracting forms.

Remember, on your current contract you’ll save $4,975 if you accept this offer. So pick up the phone and give us a call right now as we can only extend this offer to the first 10 companies that accept it.

Yours sincerely

business owner

Business Name

P.S. This offer is strictly limited to the first 10 companies that renew their security contract with us and pay the first two months in advance.

So you can see that by using this type of sample letter explaining and justifying your price increase you can build customer loyalty.

The above is just an example of what you can create with a little imagination.

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Marketing by Peter Tonks.

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Fancy the amazing Acazia ceramic tile collection?

While everyone loves interior wood floors and walls, they are not easy to maintain and are prone to moisture and bug problems, scratches, and spills. Manufactured wood may be available and it is not a good idea to continue destroying forests. Why not install realistic wooden surfaces thanks to inkjet printing on ceramic tiles? Ceramic is full of advantages, such as durability and easy maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and elegant beauty. Surround the interiors with the wood of your dreams.

Acazia Ceramic Tile Collection
Choose from four clever varieties with linear grains like wood surfaces. The look of wood has never been better, although the pattern is quite common, along with faux stone, concrete and fabric surfaces. The 6″X36″ planks install easily and the smooth matte finish bespeaks a subdued beauty. Use them on countertops, floors, and walls without worrying about water and moisture. Constructions, remodels and extensions, residences and commercials, here is a vision of beauty.

Plan dynamic interiors with a variety of tile surfaces
The sameness on the walls and floors often makes everyday life monotonous and uninteresting. With a huge variety of cladding materials, colors and blends of stone, porcelain, metals and glass being available, every wall and floor could get a new dress. In part of the wood-look tile, choose a pattern of tile decorations with accent walls and borders. Entryways could be particularly dramatic, while less-visited parts of the home or business could install cheaper tile materials. Choose one or two varieties of Acazia ceramic tile and lay them out in a pattern, perhaps with other matching tile materials, colors and patterns.

Ahazia Blackwood
An exceptional wood-on-ceramic look, the dark gray surface is really very attractive. Linear veining gives you something to ponder on the mysteries of nature, recalling the depths of the woods.

Acacia Excelsa
Another visual treat, it contains a delicate gray background. Floating around are gray, beige, and darker gray ribbons. Experience outdoor brilliance and a visual treat.

koa acacia
Build an elegant floor with character with this variety that mixes light and dark browns. Extended bands of grain give it a robust feel.

acacia mango
Also suitable for deep soils, this variety has a mix of brown tones. The veins are soft and dark, suitable to combine with any type of decoration and furniture.

Explore more for the best decoration for your sweet home.


Animals deserve respect just as much as people

In this beautiful world, animals deserve as much respect as people. They have as much right to live as we human beings. It’s our world, but it’s also their world. So this planet belongs to all the creatures that live on it. However, many are against this notion as they believe that animals do not have feelings or souls.

Are we going to have all the rights, just because we’re at the top of the food chain? Does that give humans the right to remove the privileges of animals? Didn’t we learn our lesson through countless wars?

It seems not! Many people still don’t understand it, like a child who never learns. Animals have rights. And surely they deserve respect, so that they can live their lives free from suffering, abuse and mistreatment. A life is a life, and it should be valued. Animals cannot speak for themselves and that is why we have to be their voice and take care of them.

So protecting them is something you and I should be proud of. As individuals, it is our responsibility. All creatures have the right to be free from persecution, cruelty, captivity, exploitation and abuse by people. When we respect the welfare of animals, we restore the balance in natural preservation.

animals deserve respect

“Each and every animal on earth has just as much right to be here and have respect and love, as you and me.” – A stranger

However, many think that animals are on this planet for us to exploit, dominate, use and rule over. Many of us think we are above it all, but we have a lot to learn. However, there are also those who do think that animals deserve as much respect as people.

So, I am one of those people who strongly believe that animals should have a better place in our world. They are sentient beings. We should protect them the same way we care for a disabled child. Both do not have the same conscious principles as we do. But they still need to be loved, cared for, protected and respected.

blind to the truth

Just because animals can’t tell us how they feel doesn’t mean they don’t have rights. One day our sun will expand, and that will be the end of us. However, we cannot get away from a fact. We are the people who are defining what criteria to value. But who gave us such a privilege?

In my opinion, I believe that animals have a special place in our world and some of them, especially our pets, become members of the family. They have no voice to speak for themselves, so they deserve respect and to be saved. And I think we as people should do that for them.

Of course, I don’t think animals need to rule human society. But does it give us the right to be cruel, kill, abuse, starve, torture or slaughter other living creatures? It is illegal to kill another person, but it is somehow okay to hurt, mistreat, or kill animals. How is that less bad? Most of us are blind to the truth.

The arrogant animals and species

“Animals are the real victims on this earth. They do not declare war, they do not have weapons and they do not want to destroy humans or impose religion. However, for some people, their only crime is that they exist.” – The SVB Author

In truth, we are an arrogant species, giving ourselves the right to be superior to all other species and putting down every other class. Most people claim that animals do not have feelings or souls. They believe that they are worthless and that they are only here to provide food and necessities for us human beings.

Ever since I was a child, I have always rebelled and wondered why man thinks he is at the top of the food chain. We are not faster, stronger, or even brighter than many animals. Of course, we can reason and we have a lot of intelligence at our disposal. But then again, we are also the only arrogant species that has such little respect and is hell-bent on killing the very planet that sustains our lives. So to me this kind of intelligence is more like stupidity.

animals have feelings

Despite all the things going on in our world, our lack of consideration and awareness in this matter shows that we are not as evolved as we should be. It begins by paying equal attention to animals as to our fellow human beings. Some people are now beginning to wake up to these facts, but we still have a long way to go.

So all animals deserve respect because they can suffer and feel pain in the same way and to the same degree as you and me. They can feel joy, pain, fear, pleasure, care, sadness, loneliness, and motherly love. They understand more than we give them credit for.

Animals are also living beings. Why do people feel better? It is beyond me. Humanity would be nowhere if animals did not exist in this world. The truth is that it is just as bad to kill an animal as it is to kill a human, it is murder. Killing an insect by accident is okay, but a herd of cows or a pack of lions is not okay. I often believe that people are equal to, if not inferior to, other animals.

The most disrespectful of all animals

We have the power to think, visualize, and invent things, and it’s what made humans thrive in the first place. It’s an amazing ability. And yes, human beings have an imagination, but we also have an awareness of ourselves. So, we have the ability to reflect on our existence. However, we must have more integrity and compassion.

In fact, we are the most sophisticated of all the animals in this world, but the most disrespectful. We can speak different languages, cook, create things, drive a car or fly a plane, and even discuss all kinds of situations. However, I ask you: “If we are more intelligent and have a greater ability to think, why are we acting with such disrespect towards this planet and the animals that live on it?”

Therefore, the world would be much better off without our foolish ways of thinking that we are the best on the planet. And yet we act like idiots and treat animals like things! No matter what you say, people are animals inside. We hunt, we fight, we multiply, we group, we live, like any other animal and sometimes even worse.

animals are not things

However, through our experiences, we know that animals suffer pain and suffering. Scientifically, we realize more and more that many of them exhibit intelligent behaviors. It is unacceptable to think of another person as less than the color of their skin or gender. Therefore, it is unfair to treat animals with disrespect. Instead, they deserve respect as much as you and I do, if not more.

On this beautiful planet, we are the leading species. Therefore, we have a moral responsibility to protect the interests of all other forms of life on this earth. And it starts with accepting them as equals. Animals are not ours to exploit; They are not toys or things. They are living creatures, just like you and me. For me, it’s not about whether animals can think or talk, but rather “Many are suffering.”

“I hope that one day the time will come when men will regard the killing and harming of animals as they now view the killing of men.” – A wish of Leonardo da Vinci.

A final word on animals

Have you seen how industrial farms or slaughterhouses do their jobs? What if it had glass walls? Could you still look them in the eye and say you can’t see the pain they’re enduring? I can not.

I worked as a veterinary assistant. And sometimes, he had to look them in the eye before leaving them. They have feelings. So I think about quitting and finding a better way to help them!

As a result, I believe that animals deserve the opportunity to live a healthy and happy life. People are not better because they use tools or are smart. And it is simply intolerable to exploit innocent creatures, sometimes in very cruel ways. They can feel and at some point think like us. So animals deserve respect as much as we do. Let’s start now.

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Feminism in “Querida” by Angela Manalang-Gloria

The door is closed, the curtains drawn inside
A room, a bright question mark of light…
Outside your door an empty limousine
He waits in the brimming emptiness of the night.

Angela Manalang-Gloria is a Filipino poet who wrote poems in English before the war. Less attention was paid to her works during those times, which explains why her entry was ignored in the 1940 Commonwealth Literary Competitions. Her collection of lyrical pieces exploring a woman’s private passions received less favor at the time, but it has been revalued in recent years.

The poem “Dear” consists of only four lines and was previously criticized for “saying nothing but that inside there was a light, outside there was a limousine. The poem describes a certain scenario. We could conclude that it is one of the nights when the mistress, or the “dear”, as the title suggests, spending time with her lover, who is probably a wealthy married man, was a taboo subject before.

Darling, as mentioned, means “lover” and a mistress is a woman who is having an affair with a married man. Of course, the term refers to the female gender. Some would even point out that if a woman has an affair, she is labeled a lover, but when a man commits the same sin, there is no known equivalent for the term.

This theme could arouse the interest of women, because it is the mark of their gender that this poem talks about. I’m also inclined to believe that when news of things like having a relationship outside of marriage comes up, it will be talked about, regardless of whether the people speaking are male or female. In the Philippine context, it cannot be denied that the majority of these people who would speak on this topic would be mostly women.

There is no defined labeling for the character’s voice describing the scene. It just describes, but somehow we could say that the voice is suggesting what the title says: it suggests that this is one of the nights in the life of a loved one. We definitely cannot say that the work sympathizes with the female gender, because as it was said, the voice of the person describing the scene simply describes and gives clues. The work can be endearing, but at the same time, some might say it’s even sarcastic. The hints and clues given could have a sympathetic sense, thinking that the character’s purpose in telling this scene is to let the readers know what a dear one goes through during these nights. On the other hand, she could also have this sarcasm, mocking her lover in her deeds with a married man.

Although the poem consists of only four lines, the situation is quite clear. It doesn’t seem like the character wants to influence the way readers think about the lovers, because again the character is simply telling this particular scene.

The poem is full of images, one of them being the first line. A closed door and drawn curtains suggest secrecy. Anyway, an adventure is not openly advertised to everyone. The matters are secret, and the first line suggests secrecy. The second line says that there is a questionable light in one of the rooms. The light is perceived as hope, but the character sees it as a glowing question mark. Hope being questionable is in fact doubtful. This could refer to the purpose of the mistress or her feelings about him as her lover. Maybe she loves the man but the man is already married. She or maybe she benefits from the arrangement but at the same time she despises it because she had no choice but to do it.

This poem is about a marked woman. A type of discrimination that prevails at the time this poem was written. The poet was also discriminated against during her time, ignoring her works and everything about her. But as they say, it takes a strong woman to speak her mind. Writing about “immoral” topics during those times opened the way to a broader perspective. Having this poem written by a woman is really just because more than anyone, one woman would understand another.

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Can I get a spot?

Bodybuilding is a serious commitment. Finding your way to the gym after a long day at work or school can be difficult at times. But, we do it anyway. It is as if a primary gene took us there. So there you are, the music blaring in your ears, the touch of cold, scratchy metal against the palm of your hand, and that heady combination of muscle pumping and cold sweat. It’s a fast-paced feeling and we’ve all been there. But, just because you’ve managed to break a sweat and some pumps doesn’t mean you’re getting the most out of your workout.

If you go to the gym without a partner you are already one step behind the competition. What competition? If you think you have no competition, either you ignore the fact or you are simply lying. That disappointing feeling that you’re not big enough or strong enough, that guy/girl who lifts more than you on the squat rack, or those weights that will send your body into humiliating shock if you dare to lift them. That is your competition.

The problem with not having a partner in the gym is that you don’t have a safety net. Let me explain; Let’s say your bench press is stuck at 225lbs. No matter what your exercise regimen is or how hard you train, you just can’t get that number to go up. The problem is that you could be training harder. Going solo on the bench press leaves that fear of not being able to push that weight back hard in the back of your mind. Don’t be that person who suffers the pain and embarrassment of having that bar crush your torso. By having a training partner, you can avoid this pitfall and get those extra two reps in or bump that weight up a couple extra pounds and feel secure knowing someone has your back.

Don’t you have friends who lift? Go make some. The gym is the perfect place to make friends who share your passion for fitness. Look around you, observe the landscape. There are plenty of people who train alone who would benefit as much from a training partner as you do. Don’t let a person’s size or athletic ability intimidate you. They both share the same goal, to improve themselves. So the next time you’re in the gym, ask for a spot, maybe make a friend, and eventually reap those gains that have been hiding below the surface.

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Vishal – From Child Actor to Certified Star

Vishal has had an interesting career in Kollywood. From being a child star to quitting law school to go back to acting at 24; he only answers with two bombs at the box office and is now one of the most sought after actors in Kollywood, making one of the biggest comebacks in Indian entertainment.

Vishal entered the industry like many of his peers not only in kollywood but also in Bollywood and hollywood; His father was a director of Tamil films, and in a famous anecdote he had his diapers changed on the set of Jadikketha Moodi, ironically, Vishal would star in a remake of that film 20 years later. He got his first break in kollywood by being the lovable kid everyone knew as samir in the blockbuster hit Chellamae. This instantly made him one of the only child stars in India. He was the first child actor to get a Carvel Ice Cream endorsement, which made him one of the highest paid actors in India, regardless of his age. His father and his mother insisted that Vishal have a normal childhood, despite the money and fame that comes with being a famous actor.

Although he was very rich, his parents kept their promise that he would have a normal childhood, and at 18 he was the best student at his school in Chennai, and after going to university he was accepted into one of the most prestigious from the United States. University; Yale. But as the saying goes, you take the drug of fame and fortune away from the actor, but he will come back eventually.

So he jumped back into the kollywood industry with the flop of Sandakozhi. It was an absolute disaster at the box office, only to be followed by another box office bomb from Thimiru. It was a huge blow both to his ego and to his value as a star actor. It seemed that the race was over, but he decided to take some time and work on his trade. One of the things he did to improve his craft was

He studied Shakespeare in London and also did some musicals in England. Finally, after some time off, he was ready to return.

The film Malaikottai was one of the most successful Tamil films of the time, grossing over Rs 50 crore in one weekend, a record for comedies at the time. His performance earned him many awards, including the Filmfare Award for Best Actor in 1998; completing the biggest comeback in the history of this industry. He did a couple more movies after that and started a production company. He now lives in Goa with his wife and is now considered as one of the best actors of his time.

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Cures for Angular Cheilitis – Natural Remedies

Have you ever suffered from Angular Cheilitis? If so, you would not be alone, as many people suffer from this painful and unsightly condition that appears on the sides of the mouth. It is often caused by a buildup of saliva on the sides of the mouth. This warm humidity is the ideal place for the reproduction of bacteria and fungi. Fortunately, this condition can be cured in many different ways and also very quickly if the correct treatment is ordered. You can treat it medicinally or with herbs. Most people these days treat these conditions with some form of medication that they get from the pharmacy.

If cheilitis is treated immediately, the symptoms may go away in a couple of days. But if left untreated, the skin can crack and bleed and an unsightly scab will begin to form. This is very painful, and also very embarrassing. Many people do not know that there are many home remedies that are very effective in treating angular cheilitis.

The standard orthodox cure for angular cheilitis is to apply a topical steroid cream or antifungal cream and it should kill the bacteria within a few days. But as I mentioned before, there are home cures for cheilitis that are very effective in getting rid of this condition.

Attention to diet:

There may be some dietary causes of this condition. If the cause behind Cheilitis is a yeast infection called Candida Albicans, then following a strict diet that omits anything made with yeast will eliminate the condition. By drinking plenty of water, you can keep your skin hydrated, which helps the healing process. A vitamin B deficiency has also been found to be the cause in some cases of angular cheilitis. Therefore, it would be a good idea to start taking the supplement, as part of a treatment, even if you are not sure if you are deficient in vitamin B.

Diet changes are a natural way to cure angular cheilitis. Another easy way is to simply let the area dry naturally, preventing moisture from killing bacteria and fungus. Topical home remedies can be made by doing a self-healing with petroleum jelly and tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial oil and will effectively kill all bacteria and fungus. Another way is to apply baking soda (baking soda) to the affected area. This has great results as a natural cure for angular cheilitis. Rubbing olive oil on your lips also moisturizes and kills any bacteria that may be lurking around your mouth area. Sometimes dentures that don’t fit properly can be the cause of excess saliva around the sides of your mouth, so be sure to disinfect your dentures by placing them in a solution of water and household bleach.

Cures for angular cheilitis are many, both natural and medicinal, and the way each person responds to treatment is different. So choose the way that works best for you. However, before you head to the drug store, open your kitchen cabinets to see what you have on hand to cure angular cheilitis naturally. And watch those painful unsightly sores disappear.