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Tips to have a romantic first night full of love and pleasure

After a series of wedding rituals, your journey as a married couple begins and your ‘First Night’ is the starting point for this journey. The couple in general have many fantasies and passion for tonight; Girlfriends on the other side go through emotions of anxiety, hesitation, and sometimes fear. The groom must be patient and take the approach to make his bride feel comfortable and confident. There is a very true and famous saying: “Sex is not between the legs, it is between the ears”, so it cannot be enjoyed until both members of the couple feel it with their minds and hearts. Start your evening with initial interactions, express your feelings about your partner, and thank him for becoming a part of your life. Such interaction would create a romantic atmosphere and help the bride to open up and create a sense of trust, security and safety in her. The first night should not be viewed as a mandatory sexual interaction and should not be approached with fantasies in mind, but you should take the opportunity to make your partner comfortable with you for physical intimacy. And yes, if you could do that, your first night would sow the seeds of a healthy and happy sexual relationship.

Here are some tips you can follow to make your first night exciting and create everlasting and treasured memories.

Room selection and preparation

  1. Make sure the room is not stuffy, a stuffy room gives a feeling of suffocation.
  2. Make sure the room is neat, clean, and odor-free.
  3. If you are on a budget, cover the wall with some serene wallpapers as a serene ambient feel would add fun and fun to your evening.
  4. For sheets / covers, select some from the ‘First Night’ collection. Few companies have launched this collection, you can get some good ones like ‘Printed Hearts’ etc.
  5. Sprinkle some rose petals on the bed. This is the simple, decent and cost-effective way of decorating. However, if you are on a budget, you can make special decorations, ask your flower decorator for the same.
  6. Spray on some ‘Air Freshener’ to make the room smell good. ‘Room Freshener’ comes in many fragrances, you can select based on your image.
  7. Get ready
  8. Both partners must bathe before entering the room. The idea is that you must have a clean body.
  9. Control your breathing; you must not have bad breath. Wash your mouth and use a ‘mouth freshener’ or peppermint to prevent bad breath.
  10. If there is no toilet attached to the room, both partners must finish their nature calls before entering the room. It would be embarrassing to leave the room in the middle.
  11. Keep some light snacks like chocolates, candy, etc. and juice / water in the room. You may feel hungry and thirsty at night.
  12. On romance and romantic atmosphere
  13. Put on some lighter music and ask your partner for a dance. It does not mean that you are a dancer or not, shaking a leg with your partner is the most romantic thing.
  14. If you can sing, that could be a good way to express your love to your partner. Choose a song whose lyrics reflect your feelings and sing it for your loved one.
  15. If you can play any musical instrument, play some of your partner’s favorite songs. Your partner would be impressed and touch this.
  16. If you’re thinking about it, since you can’t sing or play instruments, then you don’t have to worry, you can still hit a six. Write a few lines about your partner or probably a love letter that expresses what excites you about your partner and present this to him. This would be the best gift of your first night for your partner and it would be a memory forever.

Husky jump: tips to stop it

If you want to learn how to stop Husky jumping, then you will want to read this article. Specifically, we will discuss why Huskies jump, how to stop them, and what not to do when it comes to stopping this behavior. I will explain each of these topics in this article and show you how you can train your Husky not to jump.

Before you start training your Husky not to jump, you need to understand why he jumps in the first place. All dogs love to jump when they see their owners or visitors because they are excited and want to say hello. Dogs greet each other naturally by sniffing each other’s noses or licking each other’s muzzles. They want to do the same with you by getting close to your face and making eye contact. Now that you understand why your Husky jumps, the concepts of how to train him not to jump should be straightforward.

To stop Husky jumping, you are primarily teaching him a basic concept. Your main goal should be to teach your Husky that he only receives affection or attention when his front legs touch the ground. The next time your Husky jumps up to greet you, you should completely ignore him; don’t try to push him away or yell at him, just stay there or even turn around until he calms down. As soon as his front legs touch the ground, pet him and give him lots of attention and positive praise. Remember the main idea here is to ignore him when he’s overly excited and jumping on you, and only praise him when his front legs are on the ground.

There are a few things you shouldn’t do when trying to stop your Husky from jumping. You should try not to greet him enthusiastically as it will only make him more excited and he will probably jump. Instead, try to greet him calmly. Also, never touch or push it when it jumps on you; You can see this as a game starter. You should never use physical aggression, yelling or yelling as any of these things will only excite him more and will not help with training. If you do any unwanted behavior, just ignore it.

Stopping huskies from jumping doesn’t have to be a difficult or overwhelming task if you understand why they jump. Focus on praising or rewarding your Husky when he sits quietly and ignore him when he jumps on you. Avoid using physical methods or yelling and yelling, as you don’t want to teach your Husky that greeting you is bad. Use these tips to stop Husky jumping problems.

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In foreclosure? Apply for a loan modification

Facing foreclosure can be overwhelming and scary, but if you take the right steps, you can keep your home and save your credit. The following information is provided to help you better understand loan modifications.

Loan Modifications Overview

A loan modification is one of the best options available to both homeowners and struggling lenders.

A loan modification is beneficial to the borrower because it allows the individual or family to remain in their home and gives them loan terms that are better suited to their particular lifestyle or situation. A loan modification compared to foreclosure, bankruptcy, or some of the other options, allows the borrower to keep his credit rating intact.
Loan modifications are also beneficial to banks and lenders, especially with foreclosure rates that have skyrocketed in recent years. Banks lose a lot of money in foreclosure. Not only does it cost money to carry out a foreclosure, it often results in an overall loss for banks, as homes often sell for less than they are worth, or less than the outstanding loan amount.

In a CNN report on March 6, 2008, America Mortgage’s Bob Moulton said: “It is cheaper for a bank to renegotiate payments than to chase someone and lose monthly mortgage payments.” This is completely true; banks lose more than 50 cents on the dollar on homes sold through foreclosure auctions.
Loan modification is a long-term solution that will help the borrower make loan payments and stay in their home. This can be achieved by:

lowering the interest rate
switch from a variable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage
extend the term of the loan (the period of time the borrower has to repay the loan)
switch to a completely different type of loan

Some forms of loan modifications are easier to obtain than others. One of the easiest ways to modify your loan is to request an interest rate decrease. Most lenders are willing to aggressively lower interest rates for qualified applicants. A reduced interest rate can save you from a few hundred to a thousand dollars each month; This depends on the amount of your loan.

Extending your loan is another way to modify, which is often not too difficult for a lender to carry out. By increasing the number of years you have to pay off a loan, your homeowner can lower your monthly payment by a couple hundred dollars. However, it should be noted that this option increases the total amount of the repayment as additional interest accrues over the extended period of the loan.

A principal balance reduction is the most difficult loan modification to obtain. This implies that the lender forgives a portion of your debt. It is very difficult to get a lender to agree to this type of modification, because the lender has to report that money as a loss on your balance and the purpose of the loan modification is to minimize losses.

History of loan changes

Subprime mortgage practices deserve much of the blame for the current crisis. During the early part of this decade, mortgage lenders made huge profits by lending money to borrowers with questionable credit histories. The roaring housing market and the availability of easy credit perpetuated a refinancing cycle whereby a borrower who could no longer afford his monthly mortgage payment could simply refinance into a new mortgage; often at a low advance rate.

However, once the housing market stalled, subprime borrowers were unable to refinance. This led to a record number of foreclosures. As reported in a December 2006 New York Times article, “about 1.1 million homeowners who took out subprime loans in the past two years will lose their homes in the next few years.” The article further explains that, “foreclosure will cost those homeowners an estimated $ 74.6 billion, primarily in equity.”

Recently, a new wave of problems has emerged from so-called Alternative-A loans. These Alt-A loans were very popular in recent years with self-employed borrowers or those with declared income. Many people who got Alt-A loans have not been able to keep up with their mortgage payments, especially since those loans have adjusted for higher interest rates. With falling house prices, borrowers are turned upside down and actually owe more on their loan than their home is worth.

If you are facing a serious financial crisis, contact Western Capital today at [email protected]


Smart investment in stocks

Investing in stocks has been a trend for a long time. What is needed here is a smart investment in stocks. When it comes to investing in stocks, you need to plan well and know how much money you would have to invest in them. By investing wisely in stocks, you can be sure of getting good returns. There are certain points to keep in mind regarding smart investing in stocks.

A good method to invest wisely in stocks is to go for stocks in reputable companies. That is, select companies that have done well in the past. This would ensure that you have bought the right stocks. Wait for the shares of said company to go down and then buy them. It will bring you good returns in the long run.

You can make a smart investment in stocks when the markets are low. This would be the right time to invest in stocks. Here you would get the shares at a low price. So when the markets crash, it’s time to buy. When it comes to selling, wait for the market to be at its peak. Then you can sell the shares. This is a smart way to invest in stocks. The purchase and sale of shares must be well planned, this would guarantee greater profitability.

When investing in stocks, the smart investment in stocks would be to watch the market trend. If you’re targeting a particular stock, keep an eye out for its ups and downs in the market. How well you have done and what are the benefits of the company. In this way you can correctly plan your investment in shares. By following the market statistics you will know when to enter and when to exit the market.

Another important point here is that buying the right stocks at the right time would generate more profit. This does not necessarily mean at the lowest or highest level. The right company actions must make a smart investment.

It is better to keep up to date with market events. Books, newspapers and magazines should be followed and read. Alternatively, there are many websites today that provide guidelines on how and where to invest. But it is necessary to understand here that not everyone is right. So listen to the advice, but make your own decision. This way, you would be sure to invest in smart stocks.

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New York travel tips for older tourists

With its many historic attractions, buildings, museums, and vibrant culture, New York attracts millions of tourists from various corners of the world. However, it is not necessarily young people and families who can enjoy a vacation in the thriving city. You have many options to make the tour enjoyable and affordable for older visitors. Seniors visiting the city, alone or with family, can enjoy the tour if they plan carefully. The pleasant public transport system and affordable accommodation will be a pleasant surprise for them.

Transportation in New York for seniors

Fortunately, seniors visiting various parts of New York don’t have to face many transportation problems. If you are over 65, you can take advantage of the reduced bus and metro fares in the city. Most city buses have wheelchair lifts with the option of lowering the front entrance for easy access. Older people can also sit behind the driver.

Planning to see New York City attractions is important for older visitors

Tourist attractions in and around New York are plentiful, but older visitors need to plan carefully. Attractions that require a lot of walking or stair climbing can make you feel fatigued early. Note that places like Central Park and Times Square are best explored on foot.

Older visitors who do not like to walk but want to visit the most emblematic places and places of the city, have two options. A bus trip will cover many places or a boat trip through the Manhattan region should be enough for them. The Manhattan Island Cruise lasts over 2 hours and covers the Statue of Liberty, Roosevelt Island, and Ellis Island. Taking advantage of the bus network is inexpensive as it is. It is better to check the bus routes online beforehand. The Gray Line bus tours are quite popular and the routes cover the Statue of Liberty and other major tourist options in the city.

Affordable Senior Tourist Attractions in New York

Several New York tourist attractions are affordable for older visitors. It would be a good idea to visit the museums during the day, as older people have free entry. Some attractions have special hours like the Museum of Modern Art and the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The Bronx Zoo has the option of paying what it can afford for admission.

Seniors planning to explore the city for a week should opt for the New York City Pass. Help save time and money. Includes deep discounts for attractions like the Empire State Building, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The pass also entitles shoppers to a Hayden Planetarium show and Circle Line sightseeing cruise. Older visitors with grandchildren can get better discounts for the companion.

Getting closer to nature

For some elderly visitors, the grandiose buildings and buildings of New York may seem less desirable than natural attractions like parks and zoos. They should head to various parks in the city. Historic Richmond, the Central Park Zoo, and the Queens Country Farm Museum are ideal for these visitors.


How AI (Artificial Intelligence) Will Engage Android Users

Android is another platform that Google has focused on and its efforts are clearly visible: Android occupies more than 87.9% of the market share. With the latest Android P just around the corner, it seems like a good time to take advantage of the best of both worlds: machine learning and Android and show why Android is more than likely to outperform its competitors using Google’s gigantic intelligence prowess. and why artificial intelligence will. attract both regular users and developers.

Here are some reasons.

Google Assistant

Google announced its virtual assistant in May 2016 during its annual Google I / O conference. Google described it as a “conversation assistant” and hoped it would provide “an ambient experience that extends to all devices.” And the feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive.

Of course, Google is not the only one trying to give its users a software hand. In fact, it’s not even the first: Apple released a beta version of Siri with its iPhone 4S almost a decade ago, October 2011. To say that software like Siri has come a long way in these 7 years would be a gross understatement. It seems like all the tech giants are releasing their own assistants every two weeks. While the most prominent are Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, Samsung’s Bixby, Apple’s Google Assistant, and Siri, nearly all professional tester reviews reveal the one that manages to balance just about everything thrown at them. And that’s the Google Assistant.

It has proven itself countless times in tasks ranging from speech recognition and contextual understanding to providing concise but detailed information for any user query.

Some would say it’s years ahead of other virtual assistants, although advancements like the Duplex are only confirming this.

AI-powered applications

Tech giants are recognizing the importance of incorporating machine learning into their products, and as our systems become more powerful and people generate more data than ever before, it’s no wonder why they do so. This is evident in companies that embrace and promote smart calculations.

Apple has been urging developers to use its relatively new CoreML framework that can be used to train machine learning models to develop applications for iOS. It’s too early to pass judgment on this move from Apple, but it’s pretty safe to say that the berry iPhone maker is late to the party.

Google released an open source framework called Tensorflow in 2015 after it was tested and developed in-house for over 4 years. Since then, it has earned the industry standard badge and is one of the most active repositories on GitHub. It was developed with developers in mind and has multiple ports for different operating systems and also supports multiple programming languages ​​to make a developer feel right at home.

Tensorflow Lite is Google’s goal to have native support for its deep learning models on Android phones. Applications like Gmail are already putting this to use by presenting something called “Smart Responses” which basically just tries to understand the situation and context in a received email and will show some options that could be a good response to the above. Another famous application is Photos by Google that uses deep learning, a popular form of machine learning, to recognize people from the images stored on the smartphone and suggest possible options, such as sharing them with the person or creating an album entirely. new to them.

Simply put, Google has already started rolling out apps like Translator, Assistant, Photos, Gmail, etc. and it has created the necessary tools for developers to do the same with theirs. Which brings us to the next topic:

Extremely good developer support

Google has always been loved by developers. In addition to offering great opportunities like GSOC, it has released open source libraries like scikit-learn and TensorFlow that have been very popular and successful within the developer community.

Even Android, being open source, offers a lot of flexibility for developers and therefore naturally developers will be much more focused on creating scalable and optimized applications for this platform.

Google wants more and more people to enter this field of the machine and has endeavored to do so. One such example is the crash course in machine learning. It is a course from scratch aimed at developers who have almost no previous experience in the field of AI. Guides the user from the basics of linear algebra to next-generation convolutional neural networks.

Android developers received attention with the announcement of Tensorflow Lite, which is an ecosystem for said platform. It works seamlessly with the official Android IDE, Android Studio, to develop applications with the same level of consistency as before.

Google Duplex

Google never ceased to amaze visitors and viewers at its 2018 developer conference. It showed something Google developers had been hard at work on, called the Google Duplex.

It’s an extension of the already powerful Google Assistant that helps the user get through the day making appointments or booking services like ordering food at a store that doesn’t have an online presence or fixing a haircut at a salon for wear and tear.

It was introduced by Sundar Pichai, leaving the audience clapping. And why shouldn’t they? They witnessed an ancient test called the Turing Test that was supposed to be nearly a decade away from being solved, annihilated albeit in a very specific way.


Top 7 Tips for Controlling Food Costs

The top seven tips for controlling the cost of food are:

Plate portion and cost control You need to understand the servings you are giving your customers, what they are expecting for the price you are charging, and HOW MUCH IT WILL COST to put the food on the plate. Now what he charges is both the supply and demand as well as the taste and quality of the food. Have a standard ingredient list and one serving per plate. Add up the cost of each ingredient and divide it by buying what you charge. This leaves your cost as a percentage.

Waste register You simply cannot control the cost of your food if you don’t know what is thrown away. Also use the clear garbage bags in your kitchen. This way you can see what comes out the back door.

Accurate sales mix This comes from your POS system. If your system is unable to record every single item you sell, GET ONE. Investing in one and using it properly will pay for itself in no time.

Based on the Sales Mix design, a Stock Pair- One stock at a time is simply a list of each ingredient and how many are needed to reach a certain level of sales. For example, if your record shows that you sold 300 pounds of ribs, divide this by your sales. Let’s say $ 27,000. That leaves 90. What that means is that for every $ 90 in sales, you are selling 1 pound of ribs on average.

Have a sales projection based on reality. This number requires the most thought and should be based on actual sales, otherwise you will have too much or too little food. You can create buffers for coupons, sales, advertising, or anything else that you think will impact sales. Similarly, think about the negative aspects of sales such as the weather, seasonal changes, events that drive people away from your restaurant location, or anything else that affects you. Now with that project, divide it by the number that you got on the stock council. If you plan to sell $ 32,000 and want to know how many ribs to order, divide the projection by $ 90. That means you should order 355.5 pounds. Of course, order in full cases and always round up.

Buy suppliers, order and receive– Look for deals without compromising quality. Order whatever your build requires, minus anything by hand. Make sure you or a trusted employee check the order to make sure you get everything on the invoice. Stop checking the quality and weight of the boxes.

Train and train all your staff This is an ongoing effort to control the cost of food. Also include your service staff, as they can affect the cost of food and especially profitability. Teach your kitchen portion control, HACCP procedures, and of course residue control. Teach your serving staff about suggestive selling and what to add to certain meals to balance the guest experience and improve the overall cost of the meal.

Work through these tips every day and watch your costs steadily drop.

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Why use granite countertops in your kitchen?

There are several different types of stone that are used for kitchen countertops, such as marble, onyx, limestone, and granite. Granite is the best type of stone to use in your kitchen, due to its versatility, range of colors, and extreme durability.

Granite is one of the hardest stone types in the world and diamonds are required to cut the stones. Granite countertops are incredibly resistant to stains, scratches, and chips, and will last longer than the rest of your kitchen. Not only can you use granite for your countertops, but you can also use it to tile your kitchen, use it for your sink, and many other uses in the kitchen.

The large slabs of stone that the granite countertop is cut from can come in a variety of colors, and the colors are all natural to the stone. The best part of using granite for your countertop is the fact that the beauty, elegance, and variety of the stone are completely natural. Using a granite countertop ensures that your kitchen is practical while remaining elegant.

It is very important that your granite countertop is installed correctly. Granite slabs are very heavy and, if installed incorrectly, can cause serious damage.

When installing countertops, you should always ensure that your kitchen countertop is strong enough to support the immense weight of the heavy stone. If your countertop is not strong enough to support the countertop, you can strengthen your countertop or install a new one that is capable of supporting the heavy slab.

You also need to make sure that the countertop rests securely on all four legs. Some kitchen countertops tend to wobble due to uneven measurements or a floor that is not completely level. If the kitchen countertop wobbles, you should fix it or the floor before installing the granite countertop. If your countertop falls, it can break your expensive counter and you can damage your floor in the process.

You should always call a company to install your granite countertop, and they will usually provide you with an accurate assessment of your countertop. Often the granite countertop will come with a countertop of its own to install, or you will need to purchase a countertop to install the granite slab.

The granite countertops that you install in your kitchen are fairly simple to install and are just as simple to remove and transport. One of the best parts of installing granite countertops in your kitchen is that you can take them with you if you move or travel. They are durable, sturdy, and will last for many years if you care for them properly.

After the granite countertop has been in use for a few years, the enamel on the surface will begin to fade. It is important that you call a professional to polish the surface and restore its shine. It may end up costing you a bit, but it’s a small price to pay for making your kitchen look so beautiful.


What are ethanol engines and how do they work?

Ethanol is a fuel source that is actually extracted from plants, such as corn or sugar cane, and then refined into alcohol. This alcohol is suitable to be used as a biofuel to power all types of vehicles and equipment. When it comes to automobiles, ethanol fuel is widely used in hybrid vehicles with “flex fuel” engines. Surprisingly, there are several similarities between these flex-fuel hybrid car engines and standard car engines. Read on to learn more about ethanol engines and how they perform compared to standard vehicle engines.

Ethanol Engines

Cars that run on ethanol fuel are quite similar to the standard car engines of today. In fact, the only significant difference is that ethanol engines can use the biofuel, ethanol; whereas standard car engines use oil-based gasoline. In hybrid or “flex fuel” vehicles, ethanol is injected into the engine in the same way that gasoline is consumed in standard automobiles. Its gas mileage is slightly less than that of a non-hybrid gas vehicle; however, fuel emissions are much less harmful to the environment. This is one of the biggest advantages of ethanol engines. It is also cheaper than gasoline; another much admired advantage of ethanol engines.

For people who own non-hybrid vehicles, there is still an ethanol option; for example, some standard vehicles can run on a 10% ethanol fuel blend. There are many gas stations across the country that provide this convenience.

Here are some interesting and respected facts about ethanol car engines:

  • Ethanol fuel has a 113 octane rating.

  • Ethanol is the highest performing fuel on the market today.

  • High compression engines work best on ethanol.

  • Blended ethanol fuels keep fuel systems cleaner longer.

  • Ethanol fuel leaves no residue and gummy deposits.

  • Ethanol promotes optimal performance in vehicles.

  • Ethanol prevents winter complications by doubling as gas line antifreeze.

  • Ethanol blend fuels are approved under various US manufacturer warranties.

Additional motorized products that can use ethanol-based fuels:

  • Speedboats

  • Motorcycles

  • Lawn mowers

  • Snowmobiles

  • Aquatic bikes

  • Tractors

  • Agricultural equipment

  • And more!

Have an old ethanol-based motorized product lying around?

If you own an ethanol-based motorized product that no longer works, or just takes up a lot of space around your property, consider selling it for cash on the spot to a junk car buyer. They accept all junk motorized products, including cars, trucks, vans, boats, boats, trailers, tractors, construction equipment, farm and garden equipment, and more.


3 common mistakes above ground pool owners make

Mistake # 1: Not having the pool installed correctly.

This is great. A poorly installed pool is almost always more difficult to maintain and it can also be dangerous for your children to swim in it.

If you are installing yourself, be sure to follow all instructions and be sure to ask questions if you have any doubts. This is the age of computers, all your questions have probably been asked and answered, it’s just a matter of finding the right information.

No matter who installs the pool, start checking the level early on, when there is only a few inches of water in the pool. Take a tape measure from the top rail to the top of the water. Do this around the pool. The measurement must be within one inch. There is no point in continuing to fill if the pool is not level.

One of the most common questions I get asked is “My pool is a number x inches of elevation, is it safe?” There are too many factors to give a yes or no answer. For example, if the pool is three feet deep, it wouldn’t matter much. But the point is that you do not fill a pool that is not level, do not waste the water, because whether the pool is safe or not, you will not be happy with it.

I’ve written a lot about what to look for with professional installers and how to get the job done right if you decide to do it yourself. It doesn’t matter who builds the pool, watch how it fills up. Not only do you want to control the level, but you should also be looking at anything that may seem wrong. In oval pools, watch for indentations under the liner in the area of ​​the pressure plates. Also take a close look at the side braces, they should stay upright and not start to arch.

With a round pool, watch the studs, they should all be straight up and down in all directions. If they start to change, there may be problems. Look at the bottom rails, are they all sitting on firm ground and staying like that? Look inside the pool for any indentations, especially in the cove area. Anything other than a perfectly installed pool could be a red flag.

Mistake # 2: Not learning how to care for a pool.

After installation, all the questions come about why my filter is not working, why is my water green, why are there holes in the bottom of my pool, etc.

Now that your pool is installed, you must learn how to care for it. Is your filter not working? Will, most do. It’s true, many pools come with underpowered units and upgrading is a priority. But before doing so, try to run the filter more hours a day. Some units need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep the pool clean. Try different runtimes before giving up your filter.

Certain types of algae will get through most filters, this is not the filter’s fault, it is necessary to kill the algae. If you vacuum the pool only to find the bottom just as dirty ten minutes later, that’s your problem, the algae.

To properly maintain your pool, you need to learn about filter maintenance and water chemistry. Not becoming an expert in both will lead to high expenses at the pool shop for years to come. Gaining knowledge in these areas will reward you with a clean, sanitized pool that you and your family can enjoy for years and years, without breaking the bank with repairs and buying chemicals.

Error n. 3: do not garden around the pool.

This is very important and yet it is often not done. You need three feet around your pool that is grass and weed free. The best way to do this is with landscaping plastic and decorative rocks. You can build a barrier, line the interior with plastic, and fill it with stone.

Doing this will help prevent cove flushing, weeds and grass growing through the liner, critters entering and under the liner, and many more pool mishaps.

Landscaping is another expense, but it’s worth it if you plan to enjoy your pool in the future, like beyond next month.