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Where did the turkey chili originate from?

Chili is a stew composed mainly of meat and sauce of a slimy nature, with some onions, a handful of beans and spices but it is not limited to that, there are more great versions of chili for example, the recipe for turkey chili. There is still speculation about where the chili came from or where it originated (some say it was from the Midwest areas of the United States), however it is definitely one of the most enjoyable dishes if you ask me. Chili is one of the best foods to experiment with, especially in cold and frigid temperatures, as it is a hearty and satisfying meal that gives the person a lot of energy, so it is not surprising that countries north of the equator are the ones. what do they eat. chili more.

Although chili has become westernized, people in northern European countries eat chili constantly, however, they are not the ones who eat the most chili in the world. Before we can figure out which place eats the most chili, we first have to find out where and from what culture it originated. Chile was not only derived from a distant culture, but from three of the most prominent cultures, one hundred years ago in North America; Americans, Mexicans, and Native Americans. These three cultures combined to eventually give us the Chile we know and love today. There is little doubt that Texas was the birthplace of the popular American stew often known as Chili, yet not many people realize that the spices and sauces are derived from Mexicans. After all, the Texas area was once Mexico, so even though the United States eventually took over and claimed the territory, the original Mexican people and their spices and traditions were still in place.

In addition to the Mexican influence in the area, there were also Native Americans. They typically produced a high-energy food, called Pemmican, which they carried in leather bags when hunting or traveling long distances. The white hunters of America saw leather bags as an advantage for carrying a combination of bear fat or buffalo fat, ground buffalo meat, berries, and walnuts (this was typical in their day). Ultimately, the hunters combined the spices of the Mexicans, the pemmican of the Native Americans, and their own meats to make what is now known as chili. So for those who didn’t get the hint, the area that eats the most chili on the planet is Texas, it’s where the three cultures first intertwined to make this delicious and delicious dish. The turkey chili recipe; it is still one of the best recipes in use today. Chili is still one of the main and famous dishes in Texas. Last year alone, thousands of pounds of chili were consumed.

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Clowns are no laughing matter these days

Once upon a time, clowns were benevolent figures of laughter and joy.

In the late 1950s and early 1960s, American children followed the animated antics of Bozo the Clown on television every week. The cartoons were presented by local presenters composed like the Bozo with carrot. One was Willard Scott, who would later become a meteorologist for the NBC Today show. Willard Scott was also the first Ronald McDonald, making his first appearance in a 1963 television commercial for the hamburger franchise.

Fast forward ten years to Cook County, Illinois (interestingly, the location of one of the first McDonald’s restaurants). A character calling himself Pogo the Clown is a popular attraction at community events. Meanwhile, young people keep disappearing …

Beneath the clown makeup and clothes is a psycho named John Wayne Gacy. Between appearances as Pogo, he strangles 34 victims to death. He does not wear the clown costume when he kills, but his Pogo alter ego forever changes the image of the clown in the popular consciousness. Almost overnight, clowns are scary, with Gacy paving the way for numerous portrayals of bad clowns in literature and film, most notably in Stephen King’s It.

King’s novel came out in 1986 and was a huge bestseller. In 1990, his nightmare creation, Pennywise the Clown, was brought to the small screen in a miniseries. Also in 1990, a Florida woman, Marlene Warren, opened her front door to a brown-eyed clown carrying flowers and balloons. The clown shot him in the face and drove off in a white Chrysler. The clown’s victim died two days later. The murderer, a woman, eluded capture for more than a quarter of a century, but is now serving time for murder.

The 1990s and 1990s saw chilling depictions of The Joker, the green-haired joker in the Batman franchise, by characters like Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger. We also put Krusty, the degenerate clown from The Simpsons.

But it wasn’t until 2016 that caulrophobia, the fear of clowns, reached a real fever pitch. In the latter part of that year, the world was caught up in a wave of ‘scary clown’ sightings. In the run-up to Halloween, social media sites received numerous posts about sinister-looking clowns reportedly lurking first in the woods and then in a number of urban locations in the US, UK, and UK. Australia and several other countries. It got so bad that the president of the World Clown Association, Randy Christensen, took to YouTube to condemn people who dress up as clowns to scare people. “Whoever is doing this crazy thing is not a clown,” said Christensen, a Minnesota-based party clown. “He is someone who is using a good, clean, healthy art form and distorting it.” Christensen added that members of his association had suffered job cancellations and felt threatened after coverage of terrifying clown sightings.

It was all too much for McDonald’s. On October 11, 2016, the hamburger giant announced that its mascot would be keeping a lower profile as a result of the incidents. A spokesperson said the hamburger clown was reducing his appearances at community events as a result of the “current climate surrounding clown sightings in communities.”

There was a knee-jerk reaction from other corporate entities like Target, which took clown masks from its website and stores. Schools as distant as Ohio, USA, and Otago, New Zealand, banned clown costumes and masks.

Fast forward to Halloween night, Monday, October 31, 2016. Caulrophobia had taken hold in such a terrifying way in the United States that large numbers of heads of households and parents of traffickers had firearms at the ready that night.

Fearing retaliation from vigilantes, most of the clowns kept a low profile on Witch’s Eve. Not so in Orange County, Florida, where two men needed medical treatment after being attacked by a group of 20 people wearing clown masks. But other than that, Halloween night 2016 seems to have been a bit of a fizzer in the scary clown department, given all the buzz that led to it.

Now blinking until May 2017. A bald man with glasses in front of a court in Nova Scotia, Canada. It’s Dale Raincourt, aka Klutzy the Clown. He pleads guilty to the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl over a six-week period. The judge imprisons him for two years and prohibits him from working as a children’s entertainer. Another nail in the coffin for authentic clowns trying to earn an honest living.

Then in the fall of 2017, the big-budget film production of It arrived. Pennywise was back, scarier than ever! The film proceeded to do a very dynamic business indeed at the box office, with the highest attendance ever for a September-October premiere.

So where does that leave the benevolent, child-friendly clown of yesteryear? Well, many of them have hung up their clown costumes and wigs forever. Others have strategically aligned themselves in the market, promoting themselves as “balloon artists” and avoiding all use of the “c” word.

And poor Ronald McDonald has been put to pasture in most of the world. On a recent trip to Thailand, I found his life-size effigy outside a McDonald’s in Bangkok. Her palms were together in a “wei” greeting. Alternatively, he could have been praying, asking for divine intervention when the clown joins the ranks of vampires, zombies, and other inhabitants of our worst nightmares.


Seven major changes to the iPhone 7

Compared to previous Apple products, the new iPhone 7 brings seven major changes, including jet black, headphone jack, waterproof home button, dual cameras, new CPU, and longer battery life.

First of all, the most obvious feature of this new iPhone 7 is the jet black body color. A pristine, mirror-like surface and high-gloss finish make it look eye-catching and extraordinary. Through a precision nine-step polishing and anodizing processor, its surface is as hard as other anodized Apple products. However, it will scratch more easily and the finish is also particularly prone to fingerprints.

Second, the Lightning port has been replaced by the original headphone jack. Apple advertises that this design has two advantages: free up space and a better audio jack. In my opinion, Apple’s true purpose is to promote its new Airpods wireless earbuds.

Third, it features the waterproof. The completely redesigned case makes the new iPhone have the waterproof function as well as the spill, splash and dust protections.

Fourth, the mechanical start button has been replaced by a static force-sensitive version. With Apple’s Taptic Engine to click users, this new design provides a pretty good user experience.

Fifth, the improved dual cameras offer a pleasant shooting experience. It comes with a 7-megapixel front camera with automatic image stabilization for a better selfie and a 12-megapixel rear camera. Most importantly, it has an improved sensor and a lens that opens up to f1.8 (previously it was f2.2). That means much better night shots.

The sixth change in this new product is the CPU configuration. The new iPhone is powered by an exceptional new A10 Fusion SoC. Compared to the old A9 chip, this new one works 40% faster. Apple says it is the most powerful chip to ever exist in a smartphone.

Lastly, it provides longer battery life than previous Apple products. In other words, this new battery is the longest lasting of all Apple products. Compared to its previous iPhone 6s product, it will last at least 2 more hours during daily use.

I honestly like the new changes to the waterproof feature, the powerful CPU settings, and the longer battery life. On the contrary, I think it will annoy me that it has the only port to charge and use as a headphone jack. That means I can’t listen to songs while charging.


Speech presentation: seven ways to tailor your speech to the audience

Every speech has an audience and every audience is different. Tailoring your next speech to your audience is just as important as the content of the speech. So how do you connect with an audience so that your message matches their expectations, wants and needs and you can get your message across effectively?

Here are seven strategies for targeting your business presentation message with laser-like precision.

1. Research your audience before the presentation.

The more you know about your audience, the more likely you are to connect with them. It often amazes me how many business people just don’t bother to find out about their audience. The more specific you can be, the better. For example, one of the best reports I received from a client was the following audience description:

“Most of the group is on a two-day, two-night, four-off roster. It’s mostly process technicians. The rest are on a five-day roster with two days off. The day shift people includes tradesmen (we call (they are maintenance technicians) and laboratory, administrative and professional employees. The average tenure in the group is eight years and goes up to more than 30 years. The average age in the group is 38 years. Division by gender: women 6 percent, men 94 percent “

What a great start and fantastic audience research statistics. From this, I was able to deduce that almost half of the audience hadn’t been with the company for very long, they were predominantly a younger audience and mostly male! This provided a solid foundation for tailoring my message to connect with this group. Keep in mind that this was an exceptionally good report from the client and most of the time you will have to do the groundwork to find out who your audience is.

2. Find out what your audience wants.

Again, ask key questions of the event organization, such as “What are the key issues affecting your industry, business or members?” I always try to meet as many audience as

possible before a presentation such as asking “what do you have in mind right now and what do you want to get out of this presentation?” Be specific.

This is an example that I used for a recent presentation for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. I found that most potential investors will want to know 3 things when trying to collect finds. What are the sales projections? Who are your target customers? What is the exit strategy? Provide this and you have conquered them.

3. Use examples.

Nothing builds empathy and sympathy with your audience as powerfully as examples. Remember that you are selling intangible ideas and practical examples make these ideas more memorable, credible and tangible.

4. Use bullets.

No, this is not a type of dressing that you put on your salad! It is a short story, example or incident. The key point is that they are easy to remember and count. But they should be short and relevant.

5. Use metaphors.

These are powerful words that evoke vivid images in the minds of your audience. They are a proven technical speechwriter. I recently heard the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton speak. Clinton used the metaphor of the gap between the invention of the club and the shield to describe the current situation in the war on terror. He said,

“This gap must be closed.” This makes intangible concepts have more impact on the audience.

6. Be specific.

The more specific you can be with real-life examples, case studies, and results, the more accurate you will be in targeting your message. Know your content and don’t be afraid to reveal personal stories as examples in your speech, this will strengthen your relationship with your audience.

7. Use the incident / point / benefit technique.

This one is really powerful. Tell the story, make the point, and then most importantly reinforce how this will benefit the audience. It took me years to figure this out, but it will

a big difference in the impact of your presentations.

Home Kitchen

Farmhouse style interior design

Antique Indian trunks lined with iron straps and brass medallions, elegant farmhouse interiors update their style simply by using old wooden chests turned into functional coffee tables that have the added value of storage. Some are intricately detailed with elephants and horses bearing stories from the Spice Route and others are painted in a rustic turquoise patina reminiscent of Jodhpur, the Blue City. Aged paint feels natural on antique rustic cabinets made from recycled old doors, antique woods that are so beautifully aged and naturally varnished. Dining tables made with antique doors complete with iron latches and posts are perfectly accented with wrought iron chairs.

Vintage rustic antique arches turn the kitchen mantel into a statement, green foliage in brass pots draws attention to hand-carved details and naturally washed patina. Tribal table runners with colorful textures will give your tables a chic, bohemian and worldly style that works well with a multitude of colors. Pick an old planter and fill it with beautiful plants or herbs from the cottage garden. Antique bowls and rustic brass urns used as centerpieces overflowing with seasonal pumpkins, pines and blooming twigs add to the charm of the old cabin. Add farm-inspired decorations, homemade flower crowns, and flower arrangements that add a charming personal touch. A rustic antique chakra bookshelf adds instant charm, offering a place to store books and your travel collections. Chests of long wooden blankets in worn blue and green tones used at the end of the bed or as a window console placed in the corner, you can enjoy the sun while reading your favorite book.

Bring the farm to nursery theme by hanging an old jharokha window full of baby photos. The windows are given a touch of rustic style with fabric blankets hand-woven by artisans in natural cotton fibers and vibrant colors. Install old rustic boxes filled with colorful seasonal flowers on your windowsill. Sheer saree curtains are great for kitchen windows, breakfast bars, or other spaces where natural light adds charming flair and some privacy without stopping the sunlight.

Instantly update your bedroom by replacing your headboard with rustic Indian doors from the s. XVIII. Old wooden spice mortar from Indian villages turned into umbrella stands, unusual columns and pillars add to the eclectic character. Hand-carved Tree of Dreams wall panels are statement pieces of art, which are creative and full of positive energy. Kamasutra panels carved from neutral toned woods in a whimsical whitewashed farmhouse style add to the romance of the bedroom. The rustic log cabin look of the lotus carved cabinets with antique doors and vintage sideboard consoles add a rustic touch to your home. High-end Suzani embroidered pillowcases can be a luxurious splurge when updating a bedroom. Use handloomed cotton blankets to create a country-style makeover or snuggle up in a soft pashmina blanket. Farmhouse d├ęcor is a statement of your lifestyle, laid-back luxury and casual country chic.


Why is the Ford F-150 the best-selling truck in the country?

The Ford F-Series is an iconic American pickup truck with a long history of success. The first generation was originally produced in 1948, and at that time ranged in size from a light-duty half-ton truck (the F-1) to a heavy-duty three-ton option (the F-8). The F-150 was added in 1975, and the F-Series has been America’s best-selling truck since 1976. The F-150s sold today are the 13th generation, and while Ford has made major technological changes to its trucks since so, they have always tried to stay true to the original spirit of the F-Series. This is one of the reasons they maintain such a loyal customer base.


With a wide variety of model types, engine sizes, and different finishes to choose from, the F Series is one of the most versatile truck lines on the market. Models include the F-150, Super Duty light commercial trucks (F-250 through F-550), and the F-650 and F-750 medium-duty commercial trucks. Versions of the F-150 include XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited packages. They have a larger base engine than Chevy (its biggest competition), and there are more engine sizes to choose from as well.


According to Ford, there are still more F-Series trucks on the road with 250,000 miles or more than any other brand, proving they are tough and reliable. They are the best-selling cars in the country for thirty years. These trucks are a true American product and are primarily assembled at Ford’s Kentucky Truck Plant. However, some parts are manufactured in Mexico and Venezuela.


When it comes to power, no other brand can match the F-150’s towing and payload capacity. The standard V6 engine can tow up to 7,600 pounds. and it can handle a payload of 1,910 pounds. Its most powerful engine, the 3.5L turbocharged V6, tows 12,200 pounds. and has a payload capacity of 3,270 pounds. They’re efficient too, and the F-150 combines the power of a V8 with the fuel efficiency of a V6.

Safe and forward thinking

Although many large trucks can be difficult to maneuver, the F Series has an automatic parking feature available, so you can relax while your vehicle is parking. Safety features include ABS, traction control, stability control, and trailer sway control. When equipped with the optional Forward Collision Warning System, the F-150 was one of the IIHS top safety picks in 2016. Other awards in 2016 included the Kelley Blue Book as Best Buy of the Year and Cost of Purchase Lowest 5 years in his class.

It’s easy to see why the F Series has been America’s best-selling vehicle for thirty years. However, if a truck isn’t for you, Ford has other great options. The Explorer Sport is the best-selling non-luxury midsize SUV among the wealthy Generation X, the Mustang remains one of the most iconic American sports cars ever made, and the Fusion Hybrid is a great choice for anyone who wants fuel efficiency, with up to 43 mpg on urban roads.

Digital Marketing

Social networks: creation of brand and followers on Twitter

Twitter is a great way to build brand and loyalty on social media. Designed around the concept of community, Twitter rewards participation and creativity. This is how I built a personal brand and Twitter followers.

Trademark icon

Much of the fast flow of Twitter conversations relies on the visual image of its icon. Mark it and minimize the changes. That icon is the way hardcore tweeters subconsciously track everything. If you change it or go to some standard manga avatar, you will lose your attention.

The thing has a prominent color, logo, or distinctive image. I chose a black and white image, black and white is no longer used. Bingo! Bill Rice’s face is a brand image.

Custom Twitter page

This is essential. When people go to follow you or investigate you. A default template is almost as bad as a Twitter account without Tweets – lost follower guaranteed.

This is also a free ad space for your business. Where else can you get free banner ad placement on a million user network? Use it.

Keyword Bio

Your bio is your first submission and follows you on all third-party Twitter apps. Be specific about the types of people you want to follow and engage in conversations with you.

I like to do this quickly and efficiently with a keyword list. Everyone knows what tags and keywords are these days. Drop the prose and get straight to the point.

Custom landing page

The website link is yours. It will only be followed by a specific audience of Twitter users. Make it a valuable landing page for your Twitter clients and yourself.

Create a custom page on your website or blog. It should offer a quick introduction, why someone should follow you, what you do, and a valuable gift.

Also, don’t forget the call to action – make sure they’ve followed you and maybe ask them to join your email list.

Attract conversations

The Twitter community is full of search and tracking utilities and meme tracking. Keep this in mind and use rich keywords that will attract valuable followers. Make your tweets attractive.


Finding the best traditional 65th birthday gifts

Turning 65 is, for many, a sign that it’s time to start taking life a little slower. The vast majority of people are retired by this age, but that doesn’t mean that all fun has disappeared from life – quite the opposite! It’s a great excuse to grab some sensational 65th birthday gifts to really help your loved one celebrate their day in style.

There are some really cool traditional gifts available for 65th birthday gifts. For example, you can treat the person celebrating their birthday with a gorgeous afternoon tea for two in a variety of great locations. There are places across the country that offer delicious afternoon teas and some of them even include a glass of champagne, which is sure to make a truly memorable birthday present.

Our love of chocolate remains with us throughout our lives too, so why not please the birthday boy with a wonderful chocolate gift? For example, you could get them some tasty chocolate or even a candy tower basket, which is exactly what the name suggests: a candy tower in a basket. There is Chilean wine, sweets, cakes, and shortbread cookies in the basket, as well as much, much more.

You can also let the person celebrating their birthday know that you have really thought about their gift by getting them a personalized gift. A very good option here is a personalized bottle of wine, champagne or whiskey, as this allows you to satisfy their tastes and at the same time offer a gift that the vast majority of people will appreciate.

Most 65-year-olds have more free time than they would have had in their youth, so their birthday can be a great opportunity to send them on an exciting journey. For example, if they like the sport, you can send them on a tour of the Lords cricket ground or to see some horse racing. There are also many great “dinner and show” gifts that you are sure to love. If your 65-year-old loves seeing the sights, then a trip to the Tower of London might be the ticket.

They are also sure to love the gardens at Paradise Wildlife Park, where they will not only enjoy the stunning surroundings, but also a delicious cream tea. For a more unusual gift for someone who already has everything they need, a very good option might be to make them the Laird or Lady of a piece of Scottish land. It’s a gift that’s full of humor, but it also lets them know how much they mean to you. Naming a star their name is another gift they are sure to appreciate, no matter what their tastes are.


Netbook games: is it possible?

How did I get into netbook games? It’s a good question: a netbook is far from being anyone’s gaming platform of choice. I bought my netbook about 18 months ago to use as a work computer, and it has performed its functions admirably. However, being a lifelong gamer, I found myself unable to resist the temptation to install some games to pass the hours on trains, in conference hotel rooms, etc.

Unfortunately, the somewhat limited hardware capabilities of the machine meant that most of my early gaming experiences were slow and frustrating, requiring changes to be made. The first of these changes was a RAM upgrade. Most netbooks today are sold with a 1GB RAM chip, but it can usually be easily replaced with a 2GB chip. When upgrading the RAM, a massive performance improvement was immediately obvious. I should add that it was great for the job too – the new ability to open more than two programs together with a web browser was something I had missed a lot.

Armed with 2GB of RAM, an external DVD drive, and my collection of old games, I set out to test the capabilities of my netbook. To my delight, many of my old favorites worked perfectly, including classics like Neverwinter Nights, Age of Empires 2, and Black and White. This was particularly satisfying as Black and White completely refused to run on my gaming rig, due to 64-bit processor issues. The 32-bit netbook handled it superbly.

An old favorite, Starcraft: Brood War, works brilliantly on a netbook, albeit with Windows’ “graphics options” or “screen resolution” menu open in the background. This seemingly bizarre solution fixes common ‘psychedelic graphics’ glitches that are familiar to anyone trying to run older games on modern hardware. This allowed me to play Starcraft sitting in the middle of a Stockholm street, patiently waiting with hundreds of players for Starcraft 2’s midnight launch party last summer.

The big question is: can you play World of Warcraft on a netbook? Surprisingly, the answer is yes – I have successfully played WoW on my HP Mini 210 (after the cataclysm with all expansion packs installed). It’s certainly not the smoothest gaming experience you’ve ever had, but with all graphics set to minimum, no plugins, and avoiding populated areas, you could achieve a staggering 10-15 fps. Of course, it is not perfect, but it is better than expected. I should probably mention that this was after I upgraded to 2GB of RAM; I think trying with 1GB is looking for trouble.

So there you have it – netbook games of all kinds, from MMO to RTS. If that doesn’t ruin your productivity, nothing will.

Health Fitness

Stationary bikes vs. Treadmills

You have decided that you want to exercise at home. There are hundreds of home cardiovascular equipment available. The most popular are treadmills and exercise bikes. When deciding between the two, you need to compare long-term sustainability, training effectiveness, and safety.

Overcome boredom

The biggest obstacle to a home exercise routine is sticking with it. You don’t need to drive to a gym, making your home fitness equipment more convenient. The problem is that other distractions are just as convenient at home. The key is to make your routine fun. You want to wait for your daily training. You have to be realistic. Playing with the heart rate monitor or watching the calorie counter go up will only be fun the first few times you exercise.

o Treadmill vs. Boredom

We have a treadmill, walk. Walking is not that fun. You can walk at different speeds, but that’s not much more fun. If you get a treadmill that offers an incline, that keeps it a little more interesting. Walking uphill isn’t exactly fun, but it is different. Present a challenge.

You can’t really read on a treadmill because you are jumping up and down. You can’t keep your eyes fixed on the same sentence and you usually end up with a headache. Basically the only fun thing to do on a treadmill is watching TV or movies. If you really like TV or movies and can put your treadmill in front of a TV, you can probably keep your treadmill workout from getting too boring. The problems consist of commercials, noise coming from the machine, and, again, bouncing.

o Stationary bikes vs. Boredom

Stationary bikes are unique in that many of them come programmed with various cycling routines. You simulate different rides that require you to run, pedal uphill, and perform at different levels within a workout without having to keep pressing buttons and changing everything. You can even select random shows so you don’t know what’s coming, which is really keeping you on your toes. Some exercise bikes can even be connected to televisions and video games to allow you to pedal interactively through visual tours.

On upright exercise bikes, you run into some of the same problems as treadmills when it comes to reading. However, recumbent bikes allow your hands to be free to hold a book or magazine, a video game controller, or a phone. Multitasking during an exercise bike workout keeps you from getting boring and allows your workout to more easily fit into a busy schedule.

Defeating boredom to successfully maintain a long-term exercise routine is much easier with a stationary bike than with a treadmill.

The calorie factor

In a study by Nordic Track, young, healthy people used various exercise machines and did cardiovascular workouts. Although they felt they used the same intensity on all machines, they burned the most calories on treadmills and ski machines.

On average, most people burn about 750 calories per hour on a treadmill. The same people are likely to burn about 550 calories per hour on a stationary bike. So it’s a no-brainer, right? You should buy a treadmill because they burn more calories.

Well not exactly. You can’t get so caught up in which machine burns the most calories. You have to take into account many other factors. How likely are you to stick to a treadmill routine instead of a stationary bike routine?

Because exercise bikes are often more fun than treadmills, you are much more likely to stick with them in the long run. This means that while you can burn more calories on a treadmill, you are also more likely to stop using it altogether.

You may also find it difficult to use it long enough per training session to reap the full benefits. Most people find it easier to exercise for 20 minutes on a stationary bike than for 20 minutes on a treadmill. You have to think about that. If you will likely only do 10 minutes on a treadmill, but can easily do 20 minutes on an exercise bike, you will burn more calories per session on an exercise bike.

So by strictly following the numbers, treadmills burn more calories. If you get bored easily or have tried and failed to follow exercise routines in the past, you may want to consider burning fewer calories per hour in favor of a long-term, sustainable stationary bike regimen.

Your safety

The biggest difference between exercise bikes and treadmills is the overall safety for your body.

The first security case is the most basic. You can fall off a treadmill. However, it is very difficult to fall off an exercise bike. In fact, you probably have to try to fall when riding a stationary bike. While you might think that you would have to be pretty clumsy to fall while walking, it happens more than you think. People get involved with watching television or with the rhythm of music. One wrong step and you can seriously injure yourself. It is also possible to spill water or sweat on the treadmill, creating a safety hazard that you may not notice until after you have slipped.

Another safety hazard is injuries from the activity itself. A treadmill puts a lot of pressure on the joints, especially the knees and ankles. Even if you invest in a treadmill with some degree of shock absorption, when you finally reach a jogging or running point, it can put severe orthopedic stress on your body, even up to three times your body weight. People with existing conditions, such as arthritis, will find a treadmill painful at times due to this stress. Otherwise, healthy people can suffer injuries and possible long-term damage over time.

Stationary bikes put much less stress on the joints. A properly positioned stationary bike supports your weight and still allows you to receive the benefits of a higher impact cardio workout. Upright bikes can sometimes stress your back in the way you have to bend to reach the handlebars. However, recumbent exercise bikes can improve existing back pain by forcing proper posture and providing support while you exercise. On any stationary bike that is used correctly, your knees and ankles don’t get stressed like on a treadmill.

The less stress on your joints, the less likely you are to be injured during your workout. You are also less likely to feel pain afterward. Most importantly, a non-exercise-related injury doesn’t always have to interrupt your exercise routine on a stationary bike. If you hurt your back or neck, you will find that the support of a recumbent stationary bike will prevent you from having to interrupt your exercise regimen altogether. Let’s face it: if you have to stop, you’re less likely to start over.

An exercise bike is better for your health than a treadmill

As you can see, both home fitness equipment have advantages. While the treadmill remains the most popular piece of home fitness equipment, most people are more likely to use an exercise bike faithfully. This means that you are more likely to have to dust off a treadmill until you receive the garage sale sticker.