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Five dollar buffets in Las Vegas

Let me tell you, if you are in Sin City, buying a local newspaper or browsing local magazines will reward you with deals from some buffets. If you are unsure, you can often read or hear about such offers before even checking the newspapers. Once we found coupons for dollar buffets for Palace Station. Even if it’s not the best buffet in town, what can you eat or drink for a dollar these days?

The Palace Station Buffet, Palms Buffet, Main Street Station Buffet, and occasionally the Stratosphere, LV Hilton, Gold Coast and Orleans buffets will offer specials (always mid-week, never on weekends) where you can eat. for about five dollars per person; a great bargain these days. There are other establishments off the Strip that give you these great deals and you really need to be on the lookout when in this city. These deals are advertised on their own websites, published in local newspapers or magazines (some of them are free and can be found everywhere in this city) or even on large billboards while driving around this city. Always watch where you are going because very often there are specials off the Strip. During the week, you will never have to eat at any buffet off the Strip for less than $ 10, often less if you have a player card.

Let me explain: a rewards card or a player card will allow you to enjoy “member rates”. For example, an already cheap buffet like Gold Coast often lowers its rates even further for ‘members’. You may have to pay a little over five bucks, but you’re essentially guaranteed to eat for next to nothing at most establishments off the Strip.

The Stratosphere complex (which is on the Strip, albeit on the north side) occasionally also has specials and, with the very good Main Street Station, they actually offer good food for a low price.

Based on what you can find, Orleans and Gold Coast are very popular with seniors and locals (they have specials that are easier for locals to find); If you are not looking for gourmet food, here you will eat well enough for a low price. The salad section is probably the poorest of the sections, but all other sections include the average food you are used to finding at average (or low-end) buffets, such as a small section American, Mexican, Asian, pasta, pizza and some cooked vegetables (not many) or soups.

The Main Street station is, among the low-cost buffets, by far the best in Las Vegas. In fact, it offers a great selection of dishes and the quality is better than the other low-priced buffets.

LV Hilton is a very small buffet, but it offers very good daily grilled fish, seafood, mountains of artichokes (in a decent salad section), and delicious rice pudding. If you are not after eating a wide variety of foods, this may be a good option if you are in the area.

Palace Station Buffet: Probably one of the low-priced buffets in the city. Digging through your purse for coins is likely to give you enough money to pay for this buffet. Therefore, considering what we have just said, your expectations will not be disappointed. It is better than you would expect, considering the price. Here they line up for made-to-order burgers and fries, for example, although you can enjoy roast beef, a decent salad section, and a few other dishes too (they change quite frequently) including the ubiquitous pasta, Mexican dishes, Asian dishes, and the rest.

The Palms used to be a large buffet, but they recently lowered their prices to appeal to locals and unfortunately also decided to offer lower quality food than before. Everything was too salty or just undercooked, at least not to our liking. If they solve this problem, this may be a good option if you are in the area.


Which streaming service is better?

Our definition of television has changed over the years. It used to be that you could only watch television on your television. If you wanted to see a movie in those early days, you actually had to drive to the store to buy or rent a DVD. Thanks to high-speed internet, we can now stream movies and TV from the cloud to all kinds of devices, from phones to computers (and yes, even on your TV). Now that video streaming has proven incredibly popular, dozens of online streaming services have appeared on the scene, all vying for your attention and money. That begs the question: which is better?

Describing all the streaming services available would be next to impossible, but here is my list of the 5 most popular services out there.

iTunes: for Apple enthusiasts

Like most Apple products, you either love iTunes or you hate it. If you already have Apple products, using iTunes is a great way to sync all of your videos, music, and books across all of your devices. And every time you pause a video, you can continue to watch it from where you left off, even on a different device. The downside to this service is that it is only available for Mac or PC products. It is also slower at updating rentals than other providers. Overall, iTunes is a good option for Mac users, but other options are still worth exploring.

Compatible Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, PC / Mac

Price: $ 0.99 for TV show rentals, movie rentals starting at $ 2.99

Selection: iTunes has a good selection to buy; rents update slower than other providers

Voodoo: for the videophile

Vudu started life in 2008 as a box offering HD movies delivered over the internet. Now they got rid of their hardware and licensed their service to other devices. If you only want the highest quality content, this is the service for you. In addition to offering 3D content, Vudu also has the highest quality videos of any streaming service. They also have some new movies available before other streaming services. The problem is that this service can be expensive.

Compatible Devices: Android, iPad, Roku, HDTV / Blu-ray, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC / Mac

Price:$ 2 for 2 days on select titles, other titles start at $ 4.99 for HD and $ 5.99 for HDX (with 1080p HD) and generally last 24 hours

Selection: They have several thousand selections, and most of the titles are available the same day the DVD goes on sale.

Amazon Instant Video: the good afterthought idea

Amazon began selling digital media through a download service. They have since switched to Amazon Instant Video and moved away from downloaded content in favor of streaming. To get access to Amazon Instant Video, you can sign up for Amazon Prime, which allows you to access some content for free, after annual subscription. Other content can be purchased.

While Amazon’s video catalog is growing rapidly, its content level is not yet at the same level as Netflix or Hulu. However, Amazon has some unique features that are unique to this platform: free two-day shipping and reduced overnight shipping on all Amazon Prime products, and even free monthly book rentals from the Amazon Prime lending library.

Compatible Devices: Kindle Fire, iPad, Nook, Roku, HDTV / Blu-ray, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, WiiU, PC / Mac and more

Price: $ 79 annual subscription for Amazon Prime, TV shows start at $ 1.39 to rent and $ 1.99 to buy, new movies start at $ 3.99 to rent and $ 14.99 to buy

Selection: They have a good number of older shows and movies, there is also a good selection of BBC programs. While they do have some new movies available to Amazon Prime members, most of them require you to pay for them.

Hulu Plus: for the TV show addict

Hulu Plus started out as a TV series streaming site and while they do offer some movies, the reason for subscribing to Hulu Plus is to watch TV shows. The platform offers more TV series than any other service, especially current episodes, and most of this content is commercial-free. Hulu also offers a free service to stream new episodes of hit TV shows, but it’s only available on your computer.

Compatible Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad, Roku, Apple TV, HDTV / Blu-ray, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, WiiU, PC / Mac

Price: $ 7.99 monthly subscription

Selection: The best selection of TV shows from any provider. Hulu Plus is an especially good option for those looking for the latest episodes of blockbuster television series.

Netflix: get a little of everything

Netflix came on the scene more than 10 years ago and completely revolutionized video rental. They have one of the largest streaming content libraries and millions of subscribers, making Netflix one of the largest video streaming services out there. The HD quality isn’t as high as some providers, but the cheap subscription and availability on almost any device make Netflix a must-have for any movie or TV lover.

Compatible Devices: Android, iPhone, iPad, Nook, Roku, HDTV / Blu-ray, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, WiiU, PC / Mac, and more (pretty much anything)

Price: $ 7.99 monthly subscription

Selection: With a huge selection of TV shows and a hugely gigantic movie selection, Netflix has the best overall video selection out there.


Pros and Cons of Critical Illness Insurance Coverage

Critical illness insurance is a relatively new type of policy that is often misunderstood. Today we are going to clarify what it is and what it covers.

How Does Critical Illness Insurance Work?

Critical illness is similar to term life insurance, except that it pays when you are diagnosed with a covered illness, rather than on death. However, some people confuse this type of insurance with disability insurance, which replaces your income if you become disabled.

Health insurance, like term life insurance, is paid in a lump sum, in the event that you are diagnosed with a predefined disease such as cancer. You decide how this amount will be spent: some people put you on additional medical treatment (especially if there are some treatment methods that are not covered by provincial health care), others decide to take time off from work to spend with family or to to travel.

As with many insurance products, this type of insurance plan comes with an extensive insurance quote, application, and underwriting process that the insurer reviews before you can get a policy; And as with any insurance policy, a critical illness policy has both pros and cons.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of this type of insurance.

Benefits of Critical Illness Insurance

There are several positives:

  1. Funds That Can Help Where Needed: The lump sum you receive if you are diagnosed with a serious illness will allow you to receive better treatment and hopefully make a full recovery in some cases. You can also spend these funds on other needs or projects (such as travel or removing items from your wish list).
  2. Protection for your own business: If you run your own business, you may have to work part-time, after a serious illness is diagnosed (reduced working hours are common when extensive medical treatment is required). Close the financial gap created by the reduction of hours in your company. With the funds, you could hire someone to help you with your business.
  3. Stackable protection: Unlike disability insurance, critical illness coverage is “cumulative.” With disability insurance, coverage is limited because it is based on your income and you cannot exceed that limit even if you have multiple disability policies. However, you can have multiple policies with different amounts of coverage for different diseases. If you have, for example, two policies with benefits of $ 250,000 and $ 300,000, you can get a payment of $ 550,000 when you make a claim.

Cons of serious illness insurance

  1. Expensive: This type of insurance policy is not cheap. For example, a 10-term insurance policy with coverage of $ 500,000 (term 10 means a policy that covers you for 10 years) for a 35-year-old non-smoking male with no preconditions costs about $ 180 / month (exemplary quote ) while a term life insurance policy 10 with coverage of $ 1,000,000 for the same person costs about $ 50.
  2. Definitions matter: If a diagnosed illness, such as a heart attack, is not aligned with the definition of this illness in the policy, your claim may not be paid.
  3. It doesn’t cover you right away: The policy generally comes with a waiting period (for example, 90 days) during which it is not covered.
  4. Payment is not immediate: If you are diagnosed with a serious illness, there is a “survival period” (for example, 30 days). If you die within that period, your claim will not be paid.


Critical illness insurance provides strong coverage for the unexpected diagnosis of critical illness, but this coverage comes at a cost. It’s a good idea to work with an insurance broker to get a critical illness insurance quote and apply for a policy. The brokers have access to multiple insurance companies and will help you navigate through the complex application process, especially if you have prior medical conditions.

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Update your dining room with sideboards and cabinets for a classic interior decor

When we always think of a piece of furniture and a sideboard, the same thought that appears in our mind would be related to a clean and orderly environment in our room. But have we ever wondered how messy and disorganized the dining room can get when there are no cabinets in them? In addition to an unsanitary appearance, it will also project a false impression of your lifestyle. Not only this, if you are the type of person who loves to host parties, or just want to have more storage space in the room, you may consider looking for sideboards and cabinets as they are on trend and useful for your area of. dining room. Featured furniture is anything that meets all your requirements and gives you a feeling of happiness.

A sideboard, also called a buffet, is a storage unit that is loosely placed in a dining room or kitchen. It has been a home decoration piece of furniture, even before the era of built-in wardrobes. Sideboards come with many drawers and are the perfect place to store cutlery, mugs, and other accessories. Although most homes today have a full set of kitchen cabinets, the requirement for additional storage space is still there. For this reason, there is still a great demand for sideboards and cabinets.

It can be concluded that cabinets and sideboards are an elegant, designer and entertaining piece of furniture. They add a modern look to the house. The styles and patterns of this storage unit add a beautiful and impressive look to the dining room. Therefore, when shopping for sideboards and cabinets online, make sure that it has all the features that you want to have. Check out the points below that can guide you to some extent.

  1. Size and space: Before looking for the cabinets online, analyze the size of the cabinet that could store your accessories well and does not take up much of the space in the room. If your room has enough room to open doors, choose a large cabinet. Depending on where the piece can be placed in the room, it is important that the sideboard does not clutter a small room, or that the sideboard appears too small in a place that has larger furniture.
  2. Style: Cabinets and dressers come in various forms. But which one will be perfect for you depends on the interior and your preferences. The interior décor of your room will decide if it goes well with modern, contemporary, traditional, retro, French country, Victorian, and more. But the touch of modernization and preferences will decide whether to have sliding doors, open shelves with some closed cabinets or folding doors.
  3. The material used to make it.: Before buying, make sure that the material used to make your storage box for cups, cutlery, etc. it is sturdy enough. The most reliable sideboards and cabinets in India are made from high quality solid wood. They offer more durability and scratches and bumps on the storage unit are more easily sanded and painted. So go for the ones made of solid wood. If you are looking to save money, cabinets made from pine will work best, but the durability of the furniture may suffer.
  4. Shelving: A piece of furniture is the most versatile piece of furniture. It can be placed in the dining room or another room in the house. So, consider the list of items you want to put on the sideboards and determine how many shelves you would expect to have. Today, cabinets come with removable or adjustable shelves that can be customized to your needs. Thus, this will allow you to keep your articles in an organized manner.

Running Injury Prevention: How Physical Therapy Can Help

Most running injuries are due to overuse. Runners’ ‘5 Big Running Injuries’ of Knee, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonopathy, Leg Cramps, and Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITB) fall into the category of overuse injuries. Any injury that prevents you from training is frustrating; But overuse injuries can be prevented when running, and physical therapists can play an important role in this.

Anyone unlucky enough to sustain a running injury will know not only how frustrating not being able to run is, but also how much time, money, and effort it takes to get the proper treatment for the problem.

Traditionally, physiotherapy is seen as reactive, that is, you only have to go for help once a problem has arisen, however the role of the physiotherapist also includes the prevention of injuries.

There are many variables that can contribute to the development of a running injury. Footwear, training load, training surface, weakness, previous injury and flexibility are some, but not all, factors to consider. Physical therapists are experts in human mechanics. They have specialized knowledge of how the muscles, joints, and ligaments of the body interact to produce movement. They can use this experience to analyze the way you move and consider the external variables that influence movement to identify potential problems before they create an injury.

The cost and effort involved in preventing injuries is significantly less than treating an injury once it has occurred. We service and inspect our cars to avoid breakdowns, why don’t we do the same for ourselves?

In very simple terms, the mechanics of human movement can be compared to that of a car engine. If a small part is not working properly it will not be long before it affects other parts of the engine and eventually this will cause a breakdown, it is the same with our bodies.

A six-minute mile run takes, on average, a little over 1,000 steps, and the number of steps increases at slower speeds. For most of us, a 5K run would require more than 3,000 steps, that is, 3,000 repetitions of the same movement.

Like a car engine, if one of the components of our body’s movement, even a very small one, is not as it should be, it can cause stress in other areas that will eventually cause injury.

Even if you don’t have any pain or symptoms, a physical therapist can review your flexibility, strength, and core stability to identify any weaknesses that may be causing a problem. They will then advise you on the best intervention. There are several treatments that can be chosen to help prevent a running injury; The correct course of treatment will be different for each person, but you will likely be advised to try at least one of the following:

Stretching: If your physical therapist identified any muscle tension during your evaluation, they will be able to advise you on how to reduce it with stretching. A complete stretching program is vital to preventing injury. Dynamic stretching and foam rolling can be used before activity to prepare the body for movement and static stretches are used after activity to improve flexibility for running.

Massage – Massage helps reduce tension within a muscle, so it can increase flexibility and mobility. It can be used in conjunction with stretching to improve your range of motion. Massage also helps remove lactic acid, which is a by-product of muscle activity. Lactic acid creates that pain you feel the day after a long run which is also known as; Delayed-onset muscle pain (DOMS).

Core Stability Training – The goal of core stability training is to strengthen the deep abdominal muscles that connect to the spine and the muscles that control the shoulders and pelvis. A strong core allows you to control the position and movement of the central part of the body; This provides a stable base on which the legs and arms can move efficiently and minimize stress on the joints. Core stability training for running has been shown to reduce the risk of injury and improve running performance.

Correct Footwear and Braces: The way your foot hits the ground when you walk or run and the way your legs move is described as your gait pattern. Different people have different gait patterns and the selection of the correct type of running shoe depends on your gait pattern. The correct type of shoe will encourage your foot to hit the ground in an optimal position to maximize efficiency and reduce stress on the leg joints.

Sometimes having the right shoe is not enough and any additional support needed can come from orthotics. Orthotics are inserts placed inside your shoe that, in addition to the correct shoe, can help correct any movement failures within your gait pattern.

When treating a runner, the physical therapist may have the necessary skills and experience to correct all self-identified problems and will choose to work alone. However, they may also wish to involve other expert health professions, such as podiatrists and massage therapists, to provide a multidisciplinary treatment package. In either case, the end goal is to keep you on the right track and off the treatment table.

So whether you are training for a marathon, half marathon, 10k, or any other distance, you may want to see how physical therapy can help you prevent an overuse injury.

If you want to find a local physical therapist to treat a running injury or to help prevent further injuries, click HERE and select Physical Therapy.

Digital Marketing

Tips on how to create a website

Many people complain about how difficult it is to start a business. They often say that they can’t keep going because they can’t afford to pay for the ads. It’s good that the internet has opened up a lot of opportunities and taught people how to create a business website. Apart from the fact that it is easy to access, it is also convenient, because you will not have to invest a lot of money. All you have to do is find a free web hosting site and pay the necessary fees if you need any updates. If you are interested in learning more about creating a website, here are some tips to help you:

• If you want to learn how to create a website for your business, the first thing to do is plan its content and layout. Since your main goal is to attract more customers, your website must be attractive and interesting at the same time. Present your products well, so that customers are encouraged to try them.

• When creating content for your website, you need to be aware of the things you are posting. It would be helpful to make an initial draft and read it well before uploading it online. As the old saying goes, “don’t make promises you can’t keep.” This will prevent you from running into complicated problems in the future.

• The basics you need to know when learning how to create a website is to keep things simple. Don’t add unnecessary things that make your site difficult to understand. As much as possible, stick to the basics and make sure your ads and website appeal to your target audience.

• If you want to create a website to promote your business, you must be constant in updating it. People will want to know how credible you are based on the updates you are making. You need to keep up to date if you want your customers to continually visit your site and recommend it to their family and friends.

• If at any point you decide to look for a hosting site that allows you to expand, try looking for options and surfing the internet first. Find a good deal to help you achieve your goals at the right price. If you have friends who are also in the same business, try asking them for recommendations. They may be using something that you can put to good use.

• If you want your website to increase in ratings, the best thing you can do is create inbound links on other websites. Doing this will give your site a better chance of being recognized.

Creating a website is not that difficult, especially if you know what you want. Set your priorities and set clear goals so you don’t waste time and money on things that are not important. If you want your business to be successful, you have to work hard to achieve it!


Online personal training is the best option for those who exercise in home gyms

Online personal training It is fast becoming a major change in the world of training for bodybuilders, powerlifters, powerlifters, and strength athletes. Even sport-specific training often leads athletes and competitors to search for the best fitness trainers online to improve their game. So what is the great appeal of having an online strength coach or personal trainer?

The first advantage, as mentioned above, is the ability to hire a coach who can live a mile, 1,000 miles, or even 10,000 miles away from you. You are no longer confined to the trainers at your local gym; While they can be great coaches, they can also be mediocre or just not on the level of some of the online coaches.

The other big advantage is that you are more likely to find the right trainer for you! Whether you want to increase muscle size, get stronger, become a competitor, or lose weight and adopt a healthier diet, you will be able to find trainers online for just that. If you are 50 and don’t want to work with a 23-year-old coach who has no experience in life at that age, look for a coach as old or older than you.

For many athletes, scheduling is often a problem. Life gets in the way of plans, or the gym is too busy when your coach is available; after all, most only work peak periods every day. However, with online training, your trainer provides you with the exercise and / or meal plans and allows you to use them when it fits into YOUR schedule. This means that if you’re hung up at work, on a hot date, or just need a day’s rest, you can tailor your training to that, just as you would without a coach. That flexibility typically doesn’t happen with face-to-face trainers at the gym, as that would make your other clients suffer from scheduling changes.

So how does online training work? It typically begins with an in-depth consultation, discussing your goals and aspirations, your history with both weight and life in general, and a careful study of any underlying medical or emotional conditions that may influence planning. Once that assessment is done, your trainer will come up with your initial training plan (and initial nutrition plan if they offer the full service). You will track your food and beverage intake and weights and sets and send them to your trainer, usually weekly. When prompted, you will also submit photos and / or videos of your training to help your coach assess your progress, form, and strengths and weaknesses.

A good coach will modify your workouts and diet as time goes on in order to realign you with your goals. And that, folks, is the main reason you need a personal or fitness trainer in the first place: to keep you on track and provide your expertise as you build your own. Time to get an online coach!

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Kill belly fat: the enzymatic method

ENZYMES ARE IMPORTANT piece of the nutritional puzzle, especially when you’re trying to lose belly fat or any excess weight. They help break down food in the digestive system and produce valuable nutrients. One of the main reasons for excess belly fat comes from food that stays in the digestive system too long. Enzymes break down food and prevent it from turning into fat. And enzymes release energy nutrients that burn calories.

Enzymes are catalysts that help break down food for digestion. They are found in most fresh and raw fruits and vegetables, as well as foods such as yogurt. Some of the top enzyme producers include pineapple, papaya, grapes, mango, kiwi, avocado, melons, carrots, celery, kale, cabbage, and raw honey. However, some fermented vegetables produce enzymes, especially sauerkraut and pickles.


You get the most value from your food when you do the following:

1. First, buy fresh and crunchy products

2. Keep the skins of fruits and vegetables fresh, especially during refrigeration.

3. Don’t soak your fresh fruits or vegetables

4. Wash and scrub your products well

5. Enzymes are best obtained when products are eaten raw.

6. If you need to cook it, cook the products whole or in large pieces with the shell.

7. It is better to cook food for the shortest time possible.

8. Use quick cooking methods: blanching, steaming, sautéing or broiling.

9. Cook vegetables until soft but crisp and colorful.

10. Serve food promptly


Women of childbearing age

Pregnant or breastfeeding women

People over 50 years old

Some vegetarians

People who do not consume dairy products


Enzymes help convert food into energy and aid in exercise. Enzymes help prevent fatigue, muscle cramps, weakness, joint pain, help preserve bone strength. In addition, they help burn calories, fight toxins in the bloodstream, maintain a good metabolism, break down and dissolve belly fats.


Fat-burning enzymes are more common in fresh fruits and vegetables, so:

Add fresh fruit to your breakfast

Eat fresh, raw vegetables with a small salad for lunch and dinner.

Add beans and seed sprouts to your salads.

Buy only whole foods like brown rice and whole grain breads and cereals

At lunch and dinner make sure there is something green in addition to yellow or orange.

Don’t boil your vegetables

If you must have a snack, look for fresh, raw vegetables.

Occasionally try green smoothies or slushies

Drink about 16 ounces of water before a meal, but not water during a meal.

Eat your fruits at the end of the meal.

· If necessary, take a supplement, but talk to your doctor first!

Legal Law

Business lessons from history

Harry Truman declared, “The only new thing in the world is the story you don’t know.” Truman spent many years studying the history of those who came before him. His study paid off. Truman today is considered one of the most important presidents of the United States. The reason history is important is because we live in a universe of cause and effect. Similar options produce similar results at the individual (micro) and national (macro) level. History is the history of the decisions made and the results of those decisions. LESSON ONE: Find out what worked and what didn’t, and why You can use the story as a case study in business school. Example: Mark Twain became a partner in a publisher, Webster & Co., which published “Personal Memoirs of the American Grant.” Twain also obtained the rights to the authorized biography of Pope Leo III. The first book became a bestseller. The second sold poorly. Both posts seemed like good ideas. Twain assumed that buying the pope’s biography would be a must-read for American Catholics. It was not. At the time, many working-class Irish and German Catholics could not read and those who could had little discretionary income to buy books. Grant’s memoirs became a literary and financial triumph because they were written by a popular president who had just died, they provided a privileged account of the Civil War, which was a fascinating subject for millions, and they were so well written. (See Fred Kaplan, “The Singular Mark Twain.” NY: 2003, Doubleday, pp. 422, 423)
LESSON TWO: There is magic in thinking Big Ted Turner is the most thinking person I have ever met personally. He literally changed the world with CNN. Changing the world is exactly what he intended to do. I was an on-air host and producer on TBS when CNN was being planned. But I had no idea how big Ted was thinking. And where did Ted Turner get his inspiration from? From history. One of Turner’s favorite characters when he was young was Alexander the Great, who is said to have wept because he had no more worlds to conquer. An in-depth study of history can raise your aspirations. When you discover what others have been able to accomplish under adverse conditions and often with little benefit, you may hear a voice within you saying, “I can do something important too.” “Do not make small plans; they have no magic to remove the blood of men.” The quote is from Daniel H. Burnham. Here’s a miniature sketch of the man behind the quote. Burnham, who is the subject of Erik Larson’s beautifully written new book “The Devil in the White City,” was the man who made the Chicago World’s Fair possible. He was Director of Works, World’s Columbian Exposition, 1893. Burnham and his partner John Wellborn Root designed some of Chicago’s first skyscrapers. His plan for Chicago was used for many years and is considered a classic example of urban planning. The “Time Tactics of Highly Successful People” book contains a comprehensive section on how high achievers make plans. For information on how to obtain this book, visit LINCOLN REGISTRATION Lincoln still influences decisions. Christie Hefner, president and CEO of Playboy Enterprises, recently told a New York Times writer that she had learned an invaluable leadership lesson from Lincoln. Here’s a quote from that interview: “In leadership, it’s not about what you say; it’s about what the other person hears. If you articulate yourself well, like Lincoln, you have a tendency to think, ‘I made myself Very clear. ‘But the point is, Lincoln realizes, what did the other person hear? “You generally think of Lincoln as a politician, which he was, but his calling was the law. He served about 1,500 days as president and 23 years as a lawyer. During that time he treated approximately 5,000 cases, an average of about 200 a year. In the huge Eighth Judicial Circuit of Central Illinois, Lincoln had the highest number of individual cases. During his career, Lincoln was involved in 15 murder cases. Of these, four men were found innocent (one for insanity), two were charged but not prosecuted, one escaped during trial, six were convicted of the lesser charge of murder, and only two were found guilty and sentenced to hang. (Lincoln Legal Briefs, July-September 1996, No. 39)

A quaint note has survived from one of Lincoln’s civil cases in the 1850s. “If you settle, I won’t charge anything for what I’ve done, and thank you too. By settling, you’ll probably get your money sooner. and with much less hassle and expense. ” (Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Assn., Vol. 16, No. 2, pp. 4, 5) Lincoln understood that commitment is necessary in everyday life. “Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can,” he wrote at a conference for lawyers. “Point out that the nominal winner is usually a real loser – in fees, expenses, and waste of time.” Learn how Lincoln communicates on the recently released “Lincoln On Communication” DVD. It is widely used as an instruction manual in leadership and communication programs, but it is also valuable for self-study. Comes with an instructor guide. For information on how to obtain this valuable resource, go to Another Lincoln resource is the book “The Words of Lincoln Lived.” For information, visit The book is available as a spoken audio tape. For information, visit Quantity pricing is available. One of our readers ordered 200 copies to give to clients and prospects. This article are excerpts from The Achievement Digest
(For a free subscription, go to and follow the instructions.)

Gene Griessman, Ph.D. Editor and publisher

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Friends in Need: Interventions for Domestic Violence

Last month, I received the following letter from an old friend, Lloyd Barnhart.

“One topic that I would like you to cover / explore is that curious phenomenon that allows otherwise independent women to be dominated … even abused … by men with whom they share some kind of relationship. Why is it that a apparently strong woman, an intelligent woman would allow herself to be hurt … her life would be negatively altered by some guy she has some kind of relationship with. I currently know a couple of such women and feel completely powerless with regard to alleviating their problem (which they apparently don’t see).

“I realize that we / you could attack this from the other angle: Why would a man want to completely dominate a woman to the point where she ceases to exist as an individual? But, for now … help me understand this from the point of view of the feminine perspective “.

I will be happy and hope the following information answers your questions. Of course, each person involved in violent situations has their own reason for living that way. In general, women who remain in situations of abuse or violence are more afraid of being alone than of being with the abusive husband. You may also be afraid of what he will do if she leaves. Usually she is financially dependent on him. If the couple has children, the woman feels even more committed and trapped: she believes that she is protecting the children. The more time passes, the weaker, more dependent and “stagnant” it becomes. Abusive men are narcissistic, they have “Jekyll and Hyde” personalities, which means that they can be charming when they are not abusing. Women who remain in abusive situations focus on this charm and deny the abuse. They also have the experience of their husbands speaking smoothly to rid themselves of any liability for misconduct, for example if she once called 911 and he got the police to believe that nothing was wrong. The woman feels desperate and defenseless, that no one will believe her or help her out. She is also ashamed and does not want people to know her misery. Several women have combinations of all or some of these reasons for staying.

The question here that worries most of us would be, “What can I do to help?” Here are some steps you can take when you think a friend or family member is in this situation.

1. Educate yourself about the options. Before trying to help, make sure you know what the options are for the woman and her children. Obtain a domestic violence hotline number, (National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) the number for child protection services (ask the operator for your local Child Abuse Hotline, visit www.childhelpusa). org or call 1-800-4 A Child) and local women’s shelter numbers Call the numbers, explain that you want to help a friend, and find out what information these organizations need to help your friend or family member. a list of the information you will need to provide. The National Domestic Violence Hotline website has a lot of helpful information at any details you can. Remember, you are probably feeling desperate and powerless, and perhaps even worthless, she will need friends to guide her every step of the way.

2. A violent spouse has impaired impulse control and can leave violently at any time. It is vital that no one talks to the husband, because if he is angry, he can take it out on his family. Understand that if he’s really violent, talking to him won’t work. Your wife and children must be safe before anyone approaches you. Once the family is safe, you can offer anger management classes or suggest therapy. Don’t be surprised if you blame your wife for your anger. Understand that if you involve child protective services and the wife does not walk away from her husband, the children may be placed in protective custody. Furthermore, if the wife enters a women’s shelter, with her children, she will lose her job, if she has one, and will not be able to communicate with her relative from the shelter. The shelters emphasize that women cannot go anywhere their husbands look for them, or they could bring a violent man to the shelter and endanger everyone there.

3. Find a couple of friends or family you can trust not to tell your husband what you know, and talk to them to find out what they know about the situation and if they would be willing to help. If you are unsure about the abuse or violence, they may be able to confirm your fears or reassure you. If you find that your fears are confirmed, make it clear to everyone that your friend is in real danger. Make a plan of what each of you is willing to do to help. Perhaps a family member can take her and the children in, and keep her surrounded and safe from her husband if she becomes angry. Maybe you can hook her up to a women’s shelter. You may be able to help her obtain a restraining order or an order for protection against violence against her husband. Some of you may know enough facts to testify on your behalf. He may be able to help her view the websites on a computer that her husband will not be able to access.

4. Once the first three steps have been taken, you should talk to the woman who is in danger. If you, a relative, or one of the other friends can take her away from her husband alone, do so. Do not leave revealing phone messages or emails, because women in these situations are often closely monitored by their husbands. Find a way to meet her alone.

5. Once you have her alone, tell her what you know about her situation. This can mortify her, but it is important that she knows that you know it. Let her know that you care about her, that you are willing to help her if she wants help, and what you can do for her. She needs to know that she has support and protection, because walking away from this man is very scary for her. He may tell you that he’s fine, that he doesn’t need help. She may even be mad at you. In that case, don’t be angry or upset. Instead, tell him that if he ever needs help, you are available. You can print the “Family Violence Questions and Answers” article from my website and leave it to her.

6. If your friend has children, believes the children are in danger and will not do anything, she may need to call the child abuse hotline without your permission. This will not be easy, because then the family will be investigated, the children can be taken, and both parents will be required to take parenting classes and domestic violence classes to regain custody of the children. Child Protective Services will award temporary custody to a safe relative in the meantime, if someone is willing.

None of this is nice or easy, but if you honestly think the relationship is abusive or violent, it’s the kindest thing to do. Remember that situations of domestic violence or abuse do not improve without intervention.