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Impotence, infertility and sterility (Part 1)

Male infertility and impotence and female infertility and infertility are major problems and concerns today and are widespread. Impotence, infertility and sterility are sexual dysfunctions or dysfunctions of the reproductive system. They are degenerative diseases and therefore are caused by poor or improper diet and lifestyle and can therefore be reversed. They are also psychological (and mental) illnesses and, again, they can be reversed.

In the traditional form of Djehuty, I always start with or I like to start by defining and breaking down a thing or word so that the meaning can be digested in the mind.

What is impotence?

Impotence derives from the Latin word impotentia [Lat: im “not,” and potentia power]. 1. weakness. 2. inability of the adult male to achieve an erection of the penis or, less frequently, to ejaculate after having achieved an erection. Several ways are recognized. Functional impotence has a psychological basis. Anatomical impotence is the result of physically defective genitalia. Atonic impotence implies an altered neuromuscular function. Poor health, age, drugs, and fatigue can inhibit normal sexual function. SOURCE: Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 3rd Edition (1990)

Basically impotence implies that a man lacks the power to achieve an erection or cannot maintain an erection or cannot maintain an erection long enough to ejaculate. This is a very serious problem if a couple wants to conceive a child and start a family.

A penis must be at a 90 ° angle (erect state) to help create and reproduce life by penetrating the female vagina. Impotence leaves the penis at a 0 ° to 33 ° angle, which just isn’t going to do the job. Numerology (study of numbers) testifies that number 9 is the number of life and number 90 is: 9 + 0, which is equal to 90, since any number multiplied by zero is equal to that particular number or specific. A woman normally carries a child in her womb for 9 months. Mathematically, the number 9 is the reproduction number of the number 9 is the only number that when you calculate it (or multiply it) by another number, it will be equal to the number 9. Example:

9 X 2 = 18, which is 1 and 8, and 1 + 8 = 9

9 X 5 = 45, which is 4 and 5, and 4 +5 = 9

9 X 12 = 108, which is 1, 0 and 8, and 1 + 0 + 9 = 9

Try it yourself! Just multiply (or multiply) any number by the number 9 and see what the final result is when you add all those numbers.

Devout Western religious brethren, contrary to what you believe or have been wrongly taught, especially my beloved Christian brethren, numerology is NOT of the devil or demonic in nature. Numerology deals with mathematics, which is the language of God. We are in the Age of Aquarius and we must metaphysically cope with the times or perish because I believe that we can all witness that what we have is not working or working optimally and God is not a half step by step. With God, it’s all or nothing. Then you cannot be a God hugger and be plagued with so many pathologies, illnesses and disorders and personal and social dramas of life to the point that they rob you of an abundant life and optimal health, or furthermore, that you cannot solve all of them. these dramas (problems) of life. The problems are solved (solved). I do not intend to make anyone feel bad or depressed, but I have a duty to encourage people to think to stimulate them and to propel them to action, because religious faith bears witness to actions. Jesus Himself instructed the Christian believer and follower not to be a hearer of the word, but a DOER of the word. The word “do” implies ACTION!

So men, in order to reproduce (in many cases, yourself through the birth of a child or male child), cannot be powerless and must be able to achieve a 90 ° angle for penetration of the sacred cave of life (vagina, Yoni). The penis in erect state at 90 ° vibratoryly proclaims the secret password in the sacred cave of life, whose password was “Open, sesame”, which was related to the Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) word seshemu, which meant “sexual intercourse”. The hieroglyphic sign for seshemu was a penis inserted into an arched yoni symbol.

So what causes impotence? The number one cause, without a doubt, is poor diet and lifestyle. Excessive consumption of meat (dead animal meat), dairy (liquefied cow mucus or mucus) and starch play a fundamental role in impotence. Starch, by far, would have to be the first thing to leave alone to reverse impotence. Starch is that material that dry cleaners use to stiffen your clothes. If the starch makes your clothes hard, what do you think the starch will do to your penis? So cut back or cut down on our starchy foods (white rice, yellow corn, white potatoes, etc.). Eat brown or wild rice (black), blue corn, and colored potatoes (red, purple).

Meat and dairy will put animal fat and cholesterol in your body, greatly affecting circulation throughout your body, including the male genitalia. The penis is a sponge (organ made up of tissue) that is made erect by the veins of the penis that circulate oxygen and blood, causing it to swell and create a girth (roundness of the head of the penis) that is important for stimulate the vagina during intercourse or lovemaking. American men would do well to refrain from eating foods rich in fats and fatty oils. Your sex life depends on it!

I can’t forget to eat eggs (female chicken eggs). Eggs create toxicity in the body and also cause a hormonal imbalance in males.

Protein? Unnatural sources of protein (meat, eggs, etc.) cause toxicity and excess uric acid in the body. Protein misuse is the number one cause of food-based cancer development in the body. What are meat and dairy in technical terms? PROTEIN!

As a street minister in the day or my embryonic consciousness days, I used to warn young African American males to drop off certain brands of beer (Old English, St. Ides, etc.) and fried chicken sold exclusively in urban areas. black. because the chemical “potassium nitrate” is heavily mixed in these products to slow the birth rates or population growth of African Americans who were deemed useless, expendable, or undesirable eaters by government eugenicists working undercover in the industry food. Potassium nitrate was once used in the power of the American military apparatus. Potassium nitrate is commonly known as “saltpeter” which weakens the penis. The United States government allowed this substance in the food of male military personnel to help curb the high rate of rape of foreign women by the United States military. Potassium nitrate is a highly controversial topic with some agreeing that it has an adverse effect on the male apparatus (penis) and others disagreeing. Based on my research, I agree that it does, in fact, have an adverse effect on the male apparatus.

You may believe it or not, but impotence is very high among African American men today. There are still a lot of stallions and Mandingos, but there are also a lot of Willie Lump Lumps. I know this first hand, because I am a herbalist and I receive many requests for help in this area from men, young and old alike. And yes, these men are very ashamed of their situation, because they unconsciously know that it is a basic and primary function.

While the impotence rates for African American men are high these days, the impotence rates for white or European men are even higher. Impotence was always a fancy disease for the most part because it was rich men who could afford to eat steak, smoke the best cigars, snort the best quality cocaine, and drink the best wines on a daily basis. All of these played and do play an important role in impotence.

Smoking cigarettes and marijuana will make an erection difficult. The by-product of smoking is carbon monoxide, which has an affinity for blood ten times that of oxygen. Cigarettes and drugs cause degeneration of the sexual gland and the reproductive system. The result is impotence or low sperm count.

Drinking alcoholic beverages causes penis weakness and also causes degeneration of the male reproductive system. Remember, American wine is processed with ether (sleeping gas) and formaldehyde (embalming fluid). So how is a man going to be conscious and alive for intercourse if his eyes are bloodshot red and droopy (drowsy) and his penis cannot become erect due to being stiff from being indirectly embalmed? Billboards, especially those in urban areas and communities, always promote alcohol use and sex. It is true that there is a lot of sex when people get drunk, but what is the quality of that sex? And God forbid, what kind of child is conceived from that sex and mental state?

Over a long period of time, drinking alcohol will greatly sabotage a man’s ability to perform in the sexual act. It is already an established fact that alcohol affects motor skills and coordination, two functions of the brain and I have always said that the most important sexual organ is not between the leg of a man or a woman, but between their ears: the brain! The brain is the motor or device that controls sexuality.

Men should also refrain from wearing tight underwear (boxer shorts) and start wearing boxers. Poor circulation due to suffocation of the testicles leads to low sperm count and production, as well as penile weakness (impotence).

And lastly, on this note, excessive and mindless sex will undoubtedly cause premature degeneration of the male reproductive system.


Transgender children confused by body image

A recent report on a Sydney television station about a girl who was born as a boy should be a wake-up call for those who want an explanation as to why this happens. There are now so many instances of this around the world that laws are changing in some countries to suit their needs. In Australia, for example, obtaining sex hormones that are necessary for the sexual development of missing organs can occur without a court order.

With the memory of my reincarnation is something that I understand. As a man in my last life and a woman in this one, what caught my attention as a child was the strength that I lacked. I felt that I was in the wrong body and believed, therefore, that it had been my mistake. It’s only recently been shown to me that we don’t choose our parents or our sex.

In my experience, we go from one life to another and in the process our sex changes. For those with good memories of their previous lives, change is not only confusing, it is often unacceptable. Young children are bullied by parents and society into changing their feelings and subsequently forgetting the memory of a previous existence.

This did not happen to me because of the other language that I brought with me. It meant that parents and other people couldn’t change my memories or dissuade me from what stuck with me as a consequence.

Religions that brainwash people to believe in mystical places like heaven and hell have a lot to answer for. They have no idea about the afterlife, but they promote the dreams of the ancestors who worshiped the sun and believe that they could become a star in the night sky if they adhere to its laws. Many are suffering incredible torture by not understanding their sexuality.

In the case of the aforementioned girl, ‘she’ (her current state) was caught by her mother when at the age of 4 she was trying to cut off her penis. They now accept her claims of being a woman and have taken the necessary steps to complete the change.

We are in a world of rapid communication and reincarnation videos on the Internet should not be missed for those seeking answers about what happens after the end of life. In my case I was in the dark with the Spirit of the Universe, the only real God, before being above my parents since they were married a month before my birth.

With the memory from the beginning of this life it has been my turn to discover why reincarnation is not accepted by the mainstream of society and how and why religions prohibited it. When the facts are known, confusion about the bodily changes that occur due to the transition from one life to another will be more easily acceptable.

Religion is power and control, and therefore it is supported by governments and others who use it to force people to comply with man-made laws. The World Order, which some call the “establishment”, is based on what primitive man created. The sun was considered the god of creation and the images created by him were taken as messages from the Supreme Being.

My experience shows that heaven and hell are myths and that children feel the loss of their previous existence when they have the memory of reincarnation. There is much that the world does not know about the reality of our existence and the children who are called transvestites‘are often the least understood.

Religious fundamentalists who target homosexuals are also out of place. It is often difficult for reincarnates to adapt to the role of the opposite sex. Not only is their physical form a problem, but the emotional and often misunderstood aspect of their lives turns into a disaster when they are the target of ignorance and intolerance.


Tying Secrets 146: Financial Statement Tracking Test

Here is a list of my business and accounting courses in college:




I was an education (teaching) specialist so I didn’t get anything in the financial statements “FS”. When I started out as a bail bond underwriting apprentice, I realized that I had no idea what a balance sheet was, but I learned.

If your first reaction when looking at an FS is “Duh”, we’ll fix it right now. Keep reading! This will be a view from 30,000 feet. Big picture.

To be complete, each financial statement must include As minimum:

1) Balance sheet

2) Profit and loss statement

The balance sheet

This document is a one-day snapshot of the company’s funds (Assets) and who owns them (Liabilities). Assets and liabilities have an equal “balance” because each dollar of the company is shown from two points of view: the asset and who owns it, the liability.

The Balance has Three important parts that we can review initially. Let’s identify them based on their functionality.

Current Assets – This line item is a subtotal near the middle of the Assets column. Represent those assets easily convertible into cash within the next fiscal year (as accounts receivable).

Current liabilities: they are located near the middle of the Liabilities column, they are debts that owe paid out in the next fiscal year (as Accounts Payable).

Total Stockholders’ Equity, also known as Net Worth – Usually the last subsection near the bottom of the Liabilities column. This is the net worth of the company that would remain if they closed and liquidated everything.

The profit and loss statement

This is a historical summary of all money received (Sales, also known as Income) and money spent (Expenses) during the previous period, usually one year. At the bottom of the column is net profit, which is the money the business “earned” during the year after paying all related bills and taxes.

Now that you can pick a couple of strategic numbers in any FS, what are we going to do with them?

Calculate the working capital

This is a primary measure of financial strength used by all analysts, including guarantors, banks, and other creditors. It is found by subtracting Current Liabilities from Current Assets. It is an indicator of the expected cash flow in the next year.

The sniff test

Here’s a quick simplified evidence to use when considering a particular offer or performance bond. The evaluation is carried out based on expectations contract (no deposit) amount. This is an instant indication of the adequacy of finances with respect to the next project.

First part: the target amount of working capital is 15% of the contract amount. For example, if the contract amount is $ 1,000,000, the guarantors expect to see a Working Capital of at least $ 150,000.

Part Two: The target amount of net worth is 20% of the contract amount or around $ 200,000 in our example.

Certainly, there is more to underwriting bonds than this simple analysis. However, by using this method, you can get a quick idea of ​​whether the financial statement easily supports the bond or it can be a tranche. If your analysis reveals negative numbers, which are shown in parentheses in financial reports, it is obviously a bad sign.

Also note that applicants who do not meet these can still qualify for bonuses based on other factors, and the reverse is also true. The surety subscription requires many factors in consideration. In this article we are offering a very simplified version of the process although it is valid as a quick review. This procedure will allow you to conduct a quick financial assessment and relate it to the next surety exposure.


This article does not make you a bonus subscriber, but now when you get a new FS instead of “Duh!” you can say “Let me analyze this!”

Running one more quick scan the sniff test it will indicate the probability of obtaining surety support. You learned a lot in three minutes, but when you have a link that fails the crawl test, that’s where our experience and market access come into play. Call us!

Home Kitchen

Different types of kitchen tiles and their use

Most of the time, homeowners put extra effort into decorating the kitchen. Because all members of the family frequently enter the kitchen expecting good food. So, directly or indirectly, the kitchen is one of the essential areas of a house. Along with that, if the kitchen is decorated with good quality marble tiles, it will definitely increase its value.

Everyone who enters the kitchen looks at the floor and walls. It would be fabulous if you used tiles that look warm, bright and elegant on them. The kitchen has many areas where tiles can be placed. You can also use tile, wall tile, and countertop tile. One of the must-have things to remember is to choose waterproof tiles for the kitchen. Non-laminated porous tiles or wood tiles can be easily stained.

Below are the different types of tiles that are suitable for the kitchen:


Ceramic tiles are very popular and versatile. These look beautiful and functional. These are the reasons why many homeowners choose to use them inside their kitchens. These tiles are heat resistant, durable and available in different designs and colors. Ceramic tiles can be used on countertops, floors, and walls.


These are also chosen equally due to their natural look and texture. These have a homogeneous structure that keeps them free from scratches, chips and is resistant to weight.


The glass tiles are elegant and classy. They are also durable, strong and heat resistant like porcelain tiles. These tiles are good for kitchen walls.


Stone tiles are suitable for a luxurious finish. They are expensive but are also available in less expensive versions. If you are looking for inexpensive tiles, choose granite or slate. For an expensive one, choose the marbles.

Vinyl tiles

These are easy to install and inexpensive. They are best for kitchen walls, but require maintenance as they can be easily scratched.

Backsplash tiles

These tiles can be used on your kitchen floor and countertop. Backsplash tiles come in natural stone, glass, metal, and ceramic varieties. You can use wallpaper over these, but they can come off if there is high humidity.

The cost of the tiles depends on the variety and, of course, on the quality. When it comes to kitchen tiles, it is best to buy the high quality ones as they are durable and enhance your lifestyle. Also, if you have children in your home, choose something that is easy to maintain and healthy.


The Five Visual Habits of Safe Driving

Safety is everyone’s concern, especially when traveling from one place to another. With all the nut cases on the road today, one needs to arm oneself with every possible tool to ensure a safe arrival at the desired destination. Having been involved in the trucking industry my entire life and driven close to 4 million miles without accidents, I would like to pass on some of the training I received that enabled me to accomplish this feat.

Early in my career, I was introduced to the Smith Accident-Free Driving System, the core focus of which teaches the Five Safe Driving Habits. The following article provides a brief description of each. If followed rigorously, one can be reasonably sure that they will never have an accident.


1. Aim high in the direction

2. Get the big picture

3. Keep your eyes moving

4. Let yourself out

5. make sure they see you

1. Aim high in the direction

This does not mean keeping your hands on top of the wheel! In short, it explains that one should not look directly in front of their vehicle, but rather look as far away from the road as possible to discover important traffic information to make the right decisions.

Look as far off the road as possible, looking ahead, where your vehicle will be in 12-15 seconds.

Know your field of vision:

Peripheral vision (marginal vision) 98% or 177 degrees of our vision

Central vision (central vision) 2% or 3 degrees of our vision

2. Get the big picture

This doesn’t mean we should buy a big screen TV, it means maintaining the proper following distance (at least one car length for every 10 MPH), so you can comfortably determine the true dangers around your vehicle. Do not follow others.

Be on the lookout for all objects and obstacles (dogs, cats, deer, ladders on the road, etc.) scan other vehicles for things that may fall in your way. The road is going nowhere, once you know the direction you are going and any potential hazards such as potholes, watch for things that could be moving in your line of travel. After determining that something is not moving in your line of travel, ignore it.

In town or city, scan 1-2 city blocks ahead of your vehicle

In the field, scan ½ mile ahead of your vehicle on highways, highways, and country lanes

Scan sidewalk to sidewalk in the city

Row of fence to row of fence in the country

Be aware of all areas and things around your vehicle.

Return only when necessary

When backing up, double check to make sure no one or nothing is behind your vehicle, get out of the car, and physically check if necessary. When walking towards you, be sure to look behind him. Back up only after activating the 4-way flashers and honking your horn to alert anyone who gets in your line of travel.

3. Keep your eyes moving

– Scan, don’t look. Constantly change eyes while driving, active eyes keep up with changing traffic conditions.

– Check all mirrors every 5-8 seconds

– To avoid hypnosis on the road, scan the area in front of you every 2 seconds

– Never stare at an object for more than 2 seconds, not even Brad Pitt or Angeline Jolene!

– Eliminate eye holding patterns.

– Adjust speed to existing conditions, increase or decrease speed as needed

Driving comes first, eating, changing the radio, air conditioning, talking on the cell phone, etc., all are secondary, and should only be done, if at all, when there is no traffic around you.

If you get tired, turn on the radio, turn on the air conditioning, sing to yourself, or better yet, stop and take a break.

4. Give yourself an outlet:

To be prepared. Surround your vehicle with space in front and at least to the side to escape conflict.

Always have an escape route in mind in case something unexpected should arise. Always drive as if you have no brakes, have an escape route if necessary.

Leave a 1-car space between you and the car in front at stop signs and intersections (check your mirrors to make sure the person behind you is stopping, if you don’t exhaust your space, or change gears). lane if possible).

If the person in front of you stops suddenly, stop as soon as possible, but if you have time, check your mirror to make sure the person behind you can stop before hitting you, if not, use your protection space to give him as much room as possible. Every time you hit someone from the rear, it is automatically their fault, the driver needs to be in control of their vehicle at all times.

Use turn signals

Stay at least 2 seconds behind the car in front of you (1 car for every 10 MPH).

3 seconds in bad weather conditions

Slow down in heavy rain, your vehicle will hydroplane if you go too fast. Every vehicle is different, vehicles with wider tires and / or little or no tread will hydroplan faster than vehicles with narrower tires.

Check the movement of other drivers and vehicles, watch the movement of the drivers’ heads, also check the wheels, remember, the wheels of a vehicle will be the first to start moving.

5. make sure they see you:

Communicate in traffic with your horn, lights, and signals to establish eye contact with motorists and pedestrians. Be reasonably certain of other people’s intentions.

– Make eye contact

– Horn horn (twice)

– Turn on / off the headlights

– Tap the brakes several times in a row

– Use turn signals.

As you can see, driving is a full time job. It can also be safe, many, many professional drivers drive for 20 or 30 years and never have an accident, if they can do it, you can do it!

Safety is NOT an accident!


Why do boys confuse girls? Here are some of the main reasons this tends to happen a lot

Just as women strive to attract a man, a boy, a boy plays the game of confusion with the girl. The end result of this is the same in both cases. They both want to increase their value. These are some of the reasons that boys confuse girls.

Makes them more desirable
Increases the desire ratio of a man to a woman when he has the ability to confuse her. She gets caught up in what he has to say and his hot and cold demeanor leaves her a bit stunned. But at the same time it makes it more desirable for women.

Help him get the bad boy image.
Good guys go to heaven and bad guys have fun. Being a confused man, he has the opportunity to adopt a carefree attitude and bad boy image. And almost every girl wants to be with such a bad boy.

Helps to make an impact.
When a man confuses a woman, he helps him make his mark on the woman. She will be confused by his reactions and therefore will try to understand him and will be thinking about him all the time in the process. At the end of the day, the guy makes his girl think of him and that’s what he wants.

It helps them to have an aura of intrigue around them.
When a man is able to confuse a woman, an aura of intrigue is created around him. No one can predict what he is going to say or how he is going to act in the next moment. This intrigue helps him keep the girl hooked on him.

They don’t want to be stereotyped
Some men don’t want to be stereotyped or classified as a particular “guy.” He wants his girl to keep guessing what he really is and thus he keeps confusing her to keep her full attention on him. It definitely gives her an advantage over others, as she will be the one trying to understand it rather than the other way around.

Keeps things interesting
Also like men, many women enjoy both the chase and the hunt. Confusing her keeps the spark alive and keeps her hooked on him.

Wants to keep things light
Lastly, a guy will confuse a girl when he doesn’t want things to move too fast. He wants to enjoy the early part of the relationship long enough before he gets serious and therefore keeps confusing her.


Solitaire Golf Strategy Guide

Golf Solitaire (sometimes also known as Forty Thieves) is a fun solitaire game, requiring great anticipation and a good degree of luck. While it is not possible to win every game, there are certain strategies you can use to greatly increase your chances of winning Golf Solitaire, and this article will explain some of them.

The most important thing to keep in mind with Golf Solitaire is that kings and aces are

special. All other cards in the deck can be removed into directly sorted cards.

above or below the card. For example, a 5 can be taken away from a 4 or a 6.

But aces and kings are different.

An Ace can only be removed by a Two, and a King can only be removed by a


This means that you must take special care when using Queen’s and


Because of this, the first thing to do when starting a game of golf

Solitaire is counting all the Kings and Aces.

If all the Kings are in the box, then every time you remove a Queen, you MUST

be sure to remove a King as well, or you won’t be able to finish the game. And if a

The Queen is dealt from the Talon, then you MUST remove a King immediately. If you

you can’t, you can also undo it or start a new game.

Similarly, if all four Aces are in the square, then each time you remove a Two,

You MUST make sure to eliminate an Ace as well, and if a Talon Deal is dealt, then

you must immediately remove an ace.

If all the aces and kings are not out, then you need to keep track of how many twos

and Queen’s have been distributed by Talon. In this case it is not necessary to use

every two or queen on an ace or king, but if you follow up and realize that

there are not enough two or queens left to remove all the remaining aces or kings, then

it’s time to undo …

Simply knowing this facet of Golf Solitaire will immediately increase your

chances of winning. It takes about 5 seconds to count the aces and kings on the

start of the game, but it will help you drastically improve your winning percentage!

There are other ways to further increase your chances of winning golf.


If you have the option to remove two cards of the same rank, one is the

last card in your pile, and the other has cards on top, so make sure you

choose the card from the pile with the cards on top. Remove the last card from

battery will not help you remove any other cards, but remove the card with

cards on top will expose new cards, which will help form new sequences, and

it will give you more options later in the game.

You should also look at which cards will be exposed when you are given a choice between

remove cards of equal value. There are two things to look for:

1) Is the exposed card an ace or a king? If so, it would be worth exposing it so that

can be removed by dealing a deuce or a queen.

2) Does the exposed card help with other possible sequences at this time? Yes

so it may be worth exposing because it might help to make a longer sequence

later. For example: if there are many Fours and Sixes exposed at the moment, then expose

a Five might be worth it.

Finally, it is often worth planning sequences and playing with

alternatives, to see how long a sequence can run. You will often find that the

The first sequence that you can see in Golf Solitaire is not the best, and a different one

The sequence can help you eliminate many more cards. You may find it helpful to point out

your finger on the screen while planning your sequence. It seems to help the

thought process and helps you remember the sequence.

If you follow these strategies, will you win every game of Golf Solitaire?

No, you will not. There is too much luck involved and most games will not be


However, it will greatly increase your chances of winning Golf Solitaire and spend

less time trying to finish unwinnable games.

Health Fitness

5 important things to remember when doing aerobic exercises

1) Consistency – If you don’t maintain it, it won’t work. As with any exercise regimen, you must do it consistently to achieve the desired result. There are no short cuts.

2) Intensity – The harder you exercise, the more weight you will lose.

3) Enjoy: love the exercise you are doing. If you don’t like swimming try running, if you don’t like running try dancing. Find an exercise that you like so that you can stick with it.

4) Time – The length of your workouts is crucial to getting the maximum benefits from aerobic exercise. Walking around the block for five minutes is a great idea, but if you push yourself until you’re fifteen, you will not only use more energy, but you will also prepare yourself for greater distances in the future.

5) Proper diet: running a mile and then eating three slices of pizza and a banana split afterward is probably not the best idea. Make sure you have a snack before you go out to exercise. Make sure to eat something with protein, like a cheese bar, along with something that contains vitamins and natural sugars, like baby carrots or a tangerine.

By doing this, you will provide your body with quick energy from natural sugars and vitamins, along with protein to maintain your physical activity. Make sure you don’t eat so much that it gives you a cramp, keep it light and easy.

During your exercise, be sure to drink plenty of water. By drinking lots of water, you can get rid of the lactic acid created in your muscles. Water helps dilute and decrease the acid accumulated in the muscles from training, therefore reducing the amount of pain in the muscles after exercise.

After your workout, be sure to eat another snack that also contains protein. This helps your body recover from exercise. Contrary to popular belief, once you are done exercising, your body will continue to function. It takes energy to cool down and must continue to fuel your body’s need for energy.

Legal Law

About Ann Rule: True Crime Book Writer

Ann Rule was born on October 22, 1935, in Lowell, Michigan. She was born Ann Stackhouse. Ann Rule’s introduction to writing true crime stories reads like a very interesting story in its own right.

She developed a love for true crime stories by reading True Detective and after this she decided to start writing. In 1969, an editor decided to test it out on a story when a job in the Northwest became available. Her first story was accepted, but she was told to take a male pseudonym because it was believed that readers would not believe that a woman would know anything about police investigations despite having had a brief stint as a police officer in the Seattle Police Department. . Then he started writing for True Detective as Andy Stack and the name was chosen from his maiden name which is Stackhouse, people used to call his father Stack and Andy is from his son’s name which is Andy Stack Rule.

After proving herself writing articles for a few magazines, including Master Detective, Inside Detective, Front Page Detective, and Office Detective, she was invited to start writing under her own name, which she declined because she was concerned for her safety and the safety of his family. by then she was a single mother raising four children. During that time, he also decided to expand his bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington by earning a two-year degree in police science. Right now, she was just writing articles and then she found the topic that would ease her transition from article writing to books.

It was in 1974 that several attractive young women began disappearing in the Pacific Northwest. He decided to start investigating this story and at the time the case was still unsolved. As time passed, it became clear that the killer was Ted Bundy, a friend of Ann Rule and a former colleague on a suicide hotline at the King County Crisis Clinic. That’s where the book, The Stranger Beside me, was born, which is about Ted Bundy, the serial killer. This book began her career as a true crime book writer.

One of her later books, which she described as the only book that paid all the bills, was titled Small Sacrifices, which is about the mother Diane Downs who tried to kill her three children because the man she was chasing did not want children. She only managed to kill her only son, Cheryl, but left one paralyzed from the waist down and the other paralyzed on one side of the body.

Ann Rule was also part of the task force that created Vi-Cap, which is a computerized tracking system designed to identify serial killers. Since then, he has written many books on real crimes and now also gives seminars to police groups. He prefers to write about cases that are not very prominently reported in the media, which he refers to as dormant cases.

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Benefits of celery and celeriac juice

Celery juice benefits weight loss and health, to effectively improve digestion and the immune system. Celery was originally used medicinally to purify the blood. Calorie-free and high in fiber, celery juice is a stimulating tonic and a great addition to a healthy diet.

Celery and celeriac juice are traditionally used for: asthma, constipation, fever, fluid retention, gout, headache, inflammation, insomnia, kidneys, liver, lungs, migraine, nerve problems, and weight loss.

Fresh celery juice has a mild diuretic effect and helps curb the craving for sweets, which benefits weight loss.

Rich in magnesium and iron, with up to 95% water, fresh celery juice provides a valuable nourishment for blood cells. The celery juice will provide a good source of potassium, which is great for healthy, hydrated skin. An important benefit of consuming celery juice is that it also helps regulate blood pressure. The vitamin C found in celery helps strengthen the immune system and is a cold fighter. Fresh celery contains cancer-fighting compounds that detoxify pollutants, including cigarette smoke.

Common salt or inorganic sodium chloride are harmful to the body, while organic sodium in celery juice is more beneficial. Sodium is called a youth element because it removes acid from the body, reduces stiffness, and loosens the muscle skeleton.

Celery juice is helpful for people who have high acidity that results in calcification and degenerative bones and joints. This harmful buildup comes from too much animal protein, too many grains, refined and concentrated sugars, and concentrated starches. The body can benefit from increased consumption of celery juice which helps remove calcium deposits before they build up and cause harm.

Drinking a glass or two of fresh celery juice can benefit people suffering from nervous disorders and insomnia. Celery juice is a revitalizing brain tonic, improves memory, and is good for dizziness. Some have even discovered the sobering qualities of raw celery juice as an antidote to alcoholic indulgences.

Celery root or celeriac juice is valued as a snack that stimulates digestion. Celeriac juice has an almost immediate beneficial effect on the body when sipped. It’s amazing how much juice can be extracted from these large, hard, dry-looking roots.

Ideal in tropical climates, celery juice is a natural and protective coolant in hot climates. A glass of organic celeriac juice will keep you dry and comfortable, while those around you perspire. Great if you enjoy a vigorous workout like I do, celery juice can be used as a natural sports drink to replace valuable fluid and mineral loss due to sweating.

The higher the chlorophyll content, the darker the celery. Use celery stalks and greens, which contain sodium and insulin. Squeeze only firm celery stalks with fresh leaves. Celery can add a refreshing yet salty flavor to your juice recipes and is best paired with carrots or apples.

The health benefits of making celery and celeriac juice are enormous. Introducing celery juice to your daily diet can not only improve long-term health, but also promote weight loss. So get out your juicer and start making celery juice today!