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JFK to CDG Flight Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Flying New York to Paris

One of the most popular international travel destinations for Americans is Paris. Everyone wants to visit this historic city and see its main monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre Museum. However, to get there, you will need to fly from a major city like New York. Simply search for flights from JFK to CDG and compare the fares of various airlines.

On a daily basis, there are more than 2,500 seats available for flights between JFK International and Charles de Gaulle. Dozens of national and international airlines offer flights. Each week, Air France alone operates 113 flights from JFK to CDG. There are an estimated 3,637 miles between the two cities, so a fairly long flight awaits you, with an average time of 7 hours and 25 minutes. Norwegian offers the first flight of the day and XL Airways offers the last. While most flights are direct, there are some that include a connection at London Heathrow Airport.

This route is surprisingly inexpensive. Paris is not just one of the most popular international destinations; it is also one of the cheapest to fly. Most flights cost less than $ 1,000. Depending on the time of year, you can even find some for under $ 500. Peak season in Paris is considered to be during the summer, and the cheapest month to fly is usually February. If you take a flight at night instead of a flight in the morning, you are more likely to pay less (about 2%).

Cheapest flights from JFK to CDG

Some of the cheapest flights from JFK to CDG are offered by airlines such as WOW Air, Primera Air Scandinavia, and LEVEL. The airlines that offer the most frequent flights between the two cities are Delta, Jet Airways and Air France. Some experts recommend going out on a Thursday, as it is usually the cheapest day on average, while Sunday is the most expensive. If possible, fly back to New York from Paris on a Tuesday.

As with any vacation or business trip, ground transportation is a concern. Paris has a variety of public transport options, including express buses, taxis and commuter “RER” trains. However, if you want to get around on your own, you may be able to save by combining car rental with airfare. There is also an option to add your hotel room to the package and simply reserve everything at once.

Which airline should you go with? The best-rated airlines for flights from JFK to CDG are SWISS, Icelandair, Lufthansa, and American Airlines.

If you are looking for discounts on flights from JFK to CDG, online travel websites are your best option. They have been around for many, many years and offer the best in budget travel to any destination on Earth. You may be able to get an amazing deal on airfare, car rentals, and hotel rooms by using coupons online.

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Pro Wrestling Now, Compared To When I Was Older – Now It’s A Show That Must End

The Transition to the Steroid Era — World Champion Superstar Billy Graham

“The Big Cat”, Ernie Ladd; “Handsome” Harley Race! My two favorite fighters of all time. I forgot how much I tried to develop an attitude like Ernie Ladd as a child. I was riding my skateboard, announcing to everyone that I was the big cat. Thanks to YouTube, I realized how cool Harley Race was, even though I didn’t like it as much as a child (I see it as what a man is supposed to be; a man’s man!). I see him as a really tough guy who wanted to get into wrestling just to show how tough he was (isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about?). Today, I see most fighters wanting a six-pack and afraid to say what they really have in mind. It’s so corporate it’s pathetic! An example is Harley Race, an old-school fighter from the territories, taking on the “new steroid style” of fighter that began to become mainstream in the 80’s. The fighter he faced in the video is superstar Billy Graham. In the interview, superstar Graham takes on Harley Race out of nowhere, while Race is giving an interview. Superstar proceeds to start showing off his massive steroid-induced arms. I love when Race tells him; “I don’t need that pumped-up bologna, I’m a real man,” and he said it quite calmly. Superstar waved his hand and argued away without saying a word.

Namely exactly what I’m talking about. The wrestlers of the late sixties and seventies were easily tougher men than you see coming out of the curtains today; big fireworks and dazzling neon-colored clothing. Harley Race had an old school tattoo; no coloring, just black ink — it was tough! Today’s fighters are laden with colorful tattoos and a lively, steroid-induced physique. Just wanting to make me vomit! Ernie Ladd gave an interview in which he called Chief Jay Strongbow a drunk Indian and Manny Fernandez a “wetback.” He said he would beat all the blacks from “greezy” Bubba Douglas. Ernie turned out to be a great black athlete. He was 5 times professional with the Chargers and Chiefs. Without a doubt, he was my favorite fighter growing up. He was a proven great athlete, and in his younger games you can see that he moved like a great soccer player would. He ended up on bad knees when the 80s rolled around.

Check out some full old-school fighting episodes on YouTube

Like I said, it doesn’t seem like I’m alone in this thought. If you look specifically at YouTube comments, for shows like CWF (Championship Wrestling From Florida), hosted by Gordon Solie, you will see nothing but commendable comments from all people, young and old alike. But if you look at wrestling, after 2005 or something like that, you will see a lot of people who say that wrestling today is pathetic. That was other point I wanted to make; Announcers like Gordon Solie used real wrestling moves in their comments: “high hip throw”; “belly to belly suplex”; “catch as catch can fighter”; “lock – neck and elbow”. Those are just a few of the phrases that lend credibility to the entire wrestling experience. I can vividly remember as a child, attending the Tuesday night taping at the old Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory in Tampa. They were times that I will never forget.


Android vs. iOS

Right now, Android and iOS are very common words for tech-savvy and smartphone users. Android is a Linux-based operating system designed for smartphones and tablets developed by Google. On the other hand, iOS is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc.

First, Android Inc. was an independent company, then Google bought that company in 2005 and sold its first Android smartphone in 2008. Meanwhile, the iOS smartphone had brought in 2008 just a year earlier than Android for iPhone from Apple Inc.

General description:
Android and iOS are easy to use operating systems. Android is an open source operating system and Google releases the license. Now it is the most used platform in the world. Samsung, Sony, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia use Android for their smartphones. It has almost 75% of the smartphone market shares worldwide and the total number is 750 million devices. Now the current version of this operating system is Android 4.2. By contrast, Apple has a 31% market share of the Smartphone. Apple does not license iOS for any non-Apple device. Therefore, it is impossible to install iOS on non-Apple hardware. Typically, the iOS operating system relies on direct manipulation using multi-touch gestures. The current version is iOS 6.1.3

There are numerous features on both the Android and iOS platforms. Android is famous for its rich and versatile camera capabilities, visual voicemail, live effects to transform videos, and powerful web browsing. IOS is great too! It has achieved a unique appeal for some of its specific features like; Safari. Springboard, FaceTime, Siri, Passbook, and notably iTunes.

There are almost 8,00,0000 apps on Google Pay for Android. On the other hand, Apple has the most apps around 8,40,000 in its app store. A recent study by a company called uTest indicates that Apple offers better quality apps than Google. In data published in a ReadWrite story in the first month of this year, uTest said that iOS apps are superior and scored 68.5 over Android apps that scored 63.3.

Most used on the Internet:
NetMarketShare report from March 2013 indicates that iOS-based smartphone users use the Internet more than Android and is approximately 60.1%. The Android platform is right behind iOS and is roughly 24.9%. In addition, both operating systems are more suitable for Internet browsing.

Development period:
Android and iOS compete vigorously with each other. Your competition recently looks like a battle. Both manufacturers carry out such rapid development. Google updates Android almost after six months and Apple updates iOS after about a year and brings a new version.

Android has created its main market in Europe, as has Apple in North America. Both these two operating systems have been leading the world of smartphones; somewhere, the appeal of Android is over. Anywhere, the popularity of iOS is incredible. That is why it is quite difficult to identify which is the best platform. Above all, both Android and iOS are the symbol of the absolute innovation of modern technology.


Improve your presentation skills by stretching your voice with 5 P

Voice is a powerful tool for presenters. Voice can make the difference between success and failure when your goal is to engage your audience. In sales meetings, company updates, or technical meetings, it’s critical to keep your audience engaged and interested in your feedback. Learn to stretch your voice by understanding the 5 Ps of voice control, including pitch, rhythm, pause, projection, and personality.


Pitch refers to the ups and downs of your notes when you speak. We all have the ability to speak from a vocal range, which includes higher notes and lower notes. However, it takes a lot of awareness and practice to realize your own tone and consciously change it. Why is tone important? A monotonous voice bores the audience and a bored audience is less likely to remember your key points or take action. To play with tone, try thinking of popular characters who have voices at both ends of the vocal range, and then practice speaking (or singing!) Like them. For example, you could think of Michael Jackson’s high-pitched voice and then compare it to the deeper tones of Barry White. You can also simulate the voices of movie actors to start expanding your own range. Over time, your knowledge and practice with tone will allow you to vary your voice as you speak, all with the goal of engaging your audience for your comments. Now that we’ve seen Pitch, let’s move on to Pace.


Pace refers to the speed at which you speak. Just as monotonous is boring, so is single rhythm. A good speaker knows the value of changing the pace while speaking. For example, when you present a topic that is exciting, you can speed up the pace of your voice. On the other hand, when you want people to focus your attention, you can slow down to emphasize. The general point is that variation is the key to success here. So play with your rhythm the next time you speak to see the impact on your audience. Now that we have explored Pace, we will move on to see Pause.


The pause involves pausing momentarily for effect in the middle of your comments. It is a tool that is used hand in hand with the rhythm variation. It’s best to use a pause before or after a significant point as a tool for emphasis. Pause is also a tremendous tool for nervous speakers who tend to speak too fast. By dwelling on the key points, the speaker gives the audience time to process the key points before moving on to the new material. An easy trick is to underline the key points in your notes and then place the word PAUSE in large letters to remind you to stop talking for a few seconds. Playing actively on pause will have a profound effect on your presentation dexterity. Now that we’ve covered Pause, let’s move on to the powerful Projection tool.


This aspect of voice is by far the most important, as it correlates with your audience’s ability to hear your feedback. Even the smartest presenter cannot have the desired impact if the people in the room cannot hear his key points. With the screening, everyone can hear your comments without having to force the audition. However, it is still valuable to vary your projection to add intrigue and interest to your comments. For example, you may want to soften your voice to emphasize one key point and then increase the volume for another point. In any case, you need to make sure that all members of the audience can hear each and every point. Practice projecting your voice by imagining that everyone is sitting against the far wall of the room. Make sure they can hear you and that you are speaking from your diaphragm. Now that we’ve talked about projection, let’s take a look at personality.


Personality refers to the color, warmth, and meaning that comes from hearing your voice. The personality of your voice will determine whether people “turn on” or “turn off” when they hear you. Certainly adjusting the pitch and volume will improve the quality of your voice. Adding emotion will add color and warmth to your voice. So will a smile that softens and warms the vocal tones that people hear. Personality can range from passionate to boring, serious to lighthearted. What personality are you looking for when you talk about a certain topic? Give some thought and choose a word that captures the tone you want your voice to convey. Write that word at the top of your notes so that you live consciously to infuse your voice with the personality that will help you make the most impact.

Using the 5Ps of Vocal Control together

When you’re just starting out, you may want to focus on one P at a time and then add more until you can stretch your voice to reveal the 5 P’s in a given presentation. By playing with every aspect of vocal control, you can infuse your voice with interest, warmth, and personality! Use each of the Ps, including pitch, pace, pause, projection, and personality to actively engage your audience and make them want more. For additional information on honing your presentation skills, visit our website for a free copy of the Mastering Your Presentation Skills report at

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5 benefits of using a cloud server

In life, there are things you can’t replace, like your child’s first painting or family photos. All these things are special and irreplaceable. But sometimes, we end up losing these things in accidents. Today, we store our beautiful memories in the form of images on our computers. However, the sad reality is that our personal machines are not that reliable. Therefore, we use a better alternative, such as a cloud server. Here are some of the main benefits of using a cloud server.

1. Security

Storing important data on a cloud server protects against malicious activity and loss. Cloud storage allows you to use secure systems that can also protect you against cybercrime. Although you still need to apply your protection systems, data stored on computers in the cloud is much more secure.

Also, the data stored on these remote computers is under the supervision of experienced engineers. These professionals install special security tools to provide additional layers of security, such as 2-factor authentication.

2. Flexibility and scalability

These systems offer flexibility and scalability, which means that you can use a low-cost solution or a high-end solution that will allow you to use all the resources of the server. If you are a business owner, for example, you can go for a dedicated server. This system offers more resources, such as greater storage capacity and computer power.

3. Data backups

If you keep your data on a cloud server, you can download the data to your computer in case your local computer fails. The good news is that data backups run automatically on the same day. Therefore, you do not need to create a backup of your important data on your own computer.

4. Savings

The downside to your local computers is that they cannot support themselves. Therefore, if you want to expand your business, there is no other way out than to upgrade your hardware. Apart from this, you need to hire more professionals to take care of your systems. This comes with huge costs, which you may not be able to afford.

Therefore, it is better to go for a cloud storage package. This will help you save tons of money since you don’t need to hire new professionals to manage your internal systems.

5. Collaboration and convenience

If you limit your data and applications to your own computers, all of your employees may not be able to enjoy simultaneous access to files and applications. On the other hand, cloud servers do not have these limitations. So all your workers can access your data and applications at the same time, all over the world. As long as they have the access credentials, they can use the files.

Simply put, these are some of the top benefits of cloud servers for your business. If you want to expand your hardware and other resources, we suggest you check out a cloud server package, as it can help you enjoy all these benefits without spending a lot of money.


Was the 80s the death of American Petrol Head? (Part 2)

** The GLHS **

The GLHS was the fastest at 175 horsepower and 175 pound-feet. This was not a tool for the track, it was a weapon of mass destruction. It had a modified Garrett Turbo I engine, a long-travel (2-piece) tuned intake manifold, and an intercooler. The engine had a compression ratio of 8.5: 1, a maximum boost of 12 psi. Because of all this, it could do 060 mph in an incredible 6.70 seconds and a quarter mile in 14.7 seconds at 94 mph. He also threw 88g on the skid pad.

Rather than continue to produce Shelby-inspired Dodges, Carroll began building actual Shelby’s at his new facility in Whittier, California. These were cars that he bought from Dodge, modified, and later sold through select Dodge dealers. These vehicles were produced in limited quantities. Each model was a one-year run and all received a numbered dash plaque.

The suspension was reworked with gas-charged low-pressure adjustable front struts and Koni rear shocks. The standard 1 in. front and 5/8 in. The rear stabilizer bars were retained, as well as the factory brakes and steering. Shelby Centurion 15×6 on cast aluminum wheels were surrounded by 205 / 50VR15 Goodyear Gatorbacks.

With the added power, it now had a top speed of 130 mph. All this bundle of brilliance at what price? At the time, it was only $ 11,000. However, not only did Shelby fine-tune the Dodges, as the Dodge themselves got into the game with their own products. Products like the 1984 Dodge Colt Turbo. Sure, it may have been a Mitsubishi, but that didn’t stop this vehicle from being fast. Sure, it only had 060 mph in 8.9 seconds and just 103 horsepower. That was not the goal of the Colt. It was a handling machine meant to be more Lotus Elise, then Chevrolet Camaro.

It was lighter than the lightweight Alfa Romeo 4C. It might only have 103 horsepower, but it only weighed 1,896 pounds (or 860 kg). It also had a top speed of 112 mph. Not much, but like the Miata … It doesn’t have to be.

“Now, in this corner, we have the Dodge Omni GLH with 110 horsepower (82 kW).

In the other corner we have … Where did they go? They were scared?

Supossely Yes … “

The Omni GLH was a great hatch model. It was fast, fun, light, nimble, cheap, and frivolous. This is a classic. It is not as classic as the GNX; however, it remains a classic in its own right.

This car is fast, it’s a bummer when you modify it. This is also a very light car, weighing in at less than 2,400 pounds. While we don’t see many of these, they still prove that Dodge can make a proper small car … A proper hot hatch, but the GLH wasn’t the only “GLH” in the series.

So you had the GLHT. It was basically a GLH with a turbocharged engine. Although it was much more powerful, power output was now raised to 146 horsepower (108 kW) and 170 pound-feet. Making it one of the fastest cars of the trio, this car went from 0 to 60 mph in 8.1 seconds and a quarter mile in 16.2 seconds to 85.5. It could reach a top speed of 119.

The GLH turbo was upgraded to equal length axle shafts. Even though it was just (sort of) an engine upgrade, that didn’t take anything away. It was still an incredible hot hatch.

Then we have the car that nobody remembers. The Dodge Shadow ES, while the 87 looks better than the 89, they are good cars either way. These are really fun cars to drive too. Like many of the cars on this list, the Shadow was (and still is) a very light car. Weighing 2,535 pounds (or 1,150 kg) it had 146 horsepower and 170 pound-feet.
This car was less powerful than some of the cars on this list and slightly heavier. But this was not a Shadow tuned by Shelby. So I wasn’t going to be so focused on racing, even though they were still a lot of fun to drive.

This is the canvas Shelby used to make the CSX with his own hands. And it’s a nice little factory package. It basically turned the Shadow into an Evo, except without the AWD. Like almost every car on this list, it is turbocharged. Use the same engine in the following cars:


Dodge Shelby Charger

Shelby CSX

Shelby lancer

Dodge daytona

There are many cars that have the same engine. But once 1989 rolled around, the horsepower was increased to 150 horsepower and 180 pound-feet. While it wasn’t as attractive as the year before, he was a bit surprised by the revamped model.

That’s how it is! We have a convertible. In 1991, Dodge introduced the Shadow convertible. It was a pretty good convertible at that! You could get an ES trim level, which means you could get a convertible with 150 horsepower and 180 lb ·ft. Since it was light, it was quite fast.

But wait, there’s more !!!

Could be? Yes, another sedan! The Dodge Spirit R / T with 224 horsepower and 218 lb-ft. This was the Charger Hellcat of its time. Because it has the most horsepower of all the vehicles on this list, it has the highest top speed. It has a top speed of 141 mph. That’s 190 E territory. It could do the quarter mile in 14.5 seconds, at 97 mph. This was tubular in its day. (Yes, I had to look for that). Their heads were also designed by Lotus. At the time, it was America’s fastest four-door sedan. It was also fuel efficient, hitting 26 miles per gallon on the highway.

It was very, very cheap. Making it one of the fastest cars you could get for under $ 20,000. As good as it was, it is not as memorable as the other cars on this list. (Aside from Shadow and Colt) … However, they are still quite popular within a certain group of people. ** Cough **

TurboDodge Guys ** Cough **

The Dodge Daytona is one of the coolest vehicles on this list. It produced 146 horsepower (109 kW) and 170 pound-feet. It is slightly heavier than some of the other vehicles on this list. It weighs 2,701 pounds (or 1,225 kg). It handled so well that it outperformed the Porsche 924.

You do not believe me? Here you have:

Read it and cry or admire. I had a Garret T3 Turbo. With 2 valves per cylinder. Lots of people love this car to this day, someone even swapped the 2.2-liter turbo for a 5.7-liter Hemi on their own and converted it to RWD. But that’s beside the point. It also has a T-top option for the ’86. Later in life, he won pop-up headlights and a new variant. It was called the Shelby Z. It made more horsepower from 146 to 174 horsepower (130 kW) and 200 pound-feet, as well as a heavy-duty A555 transaxle with Getrag gearing. (If you want more information, I’ll provide links at the end of the article.)

The Dodge Caravan ES Turbo, the total sleeper. Like some of the vehicles on this list, it makes 150 horsepower and 170 pound-feet. It’s not the lightest vehicle on this list, it weighs 3,086 pounds. It is lighter and faster than some of the vehicles to come. It has a top speed of 110 mph, not very high. But for a pickup truck in the 1980s, that’s pretty quick. Combine that with 060 mph in 9.4 seconds, and you have the makings of a sleeper for those who sleep.

Ford came for the ride. They proved that the 80s were not the end with the Foxbody Mustang. Foxbodies are very popular now, they are known as a good platform for just about anything. They are the lightest of all Mustangs. Once upgraded to a dart block it can easily handle 900 HP. But these go beyond endurance racing. Because they are light and small, they make good budget track cars.

You could get a whole armada of engines. Here is the list:

2.3 L (140 cu in) 86 hp I4

2.3 L (140 cu in) turbocharged I4

3.3 L (201 cu in) I6 85 hp

2.8 L (171 cu in) V6

3.8 L (232 cu in) Essex V6

4.2L (256 cu in) V8

302 cu in (4.9 L) Windsor V8

Not much? It was also chosen as the rhythm of the Indy 500, they also made a special edition celebrating this. More than 10,000 were made. Unlike the Daytona, you can get a convertible or just a standard Coupe. The Fastback was the option if you wanted a sportier Mustang. The Daytona was just a factory fastback / hatch.

There were also a variety of broadcasts. From a 4 or 5 speed manual or a 3 or 4 speed automatic. But who could forget the Mustang SVO? This is the Foxbody we all remember. It had 200 horsepower, 240 pound-feet. and the new (for the moment) “aerodynamic” headlights. The Mustang was not the only one because on the “Foxbody” platform we also had the Thunderbird. Think of it like a Chrysler 300 Coupe. It was bigger than the Mustang and more luxurious. In a weird way, it reminds me of the Bentley Continental.

The Turbo Coupe had a 2.3-liter OHC (Over Head Cam) engine with EFI, an air-to-air intercooler, and a 5-speed manual transmission with overdrive. This was a luxury coupe with a dark side. At first, the engine produced 142 horsepower, but later it was increased to 155 horsepower. Unsurprisingly, this was heavier than the Mustang. It was also bigger. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. While the Mustang was more of a sports car, the Thunderbird was more of a cruiser. A GT because if you want.

Sadly, this is a very underrated car. Not getting as much love as Foxbody, which is really ironic, given it’s built on the same platform. He’s just a shot away, losing the glory he once had to the ruthless mistress of time. Destined for a life of misery … it’s a great shame, because people had seen the potential in this car …
We may have seen more cruises of this forgotten beast.

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8 Tech Tools You Should Use To Grow Your Business

Every business has its own technology needs and requirements. However, with so many technology tools, how do you know which ones are the best for your business?

As someone who lives and breathes digital marketing, I have used various tools and programs to expand my marketing tasks and keep track of specific projects. It can be overwhelming at times, but it also gave me exposure to various tech tools, allowing me to really narrow down my favorites.

I selected some of my favorite tech tools to help me be more productive. Are here.

It can go

Canva’s concept was based on a vision to compete with Photoshop and make design easy and accessible to everyone. [even people without a Ph.D. in photoshop]. Simply put, Canva is a graphic design tools website. It uses a drag-and-drop format and provides access to over a million photos, graphics, and fonts. It is used by non-designers and professionals alike and is a great tool for creating amazing content for your business.

Click on Funnels

Marketing funnels made easy for your business. ClickFunnels gives you everything you need to market, sell and deliver your products and services online! Use ClickFunnels to quickly create high-converting sales and marketing funnels for your business. They offer many integration options, hundreds of marketing templates, and a free training wiki. Let’s do it.


Zoom is the leader in remote video communications for modern businesses, with an easy and reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars; is the perfect tool for companies to stay connected with their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Crisp video and audio for all your conference, webinar, meeting, or screen-sharing business requirements. It’s quick and easy to set up a conference, and just as easy to join from any of your devices: desktop, laptop, mobile device, or tablet.

Google G-Drive

Backup and access files anywhere, on the go, through secure cloud storage and backup your photos, videos, files, and more. Being able to store, sync and share documents and data with Google Drive makes it the perfect business collaboration tool. G-Drive starts with 15GB of free online storage from Google, so you can’t go wrong.


Hi Trello! Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects on boards. At a glance, Trello tells you what is being worked on, who is working on what, and where something is in a process. Imagine a whiteboard in your office, filled with colorful sticky notes, with each note as a chore for you and your team. Now imagine that each of those sticky notes has photos, attachments, and links from other data sources. There is also a space to comment and collaborate with your teams. Now imagine that you can take that whiteboard anywhere on your phone and you can access it from any computer via the web. Hi Trello!

Basically, Trello is a web-based, visual project management tool for your business. Its founders started Trello in hopes of solving some high-level planning problems that businesses face on a day-to-day basis. Boom, I think they’re onto something.


Enhance your business video marketing with a powerful video marketing and analytics tool – Vimeo! Vimeo is a video sharing website where users can upload, share and watch videos. It was the first video sharing site to support high definition video. Vimeo promises more engagement, more collaboration, and more growth for your business.


Does your company make transfers abroad? Banks charge a lot for transfers abroad. But Transferwise doesn’t. Transfer money abroad easily and quickly with your low-cost money transfers. They only charge a fee to the company for transferring funds, not the recipient! Excellent conversion rates and incredible payment response times. [Note: transactions are not always processed by banks over the weekend, so try and process payments on weekdays to avoid delays].


Powtoon is a business tool for creating animated presentations and animated explainer videos. Create amazing videos in minutes with Powtoon. Use your library of styles, characters, backgrounds, and videos, or upload your own.


Career groups, a bridge between education and career planning

Since the 1960s, the career pool resources have been used as career exploration and planning tools in schools, learning communities, and organizations across the country. Career Clusters is a system that combines educational and career planning.

Step 1: Identification of the areas of interest of the career group

Career groups are groups of similar occupations and industries. When teachers, counselors, and parents work with teens, college students, and adults, the first step is to complete the career cluster assessment. The assessment identifies the highest career areas. Career assessments show teen, college student, and adult rankings from one of the following 16 areas or interest groups:

1. Agriculture, food and natural resources

2. Architecture and construction

3. Arts, A / V technology and communication

4. Business, management and administration

5. Education and training

6. Finance

7. Government and public administration

8. Health sciences

9. Hospitality and tourism

10. Human services

11. Information technology

12. Law, public safety and protection

13. Manufacturing

14. Marketing, sales and service

15. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics

16. Transportation, distribution and logistics

Step 2: Exploring Career Groups and Related Careers

After identifying the highest career clusters, teens, college students, and adults explore the different careers and create education plans. Career group tools used in education and career planning include:

  • LISA: a comprehensive database of career groups
  • Models
  • Brochures
  • Roads
  • High School Curriculum
  • Areas of interest and skills
  • Crosswalks

After completing a group career assessment, teens, college students, and adults search for high school websites, career models, brochures, pathways, and plans. One of the most unique career cluster resources is the Louisiana Integrated Skills Assessment (LISA), an Internet program. LISA allows you to explore career clusters, careers, skills, training requirements, and more. There are 3 steps in the LISA program:

STEP 1: Click here to select a career group

STEP 2: Click here to select a race group

STEP 3: Explore the occupations within this career group

In Step 1, when you choose a career group, you will see a description of the group. When you select a race group in Step 2, you see different races. Finally, in Step 3, you will see a lot of information:

  • Job descriptions
  • Educational and training requirements
  • Crosswalks, for example, ONET, DOT, GOE, and other codes
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Chores
  • Labor values
  • Labor market information

Although LISA is an amazing program, in the classroom or in the workshop, it needs printed materials. When using printed materials, the career model is the best place to start. The models provide excellent overviews that list group definitions, career examples, trajectories, knowledge, and skills. Visual models show race groups, group subgroups, and related races. Models are a great way to present racing groups.

For presentations, workshops, and group discussions, the career group brochures provide additional information. Adults and teens read about the different careers available in each career group. Teachers, counselors, and parents use the brochures to solidify potential career or educational decisions for adults and teens. The brochures cover topics such as:

  • Definition of race groups
  • Careers
  • Career paths
  • Job prospects
  • Skills
  • Credentials

Teachers, counselors, and parents use career paths to obtain more detailed information. Career paths are subgroups or areas of concentration within career groups. Each track contains groups of races. Career groups have similar academic skills, technical skills, educational requirements, and training requirements. Career paths are curricula that describe required high school courses, postsecondary courses, and related careers. Career paths are essential tools that teachers, counselors, parents, and other adults use to give advice on educational planning.

Several websites feature high school curricula. These curricula show required, elective, and suggested courses for each grade level. School plans also match career clusters with related majors, career paths, and postsecondary options. Teachers, counselors, and parents find that these school plans are guides in selecting the right high school courses for potential careers. Beyond high school, the Utah System for Higher Education has created a College Specialization Guide. Parents, teachers, and counselors can use the guide to match college majors with certificate and degree programs.

Additional Resources for Counselors and Teachers

To plan the curriculum and educational programs, there are detailed knowledge and skills charts and crosswalks. Knowledge and skills add to the information listed in the career group templates. For each area of ​​knowledge and skill, there are performance elements and measurement criteria. Crosswalks show the relationships between race groups and other race patterns:

Career groups create a bridge between education and career planning. Different types of professional group resources are available: videos, websites, brochures, brochures, activity sheets, and workbooks. Teachers, counselors, and parents utilize career group resources to successfully complete educational and career planning.


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Benefits of pig farming equipment

Pigs are more sensitive animals compared to sheep, goats and other types of livestock, and require better management. But they have the advantage that they give a better yield since their proportion of feed to meat is higher than that of other animals and they also have a high reproduction rate.

The quality and development of pigs depend on the feeding and housing systems, and that is why it is important for a pig farmer to exploit modern pig husbandry equipment that will help raise healthy pigs and ultimately increased return of investment.

Some of the modern pig farming equipment are:


  • Gestation positions: A gestation stall is primarily intended to house pregnant sows. These stables can be used in the rearing, gestation and furrow phases. They provide enough space for a sow and facilitate the physical examination and insemination process. They also help protect the sow from injury and control her feed intake.
  • Finishing stations: These stables are the best to house heavier pigs, weighing more than 40 kg.
  • Weaning stations: These stalls are ideal for newborn pigs and are designed to be non-polluting and comfortable for babies.

Pig feeders

  • Drinking bowl: Modern pig waterers are hygienic and the curly design prevents dust from entering the water. They also reduce fecal contamination.
  • Nipple drinker: The nipple drinkers are automatic and do not allow any leakage.
  • Wet-dry feeder: The advantage of a wet-dry feeder is that they save feed and are designed in such a way that they do not damage the pig’s snout.
  • Drag feeder: It is used to supply furrowing cage feed for piglets. They are useful if the mother does not have enough milk. They are easy to clean and can be used for both feeding and drinking.


  • Exhaust fans: Exhaust fans, when installed in a poultry farm, can pump out a large amount of stale air without generating a lot of noise.
  • Cooling pads: It is important to keep the air inside the stables clean because the climate affects the production capacity of the pigs. A cooling pad consists of a fan, rotating discs, motor, and water container. The fan pumps out the unhealthy air and the rotating discs spray water into the compartment.
  • Dynamic air ventilation: Power consumption can be greatly reduced by using frequency controlled fans. They can be installed in all types of stations and can also be accessed remotely.


  • Pigsty mat: Electric heating mats combine with feeder, water bowl and heating pads. Not only do they take good care of the pigs, but they also avoid electric shocks.
  • Plastic floor: These soils provide good furrowing and avoid frequent contact between pigs and manure. They do not corrode and are easy to clean.
  • Fiberglass bundle: These beams support the breeding fences.

Manure management

  • Scrappers: Mechanical manure removal systems remove feces and urine separately from the pig barn. They save a lot of labor costs.
  • Fermentation machine: Fermentation machines are used for the fermentation of sludge, feces, sludge, etc. and turn them into pig manure.
Health Fitness

8 main benefits of eating an ice cream sandwich

So what is an ice cream sandwich?

It is a frozen dessert made up of two skins and ice cream in the middle. It consists of crusts and an ice cream made with different ingredients. The ingredients chosen depend on the target consumers. An ice cream sandwich for Americans has cookie crust and wafers. Other ingredients that can be used are eggs, milk, sugar, and even vanilla. In Israel, it can consist of thick cookies, ice flavored with chocolate and vanilla. These are the benefits of enjoying ice cream.

1. You can eat it in public

You can filter and eat a sandwich in public without brushing off authority the wrong way. In fact, you can eat as many times as you want without anyone looking at you. Also, you can eat as much as you want without hurting yourself mentally or physically.

2. You can choose to sandwich it with whatever you want

You are free to choose a peanut butter ice cream sandwich, double fudge, or whatever you want. Plus, it has a wide range of ingredients and many flavors to choose from. You will end up with something tasty and that will leave you refreshed.

3. It is rewarding

The act of eating an ice cream sandwich is gratifying. If it consists of a piece of chocolate and a macadamia nut, it will make you feel good. Crushing the cookies is rewarding in and of itself.

4. Helps fight weight.

In addition to allowing one to cool off during the hot summer, ice cream sandwiches are good for people who struggle with weight. In one of the studies in the US, it was established that women who ate one serving a day gained less weight compared to those who did not. Their bodies were also full of energy and they could perform their usual tasks without any problems. Therefore, making it a part of your diet can help you win weight loss wars. It will help you lead a healthier life.

5. Fight against infertility

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why most women love to enjoy ice cream. In a study published in the Human Reproduction Journal in the United States, he suggested that consuming whole milk sandwiches improves a woman’s chances of having a baby. Additionally, the study found that women who ate full-fat ice cream often lowered the risks associated with ovulation.

6. It is loaded with important nutrients.

The ingredients used to make ice cream sandwiches are mainly sugar, milk, and flavorings. They are rich in important nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. Potassium helps lower blood pressure, while phosphorus and calcium strengthen bones. Other nutrients contained in the delicacy include energizing proteins and B vitamins. Protein is essential to help cells grow and repair tissues.

7. You can share it with a friend.

Unlike other foods, you can always share an ice cream sandwich. Depending on what has been combined to make it, you can cut it in half and share it with a friend. It makes both of you enjoy and feel better.

8. will make you smile

Maybe you’ve always wondered why you always feel good a few minutes after indulging. Well, it is true that it refreshes, but researchers have found that a few bites of the delicacy can make you happy.

Having said all this, it is important to note that regardless of the ingredients used, sandwiches are popular all over the world. They provide many benefits to people, including help with fertility and weight loss. They are preferred because they can be eaten even while on the go. They leave you feeling fresh and feeling much better.