Link building and keep your site penalty free

Getting a professional SEO company to do your link building services for your site has many benefits. It helps you build your site’s reputation and helps you broaden your connections, ensuring exposure. A notable benefit of good link building is that it keeps your site out of penalties – a great enemy for any site seeking to achieve a respectable reputation and search results ranking with effective traffic.

Obviously, it is important for any site owner to be aware of what constitutes a penalty so that they can better monitor their domains, especially since Google’s algorithms have been programmed to detect any suspicious activity with the sites they display on their results pages. .

Google has been known to punish sites unfortunate enough to have intentionally or unintentionally committed acts of penalty by keeping them off the primary results pages, or worse yet, blacklisting them on the results pages.

To help you stay informed and keep your site penalty free, here is what your site should avoid.

Bad links

If your site contains links from suspicious sources, your site may be one step closer to being penalized.

Unlike using links from authoritative sites and getting a trustworthy reputation yourself, these bad links will give your domain an equally suspicious reputation – not the best tactic for gaining traffic, not to mention a big flag from Google to maintain. your page out of Results.

Irrelevant links

We’ve all been on news sites looking to read news updates on climate change or what Trump is up to, only to be distracted by the ten ads ranging from how to make a bald spot go away to how to lose 20 kilograms in two weeks. hanging next to the item.

We then come to the conclusion that the site is annoying and proceed to get our daily news fix elsewhere.

This is exactly how irrelevant links can drive customers away from company sites – something Google doesn’t want in the search results they show. Google can detect these unnaturally placed links and penalize your site.

Overloaded links

Keywords are used to help search engines include your site when people search for something. However, some websites tend to use too many keywords, resulting in a “spam” page.

These sites use redundant and irrelevant keywords to try and gain more appearances in search results, even with searches that have absolutely nothing to do with your site, which is very unpleasant for viewers and for Google.

Spam links

Constantly posting links to your site in comments and forums is another penalizing act. Specifically, links with no contextual relationship to what they are commenting on or posting.

But even if it has something to do with what the link is commenting on or posting to, if you are constantly posting to the same pages, it could still appear as spam, so the websites you put your site links on must have some variety. .

Outlined links

Google also penalizes sites that can “machine” together and constantly link their sites to each other for the sole purpose of gaining traffic. These could be two or more sites working together in shifts.

This makes the sites appear illegitimate, not to mention that they will add you to Google’s blacklisted sites.

Google’s standards on what shady link building is and is not derived from a desire to reduce any chance of webmasters manipulating search results in any way, by ensuring that all search engines return legitimate results.

As long as you have a good SEO service company that uses honest and proper link building services, then your site should be pretty secure, so it is important to get a good company and know for yourself what to do and what not to do. must do. .

Home Kitchen

How to select quality furniture

It seems that different people are reacting in different ways to the state of the current economy. Those who may have considered moving a few years ago have now decided to stay in their current homes and are pouring money into making those much-talked-about improvements like remodeling a kitchen or redecorating the family room. Others are taking advantage of the buyer’s market and first-time home buyer incentives and therefore have newer or larger homes to furnish. And then there are those who have grown tired of losing money in the stock market and have taken that money out to spend and enjoy it. Some of those consumers are also using that money to remodel and redecorate. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of consumers in the home furnishings market lately. So whether you choose to wear a designer, shop by catalog, or spend your weekends visiting store after store, the question remains:

What should you look for to make sure you get quality furniture for your money?

The following are some guidelines to use when shopping for new furniture:

Materials: Whether you’re in the market for boxed goods (dining tables, entertainment centers, sideboards, cocktail tables, etc.) or upholstered pieces (sofas, loveseats, or occasional chairs), the wood that is the base of the piece must be solid wood. The most commonly used hardwoods for fine furniture frames are ash, rubber, and yellow poplar because of their strength, stability, and shock-absorbing qualities. Laminate hardwoods are also good for frames as they prevent warping. Woods for exterior surfaces, like cabinets, for example, should be those that can be carved, finished, and polished like birch, walnut, cherry, maple, mahogany, walnut, and oak. To ensure that your furniture does not show signs of splitting over time, wood preparation is very important. Because wood contains quite a bit of moisture, it should be air dried for approximately three to six months, depending on its thickness. It should then be dried in the oven for two to eight weeks, which ensures the stability of the finished furniture.

Construction: Floating joint systems are used in the construction of most fine furniture because they allow the wood to expand and contract as it reacts to heat and moisture. Look for gaskets that are glued and nailed down. Mortise and tenon construction is used in both boxes and upholstered part frames. Dovetail construction is most often mentioned when talking about drawer construction. When looking for upholstered pieces, ask about the seat frame. 8-way hand-tied construction is the best. In this process, hardened steel coil springs are hand tied at 8 points to provide comfort and proper seat support. Steel bands under each row of springs ensure long-lasting comfort. Winding spring construction is also acceptable. S-shaped springs are attached with steel wire to ensure a consistent seating platform. With either build, look for pieces that have solid wood legs that can be finished by hand in the color or stain of your choice.

Cushions and Upholstery: Ask about the different levels of cushions in your upholstered furniture. Premium furniture manufacturers offer different levels or upgrades for cushions. Which one you choose depends on the look you are interested in. For example, the standard cushion offered by most fine furniture companies uses a 1.8 density foam core encased in a cotton yarn that has some combination of down, feather, or blend of fibers blown into sewn channels. Upgrades are usually for cushions that have more firmness and support or more feathers and down for the feeling of sinking into your chair or sofa. If you are looking for an upholstered piece in the market, it is best to choose a supplier that offers custom upholstery. This means that they will offer a wide variety of fabrics for you to choose from to customize the look of your piece without having to deal with an exterior upholsterer. Custom pieces are usually more expensive than those offered in some standard colors, but when you invest in a piece of furniture that will be in your home for years to come, it is generally worth the additional expense.


How to turn $ 50 into $ 5,000 in 30 days

A critical first step in making more money is determining your reasons for making the extra money. It could be that you want to earn enough money for a down payment on a new car. I heard that Mercedes has a new offering on the sleek S-Class series. Maybe you want to take a well-deserved vacation. The average cost of vacations is $ 4,580 according to You may want to save for a wedding. Weddings, by the way, cost a whopping $ 28,400 on average according to It may be that your children are pestering you to create or add money to their educational fund. The costs of education are skyrocketing. College costs have risen 500% in the US since 1985, according to The reason could be related to debt. The average credit card debt per adult in the US is $ 4,878. The money you earn could be used to pay off your credit card debt or pay medical bills. By the way, medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcies in the US according to

It is essential for write your reason (s) now. Please get a pen and paper and do so before continuing.

Next steps –

  • Set your goal. A goal is a desired outcome that a person plans and commits to achieving a desired personal or organizational end point in some type of assumed development. A goal is something you put in writing with a specific amount of our result and a specific deadline or deadline. Your goal could be to earn $ 5,000 in 30 days as an example. Or it could be earning $ 50,000 in 3 months. It is your goal.
  • Define the objective. The objectives are closely related to the goals. And the two terms are often used synonymously. But the goals and objectives are different. Goals are specific, measurable milestones that must be reached in order to reach a goal. In this example, your goal is to find people interested in buying products and / or services and sell those products and / or services to them at a price they can afford.
  • Create a strategy. With your goal and objective set and in writing, you can now proceed to strategy. A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve your objective and goal. Strategy is a high-level written statement of the methods you will use to achieve your goal. In this example, your strategy will be to use affiliate marketing opportunities and a blog to bring buyers and sellers together. When a sale is made, you will earn a commission.
  • Develop your tactics. Tactics are specific actions necessary to accomplish a strategy. Tactics are what you do, and for each strategy, there are a number of tactics. You will use various marketing techniques to attract buyers to your blog. Social media marketing techniques, article marketing, video marketing and other techniques will be used.

What’s affiliates marketing? Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for every visitor or customer brought in by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts according to Wikipedia. It is a function of electronic commerce. By the way, total e-commerce spending in the United States will hit roughly $ 262 billion this year, up 13.4% from $ 231 billion last year, according to a new projection from Forrester Research Inc. Affiliate marketing is a low risk, high return strategy for online marketers. US Affiliate Marketing Spending Will Hit $ 4 Billion In 2014 And Increase At A Compound Annual Growth Rate Of 16% From 2009 To 2014 According To Forrester Research Inc. By Becoming An Affiliate Marketer You Are By connecting to this exchange of buyers and sellers and you are giving yourself the opportunity to earn a lot of money.

Some of the top affiliate marketers are raking in more than $ 2 million a year. There is a lot of money to go around, but there are no promises that you will make $ 2 million a year from the start. However, if you are committed to the process, you can earn a full-time income by working part-time hours.

Okay, so the next step is to identify the industries you want to help. You may be inclined to decide based on your personal interests. You may have read that a particular industry is about to emerge. There are many industries that offer affiliate marketing opportunities.

The renewable energy industry may be of interest to you. There are many products that are available online such as solar powered flash lights. By the way, when was the last time you saw a solar powered flash light at Wal-Mart or your local sporting goods store? They are incredibly difficult to find. Many people who enjoy the outdoors would save a great deal of money on flashlight batteries and fuel if they had flashlights and solar lanterns. This is just one example of items that people will be happy to buy from your blog.

Another example is personal financial services. Millions of people are struggling with their personal debts and need solutions to help them recover financially. By offering people credit card debt reduction services or mortgage refinance services that they cannot get locally, you are helping them regain control of their life and they will get paid in the process!

Maybe you love to travel or wish you could travel more. Providing travel packages to exotic locations can float your boat, so to speak.

Providing health-related products or services to millions of people looking for ways to lose weight and lead a more active lifestyle. There are many options to choose from and many ways to earn money as an affiliate marketer in most industries.

The next step is to create a blog so that you can inform people about products and / or services that will improve their lives. There are many companies that offer free blog space or you can buy blog space. It depends on your budget and your technical skills. Take a day or two to learn how to blog and how to add blog posts to your blog.

Write some posts detailing information about your industry and the products and / or services that will soon be available on your blog. Make sure your content is informative and interesting. The last thing your visitors will want to read are cheeky ads.

Next, apply to become an affiliate marketer for companies in your industry. Use Google to locate the providers of the types of products and / or services you have selected to sell and complete your affiliate marketing request. You will receive a response within 48 hours in most cases. Make sure to keep track of which affiliate programs you have applied for and what the result of each application is.

You can then start adding affiliate links to your blog for the products and / or services you want to sell. Try to balance your blog with content and ads. A general rule of thumb is to load your blog with 70% content and 30% advertising. Another tip is to offer products and / or services that give you a good range of commissions. In other words, include high, medium and low commission items on your blog to have a good mix. You can sell several of each over the course of a day and having the right combination will allow you to reach your income goal.

Now is the time to market your blog. People will learn about your blog through your marketing efforts. Your marketing plan should include social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others). It should also include articles and e-books, as well as SEO (Search Engine Optimized) blog posts.

Write a list of keywords that your niche is likely to use to search online for the information and items you are posting on your blog.

Spend at least an hour a day marketing your blog. Be sure to include the list of keywords you just wrote for your Twitter searches. Follow people who are industry leaders, as well as people who appear to be new to the industry. By the way, industry leaders tend to have many more followers than newbies.

There are many Twitter tools available that you can use to reduce the time it takes to create, maintain, and communicate with your Twitter followers. Search Twitter lists related to your industry and create a list for your account.

Use online automation tools to deliver your blog posts to your target audience to reduce the amount of time and effort required for tweets.

Include a Facebook fan page in your marketing plan. Create a Facebook fan page and add relevant content and photos. Post snippets of your posts on the fan page to pique the curiosity of Facebook visitors and encourage them to visit your blog.

Articles and videos should also be used to promote your blog. Ideally, you should write one or two articles each week. You can convert the article into an e-book and even a video after the article has been published. Set goals for your marketing plan and adjust your efforts until you reach them. I’ve written other articles as well as blog posts with detailed instructions on how to write articles, set a social media marketing plan, conversion goals, and create an overall online marketing plan, as well as other tips and tricks.

Replace underperforming affiliate programs with other programs until conversion rates are at acceptable levels.

Keep marketing, measuring, and adjusting until you’ve met your traffic, conversion, and revenue goals.

In short, when you identify the reasons for making more money and have clearly set a goal in writing, you can proceed to creating goals, strategies, and tactics to reach your goal. Monitoring your progress on a daily basis and making adjustments will keep you on track. E-commerce is here to stay and there is a surge in growth just before the holiday season, but any time is a good time to start. Startup costs should be around $ 50 or less, depending on the blog service you use and other blog-related items you choose.

The two most important things to remember is that you need to align yourself with the people and resources who will assist you at any point in the process, and you need to start now.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

“You can be late, but time won’t.” –Benjamin Franklin

Digital Marketing

The branches of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative career, but not sure which route to take? Read on for some simple explanations to help you decide.

As you may already know, affiliate marketing is an extremely simple yet very powerful concept and is known as the fastest and easiest way to earn on the net. Basically, the concept is to use the Internet to sell products or services of other companies on commission. The affiliate receives the merchant’s commission for each sale made.

There are many classified types of affiliate marketing, but they all fall into two basic categories of pay-for-performance and pay-per-click.

Pay for performance

Under this umbrella, pay for performance (PPP) will mean that the affiliate receives a commission when a visitor from their own affiliate ID performs the required action. This can be an actual sale where commission rates generally range from 10-50% with more popular products tending to give less commission than less popular ones, or a generated lead where the affiliate is paid. for each person who is registered. on the merchant’s website. This can be quite attractive to an affiliate as they can earn 15-20% on subsequent sales made.

Pay per click

Also known as PPC, pay-per-click affiliate marketing is considered extremely popular and also the easiest method of making money and is ideal for those who have small websites. The marketer simply places banners and text ads that have already been created by the merchant on his own website. The merchant pays a commission to the affiliate for each click made on these banners or advertisements. There is no need to make a next sale, therefore the payouts tend to be very small (usually less than $ 1) compared to the other options mentioned in this article.

Affiliate marketing can also be classified in terms of tier and residual income marketing; one, two levels and several levels.

Residual Income Marketing

Once a buyer has purchased their first purchase, made through an affiliate marketer’s link ID, the affiliate marketer not only receives a commission on the sale, but will also earn commissions based on the buyer’s future sales. The methods to achieve this are really easy to understand; A cookie is generated from the unique affiliate ID and placed on the buyer’s computer at the time of the first purchase. Normally, this cookie will expire after three months, but it can stay longer. When a buyer then returns to the merchant to make another purchase, their computer is instantly checked to see if an affiliate cookie is registered and, if found, the affiliate will receive a credit for the sale. It is important to note that cookies are in no way harmful to the computer and do not contain any personal information that can be viewed or used by a third party.

Single level

The affiliate receives the commission for the traffic or the sale on the merchant’s website depending on whether it is a PPC or PPP program.

Two levels

The affiliate will receive the commission for each action taken by the consumer and will earn commissions based on the performance of other affiliates personally recruited by him.

Multiple level

The affiliate is paid the same way you would in a two tier program, but the tiers can be much deeper with commissions on sales made by your recruited affiliates and also by your recruited affiliates. The depth of the level can be unlimited.


Tips to beat your friends playing PlayStation Sing Star

There are many ways you can beat your friends or competitors in a game and when it comes to beating them on Play Station Sing Star, you sure have to beat them royal style. There are ways you can defeat them in the game and it is sure to be of great help.

First you need to sing, I mean learn to sing. In fact, many competitions have been held every year and young people enjoy winning prizes, as they do not win anything small, but really huge things. This great stuff I’m talking about is a PS3. Now I am sure that everyone wants to win it. Well, now that you want to beat your friends in the game, learn to sing to begin with.

The next thing you need to do is master its modes. The Sing Star playstation is really good only because it is different from the rest and has many modes that you need to get familiar with first. Go ahead and learn it inside and out.

Sing Star play station is made with competitive mode, multiplayer mode and single game play mode. Each of these modes has been specially created and must be mastered by whoever wants to be the best in this game. Once you know everything about this game and without knowing only this, it is enough, but you must also master the game and the software.

Now comes the thing where you have mastered your ways, you have learned to sing. The next thing is that you need to possess some charisma in which you can be skilled and inspire people and inspire passion, awareness or love in others for the way you act with the powers of influence that you now possess.

If you have this Charisma and act gracefully, no one can beat you. Trust me, give it a try and you will see for yourself that it is true. Is this enough, not yet? Sure you can beat your friends, but wait, there is more for you.

Wow, you’re already a star, but you’ve learned to dominate the catalog. Well, this is another important factor that you must learn. The device contains a catalog containing hundreds of songs to download, featuring real artists with accompanying videos, via an online Sing Store.

You need to master the catalog and last but not least you need to analyze all the key features and learn them well. There are at least ten of them that are equally important. You get what you want and what you need to know all this and then no one can beat you. You are a super star.

Health Fitness

Think fat loss, not weight loss

Weight loss is one of the hottest topics in history. Everyone seems to be trying to lose weight nowadays. Most diet programs are about weight loss, and body weight is often used as an indicator of fitness progress. But this is the wrong approach.

Your end goal should always be to lose fat, and reducing excess body fat is what you should be concerned about. Weight loss and fat loss are NOT the same! Many people confuse the two terms, often believing that they mean the same thing, when in reality weight loss and fat loss are very different from each other. This article will help you understand how weight loss differs from fat loss, and how fat loss is far superior to weight loss in almost every way.

What is weight loss?

(Weight loss = Muscle loss + Fat loss + Water loss)

Weight loss attempts to reduce your total body weight. It simply refers to a lower number on a scale.

Your body weight is made up of all parts of your body, such as muscles, fat, bones, water, organs, tissues, blood, water, etc. When you lose weight, you lose a little … fat, muscle, and water.

You lose fat but very little and along with the fat you lose muscle and some water. The more you reduce your calorie intake, the faster you will lose weight and the more muscle mass you will lose.

Do you know that your muscle is important? Losing muscle mass affects your health and overall appearance.

When you lose weight too fast, your body cannot maintain its muscle. Because muscle requires more calories to maintain itself, your body begins to metabolize it in order to reserve incoming calories for survival. It protects fat stores as a defense mechanism to ensure its survival in the event of future famine, and instead uses lean tissue or muscle to provide you with the calories you need to maintain vital organs such as your brain, heart, and kidneys. the liver working. If you get to a point where you have too little fat or muscle, your body will metabolize your organs to keep your brain working, leading to a heart attack, stroke, and liver and kidney failure.

As the body loses more muscle mass, the overall metabolic rate of the body decreases. Metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns calories and is determined in part by how much muscle you have.

So the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolic rate; the less muscle you have, the lower your metabolic rate and the fewer calories you burn. This explains why it is crucial to protect your metabolic rate and not lose muscle mass.

Loss of muscle also leads to loss of tone under the skin leaving it smooth and shapeless, without shape or contour. If you lose weight too quickly, your skin won’t have time to adjust either. Also, muscle is what gives you strength and loss means a weak body.

With weight loss, you shrink in size and become a smaller version of yourself with a fragile body and flabby skin.

Weight loss works in the short term to make you smaller, but it is temporary, almost everyone rebounds and regains the weight. This forces you to find another diet. And then another, and another, because eventually they will all fail.

What is fat loss?

(Fat loss = loss of stored body fat)

Fat loss attempts to reduce total body fat, that is, the percentage of your total body weight that is made up of fat.

The correct approach to fat loss is to exercise and eat smart in a way that maintains muscle and focuses exclusively on fat loss.

The muscle you have is not there forever. If you don’t feed it and don’t use it, you lose it. A proper plan with the proper combination of resistance and cardiovascular training with proper progression and a proper nutrition plan to support you can help you achieve this. Exercise only increases the burning process, but it not only melts fat on its own; If you do not create a deficit and feed the body too much, it will not touch the stored fuel reserves. On the other hand, if you drastically cut your calories and don’t feed your muscle properly or don’t exercise and use your muscle, you’ll lose it. Fat loss is about finding the right balance.

With fat loss, you maintain muscle and keep your metabolic rate high. It also builds stronger connective tissue, firmer skin, and stronger bones and joints. With fat loss you transform your body.

Fat loss is a lifestyle approach where you give your body what it needs without depriving it and shaking it up with the threat of starvation. You get to see slow but steady steady progress.

It may sound strange, but it is possible to lose weight without actually seeing a change in your weight. This happens when you lose body fat while gaining muscle. Your weight stays the same, even if you lose inches.

Let’s see how this happens.

Fat tissue is very loose and not dense. It takes up a lot of space on your body. While the muscle is denser and takes up less space. When you lose fat, this space is freed and you may notice a loss of inches. If you are following a consistent strength training program, the gain in lean muscle tissue will offset this fat loss and the weight will remain the same. Since muscle takes up less space than fat, you lose inches and begin to look more toned, leaner, and fitter.

A consistent strength training program and then the gain in lean muscle tissue will offset this fat loss and the weight will stay the same. Since muscle takes up less space than fat, you lose inches and begin to look more toned, leaner, and fitter.

Myth: “Get in shape” means “Lose weight.”

Truth: Getting in shape means reducing your body fat percentage!

Real Estate

Start a wedding photography business

Building a successful wedding photography business can be a bigger challenge than you might think. Just because you can take a photo doesn’t mean that starting your own wedding photography business is easy. However, there are certain building blocks one can take that will help you create a successful start in your wedding photography business. The first and most important building block is building an efficient and comprehensive business / creative plan. This is the foundation and should include your goals, your mission, and the keys to success.

Your foundation goals will cover what it takes to produce the same exceptional quality results over and over again, and what it takes to be recognized as a premier wedding photographer. Your mission should describe what you want to achieve and how you are going to do it. Your keys to success should include how you will meet your customer’s expectations and how you will achieve it. How will you be competitive with the services you offer? What kind of earnings do you need to become a successful competition?

Before starting, the first step is to find your identity. Have you figured it out? Be true to yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses as a photographer. Are you ready to start this financially and technically? Do you know your style and identity, and do you do it well? You must know how to describe your photography and your vision. Are you more of a photo journalistic photographer who relies on available natural light and spontaneous moments? Do you plan ahead and pose portraits and incorporate technical lighting skills to give a classic look? Or do you mix it up with both, displaying a full range of capabilities that give it its own modern and contemporary style?

If you know what you want your photography and identity to look like, but have not yet achieved the look, you may need more work on your photography before you can establish your business.

Take a look at your photography and decide what level of talent you have and what potential you have. Be critical of your work, but also have others criticize it for you. Learn to use constructive criticism to improve your photography. If your identity is not where you want it, ask yourself, what needs improvement? Do you know your equipment (camera, lighting, etc.) well enough? Can you read and measure your exposures? Do you have the right equipment, that is, a high resolution digital camera and Photoshop? You need a digital camera to keep up with your competition. Mastering Photoshop and Lightroom and their digital workflow is also of great importance. It is up to you to overcome any weaknesses with proper education and practice before taking wedding photographs.

Photographing a wedding is a great responsibility. Someone has paid a great deal of money and trusted you to document this special and personal day. This is why it is so important to be confident enough to participate in any wedding that comes your way and to do a good job photographing it. Having your skills honed is only part of what it takes to build that foundation of confidence. The other big part of building trust is experience.

We all start somewhere. So once you’ve mastered your photography skills and workflow, now is the time to prove yourself and your identity. The first step is to know its value. Do you think you are ready to film a wedding solo for $ 2000.00? Wait, you don’t have wedding photos for a portfolio. How are you going to sell yourself as a wedding photographer? Well, or you are lucky with someone who you trust and likes your photography even though you have never photographed a wedding. Or you decide to build your portfolio by being a second or third shooter for a more established wedding photographer. This is a great way to gain exposure and experience in the wedding photography scene. A great way to tackle this route is to call all the local wedding photographers in your area and ask if anyone needs a second or third shooter. Once you find work, ask questions and pay close attention to how they run their business and how they photograph weddings. Everybody has a system. How they film the wedding ceremony, portraits, reception, etc. Use this position to your advantage and build relationships within the wedding industry. The more you learn, the faster you will be on your way to becoming proficient. Remember to save money for when you transition on your own.

Once you have a few weddings under your belt, your confidence will lead you at the right time to part ways and become that competition you’ve been working for. When you choose, it should be all or nothing. Either stay second shooter or take the risk and become a competitor.

Having made the leap into the unknown and exciting world of being your own boss. His confidence as a photographer has grown and he now possesses an identity as a wedding photographer. Now you can start your wedding photography business wherever and whenever.

Hopefully you’ve invested in your own digital camera, backup camera, lenses, computer, Photoshop, etc. Your investment needs to have insurance. It cannot be allowed to be stolen or broken; otherwise, all your hard work will be wasted. You must also have CYA liability insurance. You can get photographer insurance through PPA.

Before positioning yourself as a competitor in the wedding photography market, you must know your competition. They are your best models to help you get started. Take note of what they charge for the packages and what they include with their services. Where and how are they advertised? What niche do they occupy and where can you fit in as a new business?

To establish your business you need an address. You can choose a PO box or other mailbox service, such as mailboxes, etc. I prefer MBE because you can choose a mailbox with a real postal address. Not to mention that they have many other services. Next, get a different phone number for your business. To legitimately create your business, you must have a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or sole proprietorship. You can get information about this from an accountant or on websites like legalzoom.

With the rest of the money you have saved, you will need to determine how much will be used for marketing and other expenses. Marketing will be the most essential thing to get your business off the ground. Without marketing you have no business. Your essential elements of marketing are: having your identity, your portfolio and your line of communication.

Through the library of images you have created, choose your best images to use for your portfolio, website, and all promotional and marketing materials. Your portfolio can be made with inkjet prints that you place in an album of your choice, such as the albums provided by Topflight, the photo album store, or you can choose to have one of Asuka’s albums or other labs printed. online printing like Snapfish or Shutterfly. Your image identity is now established and will grow over time. However, now you need your business identity. What will your promotional materials be like? What type of font will you use? What colors will be incorporated? Will you use a logo? It may be a good idea to find a graphic designer to help you with this. Once you discover your business identity and incorporate it into your promotional materials, you must create and print them all at once for distribution throughout the year. Make sure you have the basics like business cards, postcards, brochures, contracts, 8×10, and any other promotional materials you can think of. These materials can be ordered through and

Once you have finished your promotional material and the portfolio has been printed, you are ready to create your website. See other sites to get an idea of ​​the site style you want and what it will look like. Find someone else to create a website for you if you are not trained in web development, but having a professional do it can be a bit expensive. Some great alternatives are to use Craigslist or find a student at a local college to do so. Make sure to work with your web developer on creating your SEO (search engine optimization) for the site. This is the most important and is the best way to ensure that you can create a search engine optimized web presence. DIY website template doesn’t do well for SEO. SEO will focus on key copywriting, alt tags, one-way links, and proper site submissions.

You now have a business ready to start seeing some return. People are ready to see your business and it is your job to search and find them. It is your job to know your market and take advantage of it with your presence. I suggest getting a creative ad on Craigslist is a priority. Why is it not free? Now that you have all of your promotional materials in print, where will you distribute them? Research all businesses in the wedding industry on a local, state, or national level and create a directory of them for your advertising. Create your promotional packages with a cover letter, brochure, postcards and a mini portfolio or something that shows your style in more depth. This is a lot of work and can take a while. Get help from friends, family, or repost on Craigslist for temporary help. After you’ve mailed everything, follow up with phone calls to let them know who you are. This will help provide a personal connection to your materials and help start future relationships. Building relationships is very important, and it will help transform the work into word of mouth. Another great way to build relationships and exercise is to participate in the wedding shows held in your area.

Knowing your business and what you offer to your customers and the industry is the most important thing. Just as it is important to know your own identity as a person, it is also important to know your business identity. When the phone starts ringing, people want to see confidence in you and your images. Just remember that images speak louder than words and that cream always rises to the top.

Good luck!

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WiMax, VoIP and the metropolitan area network

The emerging IEEE 802.16 standard, commonly known as WiMAX, promises to provide last-mile wireless broadband Internet access capable of transporting data-intensive applications, such as VoIP and video streaming, to metropolitan area networks, as well as suburban and rural communities. WiMAX is considered a disruptive technology, designed as an alternative to fixed line DSL and coaxial technologies, and with its 802.16e revision, cellular phone networks too.

Worldwide Interoperability for Microwaves AXcess will operate on licensed and unlicensed frequencies using non-line-of-sight (NLOS) and line-of-sight technologies, extending broadband coverage to cities and towns wirelessly over a metropolitan area network. Furthermore, due to its far-reaching capabilities and ease of deployment, wimax is the only technology close to bridging the digital divide, connecting underdeveloped regions and sparsely populated rural areas much more cost-effectively than deploying a wired infrastructure.

WiMAX and WiFi comparison

The widespread adoption of wireless LAN in the business community, as well as the appearance of WiFi access points in public areas, airports, hotels and cafes, has been of great importance in providing mobility to both business people and consumers. Thanks to open standards guided by the 802.11 committee and the WiFi Alliance, WiFi technology is taking root in our society. WiMAX plans to take WiFi one step further.

While the two technologies may appear the same, from their conception they are designed for totally different applications. WiFi is a short-range standard that was primarily designed as an extension of the local area network (LAN) to provide mobility to the end user. It operates on unlicensed frequencies and has a range of about 100 meters, depending on obstructions. Typically, an access point will connect to a fixed line network, be it a wired LAN or a cable / DSL broadband connection, and the range can be expanded by adding more access points at the appropriate distances.

WiMAX, on the other hand, is designed to function as a carrier network, or a wireless Internet service provider (WISP), covering entire cities and regions with broadband Internet access comparable to DSL. Coverage in optimal conditions could go up to 50 kilometers, but is actually more like 5 km for users with NLOS Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), or up to 15 km with a CPE connected to an external line-of-sight antenna .

As the oldest and most established technology, 802.11 WiFi has been used in a mesh topology to cover larger areas such as university campuses and municipalities, for example, to connect terminals in police vehicles to its database. The emerging 802.16 WiMAX will be better suited for larger deployments and will indeed complement private WiFi networks by offering cheaper and more secure Internet access for voice and data applications.

WiMAX standards: fixed, nomadic and mobile

The 802.16 standard developed by the IEEE provides for a fixed wireless broadband network operating in the spectrum range from 10 GHz to 66 GHz. Originally, only licensed spectrum in this range was addressed, and line-of-sight multipath technology it was addressed by adopting OFDM as the standard. Subsequent revisions added the 2 GHz to 11 GHz band to the spectrum and incorporated support for non-line-of-sight technologies and quality of service (QoS) techniques, a prerequisite for time-sensitive applications such as voice and video.

The patch known as 802.16-2004 (d) rolled up all the previous patches and then added a few. Most of these original issues concerned the physical and media access control layers, and resulted in a standard list of mandatory and optional items by which vendors could design their products.

The resulting fixed WiMAX standard has a data rate of up to 40 Mbps, support for half and full duplex transmission, improved QoS, and the incorporation of multiple polling techniques, ultimately reducing packet collisions and overhead.

Base stations must support several different topologies, such as cable backhauling, microwave point-to-point connections, and the ability of the WiMAX base station to fall back on itself by reserving a portion of the bandwidth for that purpose.

By design, 802.16d would suit residential and small business markets that offer broadband wireless access with speeds comparable to DSL. Enterprise markets could be served at T1 / E1 data rates.

While this version of WiMax is called fixed, it is actually nomadic. Users of a private indoor WiFi network can seamlessly transition to the public WiMAX network when moving outdoors, and their hardware determines the best available network. Devices on the WiMAX data network would include laptops, PDAs and smartphones equipped with an onboard WiMAX-capable PC chip or card, which use spectrum for voice, data, video and music transfers.

Nomadic WiMAX provides limited mobility in the sense that the coverage range is handled by the same base station.

WiMAX goes mobile

With the adoption of the 802.16ea revision in late 2005, all the hype has been on Mobile WiMAX, a technology designed to compete with cellular networks.

With the greatest support from manufacturers such as Intel, Motorola, Siemens and Nokia, among others, mobile WiMAX is based on open standards and is supposed to be 4 times faster than 3G cellular technologies (EVDO, HSDPA). Significant cost savings can be achieved for voice applications when making calls over the Internet via VoIP.

802.16e provides fast and smooth transfers between base stations, with a cell radius of approximately 3 miles, similar to cellular networks. The standard was ratified in late 2005, and real-world applications are starting to appear in 2007, with more robust development expected throughout 2008.

Because this technology is a threat to the legacy telecommunications industry, it is no wonder that Sprint Nextel is implementing WiMAX instead of EVDO on its 4G network. Sprint has been purchasing much of the WiMAX spectrum and recently announced a partnership with Nokia to roll out WiMAX in four Texas cities in mid-2008. This is not its first WiMAX network, and telecommunications companies around the world have been doing the same. .

The 802.16 standards are a work in progress and as such are subject to change and revision. As the standards committee works on the technology, the WiMAX Forum hopes to do what the WiFi Alliance did for 802.11 standards, promoting interoperability between components through testing and offering WiMAX certification to vendors that comply with 802.16 standards.

It should be noted that many of the WiMAX implementations at the time of writing are proprietary and therefore do not necessarily follow the IEEE or WiMAX Forum recommendations. Wireless broadband ISP Clearwire Communications has more than 200,000 subscribers in 375 cities and calls its service a “WiMAX-class solution, utilizing next-generation wireless technology without line of sight.” Other early adopters of pre-WiMAX technology are moving forward, providing wireless broadband access to residential consumers and the small business market, and many businesses are jumping on the bandwagon of evolving standards to ensure interoperability and compatibility with previous versions of devices and applications.


Guide to the Best Casino Bonus Available

Best Casino Bonus Available

Guide to the Best Casino Bonus in Malaysia is a well structured eBook that will help any new online casino gamer learn the ropes of playing at Malaysia’s most popular casinos. Bonus codes have become a staple in online casinos across the globe. Players enter the specific casino code number after they make their deposit to get the bonus. It has become an automatic way to receive the benefits of playing for free. However, there are still those who fail to gain maximum benefits from bonus codes.

Best Casino Bonus in Malaysia

The authors of Guide to the Best Casino Bonus in Malaysia have done their research and gathered together all the knowledge about Malaysia’s favorite online casinos. They have also taken their cut out of every major online casino in Malaysia and have made their compilation into a guide for gamers. What makes this eBook so special? It is because they have personally tried out each and every casino and added their own personal tips in the eBook. In addition, they are willing to help gamers even if they are a beginner in this area because they understand the importance of being patient when it comes to games like casino.

What makes Guide to the Best Casino Bonus in Malaysia stand out is that it has all the different casinos covered. The book even includes a list of the current bonuses that the players can avail. This is because the bonus system in Malaysia is not very common. This is why the guide contains information about some of the lesser known casinos that have the best promotions at present.

Guide to the Best Casino Bonus Available

With Guide to the Best Casino Bonus in Malaysia, players do not have to spend too much time looking for the best bonus. All they have to do is read the content included in the book and they will be given the full insights on what is the current trend in the industry. This will make the players feel more confident in their choice on which casino to play.

There are several benefits associated with using the guides. One of these is that it will help a player determine which casino to visit depending on their needs and interests. Apart from giving out information on the specials that are offered in every casino, the guides also include tips on how to get the best deals in a casino. It is because these guides have inside information on the casinos as well as on the various casino bonus schemes that are being offered. Since there are many different kinds of casino bonuses being offered at present, it is important for a gamer to get a guide to the best online casino bonus.

Aside from these, there are several other benefits that one can get from these guides. These are some of the things that you need to know about if you want to ensure that you will get the best deals in online casinos. For those who are just starting out, these guides can serve as a very good learning tool. In addition, they will also be able to learn more about the various ways in which one can get the best deal in these casinos.

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Sex on a yacht

When a lost customer a couple of years ago phoned me from Washington, I was delighted. He had been reading Boat International magazine on a flight and realized that he had left my old brokerage to start working for Camper & Nicholsons. When the global recession began, he had instructed me to sell his small fleet of 88 ‘to 112’ yachts as quickly as possible, recognizing that assets like these would lose value quickly and that by liquidating them he would be in a strong position to survive and even prosper. during the turbulent times ahead. Now, he told me, he was back on the market and would like me to help him find his next yacht.

However, there was a small problem. As a result of the massive growth of his business, he had decided to hire someone to handle all of his acquisitions; properties, planes, businesses and yes, boats.

This “someone” was an accountant.

Now I have nothing against accountants. They serve a useful purpose in doing work that most of us find tedious and boring. A good accountant can save a business substantial amounts of money through smart tax planning and up-to-date advice. However, there are certain decisions that an accountant should NOT be involved in, and buying a yacht is one of them.

Honestly, as soon as I would invite my accountant to a Boat Show, I would invite my Mother to a strip club, or I would ask an accountant to help me buy a yacht, rather than ask my Mother to help me. find a girlfriend. Fundamental traits like a curvy body, a sexy smile, and how fun she is on a date would be totally ignored in favor of other less important attributes like reliability, longevity, and … ahem … a two-year warranty. A mother will make a decision based on thought and logic, a man on the other hand will base his decision on feelings and passion. A friend of mine once told me that his mother burst into tears when he introduced him to his girlfriend simply because she didn’t like her. Strange, that’s exactly the same reaction my client’s accountant had when I told him what the running costs are for a 46 meter yacht.

And this raises the rather interesting question of “why do financially successful people buy yachts?” How is it possible that a man who has spent years developing an enviable ability to generate profit and avoid losing money suddenly buy an object that will do the exact opposite?

I discussed this with a yacht owner more than a decade ago when I was working as a Sales Manager for the Ferretti Custom Line shipyard. The client had an insatiable appetite to negotiate the price of each change order and clearly felt that controlling costs was just as important as seeking profit. One evening at dinner, the customer talked about how hard he had worked to achieve his wealth and said that, as a result, he was not spending money without giving due consideration to all purchases, both small and large. I ventured to ask what “due consideration” had led him to purchase a superyacht, knowing that the annual running costs alone would fund a small military coup.

I’m not very diplomatic of myself, I know … but I just had to ask.

A smile spread across the customer’s face. “David,” he said, “you can’t imagine.” “Everything you do on a yacht is much better. I eat on a yacht and the food tastes better, I lie on a yacht and sleep better, and David,” she said as the smile spread even more. better. We have a yacht. “

About a year after that conversation, I was able to put these comments to the test when, in a moment of extraordinary generosity, another client invited me to board his 100 ‘yacht for a week’s vacation. Just for clarity, and knowing that my wife will probably read this article, I must add “Yes. This was the week we went to Mallorca together”.

People talk about spending “quality time” with their partners, as opposed to what I imagine of the “poor quality time” that can be spent in front of the television too tired to chat after a day of firefighting in the place at work and, if you have young children, possibly in the living room as well. If the quality of time can be measured in the same way that we measure the quality of food and drink, then “yacht time” is a Pata Negra Ibérica de Bellota, they are shavings of Italian white truffle from Alba in a plate of the best pasta. It is a plate of Danish oysters washed down with a cold bottle of Chablis, an experience so intensely pleasant that during the brief moments in which you are enjoying its pleasure nothing else matters, no problems come to mind, there are no difficulties. They are there, in the moment, together and happy.

Another yacht owner put it well when he spoke of his grandfather, an extraordinary man who had started his business in a garden shed and built it for a business empire employing more than 50,000 people. The family owned spectacular properties around the world and regularly stayed in the best hotels this planet has to offer, yet said that “the only time I see my grandfather relaxed is on his yacht.”

This is a common theme when talking to families of highly motivated CEOs and business owners. They never completely disconnect from their businesses, not at their home in town, not at their country residence, not at their Malibu beach house, not even in a Burj Al Arab penthouse suite. But they relax on their yacht. It may take a week to resist answering your cell phone and another week to stop checking your emails, but by the third week they have finally gotten in sync with “yacht time.” Stress levels return to normal, priorities refocus, food tastes better, sleep is deeper, and life’s most intense pleasures are magnified to unforgettable proportions.

And herein lies the secret that unlocks the disciplined mastery that many high-net-worth individuals maintain in their purchasing power. Business success and financial rewards are exhilarating and leave a legacy that can benefit generation after generation of descendants, as well as providing work for an army of delighted accountants. However, the frenetic intensity of this lifestyle requires a balance, a pressure valve that brings the PSI of life back to a safe level. A yacht is not a luxury for these men and women, but a necessity, albeit an expensive one, to enrich their lives in a way that is not quantifiable on a balance sheet, to receive a return on investment that is not measured in currency or values. of actions. .

My advice to UHNWIs around the world who may be reading this and thinking of attending the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show this year is simple.

Leave your accountant behind.