Boomers blamed for missing emoji

So have you heard it? Supposedly, the cry of laughter emoji has become unappealing and using it is a sure sign that you are old.

Stop the presses!

Generation Z, those born after 1997, have apparently stated that this is so on social media, especially on TikTok.

This despite the fact that the emoji has been extremely popular since 2017. As a CNN article noted: “‘Face with Tears of Joy’, the official name of the laughing and crying emoji, is the most used emoji in Emojitracker, a website that shows the use of emojis in real time on Twitter. ” In 2020, it was still the most popular emoji.

So what happened?

Are baby boomers to blame?

Of course, as with everything else, boomers are blamed for their demise. Jeremy Burge, the emoji director at Emojipedia, recently wrote a blog post that said, “It is common wisdom on TikTok that the laughing and crying emoji is for boomers. And by boomers I mean anyone over the age of 35” .

God forbid, teens and young adults don’t want to be seen using the same emojis as their grandparents! But we are not the only targets as Burge’s 35+ comment demonstrates.

Interestingly, millennials (those born between 1980-1996), many of whom are trying to keep cool as they approach their 30s and 40s, seem to be the target this time around as well. Add to the overuse by millennials of this suddenly unappealing emoji, calling their dog “doggo” (didn’t even realize this was a thing), skinny jeans, and even the side parts are out and a sign that you are old and “out of touch”.

As one millennial writer put it in a Yahoo! Sports: “As a member for life, ay.”

According to that article, Gen Z also pokes fun at the way millennials use the word “adulthood,” their addiction to avocado toast and Starbucks coffee, and the way they refer to themselves as “90 kids.” “.

It’s Karma Folks

The funny thing about all this is that some millennials have been making fun of us for years.

Remember the popular phrase, “OK Boomer” that started circulating a couple of years ago? As I blogged on this topic, the term seemed to imply that boomers are old-fashioned, resistant to change, backward in technology, and out of touch.

So, I suppose, what is given, is given.

However, I hate to see someone use insulting and derogatory phrases purely based on the generation that people were born into, which is completely out of our control, by the way. One day, Generation Z will grow old and will undoubtedly try their own medicine. Everybody gets old with time, you know.

Myself, I’m tired of the way all social platforms have made insulting each other too easy. I am tired of age discrimination. I wish mutual respect could replace this senseless mockery of others. Why can’t the “generation gap” become outdated and outdated?

All that said, don’t take it too seriously, millennials. One day you will reach our age and you will not care so much what other people think.

After a recent viral TikTok listed all the things millennials do that Gen Z doesn’t approve of, millennials responded by defending their fashion choices, hairstyles, and emoji use. They noted that Gen Z once encouraged each other to eat Tide Pods as a viral challenge and that younger people lack the ability to write in italics. Therefore, there! But does all this really matter?

Console yourself millennials, you will reach the age where you won’t care what other people think about your emoji habits and you won’t feel the need to defend your choices.

In fact, I think this boom will use the laughing scream emoji even more just to be rebellious. And my side part also stays. And even though I’m not a millennial, I do enjoy some avocado toast every now and then.

That’s the best thing about getting old, as I wrote when I turned 60. I know what matters, and overuse of an emoji isn’t one of them! Laugh at us, but being a senior is liberating in that sense.

Don’t worry, millennials. You will get there.


Pros and cons of investing in penny stocks

Typically, when you think about trading stocks, major stock exchanges may come to mind such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the National Association of Automated Securities Traders Listing (NASDAQ), and the Stock Exchange. of the United States (AMEX). A Penny share is a low-priced security for a very small company with a market capitalization of less than $ 500 million and is typically traded in very low volumes. Penny’s stock is also listed on other “over-the-counter” exchanges such as OTCBB and Pink Sheets.

Due to the low trading volumes, penny stocks are an investment option that carries a considerable amount of risk. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, potential investors in penny stocks should be aware of the fact that due to the low trading volume of these stocks, an investor may not find a buyer for their stocks. Finding accurate price quotes is also difficult, so there is a strong possibility that an investor could lose their entire investment.

Penny stocks have a certain appeal to many different types of investors. However, a new investor looking for potentially lucrative investments with a fairly low entry price is likely to find a penny stock. The appeal comes from the fact that at such low prices, any change can often be measured in hundreds of percent in a given day or two. The value of an investor’s shares can literally double or even triple the amount of the original investment.

In contrast, the price of a penny stock can go down in value just as quickly. New and inexperienced investors would do well to avoid making penny stocks a major part of their investment portfolio. Also due to low listing requirements on exchanges like OCTBB and Pink Sheets, many companies should not be considered safe investments. Many of the companies listed on alternative exchanges lack sufficient financial history to be able to accurately determine whether or not they would make a good investment. In some cases, companies that are considered penny stocks are startups or, in some cases, dangerously close to bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, some traders have even artificially manipulated stock prices by buying large amounts of stocks and then convincing individual investors of the need to buy. Since most of these stocks are not in such high demand, an investor will have to lower their selling price to attract a bidder, often at a loss.

Not all businesses that trade for “pennies” should be considered fraudulent. Some are just small companies trying to grow their business and are working very hard to end up in the biggest market exchanges. It may not be worth scouring the fraudulent companies to find truly reputable companies capable of helping an investor make big profits. Investors with low investment income may be convinced that a single good trade can triple their investment, but in the end, it is better for an investor to choose an investment from a company that they have done research and are convinced that the value of this company will grow. in the future.


Gift ideas for mother’s day

In 1870, Julia Ward Howe called for a Mother’s Day proclamation in response to the Civil War. She saw this as a way to celebrate peace and motherhood. After his death, his daughter Anna took up the cause to make Mother’s Day a recognized holiday. In 1908 he asked his church to celebrate the day and his request was honored, so on May 10, 1908 the first official celebration of Mother’s Day was held. She arranged for carnations to be given to each mother who attended, as this was her mother’s favorite flower. Interestingly, many companies still maintain this tradition. Today we celebrate this holiday by giving our Mother all kinds of gifts, from flowers to jewelry. Here is a list of some of my favorite gifts to give my mother.

Live plants are a great way to show how much you care. Better then cut flowers, as with proper care they will live forever. The blooming type of plant is much more desirable than the leafy green type, as it will bring a bit of color to any room.

If your mom isn’t the plant type, why not a spa gift certificate? a great way to show her that you love her with a little pampering. She has also cared for you all her life and she deserves a little time for her. Pick a spa that is close to your home and maybe even join it for a special day. You can even make a day and surprise her with a healthy lunch.

Personalized gifts are also a great way to show your love. Personalized picture keychains are a great way for your mom to remember when you were little. Before giving this gift, have it engraved with a special message and be sure to include a photograph of a special memory. Keychains aren’t the only gift that can be personalized, a personalized compact makes a great gift for a mom and a great reminder of how beautiful she is.

There are many ways to show your mom that you love and appreciate everything she does for you. A gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it doesn’t have to be made of gold. It can be something as simple as making him dinner or making him a special card. Moms love that kind of thing.


PS 2 Game Cheats: Codes and Tips

PS 2 Game Cheats, Codes and Tips

Almost every video game on the market today has a cheat code that you can use to help improve your video game skills. Fortunately for PS 2 game players, there are many cheats, codes, and tips that can help you learn to take your gaming skills to the highest level possible.

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Restaurants in Oaxaca, Mexico, get a boost from "Oaxaca Knows" Despite the failures of the inauguration

Oaxaca is known as one of the main cities for eating and drinking in all of Latin America. The mole mecca in south central Mexico stands out for more than the variety of delicious sauces: internationally acclaimed restaurants, attractive late-night street food stalls, unique culinary and beverage items such as tlayudas, tejate, lamb barbecue, and of course , the iconic Mexican spirit based on agave, mezcal. But despite its gastronomic grandeur, every year from early September to the height of Día de Muertos towards the end of October, its restaurants suffer from malnutrition – that is, not enough on record to maintain a healthy level of financial sustenance.

Enter the Oaxaca Sabe grand opening, September 16-23, 2014. The week-long event was the first attempt in recent memory by a group of restaurant owners to generate much-needed income for restaurants ranging from the high end to the middle of the road, by offering fixed price menus at an affordable price. Yes, there is the Saber del Sabor for those with substantial resources, the Spring Festival of Humánitas, which always seems to be struggling, and the Fair of the Seven Moles that takes place during the summer when there are already a series of food and beverage events. drink. What Oaxaca City has always needed has been something to give restaurants hope and keep their servers afloat, during a time of year when rains in full swing keep residents indoors and tourism is at its peak. annual minimum. Oaxaca Sabe seems to be able to provide the correct recipe, despite starting deficits.

Twenty-three restaurants raised 1,000 pesos each for advertising and marketing, including posters and a presence on websites and online social networks. The promotional material featured a three-course meal (lunch or dinner) of appetizer, main course and dessert, including beer, wine or mezcal (or soft drink, tea or coffee), all for 250 pesos of tip included. And to top it off, a series of private lots was seconded to provide parking at the minimum price of ten pesos an hour.

My wife and I attended three dinners on consecutive nights, two of which were exquisite in every respect, and the third, well, although high-end, did expose flaws that we had experienced there on previous occasions. Why go to a restaurant that did not measure up to us? I guess we thought “one last chance, and for 250 pesos, how can you go wrong in a dining room that has received international criticism”. We learned how … again.

We selected three prestigious restaurants in the city: Origen, Azul and La Pitiona. We have always considered Origen as one of the two best restaurants in the city, the other being Casa Oaxaca. Origen did not disappoint, with the three dishes selected by each of us living up to the restaurant’s reputation, well-combined wine and a premium quality Arroqueño mezcal, which was practically never used as a house liquor. Since this article is not in the nature of a restaurant review, I will not turn it into one. However, I can confidently say that when a restaurant is found along a continuum of quality of fare and service the other 51 weeks of the year, it will stay there for a promotional week.

While we had not previously dined at Azul, it also had a reputation for being haughty, set in the courtyard of a high-end hotel of the same name, with several lodging suites designed and named after prominent Oaxacan artists. As in Origen, we were offered a selection of three dishes to choose from for each dish. This time each of us had red wine, a Spanish tempranillo, so nice that we ordered a second glass. And as in Origen, in Azul the servers were attentive and helpful.

La Pitiona, according to my wife, who had dined there twice more than I had, maintained a level of pretentiousness as on the day of its inauguration. How presumptuous not to offer a selection of selections for any of the courses! Even a cheesy wedding in Canada or the United States often features chicken or fish. But as suggested, the personality of a restaurant does not change for a special event … just like a leopard cannot change its spots.

The closing event took place on the night of September 23, in one of the highest level participating restaurants, Casa Crespo. Fine Oaxacan delicacies and drinks were served. Attendance was free for those who had been to five previous meals at any of the participating restaurants. The plan had been to hand out a card at the end of each meal, with a stamp, so if you presented a card with five stamps, there would be no cost to attend the final. The problem was that during the three nights we attended, at Origin our server explained to us about the last night but forgot to give us the stamped card, and at La Pitiona no card was even offered, stamped or not. Azul gave us the stamped card at the end of our meal, with no explanation of what it represented.

Oaxaca Sabe seems to have been a successful inaugural event, with a buzz in the city, at least among some of our friends and acquaintances. However, some changes and additions to the next edition would make it more successful and potentially make Oaxaca Sabe a permanent fixture:

• Toronto has seen success with a multi-day Winterlicious restaurant event in the dead of winter when even Canadians hate venturing out into the cold and snow, and a Summerlicious program six months later. Both have had considerable success. Accordingly, consider a second Sabe Oaxaca each year, during the other mild season for tourism, May. People’s memories are brief. Twice a year it keeps the experience in the foreground and gives residents something to look forward to. Additionally, attending tourists can spread the word to friends and family for about a second week, just a few months later.

• Do not include tip in the price. Yes, make sure servers are served quietly, but they need cash flow more than restaurant owners. Perhaps it reminded customers that they are getting a real bargain and that they should consider increasing their usual tipping pattern accordingly.

• Consider doubling the number of participants in the restaurant and include a variety of ethnic foods. Go beyond Italian and Oaxacan or continental fusion. Oaxaca’s middle-class population is now large enough to adequately patronize many more than 23 restaurants, especially if the system of encouraging customers to attend more meals is adjusted. Oaxaca is known for its gastronomic grandeur, and a considerable percentage of tourists to the city, both foreign and national, come to Oaxaca for the food. Promote it through more offers, and they will come.

• Begin issuing “passports” to residents and tourists a week in advance, at all participating locations. Don’t rely on servers to remember to give diners their cards to stamp. Customers will be quickly trained to bring their passports to each restaurant they visit and have them stamped. Through all the publicity and promotion of the event, the public should be aware of this incentive program.

• Consider reducing the number of assists required to participate in the grand finale, from five to four. Five meals out in the course of a week is a lot to look forward to. After all, the cost of late night snacks and drinks should be relatively modest.

• With more and more diversity of restaurants, consider two different fixed price amounts, one for restaurants with higher prices (ie Los Danzantes, Casa Oaxaca, Origen, La Pitiona, Vieja Lira, etc.), and another for restaurants with more modest prices. (That is, La Olla, La Biznaga, Las Quince Letras, El Marocco, Zandunga, etc.). If two price categories are used and there is a greater diversity of restaurant styles, then perhaps the requirement of five attendees to attend the final would work, as customers would not be required to visit five higher category establishments with similar types of cuisine. .

• Do more to promote nominal parking as a way to attract residents downtown from the suburbs. Remember that now there are tons of restaurants in neighborhoods like Colonia Reforma, so if one of your goals is to attract potential customers to the city center, publicize the parking incentive more clearly.

• Require each participating restaurant to offer three options for each dish. By doing so, customers who were impressed with their first meal at a particular restaurant will be more likely to return later in the week.

• Consider involving the state government, with a view to encouraging it to promote Oaxaca Sabe on its website and in other promotional material throughout the year, as an important tourism week. but not, however, at the expense of the organizers maintaining control of the event.

• Oaxacans love promotional posters. In this case, the participating restaurants were identified on the posters only by logos (of different sizes) printed at the bottom, some of which failed to properly identify the restaurant. Ditch the logos and just name each restaurant in the same bold type.

• All promotional material must be bilingual, Spanish / English, and not only in Spanish as was the case with the opening week. Although tourism in September is low, one of the objectives should be to ensure that not only Oaxacans and national tourists visit the restaurants, but also travelers, including foodies, from English-speaking countries already in Oaxaca. or they are considering a visit. Oaxaca is already synonymous with Culinary Tourism!

Many American and Canadian cities host week-long events, which are promoted permanently throughout the year under an event calendar (i.e. Taste of Chicago). With Oaxaca’s reputation for food and drink, the city has the potential to use Oaxaca Sabe as a major point of attraction to attract visitors at a time of year that they would not otherwise consider traveling to the city. Oaxaca Sabe just needs a few adjustments. But bravo for an admirable start.

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Spiritual wife


One of the most important people esoteric societies used to control people like Hitler, Napoleon, Nixon, and others is the personal physician. In this context, we find that Napoleon was later poisoned by his doctor after one from Ireland refused to do what he was ordered to do and we find the egis of something even more transcendent. The religions of this world are all tools of the elite and their social engineers, as Francis Fukayama proudly proclaims in his late 20th century book. The end of history and the last man. It does not tell us who created these religions or what their secret rituals are; if you even know. The main purpose of this book is to explore the esoteric aspects of Josephine and Napoleon in order to learn more about who led them and how they were done. With that in mind, we look at a Kabbalist who institutionalized the less than equal treatment of women by Joseph Smith and Mormons. This man’s father was Napoleon’s doctor and his father wanted him to be a rabbi, so I’m sure his father also knew Kabbalah to some degree.

“The Council of Fifty in Nauvoo manifested a distinctly Masonic character, and Masonic ceremonial elements were incorporated into council meetings. A similar tenor emerged in the Strang Order of the Illuminati. It was only a few months after the alleged revelation that commissioned him to organize the “Illuminati” in Nauvoo that Bennett initiated efforts to form the Masonic lodge. But Mormon historians have yet to specifically explore the implications of another fact: both the name given by Bennett for the organization, “Order of the Illuminati “, and the political concept embodied by the organization had a distinct Masonic heritage. The parallel is so close that one wonders if Bennett could have brought this and other more esoteric Masonic concepts with him to Nauvoo. Around the same time, the practice of the “spiritual wife” or plural marriage was Bennett made several exaggerated claims in his later discussion of practice. Libertine sexual ethics, stating that Nauvoo women were settled into three ritual orders based on the sexual favors expected of them. Such claims are not tenable, but recent historians have nevertheless noted the apparent association of the Relief Society with Freemasonry. And aside from Bennett’s more slanderous claims, it is a fact that the female Relief Society leaders in Nauvoo were at one time all wives of Joseph Smith. Whatever the actual relation to practices in Nauvoo, there had been Masonic lodges indulging in such practices, the most specific example being Cagliostro {Part of the continuation of Crowley’s soul and if Paschal Beverly Randolph [Merovingian Physiocrat like Dupont] he is correct in his supposed similar connection with Eliphas Levi and then with him as well.} Egyptian Rite. By all accounts, Bennett would have an intimate interest in this type of Freemasonry, or this type of Mormonism, and it would be difficult to imagine him without encouraging Joseph’s ideas about new forms of ritual marriage.

In this context, another question remains: Is it possible that Bennett’s meteoric rise to prominence in Nauvoo was related to some unsuspected Masonic factor? Did you come to Nauvoo asserting esoteric lineages independent of the Hermetic or Masonic priesthood, or some ancient and occult knowledge, statements that Joseph, because of previous life experiences and associations, chose to honor? Although Bennett may ultimately have been nothing more than a talented charlatan, it must be recognized that a complex legacy of spiritual insight was embedded in Masonic rituals, myths, and symbols; They had a history and a lineage that went back many centuries in Hermetic, Kabbalistic and Alchemical Gnosis. John C. Bennett may have brought more than Blue Lodge Masonry to Nauvoo. And regardless of his true intentions, what he brought may have been useful to a prophet.

At Nauvoo in 1842 and after, I suggest that Joseph Smith found a storehouse of myths, symbols, and ideas passed down in the context of Freemasonry, but with complex and more distant origins in the Western esoteric tradition. They apparently resonated with Smith’s own visions, experiences that shaped his spiritual life from the moment of his first intuitions of a prophetic calling. He responded to this stimulus with tremendous and creative outpouring – the kind of creative response that the Gnostic myth and symbol were meant to evoke, and had evidently evoked over a millennium of history. But, in leaving Freemasonry, there was another more primal transmission of this esoteric tradition that would touch Joseph’s creative imagination during his later years in Nauvoo.

Joseph Smith and Kabbalah in Nauvoo

By 1842, Joseph Smith had probably touched on the subject of Kabbalah in various ways and versions, even if such contacts remain beyond easy documentation. However, during Joseph’s final years in Nauvoo, his connection to Kabbalah becomes more concrete. In the spring of 1841, an extraordinary library of Kabbalistic writings by a European Jew converted to Mormonism apparently arrived in Nauvoo who was evidently new to Kabbalah and its major written works. This man, Alexander Neibaur, would soon become the prophet’s friend and companion.

Neibaur {The Rothschilds were Bauers before they took the occult symbol and shield as their name. Could this be a ‘nee’? [French for ‘born’]-Bauer?} He has received few detailed studies from Mormon historians, and his knowledge of Kabbalah has earned only an occasional footnote in Mormon historical work. Neibaur was born in Alsace-Lorraine in 1808, but during his late childhood the family apparently returned to their original home in eastern Prussia (now part of Poland). His father, Nathan Neibaur, was a physician and dentist, according to family sources, he was a personal physician to ‘the’ Napoleon Bonaparte and whose skill as a linguist made him of ‘great value’ to Napoleon as an interpreter (claims perhaps inflated by posterity). Like his father, Alexander was fluent in several languages, including French, German, Hebrew, and later English. He also read Latin and Greek. {It is reasonable to expect that he understood symbology and archetypes and what became of neurolinguistic programming and its hypnotic ‘charms’ to control people.} Family tradition claims that, as the first son and eldest son, his father wanted him to became a rabbi. , and that the young Neibaur began in rabbinical training. “(2)


Afghan hound

The Afghan Hound breed is a very distinctive looking dog, and once seen, you wouldn’t mistake them for another breed. Their height is substantially 24 to 29 inches and they should weigh between 44 and 59 pounds. Although their coat can be any color, white markings are discouraged, especially in the head region. There are many Afghan dogs that have facial hair similar to the Manchu mustache, which are known as ‘mandarins’. Another fairly common feature is hair that resembles a black mask. With white or almost white afghans, but if they show red or black islands in the coat, they are not acceptable as this is indicative of impure breeding. Other distinguishing characteristics of the Afghan Hound are a long head with the hair shortening, slightly, as it progresses from the front to the rear of the dog. There is also a small ring at the end of the tail that is unique to this breed.

History: The Afghan Hound, as its name suggests, came from Afghanistan and was introduced to Britain in the 1920s. It is believed, through genetic testing, that the original Afghans, known as observation dogs in Afghanistan, had several genetic markers in common with wolves, making them close descendants of the original dog. Although modern hounds were selectively bred, from those that were originally brought in. The exceptional beauty of these dogs has made them very popular as show dogs, and they are accredited by major dog clubs throughout the English-speaking world. The Afghan hounds were very important from the beginning and formed an important breed in the early dog ​​shows and in the early days of the UK dog club.

Temperament. The Afghan tends to integrate well at home, with the family, but can be distant, almost snobbish. He tends to get along quite well with other animals in the house, but when he is outside he likes to chase small animals. He was originally bred for hunting and when outdoors he can’t help but go back to the guy. He is an intelligent dog and sometimes ignores orders, especially when it comes from someone who is not his usual guide, it is more a case where they do not see any reason to obey, it is not a deliberate disobedience. Due to this trait, they have probably often been described as feline in their attitude. They also have a bit of a tendency to destruction and vandalism when bored.

Health Issues: The Afghan Hound is known to suffer from necrotic myelopathy, but this is rare. The only real health problem is that they can suffer from cataracts.

Grooming: Given its magnificent coat and length of coat, grooming is obviously important for the Afghan Hound. Leaving them unbrushed for too long will make the task much more difficult when you brush them. It is best to brush them every other day. While home grooming is always possible, if you want your pet to look its best, take it to a trusted dog salon to have it trimmed.

Living conditions: While the Afghan Hound breed was originally a hunter and lived outdoors, it was in a temperate climate. Their hair is long and luxurious, but they seem to prefer the heat, rather than just not too cold. They really aren’t suitable for outdoor living, and I’m sure you’ll quickly notice how they like a nice, warm, soft bed.

Real Estate

Choose the best house that fits your budget

Buying your first home is the most exciting and enjoyable experience, but this happiness turns into a disaster if you don’t resolve matters properly. The whole process can be complicated for the first time or for people who do not understand these matters. It is best to hire a reputable real estate agent who has in-depth knowledge of your area of ​​interest. If you spent more than your estimated cost, you could be in trouble. Finding the perfect home that fully fits your budget is the most important part of the home buying process.

Begin your research on what type of housing you want and what your budget limit is and, most importantly, find out which communities offer such housing. New Jersey is the fourth largest state in the US and one of the most demanding places to live. the state has more opportunities for all age groups. People want to live here and want to start a family in their new home. A large number of home communities are serving people who offer different designs and styles of homes at different prices. But everyone loves to build their dream home in a dream location with all the modern facilities of life. For the convenience and ease of our customers, we narrowed down your list by introducing you to the best housing communities in New Jersey with affordable home prices, perfectly fitting your budget.

Choose the best home that fits your budget in the best communities in New Jersey. Our recommended communities are located in premium locations with thoughtful design and a great building. One of our favorite communities in Burlington County, NJ, is located in quiet Chesterfield, which has also been voted the best place to live in Burlington County. Traditions in Chesterfield, a beautiful and well-developed community has everything on a homebuyer’s wish list. This community is professionally designed with a number of exquisite homes, ranging from single-family homes to luxury garden homes and the Carriage collection of townhomes.

Due to its immense popularity in a short period of time, all townhomes in this community are already sold out! The most important reason behind this popularity is the reasonable prices compared to the market. Traditions in Chesterfield build sight-seeing homes in the county’s most demanding location, near New York and Philadelphia. The community has easy access to all major roads.
Residents can enjoy The Shoppes at Old York Village within walking distance of their new home. The community is planned as Smart Growth and make sure the preservation of the land is guaranteed.

Traditions at Chesterfield offer a variety of home designs to choose from based on your family’s requirements and needs. Choose from our classic single-family homes or from our luxurious garden homes. The choice is limitless! We awarded nine splendid single-family houses and three beautiful garden houses. Let’s first take a look at our single-family homes and choose the one that fits your budget.

The HAMPTON is available at a price of $ 400,990. This floor plan offers 2,013 square feet. Living space with an open living layout. The wonderful home offers three bedrooms, two and a half baths, a full 9 foot basement, and two car garages. The Hampton home layout features a spacious kitchen with breakfast bar that flows beautifully into a family room and dining room. Other prominent features include a full-size laundry room and a basement bathroom option.

THE RICHMOND It is priced at $ 464,990. This floor plan offers 2,601 square feet. of living space with four bedrooms and two and a half baths. Two-car garages, large laundry room, gigantic kitchen with breakfast bar, large 9-foot basement, and dramatic two-story foyer are the highlights of The Richmond’s home design.

THE ARLINGTON is a home design offering generous 2,600 square feet. of living space. It has four bedrooms, two and a half baths, and two-car garages. It is priced at $ 457,990. Arlington also features a full 9 foot basement, an expensive laundry room, a gas fireplace, and a master suite with separate his and hers vanities.

THE ROANOKE is a stunning home design at 2,998 square feet. of living space with four loft bedrooms, two and a half baths. Other highlights include a splendid two-story family room with a gas fireplace, an oversized two-car garage, a custom master suite, an impressive two-story foyer, and a kitchen with breakfast bar.

THE SHENANDOAH The home design is priced at $ 492,990. It has 3,205 square feet. of luxurious living space with four bedrooms, two and a half baths and two car garages. Other eminent features include the first floor living room, custom master bathroom with his and hers vanities, and a spectacular oversized family room where you can spend quality time with your family and loved ones.

THE WILLIAMSBURG It is a spectacular home priced from $ 502,990. The Williamsburg offers four bedrooms, two and a half baths, and two-car garages built on 3,549 square feet. of abundant living space. Other standout features of this home’s design include a living room, first floor laundry room, full 9-foot basement, beautiful porch, and an exquisite master suite with sitting area.

FREDERICKSBURG It is the most demanding home design at 3,654 square feet. of luxurious living space. The beautiful home offers four bedrooms, three and a half baths, and two-car garages. The house begins with the beautiful porch and the long hall connects to the entire first floor. A 9 ‘full size basement and large laundry room is part of this home. Other highlights include first floor study, loft, living room with master bedroom and huge walk-in closets. You can get this amazing home starting at $ 543,990.

THE ALEXANDRIA It is priced at $ 472,990. A perfect home design features 2,982 square feet. of ample living space with four bedrooms, two and a half baths and two car garages. A full nine-foot basement, a spacious family room with a gas fireplace, a full-size utility room, an oversized kitchen, and a corner tub in the master bathroom are design highlights of The Alexandria home.

THE HOPE home has 2,400 square feet. of ideal living space with 3 loft bedrooms, 2.5 baths and 2 car garages. A full size basement is also part of this floor plan. You can get this spectacular home starting at $ 440,990.

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How does a husband feel after cheating on his wife? My opinion based on experience

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked a variation on this question. Wives want to know if their husbands feel guilty or ashamed for having cheated on them, or if he is only sorry because they have caught him and now must deal with the consequences. They want to know if you hesitated when you decided to cheat or if you were so excited by the prospect of something exciting and forbidden that you never thought about your wife, at least until much later.

In short, wives wish they could be given a pass inside their husband’s mind so that they can understand his highly questionable thought process when he chose to make this most painful and unfortunate mistake. And they want to know where your head and commitment is now that the adventure is over, and if they can believe that your heart and commitment are still with them, so they don’t have to worry about reliving this at some point. in the future.

The truth is that a man’s thought process during an affair can be as different as the men themselves. That being said, however, I have heard from many men who are trying to get things done with their wives. Sometimes they share their thought processes with me, and I’ve been through this myself. So I’m looking at it from two different sides of the coin. Yes, it is very likely that there are men who feel little or no regret. But these are not the men I hear about because they are generally not the men who are trying to get their marriages back. In the following article, I will share with you how men describe their feelings during and after an affair.

How men feel during an adventure: Again, these feelings vary depending on the man who experiences them. But, most of the men I heard from describe themselves as “not thinking” as the adventure unfolded. Some of the phrases I hear to describe this are things like: “I really don’t know what I was thinking. I was living in slow motion and I wasn’t really stopping to think about what was happening. I just don’t want to go there in my own mind. “.

Some men describe very strong feelings of guilt and shame during the affair. Sometimes I hear things like “I went home, closed the door and cried.” However, “my hands were shaking so much on the wheel on the way home that I was afraid of having an accident.” Or, “The guilt was killing me. I couldn’t even look my wife in the eye. I was always sure that she knew something was going on or knew she was lying or had done something very wrong.”

And some men who feel these feelings will use them as a catalyst to end the relationship very abruptly. Usually these are the men who admit to deception on their own and sincerely seek forgiveness with genuine apology and regret.

Sometimes, you will find men who, although they feel guilty and ashamed, these feelings actually drive them to continue the relationship. They see the other person as a release or a pause in the negative feelings or doubts that were happening in their lives. So while they know that what they are doing is terribly wrong, they may tell themselves that they are going to end things ‘very soon’, but they seek the release that the relationship provides fleetingly (this escape usually does not last long.)

Every once in a while, I will have men tell me that they actually thought they were getting a positive reward for the affair or that they had genuine feelings for the other woman. They will say that they felt “fun” or “free” or “alive.” Usually these feelings are short-lived and men later realize how silly and untrue all of this was. Over time, they realize that nothing apart from themselves and dealing with their own problems gives them the escape or the boost they were looking for.

In short, a man’s feelings can be challenged when he cheats on his wife. But I find that most men feel some sadness, conflict, or guilt while doing it. Some are able to ignore these feelings or at least momentarily calm them. And some cannot accept the feelings and will confess everything. Some will try to justify their actions to continue, but most know, at least deep down, that what they are doing is wrong.

How men feel after having an affair: Like I said, I very rarely hear from those repeat cheaters who are cheeky enough to justify their deception or who have no regrets at all. I almost always hear of men seeking advice to save their marriages after cheating on their wives. And without a doubt, these men are genuinely sorry. Yes, they are very sorry that they were caught and that you know what they did and that you are deeply hurt. Many tell me they would give absolutely anything to turn back the clock and turn all of this back.

And many of them understand why you are angry. They know they would fight a lot if the roles were reversed, but they don’t know how to sound sincere without sounding like they are acting. I often hear phrases like “she doesn’t believe anything I say and I can’t blame her for that. But I’ll keep trying to make it up for the rest of my life. One chance, I’ll do everything in my power to correct this.”

Of course, the great irony of all this is that many wives will change this and say “well, he didn’t love me that much when he was cheating, did he?” And they have all the reason. There is not much I can say in response to this. You will often try again with claims that you weren’t thinking or dealing with a personal crisis, but none of this really cuts you short.

I often tell couples that it is the actions that matter and not the words. The marriage was damaged by the actions of the husband and now, if the marriage is to be repaired, it must be repaired by the actions of the husband. Over time, he has to show the wife that he is repentant, rehabilitated, and worthy of her trust and partnership.

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Is there any way to make my ex-wife like me again and finally come back? Yes there are

Sometimes separation is vital for people to realize the true value of their partner. If you feel that your ex-wife is still your soulmate and you want to get her back, you will have to work very hard. These are the things you must do to get your ex-wife back.

Don’t start harassing her
The moment you realize that you want your ex-wife back, your adrenaline kicks in and you set out to find her. If you are doing this or thinking about doing it, you can forget to get it back. Stalking her and trying to figure out what’s going on in her life will only take you away from her.

Work your way
Use the time you have alone to understand why you are alone today. What were the things that your ex-wife wanted to change in you? Take an introspective journey to discover the reasons behind everything that has happened and work to rectify them. Believe me, it will be helpful to you, as she will want you to tell her and you will not want to go wrong with these things.

Get in touch with her
Once you have resolved your issues and your feelings are under control, you need to get back in touch with your ex-wife. Start with an email or text message if you still can’t have a conversation. Just make the move and be patient if she takes the time to respond.

Tell him you just want to be friends
When you talk to her, tell her that you would like to have her presence in your life. Things may not have worked out for you two as a couple, but you guys were great as friends. Tell him that he has lost his wife, but that it is the friend in her that he does not want to lose. This will give him a reason to be your friend.

Don’t be too personal
Make sure you are never too personal with your wife. Don’t ask her especially about the status of her relationship and never try to sabotage her dates. She will understand and will kick you out of her life.

Be a good friend
When you ask him to be his friend, be his friend. Have fun with her, spend enough time with her, and help her enjoy life. After all, you know her like no one else. Once he falls in love with your friendship, he will start to want to get back with you.

Little by little he starts talking about the old days
Once she’s established herself as a friend, you can slowly start talking about the fun, fun, and fun times we spent together. Memories will warn him that he wants to get back to you.