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Birthday Invitation Wording

The wording of your birthday invitation is key to letting your guests know the who, what, where, when and why of your birthday party. All of this comes into play once you’ve selected the birthday party invitations and any theme for the party, as well as the accompanying birthday invitation phrases based on that theme. For information on birthday invitation phrases and matching themes, check out our article titled Birthday invitation phrases. This article will give you many ideas on how to choose an invitation card theme to combine and create creative and unique invitation phrases.

The writing of birthday invitation cards will generally follow a simple structure. First, your creative phrase or verse, followed by all the necessary information so that your guests know where and when. You should include the exact address of the party, whether it’s your home or the local pool, and you should also include the time everyone is supposed to arrive. You can include a contact number for your guests to RSVP if you wish.

So you have chosen your invitations and a clever verse to put them on. Suppose you have selected our Fun Bubble Party Invitation and you are having your party at home. The wording of your birthday invitation would look like this:

“Come join the party, join the fun

It’s a bubble party for our number one son!

Cody turns eight!

Come and help us celebrate!

Saturday June 14 at 11:30 PM

In our house

2020 S. Cromwell

York, PA

Please RSVP to Julie

(222) 789-1234 “

Let’s say you’ve selected our Hoo Hoo Owl Birthday Invitation and you’re having your party at a local park. The wording of your birthday invitation would look like this:

“Our little girl turns nine

In the sun, it’s party time!

Come join the celebration!

Saturday, May 16 at 4:00 PM

In Liberty Park

On Franklin St. between 3rd and 4th ave.

Salt Lake City, NV

Please RSVP to James

(801) 998-8888 “

You have the who, what, where, when and why all covered. If you are inviting people who do not live in the city, it would be a good idea to include a map with directions along with a contact number for them to call in case they get lost.

As the birthday celebrant ages, or if the birthday party is held in a more formal setting, you may want to exclude a creative birthday phrase and instead opt for the wording of the information only. Either way, the wording of your birthday invitation should convey all the necessary information to your guests.

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SEO Techniques: Easy-to-Use On-Page Elements You Can Optimize Today

You might think that SEO techniques involve some kind of deception, or maybe some top-secret steps that only search engine optimization professionals know about. In fact, search engine optimization is not extremely difficult, it just involves following a few simple rules. There are some very simple steps that even a novice webmaster can take to optimize their website’s search engines.

I’m not saying SEO techniques are so easy that even a caveman can do it (yes, I know, it’s a bad joke). Because although the rules are basic, following them requires some knowledge and technical skills. But anyone with basic web programming skills can certainly do their own elementary search engine optimization.

If you’re ready to go, you can optimize your first web page in less than an hour. Because the first steps in any SEO project start with page factors. Unlike off-page SEO, on-page SEO is easy for a novice webmaster because it only involves changing or updating elements that are actually on the web page, elements that are under his control. Let’s take a look at the most common SEO techniques on the page.

** Create keyword-rich title tags.
I should point out that web page title tags and headlines, header tags, and file names are not the same. The title tag is the phrase that appears in the upper left corner of your web browser. Your title tag is only visible in your page code. You can view your page’s code by hovering over your web page, right-clicking, and then selecting “view page source code.” Somewhere towards the top of the code, you should see a Meta title tag.

Getting displayed in the browser window is one thing, but the real reason your title tag is so important is because it shows up on search engine results pages. When a netizen enters their search term into Google and Google gives them a list of web pages to visit, the blue underlined text in that list is taken from the title tags of the web pages. Because this is the first information that web search engines will see about your web page, you need a title tag that will attract your potential customers to click on your website.

Additionally, your title tag tells search engine bots what the content on your web page is about. So you want your title to contain your keywords to give Google an idea of ​​what your web page should rank for. And you want to use a unique title tag for each of your web pages.

** Create attractive meta descriptions.
Now that your website titles have been updated, let’s take a look at your Meta description tag. You won’t be able to find your description tag in the browser window anywhere. Or anywhere on your website. The only way to see its description is to view its source code, just as we did to see its title tag. Once you are in the source code of your web page, search for “meta description” to see the content of your description tag.

Even if your description is not visible anywhere on your web page or in the browser window, and although it is not technically taken into account in your search engine ranking, optimizing it is still one of the most important SEO techniques. Your description appears on search engine results pages below your title tag. Without a compelling page description, you won’t get many clicks to your website.

Writing high-quality title tags and meta descriptions is a definite art form. It is actually similar to writing classified ads. You need to hit a big hit in a small space. Your title tag must be no more than 60 characters and your description must be no more than 160 characters. When creating your titles and descriptions, place your keyword phrases as close to the beginning as possible. When your listing appears on search engine results pages, your search terms will be displayed in bold.

** Create headlines that are headlines.
Now we want to take a look at your title tags. It sounds silly, but title tags can be tricky. You may think it’s a headline when you look at it, but Google may not agree. Your text may be bold and it may be large, but if it’s not contained in a title tag, it doesn’t count as a title as far as the search engines go.

If you are not sure of your title, you can check it again in the source code of your web page. Take a look at what your headline says; you might even want to highlight it with your mouse and copy it. Just like you did to see your titles and meta descriptions, you simply need to hover your mouse somewhere on your web page, right-click, and then click “view page source code” in the menu. emergent.

Once you have the source code for the web page open, click Edit, then Search in the menu bar, and enter your title text. When you find your title in the source code, you’ll want to look at the beginning. The initial tag should say H1. You may see a “p” tag instead of an “h1?” Tag, indicating that your text is a paragraph and not a title. For maximum search engine optimization, you want your titles to be included in title tags and not paragraph tags.

Replace the “p” tags with the “h1?” It is the first SEO step you will take with your website titles; Next, you’ll want to see the actual title content within each of your titles. Using “Welcome to My Website” as your home page title is pretty weak when it comes to search engine optimization.

** Always use ALT tags for images.
And the last SEO factor on the page that you should pay attention to is the image ALT tags. The ALT tag is the text that is displayed when a browser has image display turned off. Basically your ALT text describes in words what the image is about.

ALT text is not specifically for SEO, it is for usability. However, it can also support your search engine optimization efforts. You never want to put keywords in your ALT text if the keywords don’t actually describe the graphics, or the usability of your website will suffer.

Even though these on-page SEO techniques are easy to overlook, they will have a definite impact on search engine rankings. However, if your website doesn’t include unique keyword-based content, all the on-page SEO tweaks in the world won’t help your SERP rank. In addition to addressing these factors on the page, the most crucial technical SEO is publishing content based on keywords that your target market will find useful.


Commodity trade

Before we understand about commodity trading, please let us know what commodity means. A commodity is anything on the market to which a value can be assigned. It can be a market item such as food grains, metals, oil, which help meet the needs of supply and demand. The price of the basic product is subject to variations according to supply and demand. Now, let’s get back to what is commodity trading.

When commodities such as energy (crude oil, natural gas, gasoline), metals (gold, silver, platinum), and agricultural products (corn, wheat, rice, cocoa, coffee, cotton, and sugar) are traded for financial gain , then it is called commodity trading. These can be traded spot or as derivatives. Note: You can also trade livestock, such as cattle, as a raw material.

In a cash market, you buy and sell the commodities for instant delivery. However, in the derivatives market, commodities are traded on various financial principles, such as futures. These futures are traded on exchanges. So what is an exchange?

Exchange is a governing body that controls all commodity trading activities. They guarantee a smooth commercial activity between a buyer and a seller. They help create an agreement between the buyer and the seller in terms of future contracts. Examples of exchanges are: MCX, NCDEX and ECB. Wondering, what is a futures contract?

A futures contract is an agreement between a buyer and a seller of the commodity for a future date at today’s price. The futures contract is different from the forward contract, unlike the forward contracts; the futures are standardized and traded in accordance with the terms established by the Exchange. That is, the parties involved in the contracts do not decide the terms of the future contracts; but they only accept the terms regulated by the Exchange. So why invest in commodity trading? You invest because:

1. Commodity futures trading can generate big profits in a short period of time. One of the main reasons for this is the low deposit margin. You end up paying 5-10-20% of the total contract value, which is much lower compared to other forms of negotiation.

2. Regardless of the performance of the commodity you have invested in, it is easier to buy and sell them due to the good regulatory system formed by the exchange.

3. Hedging creates a platform for producers to hedge their positions based on their exposure to the commodity.

4. There is no risk to the company when it comes to commodity trading compared to the stock market. Because, commodity trading is all about supply and demand. When there is an increase in demand for a particular product, you get a higher price, in the same way, also the other way around. (can be based on the season for some commodities, for example agricultural products)

5. With the evolution of online trading, there is drastic growth in commodity trading, compared to the stock market.

The data involved in commodity trading is complex. In today’s commodity market, it’s about managing data that is accurate, up-to-date, and includes information that enables the buyer or seller to do business. There are many companies in the market that provide solutions for commodity data management. You can use software developed by one of these companies, for efficient data management and analysis to predict the future market.


Tips for Effective Communication in the Workplace: Leader to Follower Ratio of 1/99

Some experts tell us that for every leader there are ninety-nine followers. When communicating with staff members, it helps to know where these people are within the category 1 to 99. The two extremes may require a different form of communication, and therefore everything else. The same tool can be used when trying to identify the leaders of your company. Everyone’s expectations will be different too, both from their point of view and yours.

One of the most overlooked managerial skills is the RECOGNITION skill: recognizing the potential of your people. Many companies have highly trained employees who are treated as if they just finished school. The 1s are treated like the 99. This is a fatal move! It’s a good way for the company to lose what Robert E. Kelley called Gold Collar workers in his book “The Gold Collar Worker – Harnessing the Brainpower of the New Workforce.”

Knowing this 1/99 ratio will help identify whether an individual fits into the 1% or 99%, or somewhere in between. Some may already be there and are not being used to their full capacity. They may not be recognized or may actually look dwarfed.

An example of failing to recognize a trained leader is when an individual joins a company after having run their own business for many years. In the ability to own a business, it is highly likely that that person has learned and gained management or leadership skills. But, in tough times, that person may take on a lower-level position, even a clerical job, in a company, temporarily. The HR manager looks at the resume at the time of the interview, hires the person, and never looks at the resume again, even though all executive / managerial skills are clearly illustrated.

As the employee shares and demonstrates his knowledge in the work process and problem solving, he is ignored by management due to the position he currently occupies. In other words, an individual may be an order-taking clerk, but has had years of experience dealing with high-powered executives, making presentations, closing sales, leading a sales team, and monitoring financial statements, projections, and budgets.

This is not uncommon today. Many have lost businesses in the eighties and nineties and have never been able to get back in because starting a business is no longer like it was in the sixties and seventies. They may have to work for a time in lower jobs until they can get back to their level. But during that time they are taken for granted rather than being collected in critical productive positions.

These types of entrepreneurs cannot wait years to get promoted, they have already received their training, they already think at higher levels; operating at lower levels of employees and subordinates is totally frustrating for them. “Once expanded, the mind cannot return to its original size.” They must be recognized and consequently move quickly. Companies must reap these gold mines immediately or lose them. Unfortunately, most managers lose them because they have not been trained to recognize the skilled and talented. They got there doing their job, knowing your service or product line, but, unfortunately, that’s all they know: their “line.” They have not been trained to know beyond that.

I remember doing a short-term contract for a multi-million dollar corporation. In my interview with the operations manager, I was asked about my Ph.D. that was listed on my resume. We spoke briefly about it and moved on. They hired me and after several months, when I finished my contract, the same manager asked me for my phone number, in case he needed any information. When I handed him my business card, he saw the PhD and said with a look and a surprised tone: “PhD?” I said, “You knew it!” I had completely forgotten. That’s how insignificant it was for him when he interviewed me. The whole time I was there, they never took me to my level. I had to do my job as they asked me, nothing more and nothing less. My opinions and comments meant nothing, even when they were good, they were not explored further. I was there to do a specific job and that was it.

It is always up to top management to create the environment to recognize these people, for the good of the company. Unfortunately, most managers don’t see this. Some of the immediate managers or supervisors may even feel threatened by someone who may know more than they do, so they will not promote their ability. The less they ask questions and the less they argue with them, the better it will be for these managers. Just do what you have to do. Andrew Carnegie’s epitaph reads: “Here lies a man who knew how to enlist people in his service better than himself.” It should be posted on each manager’s desk.

I know of another organization where top management made snide remarks to their directors at management meetings, such as “We have all these directors, but the company has to hire outside consultants to fix the problems.” And they did. These people came and went. They would walk around doing their interviews and doing research, then they would make their recommendations, and company managers who had been there for years were expected to follow them.

However, the top management did not listen to the suggestions and ideas of their managers, who knew what needed to be done (a prophet is not welcome in his own country). They just needed their leaders to listen to them and say “OK let’s do it”, rally behind them, support them, encourage them, give them the environment to do it, in other words, empower them! In this company (and in many companies) there is no leader who organizes a “brainstorming” or “think tank” meeting where everyone is encouraged to speak their minds without being knocked down.

What the external consultants raise in most cases has already been suggested or thought by their own people, but it has never been allowed to present itself.

In one company, one day a memo appeared in the email addressed to everyone. He announced that, effective immediately, all external correspondence should be sent to a secretary general for review and recording. Imagine, you as a manager, receiving such a mandate! This was a world-class organization. Talk about empowering your people. This is debilitating and downright insulting. Needless to say, no one settled for this draconian mandate. However, it was not really the organization, but a manager of a department who was simply not ready for leadership, and no one was there to train her.

There are many potential leaders and leaders out there. The proportion varies from company to company. Some organizations may attract more leaders than the 1/99 average. Your ratio can be 2 out of 99 or 10 out of 99! In many high-tech companies today, each employee is a manager-level worker. These companies deal with specialized and high caliber people. It is up to these companies to identify their proportion and provide the right environment to direct these special people to the right positions. But first, managers must develop themselves in the art of management and recognition of people, and not be afraid to “snoop” or “fish” for these existing talents.

Home Kitchen

Which countertop is best for my Georgian home: quartz, granite, or marble?

A new home is a wonderful experience! You want everything special about it: exquisite furniture, wall textures, dreamy interiors, attractive quartz, marble or quartz countertops for the kitchen, and the list never ends. Depending on where in Georgia your home is located and what look you prefer for your home, decide which stone countertop will best suit your home.

Georgia: nature and modernity
Georgia, USA is a beautiful place with a rich diversity of extremes: a vibrant city with high-rise buildings and astonishingly serene municipalities, and lush green mountain ranges and a roaring sea. It has a humid subtropical climate and part of its edge acts as a coastline, which means high humidity. Your countertops are continuously exposed to moisture and react based on their chemical composition. Sandstones and limestones are part of the Georgian terrain, but that doesn’t limit your options.

The countertops are differentiated by their chemical composition such as granite, marble, quartz or others. As they are exposed to the elements of nature, their composition can be a crucial factor in selection.

Granite Kitchen Countertops
If a shiny look is what you prefer for your kitchen, go for granites. Granite countertops are strong and durable, and with beautiful glass patterns they can make any room look luxurious. Now the question is whether it is suitable for your Georgian home!

These countertops are porous and easily react with moisture resulting in discoloration. Keeping them in humid conditions for prolonged periods can cause flaking or flaking. So, in case you are determined to buy a granite kitchen countertop for your home, take care to keep it clean and dry.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops
Make your home look modern and versatile with quartz countertops. The elegant appearance and attractive quartz colors easily add to the beauty of your kitchen. These stones have a non-porous surface and are more durable than granites. They are made of broken quartz, resins and color pigments with attractive color combinations. Quartz is diminished compared to granites, but it is much stronger.

Quartz stones are resistant to moisture and are the perfect countertops for the kitchen. But keep them out of direct sunlight and heat, as their color fades with exposure. They are cheap, hygienic, impact resistant and require no maintenance.

Marble Kitchen Countertops
Add timelessness to your home with marble countertops. They are the easiest options to remove the old look from your home and give it a whole new look. Its sense of richness with each part acting like a canvas makes you ignore its little downsides, like the affinity for liquids and scratches. Consider a theme for your kitchen and choose the right marble.

Marble countertops add an aesthetic appearance to your home. Since these stones are porous, they must be sealed to prevent moisture absorption. They can support hot bowls and heavy weights effectively, but keep sharp, heavy objects away as their impact can damage the surface.

Our suggestion
Georgia is a humid state, quartz or marble kitchen countertops are the best options. Each stone is different and special, so if you take the right precautions, any natural stone can last a lifetime. Finally, weigh your options and choose the one you like the most.


Take care of your blind side!

“Blind Side”, the film is based on the true story of Michael Oher, now with the Baltimore Ravens, who earlier in his life befriended the mother of a friend from school, played by Oscar winner Sandra Bullock . Another plays offensive tackle for his school team and does a really impressive job protecting the blind side of his quarterback.

There is another type of blind side that deserves our attention: “blind sides” that are responsible for the demise of leaders and their institutions, families and friends, communities and economies, as blind sides that contributed to the last recession, the worst in decades. It is quite frightening to hear people like Alan Greenspan, past and current secretaries to our treasury, and directors of global banks, certainly very intelligent people in many respects, admit that they were blind to the forces at play that triggered the collapse. of the financial and real estate markets around the world and that nearly brought down our economy. There are other types of blind sides that also get us in trouble: blindness to our own or our organization’s strengths or vulnerabilities, to the contributions or limitations of others, to the impact of our behavior or decisions on others, to “bad news.” or our inability to hear it, and a myriad of other realities that impact our lives and organizations without being aware of them.

We’ve heard a lot about the merits of “authentic” leaders, organizations, experiences, and people. Authenticity means being real, and an important part of that is that leaders, organizations, experiences, and people are actually what they say or present themselves. Another important part of being real, however, is the ability to face and articulate reality – seemingly very rare, as CEOs, investment bankers, and government officials overlooked or ignored the warning signs of collapse. from the market before 2008. there; Michael Lewis’s new book, The Big Short *, chronicles the work of Michael Burry, an investor who read the signs correctly. Mr. Burry carefully read all real estate investment descriptions mixed with legal language and strange acronyms; He paid attention to the increasing ease for homeowners to acquire credit, and in 2005 noted that credit standards had bottomed out. Adding it all up, Burry bet millions of dollars in securities would lose money “shorting” them; made billions.

Why did Michael Burry pay attention to what was happening when so many others did not? He jokes about how it could be due to seeing things differently since the loss of an eye in childhood; Whether it’s true or not, certainly “seeing things differently” is a way of protecting our “blind side.” One way to do that on our own is to simply take a different perspective and see things from as many different angles as we can; Examples include “playing devil’s advocate,” waiting a day to see things from another perspective, changing locations, or going to a retreat to gain perspective. An even better way is to seek and use the input of others, and the more and more different the perspectives, the better; here’s a case where there really is strength in numbers.

The road to failure is paved with blind spots, including entire organizations and industries blind to the market or competitive dynamics. After dominating the auto market, Henry Ford lost a significant market share to General Motors in the early 1900s because he was blind to changing consumer tastes; the demand for “basic transportation” gave way to preferences for different models with more features and more colors. The entire American auto industry was blind to inroads by Japanese automakers, eventually losing nearly half of its collective market share. IBM became unbalanced in the 1970s and 1980s, blind to the possibility that small personal computers, and Apple in particular, represented a lot. Sometimes rapid growth, success, or size contribute to blind spots, as apparently happened with giant organizations in 2008 that were believed to be “too big to fail.” Richard Tedlow does an excellent job of documenting classic cases of denial, a close cousin of the blind sides, in his new book Denial. *

One scary thing about the blind sides is that whatever they are hiding is still there, impacting our lives and organizations, whether we are aware of it or not; that is why they are called “blind sides”. Unfortunately, we sometimes learn about the blind sides when it’s too late: after a crisis, traumatic losses, or digging a hole that’s too big to escape. I know that at times I have been blind to the reality of what was happening or to my situation when a better understanding of what was blocking my view would have paid a lot of dividends. Things that “just don’t go our way” over and over again or finding ourselves consistently falling into the same bindings are often signs of blind sides and our inability or unwillingness to face certain truths. These are times when we need to take time to reflect seriously, seek feedback that we really care about, and open ourselves up or seek experiences that help us see things from a different perspective; Valid personality surveys, skill inventories or “360 ° surveys for individuals, especially when accompanied by training, can help here. Perhaps at times like these we need what the Buddhists call Kalyana mitra, or” noble friend “, who as John O’Donahue tells us in Anam Cara * “will not accept pretensions, but will confront you gently and firmly with your own blindness.” Organizations and teams can also be blind to their strengths and vulnerabilities, here again periodic evaluations of organization, especially accompanied by Skillful interpretation by a consultant can significantly reduce dangerous blind spots.

We all likely have serious enough personal, professional, organizational, and community challenges to solve without being hampered by blind spots.

  • Are there any indicators that blind spots may be affecting your life or work? How could you find out? What are some steps I could take to compensate for potential blind spots?
  • Could there be blind spots that affect other people around you, perhaps acquaintances, your organization, industry or community? How to draw attention to them and reduce their impact?

“Ninety percent of the world’s ills come from people who don’t know themselves, their abilities, their weaknesses, and even their true strengths.” (Sydney Harris)

Digital Marketing

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How to Teach English to Young Learners (TEYL)

Children from first grade are not as dependent as preschoolers. This article will focus on those pre-elementary ages. Here’s the stage …

It’s the first day of school and you are the new teacher at Happy Flowers Kindergarten *. Your job is to teach the little ones to communicate in English. It doesn’t matter that they can barely communicate in their own language … that you don’t speak. It does not matter that some of them feel that their mother has abandoned them and that they are determined to cry or howl until she returns later that day.

Your first problem is to get your attention and keep it. At this age, children have a countable attention span in nanoseconds. They may listen for a minute, but unless they can understand you and what you want them to do, you will quickly lose them. Then what do you do?

You make them laugh. You keep them busy in a light and fun way with activities that are varied, that make them laugh, that teach them something new, and ideally where they don’t even know they are learning. You do it by making it look natural, like storytelling, games, and art. You try to get everyone to join in, even the crying ones.

These young children should get over their abandonment syndrome in a few days, as they realize that mom is coming back and takes them back later. They will make new friends and begin to look forward to this new stage in their lives. What seems like a momentous experience in a minute can be completely forgotten in an instant when something more interesting appears.

What specific techniques can we use to capture and hold children’s attention?

I can’t overemphasize the motto “keep it simple.”

Too often I see teachers who are overly reliant on language for instruction, explanation, and discipline who are frustrated and disillusioned with their work. “They just don’t listen!” That’s how it is. They do not do it.

We need to use less language for better understanding, a faster pace, and more learning.

– Show instead of explain.

– About acting. It’s also a great way to get noticed and laugh.

– Exaggerate your body language.

– Use your voice. Instead of yelling, make it interesting, scary, funny … try whispering.

– Make visual explanations, with single words added to give meaning instead of complete sentences.

– Avoid telling them that they are not listening. If you are not holding your attention, seek the solution in yourself: you are the one who should try some new techniques and initiate the change.

As children learn more vocabulary and “tune in” to you, they will be able to understand more complex instructions and explanations. However, if they have already learned that they cannot understand it, they most likely will not even try.

You may be lucky enough to have a native language assistant to help you deal with the traumas of these preschoolers. If the school doesn’t offer one, we suggest you ask about the possibility. If they seem

reluctant, ask about having one for the first few weeks until you get to know the kids better. It is a reasonable request. In Japan, assistant teachers are provided automatically. Many international schools also provide assistants. It all depends on the resources the school has. Most likely, you will be paid much more than a local teacher, who in turn receives a higher salary than an assistant.

A word of caution about using an assistant to translate into the students’ first language:

This should be done carefully, preferably only when necessary for administrative matters, when a child is sick or in urgent need, etc.

If you use an assistant to explain language or directions, the danger is that children will look at the assistant and not try to understand the teacher. Typically, students just wait for the teacher to stop speaking so they can continue with the task of listening to the assistant and finding out what is really going on. This greatly hinders the crossover that occurs when the student begins to think in English.

It also annoys parents who pay high fees for native English-speaking teachers. Many language schools abandon teachers who use children’s first language too much in the classroom, either themselves or through an assistant.

If you can’t get your students’ attention, anarchy will reign and the classroom will resemble a cross between a race track, a zoo, and a locker room after losing the big game. It is not a pretty sight. You should try to understand what it is that makes each of them tick … one at a time. With most students, this task should be easy.

However, there will always be some that will take longer to understand and others that you may never discover. Do not worry. Keep trying. Do your best and you will survive. You can even come enjoy it! It takes love for young children and a sincere desire to help with their academic, intellectual, social, moral, and emotional development. Anything less and we suggest you consider teaching older people … maybe even adults.

You should have a game plan that includes an action plan for any contingencies. What will you do if one of your new positions:

– Do you need to go to the bathroom?

– go to the bathroom?

– to get sick?

– Won’t you stop crying?

– Don’t you stop speaking (in your own language)?

– dirty the paintings?

– leaves the classroom and you can’t find it?

– falls and gets hurt?

– do you fall asleep during an activity?

– Throwing a tantrum?

– hit another child?

What if you need to go to the bathroom? Who will be in charge of your class?

As an early age teacher, you will have many things to consider. Hold on, Snoopy. Nap time is coming!


Download PS3 Games Free – Instant Download

Have you been trying to download PS3 games for free and found that it is not as easy as you thought? The reason for this is that the sites you are trying to download from are free sites, so they won’t be as useful. Yes, they will have the games for you to download, but what happens after the download is done? I know I had no idea how to get the game to work after it downloaded in 8 hours.

I thought I was going to be in gaming heaven and then the next day when my game finished downloading, I had no idea how to play it and the site I downloaded it from had no support or instructions. I felt quite annoyed after this two day ordeal to try to download 1 free PS3 game. What I did next was do some research.

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Lose a significant amount of weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas

If you are eager to eat on Thanksgiving and Christmas, there is a diet that could be the solution to your problems. Eating on Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a nightmare for a dieter. Constant temptation, tradition and excitement, all wrapped in a nice bow, eh?

What can you do?

Should you ruin your vacation by defending yourself against temptation? Or should you go ahead and make up for bad behavior in the New Years when just about everyone and your brother are determined to lose that spare tire?

The Christmas diet

Consider doing the calorie shifting diet between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is a window of a few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas that are a great time for sacrifice and dieting. This way, you can enjoy both vacations and still have some damage control in between. Then on January 1, get back on your diet wagon … if you have to!

During those few weeks in between the two fattening vacations, you might consider doing the calorie shifting diet because this is a diet that has a lot of rave reviews of 7-10 pounds lost in 11 days through the caloric cycle or dieting in zig Zag.

May will also make a cabbage soup / sacred heart detox diet.

What does this diet do?

The diet tricks your metabolism into zigzagging and varying your caloric intake greatly and providing you with a specific diet menu to follow that releases fat-burning hormones. Plus, you’re eating 4 meals a day on this diet instead of 3, so your metabolism works harder and helps you avoid the weight loss plateau. This diet can be done at any time of the year, but doing it in early December can be helpful because:

1) You have eliminated Thanksgiving

2) You’re going to be busy shopping and living for a few weeks before the real holidays arrive.

3) This diet works on 11-day rotations with 3 cheat days in between, so it can pair well with some Christmas parties.


Starting the diet around December 1 could result in up to 10 pounds lost by December 11.

Starting around December 5 could result in up to 10 pounds lost by December 16.

After the holidays are over, you will probably lose more than the typical 5 pounds you gained during the holidays because most people lose 7 to 10 pounds.

This diet is available online with two components.

1) A diet guide

2) An online menu planner

The menu planner allows you to simply print your menu and head to the grocery store to get everything you need. Then just eat whatever they tell you for each specific day. You will have 4 meals and you can eat them in any combination. There are no measurements or calorie counting and you just eat until just before you’re full. There are other guidelines included, such as lots of water, being gentle on seasonings, and there are even tips for handling parties or restaurants, which is a huge dilemma for many dieters during the holiday season.

The best thing about this type of plan is that you can do it whenever you need it. If you hit your ideal weight in January and then fall off the wagon a bit on a holiday or eat something comforting in winter, you can lose weight quickly by simply running the menu builder again and doing another 11-day season.

If you’re reading this article too close to Christmas to get started on this diet, consider using if for your New Years Resolution diet.