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Ontario Festivals and Events: Why Ontario is Canada’s Party Province

More than 3,000 Ontario festivals and events keep locals and tourists alike to party all year long. If you are looking for reasons to celebrate, you will find more than enough to keep you happy here.

Some of the biggest festivals happen during the summer, when outdoor events take center stage.

Summer outdoor music festivals are huge. The big ones include the Toronto Jazz Festival, the Parry Sound Festival of Sound, the Burlington Sound of Music Festival, the Barrie Jazz and Blues Festival, the London Sunfest and the Friends’ Festival in Hamilton. Many of these festivals have free admission or at least offer free concerts along with payments. So they are very easy on your wallet.

Summer outdoor art festivals are also a big draw in good weather. Toronto Outdoor Art’s free admission show features more than 500 of Canada’s and the world’s best contemporary artists and artisans and attracts about 100,000 visitors. Stratford also has craft shows along the river, and Barrie has a great arts and crafts festival called Kempenfest.

Fall is also packed with festivals. Ontario’s largest fruit crop is grapes, and September is harvest time. The Niagara region toasts the new harvest with the Niagara Wine and Grape Festival. Kitchener-Waterloo organizes the largest Oktoberfest party outside of Germany. The Balls Falls Thanksgiving Festival features crafts, food, and family fun. Halloween fans can join “Howlin ‘Hootenany” in Black Creek Pioneer Village, north of Toronto, for scary fun and fall treats like pumpkin pies, candied apples and apple cider. Readers and writers will love Toronto’s free Word on the Street festival, where they can meet their favorite authors and hear them read their works. And then there’s the granddaddy of all literary festivals, the International Authors Festival in Toronto. Wait, don’t forget the Toronto International Film Festival! (Are you already running out of weekends?)

Ontario festivals and events don’t stop in winter. Ontario residents embrace the cold season with Ottawa’s Winterlude, Toronto’s Wintercity, and of course New Years festivals, including the crazy Polar Bear Dip festival in Oakville. The giant, glowing animated figures at the Niagara Falls Festival of Lights are guaranteed to make you smile and warm on a frosty winter’s day. Another safe bet is the Niagara Ice Wine Festival in the Niagara region.

The spring festivals are the best of all, because they welcome the return of good weather. Some famous Ontario festivals are the Maple Syrup celebrations that appear throughout southern Ontario. Bronte Creek in Oakville has a good one with guided tours, syrup and candy tasting, a pancake breakfast, etc. The Ottawa Tulip Festival is about more than flowers. It features concerts, unique arts and crafts, lectures, and more (and outdoor concerts are free). Do you want the true scent of spring? Visit the Lilac Festival at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton and explore the largest and fastest lilac dell in the world.

If you live in Ontario, Ontario festivals and events are a great way to get to know your neighbors. If you are a tourist, why not plan your visit around one of these events?

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Arrested – What To Do When Your Loved One Is In Jail by Wes Denham

The copy at the back of the book begins: “When someone close to you is arrested, things quickly go haywire.” That’s definitely an understatement, things will get extremely crazy and blinding. In “Arrested: What to Do When Your Loved One’s in Jail” by Wes Denham, co-author of “Arrest-Proof Yourself,” you’ll learn how to make decisions that benefit the entire family, not just the accused who was arrested. In an easy-to-read style, without a lot of legal jargon, the book guides you through the process and includes checklists of what to do and in what order. There is also a lot of information on topics that you might not think about when someone is first arrested, but you really should.

I still think it is wiser to know which defense attorney you will call if you ever need one, for yourself or for a friend or family member, but if you haven’t chosen someone yet, read this book and use the parts to select a good private attorney and do it. I think a little work up front, in case you ever need someone, is good insurance.

For those of you who don’t know anything, or don’t know much, about the process when someone is arrested, this book will open your eyes. Just reading this book and then choosing which attorney to call, and perhaps even going as far as providing an attorney advance “just in case” will put you well ahead of most people who find themselves dealing with the unpleasantness of having someone to worry about those arrested.

The book begins with a short chapter on when you get that late-night phone call, “I’m in jail.” It provides some good advice, and then there are a couple of pages on how to protect your rights. Chapter two describes what this book can do for you and a little about the system. Chapter three focuses on how to get information about what is happening. Things like getting the charge sheet, arrest report, etc. Chapter Four is a must read to protect yourself if someone from your household is arrested. Check your house completely for something that shouldn’t be there. You better find it before someone with a court order does.

Chapter five provides information about visiting inmates, while chapter six shares information about life in prison. The next two chapters deal with medical care and mental illness and then with jail commissars and telephones. Chapter nine is not a pleasant chapter, it provides information on sex in jail, which means rape and sexually transmitted diseases. From there, we move on to a chapter on drugs. Starting to see why it’s not a place to be?

The following chapters provide a little information about the types of people you may encounter in jail and why they might be there. Then there is a checklist on the defendant’s evaluation. Do you really want to help the accused and are you ready to change? These chapters will help you decide whether or not you want to help, and what kind of help you will offer. Bail bonds and bonds are covered in Chapter 15. And then there’s a little bit about public defenders, plea deals, and the volume of cases that bogs down the system. Chapters 17 and 18 discuss hiring private defense attorneys and provide information to help you make a good decision.

The following chapters help you understand the process and cover topics such as legal services quotes and fees, how to get the most for your money, how to help the defense, budgeting for criminal defense, parole and parole, cooperation with the police and prosecutors, and making a plan.

Chapter 27 was interesting, it had some statistics on all the people incarcerated in the US And then the book concludes with an Appendix containing sample forms and letters.

I found “Arrested” to be an interesting and informative book on an unpleasant subject. Nobody wants to think about the arrest of a loved one, but if it happens, it’s good to be prepared. This book can help you prepare.


Microsoft Office Exam: An Important Pre-Employment Testing Tool

Computers have now become indispensable in the workplace and computer skills have become more important now than ever. Software applications like Microsoft Office can increase the productivity of your employees and the entire company. Employees can use it to create a business plan, letterhead, marketing material, profit and loss projection, sales brochures, and more. This software application has lightened the load for many employees by allowing them to complete tasks more accurately and quickly.

Today, Microsoft office skills (and computer skills as a whole) have become more than just an asset a worker can possess. Its central role in maintaining high productivity has made it a necessary skill. Therefore, if the job description requires the use or even a little familiarity with these applications, it is very important to make sure that the job candidates have the necessary skills to get the job done. One of the proven ways to objectively determine computer skills is by taking an exam.

Although Microsoft has its own certification program, they generally charge people high fees. Microsoft Office exams for pre-employment hiring purposes are available through professional providers, such as the online job skills exam. A Microsoft Office exam is usually an interactive or multiple-choice test that will determine exactly what a potential candidate knows and doesn’t know. Interactive Microsoft Office tests are typically the simulation type where applicants are asked to perform specific tasks using toolbars, menus, shortcut keys, and so on. These exams come as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, FrontPage, and Excel tests. You can choose one or a combination of these tests, depending on the needs of your business. They also come in various versions; Whether your company is currently using the 2010 version or the 2007 or 2002 versions, you can find a trial that best suits your current needs.

Microsoft Office exams also come in various levels, usually at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced levels. You can choose between these levels depending on what the job in question requires. If the job requires the preparation of reports and business proposals, you may want to do at least an intermediate level to an advanced level to ensure high productivity. Jobs that require complex or complex Microsoft applications would require advanced level assessment tests. Also, if a job description requires only basic typing and little computer skills, a basic level exam might suffice. (Even if employees don’t work with computers on a daily basis or even if it is not necessary to complete their main tasks, chances are they will find it again and again.)

Is it really important to take a Microsoft Office exam as part of your pre-employment procedures? This question is much like asking if Microsoft Office is really important for completing tasks in your workplace. If the answer to the latter is yes, then it is important to take a Microsoft skills test.

Computer skills have become more important today than ever. A workforce trained in applications like Microsoft Office can give you a better advantage in maximizing productivity. Whether in management (letters, faxes, labels, envelopes, database), sales (interactive presentations), marketing (sales copies, dynamic ads), finance and accounting, media and web design, skills in Microsoft Office are sure to be tools.

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What material is better for a bathroom sink?

Sink Materials

Most pedestal and wall-hung sinks are made from vitreous porcelain, and the same qualities that make this material a good choice for toilets also work well for sinks: a durable, abrasion-resistant, and easy-to-use surface. to clean that maintains its shine. Choose vitreous porcelain sinks, especially pedestal ones, with care, especially if you are not familiar with the brand, because any ceramic manufacturing process produces a large number of seconds that can have defects ranging from small imperfections or depressions in the surface to fine cracks and deformed or misaligned contact surfaces. This can mean self-rim recessed sinks that don’t sit flat (particularly larger ones) and two-piece pedestals that just don’t fit properly.

Enameled cast iron has most of the good qualities of porcelain and is much less prone to cracking. Cast iron is strong, rigid, and quiet when water enters, although it can chip if mishandled during shipping or if a hammer is dropped during installation. Cast iron sinks are very heavy, which may not make much of a difference to smaller sinks, but can make it difficult to handle larger sinks in the back.

Enameled steel is similar to enameled cast iron but considerably lighter and less expensive. It is much more likely to splinter than enameled cast iron because its porcelain coating is thinner and steel is more flexible. Water entering it also makes more noise and cools more quickly because the thin steel walls tend to dissipate heat rather quickly. Formerly a low-budget alternative to porcelain and cast iron, enameled steel appears to be rapidly losing ground to synthetics that are competitively priced and perform just as well, if not better. I’ve removed some of these sinks in remodel, but haven’t put in any new ones lately.

Cultured marble is one of those synthetic materials and has been around for a long time. Cultured marble, like cultured onyx and cultured granite, is technically a fused polymer, created by mixing crushed minerals such as marble, onyx, or limestone with a polyester resin. This mixture is then poured into a mold and cured at room temperature. Like fiberglass, the surface is generally gel-coated in the actual color and pattern of the sink, so some polymer cast sinks are prone to scratching and damage. One problem often associated with molten polymer sinks is “cracking” or cracks and blisters in the gel coat. This typically occurs around the drain opening and is caused by alternating hot and cold water thermal shock, abrasion from cleaning, and / or a gel layer that is too thin or too thick. Much of the market for low-end and DIY sinks has been dominated by these sinks, in part because they are relatively inexpensive and look good on the shelf. Some of the newer and more expensive cast polymers have a higher percentage of materials like quartz, which is very hard and not gel-coated. These cast polymers are much more resistant to heat and impacts and can be sanded, making damage repair easier.

Solid surface materials like Corian and Surell are similar to cultured marble in that they can also be molded into one-piece sinks / countertops that are easily cleaned. They have the advantage of having colors and patterns that are an integral part of the material, so repairs can be made simply by sanding teeth and scratches, and non-porous synthetics are stain resistant (though not smudge proof). Individual sinks are also available, although they are generally laminated to larger countertops of the same material. Expect to pay a lot more for solid surface sinks than for cultured marble.

Ceramic earthenware bowls offer a colorful and organic alternative to mass-produced sinks. Because they are handcrafted, these sinks have irregularities that sometimes make getting them to fit properly a challenge, especially those made outside of the United States. Often these sinks do not have an overflow, a secondary outlet to the drain to prevent a clogged sink from flooding, which is sometimes required by local building codes. And because they are somewhat brittle, they require careful installation so that everything fits well enough not to leak, but not so much that it fractures the container.

But they add a personalized touch to a bathroom, particularly when paired with tiles of the same ceramic.

Stainless steel sinks have long been popular in the kitchen, and their somewhat industrial look sometimes lends itself well to bathrooms. They are undoubtedly durable and easy to clean. There is a wide range of quality in stainless steel sinks, with a corresponding price range. The best ones have a higher percentage of chromium and nickel, which makes them more resistant to stains and corrosion, and they are generally made of 18-gauge stainless steel, which makes them stronger and gives them a higher shine. Less expensive sinks feel flimsier because they’re made from lighter 22-gauge (or less) steel; they have a duller finish, tend to be noisy, and tend to warp.

Metal sinks are also available in brass, copper, aluminum, and bronze. Sometimes these sinks are mass produced, but most of the time the more esoteric ones are handmade, and the same reservations that apply to ceramic sinks apply here. Like handmade ceramic sinks, metal sinks can be difficult to install and sometimes require some modification to accommodate plumbing and fixtures. Tempered glass sinks are also available in several distinctive styles, including a countertop-mounted sink.


Is Hyundai Ready To Take On The Pickup Truck Market?

Hyundai has been making a name for itself, building high-quality vehicles at very competitive prices. Hyundai has also been entering new market segments, strengthening its midsize lineup and launching new technologies, including hybrid systems and perhaps a hydrogen-powered model soon.


But one area in which Hyundai remains curiously absent is in the lucrative truck market, dominated by the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, and Dodge Ram 1500. In recent years, the Toyota Tundra and Nissan Titan have found followers, generating profit. these two Japanese automakers as well.

Hyundai has experience in building trucks, selling its Hyundai trunk in Korea and other markets. The Hyundai Porter is a commercial truck, therefore if Hyundai is going to build and sell a passenger van, it will have to start from scratch. Or, as rumors have circulated in the past, connect with Chrysler to build your own model.

Chrysler connection

But Hyundai does not seem interested in using Dodge, even thinking that Chrysler’s plan to supply the Ram 1500 platform to Nissan was exhausted when Chrysler went bankrupt in 2009 and emerged weeks later under the control of Fiat sPa. Hyundai probably doesn’t want to be dependent on a platform. supplier whose very existence remains uncertain.

So which direction could Hyundai take to enter the truck fray? Would a compact truck turn out to be the preferred path, or should Hyundai take the Detroit 3 and Japanese 2 to build a large truck?

One way Hyundai could “go big” is to take the existing Hyundai Porter and reconfigure it for truck work. Hyundai already has the platform; stretching the wheels and improving the suspension system is one approach. Taking the 4.6-liter TAU V-8 engine found in the Hyundai Genesis and Equus could provide the necessary powertrain; Hyundai already has the transmissions available.

Probable scenario

However, the cheapest approach for Hyundai may not be the best. Hyundai would face the best of the Detroit 3 who have shown that they are still the best compared to the Japanese 2.

The compact truck market remains competitive and ready to take on, as Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier are top sellers in the segment. Ford and GM don’t offer much of a challenge and the Mahindra trucks are, well, overdue.

That leaves Hyundai and its Korean cousin, Kia, revisiting the truck market. As recently as 2008, the two brands had planned to build a large truck, but abandoned it when gas prices topped $ 4 a gallon. Now, with gas prices at three dollars a gallon, the time has come to buy a new compact truck from scratch.

But will Hyundai bite or miss an important opportunity to participate?

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My kids don’t drive me crazy

As a homeschooler, when you see me in public, you will probably see one to five of my children by my side. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10:00 a.m. M. From a Wednesday at the grocery store or 11:30 a.m. M. In a busy doctor’s office. Children are always with me.

What puzzles me is the reaction of the adults we come in contact with during our day.

Many are dumbfounded that I wear ironed clothes and have my hair combed. Most think I should go crazy.

Breaking news

My kids don’t drive me crazy.

(most of the time)

I always have 1 to 5 children (8 to 20 years old) by my side, no matter where I go. They are my friends. I am blessed beyond words!

I find my children to be amazing people. Unique, creative and interesting.

I want spend time with my boys. They are quirky, fun, and entertaining.

I love being the one who gets to hear all those crazy ‘childhood imaginations’. Why should I be in the dark about what brings you joy?

I appreciate that my children work side by side with me to manage our home. They understand that we are a team.

Family is the central point of my children’s lives.

My children spend their time with people of different age groups and can easily relate to almost anyone. It is a pleasure to have you around.

I spend so much time with my children that they are not clingy or needy.

I don’t feel like I’m missing her childhood. I am there to witness the quality moments encapsulated in the quantity of time.

If my children are suffering, they come to me. They know You can trust me.

If my children are afraid, they come to me. They know that I will reassure them.

My children do not question my desire to be a part of their lives.

I am “all in”.

Why do children drive their parents crazy?

They are not used to having their children around; they are usually at school or daycare.

Tea heart of your children’s life you live far from them.

During the school day, children laugh, cry, and are surprised.

At the end of the day, parents ask their children, “What did you do today?”

Children say: “Nothing.” They do not know how to relate to each other.

With working parents, public schools, and extracurricular activities. Families move from one destination to another, often marinated in tension because children cannot find their shoes, backpack or sports equipment. Families feed on anxiety.

Children take advantage of their parents’ time. They need attention. When parents and their children live apart from each other all day, they try to take advantage of their quality time. You rarely get quality time without amount hour. While special moments can be created, spontaneous moments are lost.

They don’t know their kids the same way they would if they spent all their time together. This is a question of quantity. The best friends are looking for. They invest the best they can in each other. Together with our spouses, our children should make the most of us.

School is the center of the child’s life.

Children spend most of their time around children their own age, so they do not easily interact with people of other age groups.

They believe that “me time” is essential to daily life. (I think “we are in time” is essential. My children too)

Bottom line?

I think our society has been seriously misled. Our children should not be moved into a classroom where they are surrounded by their peer group and they should be force-fed information that does not inspire them to learn more.

I know that homeschooling is not for everyone. Honestly, homeschooling is tough. Very hard.

Parents should do everything possible to refocus their children so that the family is the center, not the school. This may mean turning off the television, giving up sports, and renting a motorhome. I think children need to know that their parents are “with everything.” It may take convincing, but our kids need it!

I think parents need a mentality reset.

  • It is good to be around your children.

  • It’s okay to have many, many, many moments that are unstructured. That’s where quality time lives!

  • It is good to snuggle and read together.

  • It is good to cook, clean and create with your children by your side.

  • It’s good drag Take your kids to the grocery store, the doctor’s office, and the zoo.

  • It’s good for your kids to see you laugh.

  • Children are entertaining.

  • Children are a blessing.

  • Family time is more important than time to me. Almost. Forever.

You may be thinking, but you don’t know my children. They don’t want to have anything to do with me. You don’t have to take them out of public school necessarily, but their time is running out. This is one of those mountains worth dying for. Your family is everything. Get your family back. It will take time and energy that you don’t think you have, but it’s worth it.

If you know you can’t homeschool your children, you can still claim your family …

Turn off the television at least one day a week.

I’m not against television, I just like my kids better. Television prevents children from building, creating, and speaking. It’s true your home is cleaner and quieter with the TV on, but at what cost?

Start eating at the table. Reset family dinners. Have the children help plan and prepare at least one meal a week (or a month).

Clear the calendar and set up a Family Game Night.

Wake up your kids early and go watch the sunrise (once a month). Be sure to bring or pick up a delicious breakfast.

Let the kids stay up late and set up a telescope in the yard. Sit outside and gaze at the stars with your children.

Read aloud to your children. It doesn’t matter how old they are. Find a gripping story and stop at a point of suspension. Let them enjoy a bowl of popcorn while you read. Do you need some suggestions?

Learn to ask questions that cannot be answered with a yes or no.

Learn to wait for children to respond. We can be so busy that we don’t have the patience for our children’s minds to form the answers.

Teach your kids to do something difficult: change a tire, use a weed killer, unplug a drain, reprogram a computer, build a fence, ANYTHING. Make this a regular habit.

Expect your children to help out around the house. Children need chores, but they are not slaves. Work alongside them. Put them in charge of the background music (maybe just once a week if you can’t stand their choices).

Set limits. Children need to know that it will keep them safe. This means different things to each family. You are the father. You set the standards.

TURN OFF YOUR smartphone, laptops, iPads, or any screen that takes your eyes off your kids. Make it a policy that during your brief time together, you will be “EVERYONE.”

Turn off the house phone at night. Family time is sacred!

Read a proverb every day to your children. There are 31 proverbs, so you look at the calendar and you read that proverb. If you really want your family back, you need more of God. Period. Start where you are. Ask God to help you and start reading your Bible. Proverbs is a good place to start because it is full of incredible wisdom for your family. No, it is not out of date.

Eliminate any activities that do not strengthen your family. This can be VERY difficult. Be honest with yourself. There is no one-size-fits-all family. What I need to cut back in my family will be absolutely different for yours. Be real.

Family time is precious.

Reduce expenses. This may seem obvious, but it is not. By reducing your expenses, you can spend more and more time with your family. With a little creative financing, maybe you can afford to stay home!

Start out slow.

  • Leave your children and let them know that you are getting your family back.

  • Implement one new habit at a time. If you have older children, let them choose one thing to change first.

  • Be consistent.

  • Set a reminder on your calendar and reevaluate your efforts at least once a month.

Which mom would you rather be?

The one who loves to be close to her children,

Or the one who goes crazy for them?

Manufacture any change necessary to make the right decision.

It may not be easy, but it’s worth it!


How to have a happy Easter

What are your favorite Easter memories from your childhood? Looking for Easter eggs? Nibbling on marshmallow peeps? Biting the ears of your Easter bunnies?

Or maybe the most magical part was the preparation – painting those eggs and anticipating the treats you’d get. The Easter basket, with green grass and chocolate bunnies … maybe a stuffed chick or even a real duckling!

I am sure you would like to recreate some of those good memories for your family and especially for your children. So here are some tips to help you make that happen.

For many families, Easter is about their faith, but that won’t stop anyone from enjoying the Easter egg hunt and Easter candy as a secular celebration. Easter is a day of joy, and the colorful eggs and accessories of traditional Easter serve to enhance that sense of joy in the essence of spring and rebirth.

For children, of course, part of the appeal of Easter lies in the fact that it is another holiday where they expect to get lots of chocolates, sweets, and other delicacies. And for the purposes of this report, we’ll focus on the fun aspects of Easter, along with its joy. You can have a happy Easter, celebrating spring and its beauty and freedom, without focusing entirely on sugary things.

Easter is a family affair

Families vary in how they like to celebrate Easter. So you can choose how you would like to celebrate. But despite individual differences, there are also many common themes. These are some of the standard ingredients:

a) Candy

Easter is (for many people) about treats … and the key among delicacies is Easter eggs. It is not Easter unless there are a lot of eggs in the basket, along with a variety of other treats. And about those eggs … there are so many different types, from filled and unfilled chocolate eggs, caramel eggs, marshmallow eggs, and yes, even hard-boiled eggs that have been decorated in bright colors to add to the playfulness.

Peeps, preferably in various shapes and colors, are also a must, as are jelly beans, which really do look like miniature eggs.

Some families even have their own special baked goods for Easter, which can range from specialty breads to fancy cookies and cakes with colorful Easter decorations. My mother used to bake each of us a cake in the shape of Easter bunnies or Easter lambs! Some years, he let us choose which one we wanted.

b) Parades

If there is an Easter parade in town or even nearby, be sure to bring the kids and take lots of photos. If you go, you should make sure you get (or create) some special Easter hats for everyone, as there are often competitions for the best Easter hat at these events.

For example, Richmond, Virginia has a special Easter parade, appropriately named “Easter on Parade,” which turns Monument Avenue, a beautiful tree-lined avenue with beautiful old houses and monuments, into a temporary playground for the citizens of Richmond, who they roam up and down, showing off their hats and decorated dogs. There are contests for the best hats, both for humans and their canine friends.

Meanwhile, there is music along the avenue, and many elegant crafts and delicious treats are sold. There are also games for children. Parades like this can create very special memories.

Kids always love Egg Hunts, which many cities, towns, or institutions will host on Easter weekend, so if you get the chance to take the kids to an Egg Hunt near where you live, they’ll have a blast. Otherwise, you can always hide eggs and candy tucked into colored plastic eggs around the house or outside in the garden, weather permitting.

Preparing for Easter: Painting Easter Eggs

One of the most appreciated Easter traditions, besides getting and eating the sweets, painting Easter eggs.

You have two options: you can paint hard-boiled eggs and then eat them, or you can remove the contents of the eggs and paint the shells to use as decoration.

In fact, you may want to do both. You can always make a brunch frittata from the contents of the hollowed eggs and then use them to create pretty centerpieces once you’ve painted them.

To create these centerpieces, you can simply get Easter baskets and place the eggs beautifully in the “grass.” Or you can get some branches, with or without leaves, and decorate them with their colorfully painted eggshells. Of course, there are many additional possibilities, from creating a mobile and hanging it from the ceiling, to decorating a wreath with eggs and displaying it on the front door or in the hallway.

Painted hard-boiled eggs, on the other hand, will be part of Easter baskets intended for consumption, and can also be hidden for Easter egg hunts. Just make sure the kids find them all, or else you’ll have some very nasty smells coming from their hiding places within a few weeks.

So how can you color your eggs? Once you have your “canvas” ready, the process is easy.

First, you must decide if you want to give your eggs a solid color base. If so, you can color them in a food coloring bath.

Next, you get some special tools for decorating Easter eggs and paint. It is entirely up to you whether you want to create designer artwork, geometric shapes, or little bunny pictures. You can also incorporate special Easter egg stickers and “tattoos”. If you are coloring eggs with your children, encourage their creativity and most of all, have fun!

Getting Ready for Easter: Buying Candy

It seems that every year there are more options. It’s hard enough to decide what to buy.

A few decades ago, the options were pretty clear. There were chocolate Easter bunnies, chocolate eggs, caramel eggs, basic yellow marshmallow peeps, jelly beans, and those Cadbury cream eggs.

Now the selection has grown in all directions.

Where there were only yellow peeps, peeps now come in a range of colors, including pink, blue, and purple. There are also bunnies in various electric colors. And yes, you can even buy sugar-free peeps for those of us who must avoid eating sugar.

You can then select from a wide range of other candies in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from egg-shaped candies to creamy strawberry, raspberry and coconut flavored fillings, just to get started.

And then you can get Easter bunnies and related creatures in all sizes, from pocket size to bunnies big enough to dwarf your little one.

Some of the smaller chocolate bunnies also come with fillings, from marshmallow to peanut butter and more.

How do you select the ones your kids will enjoy the most? You can ask them, take them shopping with you, get one of each and take notes for the coming year, or buy a really large Easter basket so you can fit in a variety of options.

Speaking of baskets, the choice will also depend on whether you are composing the baskets yourself or giving the kids baskets full of fake grass that they will fill as they hunt for their treats all over the house. – or garden.

Be sure to save a few items in case the hunt results too uneven, so that you can slip a few extra eggs into the “loser” basket to avoid tears.

It’s not ALL about food! What else can you put in an Easter basket?

Some parents may shudder at the thought of the Halloween-like candy overload that could result from Easter baskets limited to edible treats. So what else could you include?

Almost anything you like, as long as the kids enjoy it.

From CDs to games and books, to cute notebooks, pens and erasers, it really could include anything that can be used to fill socks. It’s just that for Easter, it will go inside a basket.

It could even include small garments or accessories, from socks to hair ornaments, jewelry, and more.

And don’t forget gifts for parents and friends. Here, you definitely don’t have to restrict yourself to bunnies and treats, though feel free to include them, along with a select gem, a brand new watch or a flawless new electronic device, and even new headphones in Easter egg colors. .

And of course, no one has decreed that all bunnies have to be edible. Some children will enjoy bunnies that will be their friends for months and even years. In fact, some people take “friends” literally and give live bunnies and even chicks. That is not always a good idea, especially for other people’s children. Be sure to check with parents, they may not appreciate the extra work. If you like baby bunnies, remember that they grow into big rabbits, and even more bunnies, if you’re not careful!

Preparing an Easter party

There are no real rules about what to serve for an Easter party. Unlike Thanksgiving, Easter doesn’t usually call Turkey. Instead, many families prepare a large ham, a rack of lamb, or perhaps a rib roast. But it’s really up to you what you and your family enjoy – a vegetarian brunch might be better for you.

Rather than include a recipe here, I’d like to encourage you to make your family’s favorites. There is something very comforting in gathering every year around the traditional festival.

However, when it comes to desserts, feel free to get creative and include a few new items or decorations. Unless you have a favorite dessert that is an absolute must.

What to do with all those hard-boiled eggs after Easter?

It’s actually kind of funny that there are basically three types of eggs that make up the Easter directory: chocolate eggs, caramel eggs, and hard-boiled eggs.

And, of course, we won’t have to worry about what to do with the first two categories; they would keep for weeks, if necessary. But they are not likely to survive that long.

Instead, it’s hard-boiled eggs. Once the novelty of the decorations has worn off, there will likely be leftovers in the baskets around the house.

So pick them up and add them to your meals.

Here are some ideas on what to do with all those eggs:

a) Stuffed eggs

Cut them in half, mix the yolks with your favorite combination of mustard, mayo, seasoning, and your favorite spices, and fill them in the egg white halves again. Serve cold.

b) Sliced ​​eggs as a topping for sandwiches

Just cut the eggs and use them to cover the sandwiches.

c) Egg salad

Chop the eggs, toss them with mayonnaise, mustard, and onions, or whatever else you want to include, and serve as a dip or on sandwiches.

d) Other salads

You can also serve them chopped in chef’s salads and potato salads. You can combine egg slices with spinach and make a hot dressing. Just be creative!

There is no limit to what you can do. Take the ideas I suggested and build on them. Consider your family’s preferences and be sure to get everyone’s favorites, but also add some potential new favorites to the mix.

Above all, have fun and have a very happy Easter!


Reviews: Pink Flamingos, Multiple Maniacs and Mondo Trasho

1) Pink Flamingos Review: John Waters’ individualistic and unique style can attach an adjective like ‘cool’ to a noun like ‘rubbish’ to form ‘big rubbish’. That is an achievement.

Pink Flamingos – The Movie is a rare bird that not only makes trash nice, but makes a good movie too. Just a clip from the trashy reality shows Jerry Springer or The Maury Show on YouTube and what we witness is a non-stop display of vulgarity, sleaze, and uncontrollable behavior. On the other hand, we have a plethora of terrible movies like The Room, the entire Friday the Thirteenth series, Caligula, etc. that are unintentionally funny but generally impossible to see. Pink Flamingos is a sure-fire voyeur’s delight of violence, sex, deviance, rudeness, and trash, though it’s made with an astonishing experience. John Walters is the small-scale Quentin Tarantino who can conjure unique and quirky characters and turn them into cult figures; We are not bothered by the bad actions of the characters and usually we end up encouraging them to commit another misdeed.

The story here is told in an androgynous way, probably by a burning gay man or transsexual, which brings us to the pink, tacky and shabby trailer of Divine (who lives as Babs Johnson to evade the attention of the police). ) and his family, his Cotton, the pretty and lustful blonde travel companion who has the looks of a star of yesteryear, his longhaired biscuit and chicken lover son, Crackers, and his egg-obsessed mother, Edie. Divine has long stood as the undisputed ‘filthiest person on the planet’, undefeated, undisputed by anyone and is a petty cult figure who makes it into shoddy newspapers. She’s settled now and does no harm to others other than warming the meat between her legs to save money. Your child seems more fickle at first, but only in sex (chickens seem to be his favorite partners). Cotton exhibits only voyeuristic tendencies and likes to hang posters of burly men next to her bed, but that seems acceptable. And sweet Edie just thinks and talks about the eggs, their shape, size and color, Humpty Dumpty’s lullaby, what if all the chickens disappear, when will the egg-man arrive, etc.? No one seems to be trespassing on modesty illegally, except perhaps Crackers. But all of this changes when the team is challenged by Raymond and Bonnie Marble, a husband and wife team competing to steal Divine’s esteemed title (at least according to them). Raymond exposes himself to unsuspecting souls, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg: The couple quietly orders their gay servant Channing to impregnate the abducted women, so the newborn can be sold to happy lesbian couples. The pitiful kidnapped woman with ragged clothes and messy hair punishes Channing every time he enters the basement; he has not even seen the true authors of his misery. When this terrible couple take on Divine and her flamingos, it’s WAR!

I think the degree of crime committed by Connie and Raymond automatically makes them antagonists; While most of Divine’s victims are simply killed without much introduction, we are constantly updated on the sufferings of Connie’s victims. Even the effect of the disturbing chicken scene with Crackers and the spy Cookie is mitigated by the previous scene in which we are told of Cookie’s deception. Divine and her gang shoot, cut, and eat their victims in one scene, but it’s just too hilarious. the top to be offensive. Sexuality, on the other hand, is something that is sure to disgust or annoy certain audiences, with the idea of ​​incest itself it can be puzzling to many, but again, who finds Divine as a role model or even a woman? , with her androgynous appearance and ridiculous makeup (real name: Harris Glenn; yes, a man!).

The entire setup looks like shots from a sleazy reality show, the movie’s budget is so tight that the entire product was the master copy. We see choppy editing, shadows often creeping in the background, cameras shaking furiously as they approach a person, and passersby gawking at Divine’s appearance as if they didn’t fully know the movie. However, it is this low quality that makes the action seem more authentic, as if Divine is a real C-grade celebrity who has made a name for herself through evil. The songs, a mix of rock and roll and country, make the scenes more lively and enjoyable, and also mitigate the actual violent acts that occur when the music is played.

Watch Pink Flamingos if you want to see a shoddy exploitation movie. It’s hilarious at times (the ‘judgment’ scene) and delightfully (in a slightly gross way), wicked and divinely entertaining.

My Rating: 7.4 out of 10

2) Various Maniac Review: The misleading title should have been named ‘We don’t have enough money to make pink flamingos, but we’ll give you this shit until then!

The reason Pink Flamingos has been recognized as John Waters’ flagship film of the ‘exploitation’ genre is the simple script for the sole purpose of exciting with acts of depravity. It is a film that impacts, although without making particular reference to any fact of the time in which these films were made. Almost everyone who watches Pink Flamingos would have heard of transsexualism, cannibalism, foot fetishism, voyeurism, bestiality, coprophilia, etc. and therefore the movie can be enjoyed by a person who was not born in the seventies. The script has been written with devilish insight, incorporating exaggerated sequences and cheesy humor to tone down some of the objectionable content. The movie was shot in color and could therefore highlight some of the outrageous palette that John Waters used for Divine’s home and wardrobe. All of these reasons give Pink Flamingos its noteworthy status in the garbage world, not just the singular dung moment.

Multiple Maniacs was released about two years before Pink Flamingos and was made on a low budget (despite the latter being a low-budget movie) of around $ 5,000. Therefore, an actor takes on multiple roles and we must believe that a different hairstyle implies a different character (by the way, read an intriguing explanation from a critic who delves into the religious connotation of the films. It sounds credible at first, but I prefer to adhere to the general belief that Jesus and his followers did not represent Divine and her vagabonds. Edith, who plays the owner of a bar and the Virgin Mary, was not part of the parade, otherwise the critic’s explanation would have been more credit) is shot entirely in 16mm black and white and the camera shakes horribly at times and is so overexposed at times that you can barely see the bodies of the actors. The hideous white circle (indicating reel change) flashes brightly like an alien sign. Honestly, this movie is gruesome and pretty introductory to John Waters’ Pink Flamingos, a hugely polished endeavor compared to this trashy trash.

When I read the plot, my mind was swirling with images of a colorful circus with Divine and her team treating the audience with their acts only to kill them in the end. This happens at the beginning of the movie, but it veers off into a completely different act that puts a massive focus on ‘Divine’, contradicting the title of the movie itself. What happened to the vomit-eating boy or the foot fetish girl or the gays remains unknown and the focus suddenly shifts to Divine, her promiscuous daughter, her boyfriend David, her short-lived lesbian flinger Mink, and a nemesis Bonnie. In fact, while Divine and Mary Vivian Pierce (who plays Bonnie) took on the duo of David Lochary and Mink Stole in Pink Flamingos, the characters are simply switched here. This makes the film look like a preliminary version of PF, rather than continuing the circus act to increase the impact value.

The movie also makes references to Sharon Tate’s mother and a Weatherman Underground organization, but they flew over my head since I wasn’t born then (I’m also not from the US). At the time, such a funny approach to incidents like these would have caused a storm (I read about the Ms Tate incident later and found the movie version of the event to be offensive), but now they seem irrelevant. The blasphemous religious sequence here would have made Lady Gaga blush (at least Gaga puts the rosary in her mouth). The last fifteen minutes are just nonsense and nonsense.

If the movie had been developed along the lines of Freaks (a 1932 classic), but more daring, crass, vulgar and cheesy, it could have worked. Instead, it succumbs as Rob Zombie’s first attempt at ‘House of 1000 Corpses’, which was completely overshadowed by the evil ‘The Devil’s Rejects.’

My rating: 0.8 out of 10

3) Mondo Trasho Review: 95 minutes and we still can’t figure out if the movie wants to entertain or surprise. Very useless watch

John Waters’ first offering is not intended to serve any purpose, unlike his third effort Pink Flamingos, which sublimated the effect of shock and disgust to laughter. Multiple Maniacs, his sad second film only offended with its objectionable religious references, but at least elicited some response from viewers. Mondo Trasho looks like an empty void that generates absolutely no definite response. How should we react to the public? Should we laugh at the characters’ situation or turn our heads away in disgust? How the hell should we feel?

The plot is obsessed with Mary Vivian Pierce’s feet, and it begins quite interestingly with her character Bombshell getting licked by a foot fetishist. Not forgetting the opening sequence that highlights John Waters’ emotion for animal cruelty. When Bombshell begins to moan and gasp, she envisions herself as Cinderella being rescued by her Prince Charming (played by the foot fetishist). The explicit Cinderella sequence is a nice allusion and Waters could have progressed with an erotic romance angle that revolved around Bombshell’s pursuit of the foot fetishist. Rather, John Waters brings in his trademark lady Divine, who surprisingly looks feminine unlike her androgynous appearance in later films. The bad girl is glaring at a naked hitchhiker when her car collides with a missing Bombshell that is badly injured. Divine helps her by visiting a discount house, stealing a dress from there, and then going into a laundromat, where she changes Bombshell’s bloody clothes. Miraculously Bombshell is still unconscious like those Shakespearean characters in Midsummer Night’s Dream who manage to fall asleep in no time, and the blood on his face disappears. There are sporadic appearances of Mother Mary and her ‘apprentice’ who-can-say purging Divine of her sins. In addition, a rather strange visit to the madhouse where we meet again that foot fetishist, but this time he murders a fellow prisoner, and a sadistic hospital that operates patients with knives and saws.

The only surprising aspect of the movie is Divine’s caring nature, as we’ve never seen Divine help someone by risking her own life. But everything else is inexplicable, even the resolution inspired by the Wizard of Oz. The camera is less shaky than on Multiple Maniacs and the sex is less raunchy. The choice of music, a variety of rock and roll and classical, managed to keep my attention on otherwise useless sequences. If the movie had worked on having a plot, it would have gained a better reputation today.

My Rating: I will not rate this work as you don’t even know what kind of response you are looking for from your audiences.

Health Fitness

How to lose 70 pounds in 4 and a half months

The routine that I followed– The key to successful weight loss is to create a routine, and in this way, eat and exercise at almost the same time of day!

The first thing to do is stop overeating. I know it sounds easy, but it is really difficult to do it. I was able to stick to a diet plan for 5-6 days, but out of nowhere I was able to ingest over 3,000 calories in one meal and all the hard work I did was gone in 10 minutes. Of course I felt terrible after that, but it was too late.

YES, I was binge eating and it took me 6 to 7 months to learn to control my food addiction and emotional eating. The good news is that you can do it much faster, because you have the mindset manual. So if you haven’t read it yet, please do so right now!

This is what I did when I started …

I first made the decision to do this for 3-4 months no matter what, because my goal was to lose 70 pounds …

I started drinking a lot of water with lemon juice, to cleanse my entire system of toxins. Always have a bottle with you and set your alarm to go off every 45 minutes to remind you to drink water.

I use to prepare my water the day before. You can also do it in the morning, however each morning you should start with a large glass of lemon water, followed by your morning workout.

Then followed by breakfast, then a sandwich and lunch around 1. I used to eat 2 more sandwiches later, followed by a light dinner. Almost every night I used to jog or walk for 30 minutes, and at least 2 days a week, I would go to the gym for a 30-minute strength training.

The routine to lose weight fast!

– morning: – drink a large glass of lemon water (at room temperature),

– my morning workout – I gave you some examples of intense workouts, however this is the most effective – just 5 minutes of: stretching and a little worm; Then do: 5 burpees, 10 push-ups, 20 squats, 20 lunges, 30 sit-ups, and 50 jumps. Repeat this routine 5 times. It will take you about 15-20 to do this morning routine, but it will burn about 200 calories. This will increase blood flow and metabolism. Do this short workout tomorrow morning!

– breakfast: choose one of the options that I have presented in the diet manual.

– snack 1: a small fruit salad

– early lunch: salad, light cheese (not too much) and grilled meats, olive oil. You can choose whatever from the diet plan.

– snack 2: my favorite protein cookies. which contains a lot of protein and only 150 calories.

– Dinner: grilled fish with grilled vegetables (boiled is fine, but as far as possible, they should be almost raw).

– Drink 2-3 liters of lemon water in the middle and freshly squeezed juice: again, I try to go for vegetables instead of fruits, and especially those that stimulate the female metabolism, such as beets and carrots.

– every night and during the day, more lemon water or green tea.

– 2 ingredients that should be in your daily meal plan are: coconut oil and cinnamon. These 2 are so essential for weight loss and should be consumed on a daily basis, because they increase the body’s ability to burn fat!

You can use coconut oil / butter for all of your cooking and if you don’t cook, try consuming 2 teaspoons of coconut butter – have one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

It tastes great! And cinnamon, you can sprinkle it over fruit in your tea or coffee!

The truth is, I followed this routine for over 4 months and lost over 70 pounds.

I also recommend that you do another workout in the afternoon, 2 days a week. A longer one, which can take up to 45 minutes, in which you do strength training.

I also used to use the massage brush on my thighs and legs.

This is a great tool, because massaging your thighs, buttocks, stomach area, and even arms will increase blood flow to these areas and break down fat deposits.

For best results, I recommend using it daily with any cream – even olive oil or coconut oil is great!

The most important aspect for you if you want to lose weight is perseverance. It doesn’t matter if you are lazy, you don’t feel like exercising, you need to drop the excuses and move on.

So my advice is to start TODAY! Don’t wait another day … at least create the schedule TODAY and start tomorrow! Don’t forget to share this article on How To Lose 70 Pounds With Your Friends Through Social Media.

Legal Law

Important factors that can help you choose a good lawyer

If you have never worked with an attorney, it may be difficult for you to hire one. But the first thing to do is your homework. For example, if you want to handle a real estate transaction, handle family law matters, or start a business, you will need a good attorney. So if you need to search for a good one, we suggest that you follow the advice given in this article.

How to choose a good lawyer

In this process, your first step is to do your homework. Ideally, you should write down the names of at least 5 good professionals. Personal references are often the best way to start your game. Therefore, you must create a list and put the names of all the professionals that you hear about from your friends, business associates and neighbors.

Another good resource is the state bar association. Also, you can check out the online resources. The added benefit of these resources is that you can read consumer reviews. These reviews come with ratings that can make it easier for you to select.

How can you tell if your lawyer is the best?

Once you have compiled a list of good attorneys, you should begin the evaluation process. Most professionals provide an initial consultation for free. As an informed customer, be sure to take advantage of the free meeting.

Before the meeting, you should create a list of common questions. Also, be sure to take notes while discussing the matter with the attorney. This will help you compare these professionals. Here are some important questions to ask while meeting with the professional.

Expertise: Make sure they have years of experience in the field. Since there are many practice areas in this field, make sure the attorney has experience in the correct area.

cost: It may cost you a good amount of money to get legal advice. Therefore, it is important that you find out how much the lawyer will cost you. The initial consultation can give you a general idea of ​​the cost based on the given facts.

TeamAlthough some attorneys are independent, others work with some paralegals. Make sure the right person takes care of your file. The reason is that it can have a serious impact on the quality of service you will receive.

Communication: Find out how they’ll keep in touch with you. This is important as you want to get your questions answered. Since each attorney handles multiple cases at the same time, your attorney may not be too busy to communicate with you.

In short, if you follow the advice given in this article, it will be much easier for you to choose the best lawyer to meet your needs. I hope this helps.