12GB PS3 Review

Sony recently released a version of its popular PlayStation 3 video game console for people who don’t play a lot of video games. Sure, it comes with a controller and all, and it plays PS3 games, but it’s not for hardcore gamers. In an effort to compete with Microsoft’s 4-gigabyte Xbox 360 system at the same price of $ 199.99, Sony’s most recent incarnation of the super-slim PS3 model eschews a traditional hard drive in favor of 12 gigabytes of NAND memory (also known as flash memory).

Look, all the hardcore PS3 gamers are laughing right now. They know that if they want to play more than one or two games on this thing at a time, they will have to remove and reinstall games every time they change titles, or invest in a memory solution like an external hard drive or flash drive (both fully supported. if formatted to FAT32 on the nearest PC). They know all this because many PlayStation 3 games require you to install them in the internal memory of the console in order to play. While many games only require a few gigs, some of the newer triple-A gaming experiences, such as GTA V (8 concerts) and Splinter Cell blacklist (12 concerts!) It requires a lot more.

So, right now, you may be asking, “Well then, who should buy this?” The answer is “Virtually everyone except hardcore gamers.”

Let’s be honest, these days a PlayStation console is much more than a video game machine. First of all, they also play DVD and Blu-ray movies, a must-have for any movie lover’s living room. Yes, to get the benefit of improved image quality from your Blu-ray movies, you would have to upgrade the cable included with the system. But an HDMI cable or component comes at a small additional cost for a major improvement in picture quality. I’ll just go out there and say it: if you have an HDTV and you’re watching standard definition DVD, then you’re doing it wrong.

The PS3 surfs the web too, and while you can use the controller if you want, for a more PC-like internet experience, you can plug in your USB keyboard and mouse. Along with that internet connectivity comes access to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube. There’s also been a lot of talk in the tech news lately about a deal Sony and Viacom are signing. The deal would purportedly allow Sony to offer its customers access to Viacom’s television channels, which include networks such as MTV and Nickelodeon, on an Internet streaming service. In short, we are talking about live cable television over the Internet. Sony has already reached out to other network providers like Disney and Warner Brothers. It will be interesting to see if Sony can come to some kind of agreement with these or others in the coming months.

Even if you don’t want to subscribe to a streaming service like Netflix, the PlayStation 3 also allows you to stream multimedia content from a capable PC. This means you can view your video files, listen to your MP3s, and browse your images directly from your computer to your big screen TV. All this functionality, and the PS3 still plays games too.

Sony (and let’s be fair, Microsoft, too) has done quite a bit over the past ten years to make their systems not just a game box, but the true focal point of the modern entertainment center. So while the 12-gig PS3 may not be the best option for the ‘hardcore’ gamer, it’s a great buy for anyone looking for an all-in-one Netflix / Blu-ray solution for their living room. Also makes a great gift idea for the casual gamer, the curious media junkie of video games, or the parent who wants their child to get Skylanders Turn off the television in the house and take it back to your room. Buy one from your local Slackers today!


Toyota Venza SUV performance review

Whenever the name of SUV reaches the ears of children, everyone wants to get that car. Basically, SUV means sports vehicle. These are cars with added utilities that are capable of bringing the vehicle up to sporting standards. At Toyota Venza, the sports utilities that are given are the huge fuel tank, amalgamated tires, and many more things that can be associated with the car to make it look more like a sports vehicle.

Why SUV ?:

There is the most important offer for all the playboys that exist. All the time you are looking to impress girls like you haven’t done before. If you are going to buy a Toyota Venza, the girls of the city say, ‘I’m coming ladies’, which is the least you can say from your mouth, the rest will be immediately spoken by the vehicle.

Not only this, but there are many other things associated with the car that can help you. If you are going to go on some kind of vacation with your family, imagine if your car breaks down or the tire goes flat or the car runs out of fuel, what could have happened. You should consider all of these things before you go shopping for a car as it is good to look before you jump and there is no need to cry over cracked milk. This is the fact that you can buy an SUV whenever you are going to buy one, and the priority becomes high if you are a frequent visitor from some other city or another city.

In addition to other SUVs on the market, the Toyota Venza SUV incorporates other additional standard in-car features that are integrated into the car and that make the car look more impressive and yes, all that glitters is not gold, but this one. shiny SUV has the properties of gold. This will only be judged after you have purchased this car. Unfortunately, you cannot go now and buy this car right after reading this article, because the company has not released this car yet. So, just wait for another cut-off point of the vehicle so it can launch later this year.

Have you ever thought about the six-shift CD player in the car? Yes, this CD player, just like your own home theater system, can work in your own Toyota Venza SUV. The car has a few other features that make it superior and well managed than the other SUVs on the market.

This is a fact that the car has that it is more of a truck shaped car rather than a formal sports car _ But at the same time this is also one of the fats that this vehicle has an automatic high beam system mechanically descending at low beams. when oncoming traffic is active and then revisits the high beams when the road is empty. Doesn’t that sound good? So in this way, the car is about an airplane.


PS3 Error Code 8001050f Explained: 3 Tips To Help You Fix Playstation 3 Error Code

PS3 error code 8001050f is a common problem encountered by PlayStation gamers. If you are unable to play any games on your own or play downloads from the PlayStation store even before their expiration date, you may face this error. Alternatively, if you notice that you are missing trophies and you notice that the date and time went back to January 1, 2000, you probably have the error code 8001050f.

What is PS3 error code 8001050f?

8001050f is a type of error caused by the digital clock found inside the hardware of your PlayStation. According to the manufacturer, this error was due to Playstations around the world falsely assuming that February 2010 was a leap year. A certain error that affects the internal clock and that the manufacturer calls a trophy registration error causes the error.

When this error appeared, PlayStation 3 owners were advised to avoid using the game console until the problem was fixed. PS3 slim gamers were not affected by this bug. As a result, the PS3 trophy data and other game data was lost and could no longer be recovered by the user.

How to repair PS3 8001050f?

First of all, you need to save all the game data on your thumb device and then delete it from your PS3. Then turn off your game console and let it sit for a few minutes. Then you need to restart your PS3 and fix the errors by the methods below and then copy all the games to your PS3.

Fix 1). Change the date / time directly on your console

Select Settings on the Xross media bar (XMB) and click Date and Time Settings. You must change the date to any date after February 28, 2010. You can now use your PlayStation to play all the games you want.

Fix 2). Change date / time via the Internet

Connect to the Internet via WLAN and use the browser function on your PS3. Go to settings and select Date and time settings. When in this setting, choose ‘Set via Internet’ and change the date to any date after February 28, 2010.

Fix 3). Fixing by opening your PS3

Unplug your PS3 and open your console to locate the internal battery. Doing so will void the warranty if it is still valid. The battery would be present under the motherboard on the side near the USB inputs. Remove the battery for a few minutes and replace it and reassemble the PS3. Boot the system and set the correct date / time and everything should be fixed.

After following the steps above, you will have a good chance of fixing error 8001050f on your PS3.

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Some Fantastic Traditional British Dessert Recipes: Blackberry Gooseberry Buttermilk Pudding

British cuisine may be laughed at all over the world, but hell if I care. We make the best desserts in the world, and everything else doesn’t matter. With memories of sloppy and horrible school dinners in hand, I’ll venture into the kitchen today and show you just how delicious and unique British desserts really can be. Not a hint of chocolate in these recipes, just naturally good, healthy ingredients grown in the backyard and obtainable at your local farmers market.

Blackberry tallow pudding: ingredients

This is a family favorite as we live next door to some local parks that get outnumbered by blackberries in the summer. We can go pick up one afternoon and bring a few kilograms in plastic bags, then freeze them to use at any time. Will need:

– 400g of blackberries

– 4 tablespoons sugar (more if the blackberries are particularly spicy)

– 450 g of flour

– 180g tallow (or butter if you hate tallow, but it’s not the same)

– Pinch of salt


In a large bowl, mix together the tallow, flour, and salt, as well as enough water to form a good solid dough. With 2/3 of the dough (reserve 1/3 to one side), roll out a medium-sized circle. Use to line the sides of an oven-proof pudding base, about 1 quart in size. Pour in the fruit and sugar, then roll out the leftover batter and top the pudding. Glue a layer of wax paper on top and cover everything with kitchen paper. To cook, you will boil the pudding. Do this with a large skillet (large enough for the bowl to go all the way in) and fill it with water to about halfway through the bowl (be very careful not to let the water get into the bowl so don’t flood it) . Bring to a boil and simmer to steam the pudding for about 2 hours, but be careful to check the water levels frequently; you don’t want it to dry out or the bowl could break or get burned.

Serve with milk or your favorite sauce.

Gooseberry fool:

Gooseberries are a wonderfully English fruit, and they’re easy to grow in your own garden or pick them up nearby. For this delicious dessert you will need:

– 450g currants, tips cut

– 150ml elderflower cordial (or homemade concentrate)

– 2 egg yolks only

– 1 teaspoon arrowroot

– 150 ml of milk

– 2 tablespoons sugar (again, you may need more)

– 150ml double cream


Boil the gooseberries in a pan with the cordial, simmering until soft and pulpy (about 30 m). Let cool and set aside on a plate.

In another pan, heat a little milk but be careful not to boil it. Beat the yolks, eggs, and sugar in a heat-resistant container, then pour in the hot milk, stirring constantly. When completely mixed, return the entire mixture to the pan and heat slightly to the boil, until the cream thickens. Again, DO NOT BOIL. To obtain the result through a strainer and in another container, reserve.

Whip the cream and place on the currants that you set aside earlier. Now fold in the custard as well, but you don’t need to mix that much, as a slightly marbled effect is quite nice.

Serve like this!

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What to do in New Orleans: a day-by-day guide

New Orleans is one of those magical places where there is always something to do. It is a city where fun is as important as work, with a culture that embraces this philosophy.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite things to do, per day, to make your time in New Orleans unforgettable.

Monday: It’s on tour!

Having a “Monday case” is impossible in New Orleans. It may be the start of the work week, but it’s also just the beginning of the New Orleans fun.

What to do: Tour the city.

New Orleans is one of the oldest and most extravagant places in the United States. We vote by touring one (or more) of our many neighborhoods with a New Orleans historian. You will learn about the distinctive history and character of each neighborhood. There is the French Quarter, whose streets are full of seduction and mystery; the Garden District, where it’s easy to spend hours visiting famous homes, cemeteries, and restaurants; or the Lower 9th Ward, made famous by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Local advice:

Some restaurants, museums, and attractions are closed on Mondays (well, they all need a day off), including the Audubon Zoo, the Aquarium of the Americas, and the Children’s Museum. Don’t forget to do your research before you leave!

Rebirth Brass Band plays at the Maple Leaf Bar in New Orleans.

Tuesday: Who Needs Gold When You Have Bronze?

Not many people say that Tuesday is their favorite day of the week, but not many people are from New Orleans.

To Do: Renaissance at the Maple Leaf Bar

New Orleans is about music. With artists like Louis Armstrong, Allen Toussaint, Fats Domino, and Dr. John calling New Orleans home, it’s easy to see (and hear) that there is something special about the music of this city.

Head to Oak Street, at the end of the St. Charles Streetcar line, on Tuesday nights to enjoy one of the best marching bands in the world. The Grammy Award-winning Rebirth Brass Band takes the stage every Tuesday night (10 pm sharp) at the Maple Leaf Bar. You can’t help but feel the magic of the music as you dance and sing.

Local advice:

After dancing with 200 of your closest (and newest) friends, head to the Camellia Grill for a giant omelette breakfast, served until 2 a.m. It is a New Orleans landmark and not to be missed!

Wednesday: You go to the square!

Hump ​​Day means it’s time for free live music, the best food in New Orleans, and local crafts, all for a good cause.

What to do: Wednesday in the square

Each spring, the Young Leadership Council hosts a 12-week free concert series in New Orleans’ Central Business District (CBD) at Lafayette Square. Locally and nationally recognized musicians take the stage, while businessmen, fresh from work, children, graduate students and tourists sit and enjoy New Orleans food and music.

Lafayette Square is right in the middle of bustling downtown New Orleans, just a short walk from most hotels. Come on an empty stomach and get ready to have a unique good time in New Orleans. PS All proceeds from food go to the YLC!

Local advice:

Bring a blanket and / or a lawn chair. You will take your food and drink, but you will need a place to enjoy it. These two items are really useful.

Thursday: Are you glad to be here?

We take you to visit the largest collection of southern art in the world, just steps from your hotel.

To do: Ogden after hours

The New Orleans art scene is thriving. We even have an entire district dedicated to it: the Arts District, naturally. Head to Camp Street for exquisite art, live music, and interviews from Southern music historians.

The Ogden Museum celebrates the art, music and culture of the South. Every Thursday from 6 to 8 pm, the Ogden opens its doors to visitors, providing an unparalleled southern art experience. There’s live local music (including notables like Trombone Shorty and Anders Osborne), artist interviews, light food, and cocktails.

Local advice:

Ditch the jeans and t-shirt and try a smart casual look. Winning James Beard restaurants surround you, so ask your concierge for recommendations and enjoy an evening.

A bar on the New Orleans cocktail tour.

Friday: Sazeracs and Pimms Cups and Hurricanes, oh my!

You’re in the city that “invented the modern cocktail.” Time to pamper yourself.

To do: Cocktail tour

New Orleans and cocktails literally go hand in hand. The city celebrates excess in everything it does, and drinking is no different. It features famous mixologists, bars that started the modern cocktail revolution, and even a week-long festival dedicated to the art of the modern cocktail called “Tales of the Cocktail.”

Take your story straight with a cocktail tour. Your guide will take you to the best and oldest bars in the city that invented some of the most famous cocktails in the world. Learn the stories behind the Sazerac, Pimms Cup and Hurricane, along with many others.

Local advice:

It’s Friday night in the French Quarter. Once your tour is over, head to Marigny for some of the best live music in town.

An art market in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Saturday: Re-marketable purchases.

Take home a piece of New Orleans culture at one of its many art markets.

To do: art market

Saturdays are market days in New Orleans. Every neighborhood, from the Warehouse District to Bywater, is home to an outdoor market, where artisans promote their craft and local farmers share their wares. Experience the New Orleans renaissance by visiting an art market.

One of the most important markets is the French market. Hundreds of vendors set up their stalls on the outer edge of the French Quarter, spreading the open-air market across the blocks. You can buy trinkets, souvenirs, local products, and handicrafts. If you are staying near the French Quarter, you must go, if only for the fresh-squeezed strawberry lemonade.

Local advice:

Bring cash. Since art markets have individual vendors (and generally not ATMs), some vendors may accept credit cards and others may not. You don’t want to fall in love with something without a payment method!

Sunday: Eggs with a Jazz garnish.

It’s been a long week of revelry. Now is the time to slow down, eat, and enjoy New Orleans jazz.

To Make: Jazz Brunch

If you’ve come to New Orleans, you’ve come to eat. All the culture of the city revolves around its gastronomy. There is no better way to end (or start) your week in New Orleans than by attending a jazz brunch.

Some of the city’s great culinaries offer Jazz Brunch – Arnaud’s, Commander’s Palace, Palace Café … – so save room for Eggs Sardou and traditional New Orleans jazz. Don’t rush with brunch. Take your time. You’re in New Orleans, remember? Things move more slowly here. Appreciate your wonderful food and the live jazz that surrounds you.

Local advice:

Take a walk around the neighborhood after your brunch is over. You’ll see the beauty of New Orleans while burning some calories.

We mean it when we say, “The fun in New Orleans never stops.” Head to the Big Easy to let the good times roll, no matter what day!