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Top 10 DVD Rentals

While the top ten DVD rentals change all the time, this list should get you through the next few weeks. There’s something for everyone from weird westerns to Adam Sandler joking around with his friends.

10. Jonah hex – From the pages of DC Comics comes this revenge story about a disfigured Old West bounty hunter (Josh Brolin) in search of the madman (John Malkovich, naturally) who killed his family. Megan Fox plays a disreputable woman who is quite handy with a gun.

9. The Karate Kid – A remake of the Ralph Macchio classic, this version is set in China and stars Jaden Smith as a harassed young man who receives martial arts instruction from a maintenance man (Jackie Chan).

8. How to Train Your Dragon – In this animated hit, Jay Baruchel voices Hiccup, a young Viking who befriends a dragon and helps his tribe learn an important lesson. It also features the voice talents of Gerard Butler.

7. Sex and the City 2 – This time, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon are heading to Abu Dhabi for fun. Featuring appearances by Penelope Cruz, Miley Cyrus, and Liza Minnelli.

6. Scott Pilgrim vs. the world – Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead star in this comic adaptation about a bum who falls in love with a girl and quickly draws the ire of his seven evil exes. Directed by Edgar Wright and full of video game references and lots of stunning visuals.

5. Predators – Adrien Brody leads the cast in this sci-fi film about human soldiers and mercenaries who are kidnapped from Earth and released into an alien preserve. Lots of action, and one of the group is not who he appears to be. Co-starring Laurence Fishburne, Topher Grace and Walton Goggins, the film is intended as a direct sequel to Predator 2.

Four. Ramona and Beezus – Selena Gomez and Joey King star in this story of a precocious third grader and her older sister. Based on the book by Beverly Cleary.

3. Charlie St. Cloud – Zac Efron plays a young man who meets the ghost of his brother every day to play ball. But when he falls in love with a sailor, his budding romance forces him to choose between the living and the dead.

two. toy Story 3 – With their adult owner and moving to college, our favorite talking toys (including Woody and Buzz Lightyear) are found in a daycare run by a tyrannical teddy bear. The first animated film to earn more than $ 1 billion, this Pixar blockbuster stars the voice of Tim Allen and Tom Hanks.

1. The adults – Adam Sandler leads an all-star comedy cast that includes Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider. When the coach who led them to a championship in their high school days passes away, childhood friends gather at the funeral and make up for lost time with a series of jokes and hilarious situations. While it’s far from Shakespeare, the movie deserves a few laughs if you turn your brain on autopilot.


How to protect your immune system

The immune system of a human body is a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to defend the body against attack by “foreign” invaders. The term “foreign invader” is used for bacteria, parasites, fungi, and other viruses that can cause disease through infection. The job of the immune system is to keep these infectious organisms away and destroy them.

Although not seen, the cells of the immune system are constantly eating bacteria and blocking viruses from invading their cells. Like the heartbeat and indigestion, the immune response is a system that works on its own and does not control them. But there are many practices that can work as your helping hand. Some of these practices are:

  • Good hygiene- The first step in getting started with defense is keeping all possible germs at bay. How can this be done? Following good personal hygiene habits. Stop the infection as it begins and before it begins. Make sure you avoid passing your infections to others with these simple steps:
    • Wash your hands regularly with soap or use sanitizers 5-6 times a day. Always prepare or eat food after washing your hands and every time you use the bathroom.
    • Whenever you sneeze or cough, be sure to cover your mouth and nose with a tissue to prevent your germs from infecting others.
    • Always bandage all your cuts because if left open they can become septic and damage your immune system. If you have any serious cuts or injuries to any part of your body, your doctor will examine you in due course.
    • Do not touch the healing wounds and do not squeeze the pimples because doing so allows germs to enter your body.
  • Vaccination or immunization Immunization can prevent a number of serious infections. Whereas the vaccine is used to cure a sore arm or a low fever. Vaccination is generally safe and effective in curing such diseases. And when it comes to infections, check with your doctor for vaccination status. Various health care centers and providers provide vaccination services. Usually:
    • Children should receive all necessary immunizations and shots when recommended by doctors.
    • All adults should make sure their immunizations are up to date.
    • Travelers must receive additional vaccinations prior to travel date.
  • Food safety- Mark yourself safe from the causes of food poisoning not because they are life-threatening, but can sometimes lead to serious medical conditions. To do this, you have to prepare and store your food safely. Take the necessary precautions to kill germs or to prevent them from entering your immune system:
    • Wash your hands with soap and water before and after each handling of raw food.
    • Rinse all meat, poultry, and fish under running water before cooking. Rinse all fruits and vegetables under running water before cooking or serving.
    • Separate raw food from cooked food, and never use the same utensils or cutting boards with cooked meat that were used with raw meat.
  • Healthy trip If you are planning a trip, be sure to check with your doctor once, in case your body needs some immunizations and vaccinations before taking any trip. Consult your doctor at least 3 months or as soon as possible about your trip and ask him about the precautions you should take during your visit to the place.

Start and run a small business successfully

More than 500 million small businesses spring up in the United States. More than 65% of these small businesses don’t stay long because they don’t understand how to stay on trend and make projections for future circumstances. The most important need in running a small business is to keep accessing the market, accessing your customers’ needs, and keeping up with current business and economic trends in order to guide your business to meet the demands.

The following steps are very important to the survival of your small business management;

  1. Defining your market; Narrowing your market down to the most ideal and potential customers and leads will help you run your business perfectly well; You don’t need everyone to subscribe to your products and services, narrowing down your target market will help you design a better strategy in terms of business expansion and market consolidation. This, in turn, will result in increased sales.
  2. Distinguish yourself from commercial and market competition; Should you stand out from the crowd by your higher value products, lower competitive prices, or any other distinguishing factor, you should make your target customers aware of what sets you apart from the rest. You must keep these benefits at the forefront of your marketing strategies to ensure perfect customer service.
  3. Create a good business plan; nothing keeps you going better than an ideal business plan. This will help you to draw attention and focus on the areas of development of your business that need adjustments and updates.
  4. Create a custom report with your individual clients; Rewarding your loyal customers with gifts or special discounts is very essential to keeping them loyal. Good product and service delivery is also critical to customer satisfaction and efficient service delivery.
  5. Always learn from your past and present experiences; Life and events are still the best teacher for running a successful small business. An entrepreneur who keeps repeating the same old mistakes cannot run a successful business, but when he learns his pass and discovers his strength along with the factors responsible for his temporary mistakes; You must be able to advance in the management of your business avoiding the repetition of your mistakes. You must learn from all aspects of your business in order to design an overall marketing and survival strategy that will make your business stand the test of time. You should seek mentors in your field of business practice and ensure that
  6. Know and understand the difference between sales and receipts; Most small businesses fail due to poor cash flow and poor capital management. Make sure you get cash into the system and have a clear capital investment plan to sustain your business through tough times. Bad credit kills a small business: Don’t sell on credit to too many customers, in the same way, getting your products on credit should be done with common sense.
  7. Get updated; Enhance your business knowledge through seminars, conferences, symposia, and various other business educational programs that will further enlighten you on how to successfully run a small business.

These steps are by no means exhaustive – various small business resources abound. Here are some more small business tips to help you be successful.

Home Kitchen

How to make a kitchen island work for your home

The current trend is for modern kitchens to have a kitchen island. These can be built-in or portable, and any size or style you can dream of. If you want a built-in island, then you could have a stove, sink, and other functional things on top, as well as a dishwasher or plenty of storage space underneath. Or it could be something as simple as a table with a shelf and a butcher block countertop. The size and look of your kitchen should be your guide.

Small kitchens may not be big enough for a standard island, but portables are designed to be moved around when needed. A kitchen cart can even fit in a small kitchen and serve as a type of island, at least enough to provide workspace.

If you plan to install a kitchen island, you can determine whether portable or built-in is best for your room. Measure the island you want and plan where you will place it. You can even use masking tape to mark where it will sit, and don’t forget to leave space around it for kitchen stools. Now, as you go about your day, does it become absolutely necessary to invade that curb space? If you find yourself walking or stepping there, that’s just a habit. But if your oven door or any other stationary object goes through the space where the stools would be placed, then you probably need to find a smaller island that doesn’t take up as much space.

Also, consider how people can move around in your kitchen. With an island there, can you easily walk around the room and get what you need? Is the feces in the way? What if there are people sitting on the stools? Would they have to move to get people in and out of the room, or to get to the refrigerator or cupboards?

As for the type of island, consider your budget first. Building a kitchen island with a dishwasher, sink, or stove is going to be an inexpensive expense, but you can get a portable island at a fraction of that cost without worrying about electricity or plumbing fixtures. You may also prefer one that is open underneath or one with built-in storage for kitchen items. If there is storage underneath, consider where people’s knees will be when they sit and how far your stools will be required to sit away from the island when planning size.


Avoiding Traffic Stops: Four Easy Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Stop

Everyone wants to know how they can minimize the risk of being flagged for a traffic violation, and the obvious answer is: do nothing wrong. However, many people are stopped for maintenance problems, such as a burnt out headlight, taillight, or turn signal bulb. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some things that will help you avoid traffic tickets.

# 1. Maintenance. We are not talking about oil changes and tire rotation, but have your vehicle inspected about once a month before you leave home. Check that all exterior lights are in good condition, including the license plate light, if you have one. Also check your turn signals, because if they don’t work, a police officer could fine you for failing to signal, even if you did. If something is not working properly, go to an auto parts store or dealer immediately for repair.

# 2. Be on the lookout for speed traps. If you travel a regular route, say to and from work every day, for example, you need to know the places where some officers will regularly sit and try to catch people for speeding and other infractions. Some cops will even check your license plates while you’re driving to see if everything is okay. Make sure your registration is up to date and be aware of speed traps to avoid it.

# 3. Drive has mediocre because. Although this sounds silly, the car you drive will influence the attention paid by police officers on patrol. For example, if you drive a Lexus or Camaro, the police are more likely to identify you. In contrast, driving a Camry or a small SUV like the Ford Escape will allow you to blend in with the traffic, rather than stand out. Sports cars get a lot more attention than minivans, so keep this in mind.

# 4. Watch other drivers. If you are on the freeway, this is a great way to avoid being stopped. Be especially on the lookout for truck drivers as they are experienced drivers and generally know where and when the police will look for speeding drivers and other traffic violators. Also, avoid the flow of traffic. Go at your own pace, and if you must accelerate, never be the last in a line of speeding cars, because you will certainly be the first to be stopped.

Speeding can be dangerous and should be completely avoided. However, if you just can’t keep your lead foot off the gas, hopefully these tips will help you avoid the consequences of your actions. Just remember that getting a ticket could end up being the least of your worries if you don’t follow the rules of the road.

Digital Marketing

Discover the main advantages and disadvantages of Free Easy Logo Maker

Free and easy logo creators constantly bother you?

Know its advantages and disadvantages …

As far as I know, its disadvantages far outweigh its advantages. Let’s take a look at both.

Advantages of the free and easy logo maker:

1. They are cheap. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a trademark. Many websites offer cheap software online. You just have to select the one with the most tools and download it to your personal computer.

2. You do not need to have personal experience using this software. You also don’t need any exceptional skills or talents.

3. If you don’t want to waste a lot of time brainstorming and branding, you have the privilege of choosing from ready-to-use templates. There are templates of all kinds. You can simply choose one that seems most appropriate to you and make changes. You can change its color, font, shape, size, and gradient.

4. You can make changes to your brand later.

5. You can save your designs.

Disadvantages of Free and Easy Logo Maker:

1. Although they are cheap, they cannot match the uniqueness of those created by professional brand creators. Professionals are experts at this. They have deep knowledge and years of experience in creating successful brands. All brands created by software will look alike in some way.

2. You cannot come up with an exceptional looking design because you do not have any design experience. Even if you do, your brand will look normal.

3. The templates provided by these softwares are being used by many other users all over the world. You can change its color or font, but it will somehow resemble someone else’s brand. This is because the same template has been modified and the brand foundation is the same.

4. There would be no originality in the design.

5. There are so many chances that your brand will look like any other brand. This creates confusion and your brand can easily be confused with any other brand.

6. There are also copyright issues when you use the free and easy logo maker. If your brand is similar to someone else’s brand, you could claim to have copied your idea and file a lawsuit against you.

As you can see for yourself, the cons are much stronger than the clunky pros. Logos are created only once, you don’t have to spend over and over again on them. So why not hire a professional designer and get the brand of your dreams? Instead of using good-for-nothing software?


6-Step Parent’s Guide to Solving Potty Training Problems

Potty training is one of the most important things parents have to do for their children. Most children have no difficulty in potty training. Normally, children can develop good toilet habits between 18 months and 3 years.

Unfortunately, some children do not have the same physical, intellectual and psychological preparation to learn to go to the bathroom at an early age.

Here are some signs of good potty skills:

1. Physical availability

Being able to show the urge to urinate or defecate through your facial expression or posture.

Stay dry for at least 2 hours.

Regular bowel movements

2. Intellectual availability

Understand the commands and instructions

Cooperate during training

3. Psychological preparation

Recognize the discomfort caused by dirty diapers

Ask for diapers to be changed

Recognize a full bladder

Recognize between the need to urinate or defecate

Here are some tips on how to quickly potty train your child:

1. Don’t force or push your child too fast. Your child is just beginning to develop habits in life, so take the process in stride. In the beginning, it is normal for you to experience accidents or occasional relapses, so do not punish mistakes too much. Go at a pace that is right for your child. If you start potty training before your child is ready and if you push him to go at a fast pace, this will usually build resistance.

2. Counter. Sometimes if kids have a bad toilet training experience, you should be able to handle resistance well. If you scold and punish resistance, negative reinforcement won’t do you any good. So if you meet resistance, determine the problem and be the one to change your method. This is easier to do than trying to force your child, which can further aggravate their negative perception of potty training.

3. Establish rewards and use positive reinforcement. Be sure to praise and reward your child for always doing the right thing. This includes using the potty, asking to use it, using it correctly, etc. You can use small rewards like toys or candy.

4. Get her involved in diapering. Don’t treat your child like a doll when changing diapers. Tell him what’s going on and even ask him for help. Have him toss his dirty diapers in the trash and let him choose new underwear. Teach him to put it on.

5. Physical punishment will get you nowhere. Don’t use physical punishment when your child makes mistakes. Use verbal reprimands instead, but make sure you don’t yell at or embarrass him, especially in public.

6. Train your mind. Instead of physically punishing your child, it would be better to train his mental faculties and condition him to the idea of ​​using the potty. You can easily do this with subliminal messages, which target the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the part of the mind that controls people’s actions, behaviors, and habits. So by instilling good potty training ideals into your child’s subconscious, you can bypass conscious resistance to potty training.


Acer Predator 17 G5-793-72AU Guide: A Look at Cooling Technology, Customizable Lighting, and More

If speed is your thing when it comes to laptops, especially when it comes to gaming, you’ll need one with GeForce GTX 1060 graphics and at least 16GB of memory. This is precisely what you can expect from the Acer Predator 17 G5-793-72AU. It has everything you need to play your favorite games on high settings and stream multimedia and 3D content. The architecture even supports virtual reality technology.

One great feature in particular is Killer DoubleShot Pro. This type of technology allows you to select which of your applications use the most bandwidth. You can even divide your Internet requirements into multiple connections, both wireless and wired, simultaneously.

The keyboard comes with uncluttered, customizable multi-color backlit areas, including literally millions of colors to choose from. There are also programmable function keys. Not only can you schedule macro profiles, you can share them too. With PredatorSense technology, you have access to macro profiles as you play and can switch between them in-game.

This isn’t the most portable laptop, but it’s not meant to be. It is designed to be used as a desktop gaming laptop. The machine is solid and does not yield to any pressure. There is no flex around the center of the keyboard and the hinges are stiff. You won’t have to worry about the display lid bouncing off, not even the slightest bit. You can still take it with you if you are traveling.

Acer Predator 17 G5-793-72AU Specifications

Features and specifications of the Acer Predator 17 G5-793-72AU include:

• Memory: 16 GB standard DDR4 SDRAM memory / 64 GB maximum capacity (four slots total)

• Operating system: Windows 10 Home

• Processor: Intel Core i7 (6700 HQ) / 2.60 GHz

• Hard disk: 1TB Serial ATA and 256GB SSD

• Display: 17.3-inch active matrix TFT / color LCD with IPS and LED backlight technology

• Screen resolution: 1920 × 1080

• Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX GDDR5 (1060) dedicated

• Battery: 6000 mAh eight-cell lithium-ion (three full hours of playtime)

• USB ports: 1 port 3.1 type C / USB 3.0 ports for oven

Hear every detail of your game clearly with Predator SoundPound audio technology and four stereo speakers.

Keep laptop clean with Predator Dust Defender. This mechanism alternates airflow directions to prevent dust from accumulating and to help maintain a cooler temperature. There is no uncomfortable overheating with this Acer machine.

Quiet operation, fast CPU, build quality, good viewing angles, and performance – these are just some of the many benefits of owning this laptop based on Acer Predator 17 G5-793-72AU reviews.

When shopping for consumer electronics like this laptop, it is always a good idea to check Acer coupon codes. The store offers regular sales and deals to promote consumer electronics. With an Acer Predator 17 G5-793-72AU promo code, you can get a good deal in the online store.

Health Fitness

How to lose weight fast

Women normally gain weight after childbirth. Men tend to develop beer belly after a few years and there is increasing pressure from society for these people to lose weight as soon as possible. For men, it becomes part of the pressure to impress the opposite sex, or sometimes part of the midlife crisis. Children are also under increasing pressure to lose weight due to the media hammering of this generation’s obesity problem. Then he learns that both mothers and daughters, as well as fathers and sons, follow weight loss programs.

There are several programs available to help people lose weight. There are diet pills, which many use as a shortcut due to lack of time to exercise and diet; there is the diet program to lose weight, and some also use food supplements in their desire to lose weight. So we all know the old-fashioned way of burning the calories we eat by exercising.

There are no hard and fast rules about weight loss programs. However, any program that is very fast and does not allow the body to lose weight naturally can have an adverse side effect. This may not allow the body to lose extra pounds naturally and therefore the skin may not contract as fat is lost from the body. This can cause sagging body parts to hang around you. Or you may be forced to perform plastic surgery that can make your body appear patchy. If you are not careful, you can experience premature aging.

Every weight loss program has those it works for and those it doesn’t work for, however we can all agree that the human body should not be forced to lose weight faster than it does naturally. . Therefore, if we observe what we eat, for example low calorie diets, and then we exercise regularly, then we will naturally allow the body to lose weight.

No one can afford not to exercise, it is absolutely essential that everyone does. There are several exercise programs available so you can participate in one that is comfortable for you. This needs to be done on a regular basis for it to have any effect on the body, so choose a time of day that is very convenient for you. A time when you know that you can do those exercises every day.

For low calorie diets, everyone agrees that one of the main sources of weight problems is overeating and that when we deal with this problem, it will be half the work done. Therefore, follow a low-fat diet, always avoid distractions when eating, for example, watching TV while eating or being on the computer while eating. You may end up eating more than you want because you are distracted. This will cause the pounds to start piling up. Also avoid foods like sweets, cakes, fast foods, and high-calorie foods.

Legal Law

Best Engineering Universities in USA

In the United States, the word college is often used to specify an independent higher-level activity of educational institutions that are not parts of a university, as well as to refer to the parties within a university. The independent institutions that have the tendency to call themselves colleges are sometimes universities in the international importance of the state. Typically, in the United States, a university includes a set of academically diverse units called schools or colleges, but a college, be it an independent higher education nursing or an element within a university, generally focuses on one academic facet. . that is individually chosen by that institution, where a university is a department not agitated within that sphere. Check that colleges or septuplet schools that are a composition of universities and that are normally placed on the same campus or each differently left on adjacent campuses within the structure of a university are also not connected to an affiliated university.

The US group is largely redistributed. Unrestricted universities are administered solely by the respective states.

American universities mature as individualistic accrediting organizations to compromise on the value of the degrees they offer. Accreditation agencies classify universities and colleges according to specified criteria such as academic quality: the rating of their libraries, the commercial records of their capacity, and the titles that their body attaches. Non-accredited institutions are detected as non-existent in ownership and rigor, and can be called certificate factories.

Colleges and universities in the United States are diversified in the cost of goals: some may emphasize a vocational, game, engineering or specialized technical curriculum, while others may emphasize a left discipline curriculum. Some include many of the above features. Now, the 20 TOP 20 including featured universities and colleges from the countries are classified as public and private as shown below.


  1. University of Virginia (Charlottesville)
  2. City University of New York – Hunter College (New York, NY)
  3. New College of Florida (Sarasota)
  4. Florida State University (Tallahassee)
  5. University of Colorado-Boulder
  6. State University of New York-Binghamton
  7. University of Georgia (Athens)
  8. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Blacksburg)
  9. Texas A&M University (College Station)
  10. University of Oklahoma (Norman)


  1. Swarthmore College (Swarthmore, Pennsylvania)
  2. Harvard College (Cambridge, Massachusetts)
  3. Wesleyan College (Macon, Georgia)
  4. Princeton University (Princeton, New Jersey)
  5. Yale University (New Haven, Connecticut)
  6. Williams College (Williamstown, Massachusetts)
  7. Rice University (Houston, Texas)
  8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, Mass.)
  9. Amherst College (Amherst, Massachusetts)
  10. Wellesley College (Wellesley, Massachusetts)

Each of these institutions may prefer different individual polar organization schemes using the words, in more macroscopic to more microscopic prescriptions: university, division, school, college, conference, office, and department.

Students can interact with various universities using the democratic program. There is no limit to the count of colleges or universities a student can choose to apply to, although an individual application effort must be submitted for each. With a few exceptions, most colleges and universities have a contract that students must be admitted (or dropped out) to the entire college, not to a specific or stellar division. This is different from college admissions in many inhabited countries, as it is suitable for high admissions. Few students, rather than being dropped, are on a “waiting list” for a specific university and may be admitted if the added student who was admitted decides not to search the university. The bailiwick parts of the admission clique are ACT / SAT scores, GPA, college program, essay, and letters of recommendation or commendation. Not all colleges ask for essays or letters of commendation or recommendation, although they have often been shown to increase the chances of permissiveness.