Make it happen or watch it happen?

Being a speaker and consultant in our industry makes every trip to a restaurant a mini-investigation

draft. It is enlightening to see managers do their thing and then see the

employees, without the manager knowing, following the directions of their leader.

The manager of my local full service chain always seems to be busy, but never

interact with any guest other than a quick thank you on leaving. Don’t see the

Empty tea glasses, dirty tables, or checks waiting to be paid. On most express services,

Often times, the manager is likely “processing” people on the record (Next! Anything else?

Next!) Or working in the kitchen.

There is an old saying: “Always imitate the behavior of the winners”, and I would like to highlight

three winners that I have come across in my local area. They stand out and succeed for two reasons:

(1) the competition is not that great, and (2) they have great restaurants.

Chick-Fil-A, Founder’s Plaza, Flower Mound, Texas. Jason Driscoll’s philosophy?

Do everything you can to get the customer back. As with most CFAs, “It’s my pleasure.”

it is a common response to the customer rather than “No problem”. How about driving a

wrong customer order? That makes the difference! Keep it up, Jason!

CiCi’s Pizza, Founder’s Square, Flower Mound, Texas. I’m not sure if there is

something special in this mall with two big operators, but on my last visit

there Brian the manager not only did a check-back but also offered and refilled our drink

glasses. This action goes way beyond even generic full-service check-back and waaay.

beyond the quick service managers they compete with. Congratulations to Brian!

McDonald’s FM 407 in Lewisville, TX. The franchisee in this area has some nice units,

but on my last visit I saw Carlos, the manager, run the record and then do two uniques

things. The first guest was a mother with a small child in her arms. Carlos apologized and

He carried the tray to the table. Next, I asked him for some mustard that he had trouble locating. Hears

He apologized and let me know it would be brought to the table — which he did. That is


These managers make it possible and their actions encourage their employees to comply.

great service too. Do you think you have a great restaurant? The power is in those who are

learning, not those who have already learned. To quote Chris Eubank, “The largest room

in the world is the room for improvement “.

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Sioux Falls: a great city to stay, visit, or work

Sioux Falls is a land of great faces, great places, and great attractions. The entire city of Sioux Falls is filled with a variety of fascinating and exotic attractions, natural wonders, and staggering beauty. This city is home to the magnificent Mount Rushmore National Monument, the Black Hills, and the Badlands National Park with many other wonderful natural wonders.

Along with the city of Sioux Falls, the state of South Dakota is well known for its wide plains intercepted by beautiful lakes and streams, rolling hills, and fertile land. This city is the largest and most visited place in South Dakota. It is a metropolitan area with a population of approximately 123,975 according to the 2000 census, but now the population of the city has grown to 157,935. This city enjoys the status of being the county seat of Minnehaha and also extends to Lincoln County.

Initially, the area of ​​the city was inhabited in the year 1839. The city is located near the most spectacular waterfalls of the Big Sioux River and borders Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota. Due to its magnificent and refreshing surroundings, the city of Sioux Falls has been consistently ranked as one of the top ten places to live in America. The very low crime rate, the excellent and abundant job opportunities are some of the other reasons that make the city an amazing place to stay, work or visit.

The city of Sioux Falls is known for offering some of the most interesting and must-see attractions in the form of art galleries, symphony orchestra, sporting events, museums along with wonderful natural attractions like Badlands National Park, Black Hills Maze Family Adventure Park , Mine Lake Recreation Area and the list of attractions goes on.

Badlands National Park is a large and rich bed of mammal fossils, exhibiting harsh landscape, scarcity of water, and rugged terrain. This is one of the most popular and sought-after tourist attractions in the city, offering breathtaking and amazing views of rock formations. This is the site that offers pinnacles, towers and hills that were formed due to winds and glacial erosion 35 million years ago. It is considered an ever-changing, outstanding and magnificent work of natural art. It is estimated that around one million visitors visit the site per year from all over the world.

If you are looking to have fun on the water, you should not miss a visit to the Lake Mina Recreation Area. The site offers some of the most exciting and adventurous activities in the form of swimming, hiking and camping, you can also go boating and fishing as it offers a perfect setting for the same.

The Great Plains Zoo and the Delbridge Museum is another must-see attraction in the city. This place is an ideal home for more than five hundred animals brought from all over the world. This place provides a replicated environment for animals like Asian Cat, Savannah and Bear Canyon etc. Here you have the opportunity to glimpse more than eight hundred and fifty animals.

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The best blues singers of all time

The history of blues is full of fantastic musicians, but who are the best blues singers of all time? Here is my attempt to present what I think are the top three.

Muddy waters

Now of legendary status, he was the first “star” of the blues and has never been overshadowed by countless protégés. His thick, heavy voice, laid-back delivery, and firm, almost solid personality are considered a benchmark for all blues singers. His style was essentially Delta blues adapted to amplification. His imaginative gliding technique and strong driving rhythms were the forerunners of modern blues.

Waters dominated the Chicago blues scene in the 1950s and, with the help of songwriter Willie Dixon, produced a string of hits such as “Hoochie Coochie Man”, “I Just Want to Make Love to You” and “I ‘ m Ready “. Those songs are now considered blues classics.

They gave him a series of sensations, developed the image of Macho now synonymous with blues, and allowed Waters to achieve national prominence. His tours in English ignited the British blues explosion of the 1960s that became so important not only for blues but for rock music in general. It would be difficult to overstate the influence Muddy Waters has had on modern music.

Koko taylor

Known as the “Queen of Blues”. His vocal delivery was powerful and rough rivaling his male counterparts. She was discovered by Willie Dixon in 1962 and recorded her song “Wang Dang Doodle. It established Taylor as a leading blues singer, however, she was unable to further her commercial success until she was signed to Alligator Records in 1975. 8 of the nine albums she released. recorded for Alligator, they were nominated for a Grammy.

Taylor became the dominant female blues singer, winning twenty-five WC Handy Awards (more than any other artist). After a near fatal car accident, he appeared in the films “The Blues Brothers 2000” and “Wild at Heart”. Taylor influenced many singers, including Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt, and Shemekia Copeland. She is still the most prominent blues singer.

John mayall

“The Father of British Blues” is best known for his uncanny ability to uncover great players like Eric Clapton, Peter Green and Mick Taylor, yet he has one of the most distinctive voices in the blues. Perhaps because he is not a black American, he has developed his own style rather than conforming to established norms.

His astonishing vocal range, which is often broken into falsetto, is more of a whining groan than the usual “deep growl”. He seems to have been influenced by his hero JB Lenoir rather than the usual Muddy Waters / Howling Wolf like many of his contemporaries. . John Mayall is unique among blues vocalists.


Emerging technology is changing the way we do business

I love technology and we are fortunate to live in a time when most of us are experiencing the great evolution of technology. For example, we have cars that are on our streets driving alone. We have incredible advances in medicine and we have eradicated disease. And, as the United States moves from government to public-private partnerships, I am confident that we will see incredible achievements in the space industry as humanity seeks to create a society that thrives beyond the limits of Earth. The success of the SpaceXin 2017 reusable rocket is a step in the right direction. However, technology can also be simple and affect our daily lives and our businesses.

Zoom Room

In my company, one of the technologies that has fundamentally changed the way my team, client and our suppliers interact and work is Zoom. Zoom is one of the leading video conferencing and web conferencing platforms on the market.

I love technology because my team is spread across the US and even across Europe. Each week we connect with scheduled or unscheduled Zoom meetings in our conference room, which we now call the Zoom Room. People can join us anytime from anywhere they have Internet access using their desktop computers, tablets, or smartphones.

OWL Laboratories

After using Zoom for a couple of months, we went the extra mile for one-touch conferencing, which is compatible with OWL Lab’s 360-degree camera and microphone. What does that mean? It means that attending one of our video conferences is a much more dynamic experience.

Instead of seeing a flat gaze in the conference room, which is not only boring but can cause people outside the room Zoom to miss out on subtle body language or even talking points, OWL Lab’s camera and microphone they follow the speaker. That means the moment someone starts speaking, the camera and microphone immediately rotate and focus on that person, making the discussion that much more lively and dynamic. If you want to see what we’re doing and how it works, take a look at the OWL Labs experience.

What people are saying

Our team loves technology and everyone is delighted to participate in a conference call because it is the best alternative to having people in the same room. Additionally, technology is regularly used for screen sharing and productivity has increased exponentially.

However, as an entrepreneur and businessman, one of the best accolades we have received comes from our clients and partners. In short, they have been impressed and we always get new feedback on how “progressive”, “resourceful” and “practical” we are in our use of technology.

I firmly believe that you have to take advantage of all the resources at your disposal and, in the modern age, that includes technology. One of the best things you can do for yourself and your business is embrace technology, even something as simple as the platforms you use for video conferencing.


Product launch review

Product launches take a lot of time and resources to launch successfully. After the work is done and the product is released, work on the product continues. The next step is to review and track the performance of the product. Post-product launch evaluations are valuable because they demonstrate how well the marketing campaign promoted the product and the ability of the creation to serve its target audience.

Although testing and pre-release steps are standard in the product development process, it does not always guarantee that the product will meet your sales projections. Post-launch helps you compare expected performance with actual performance. Live data review can help you see where marketing actions or product development can be improved to meet or exceed your anticipated goals. Another important part of the post-launch review is accumulating more positive data for the next launch.

When your launch is successful and you are selling a timeless product or service, you will probably re-launch it in the future. Post-launch helps you add to your testimonials and data to provide social proof that your product does what you say it will. As you collect testimonials in the testing phase of the development process, the more data you collect can help the product sell itself. The post-launch review includes:

  1. marketing campaign performance tracking
  2. collect social proof from satisfied customers
  3. confirm that customer service channels responded and resolved issues promptly

The other vital section of the evaluation process is tracking the performance of the customer service response to issues. At a product launch, everyone is busy with their tasks and excited. However, it is essential to have staff available to take calls, respond to emails, tweets and Facebook posts about the problems they are having when buying the product. The last thing you want as a developer is to have a product available and consumers cannot buy it.

The customer service section is the only part of the launch process that is tested live. You can do a practice run, but until you launch the product, you won’t know how well you are prepared to handle unexpected situations. It is accepted that technology can and does have its unforeseen problems that we all have to deal with when they occur. However, customer service is perceived to be under the control of the company. “Why aren’t they answering the phone or my email?” The goal is to minimize this type of customer frustration as much as possible.

The post-product launch review helps you monitor your performance and confirm that you set your sales goals. Taking this assessment after your product launch will help you structure future product launches by creating better projections, improving marketing, and customer service planning for your launches.

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How To Make Your Old Wood Kitchen Cabinets Look New Again

Your kitchen should be a place of joy and comfort, as it is the heart of the home. Many people don’t have a lot of money to invest in a new kitchen right now due to the economy we’re in. I have a house that was built in 1964 with flat-paneled, hinged cabinet doors running through the middle of the door.

Transforming this kitchen was a lot cheaper and a lot easier than I thought. The first thing I did was think about what I wanted to achieve in this kitchen, I wanted a bright space that my family would enjoy. I didn’t want to put in a new kitchen because I didn’t want to spend the money on the kitchen of my dreams.

I removed all the cabinet doors and removed the soffits from the upper kitchen cabinets, removing the soffits and the big black hinges made a huge difference in the room update. I took a palm sander and sanded the front of the doors and the back of the doors, also sanded the inside of the cabinets and then used mineral spirits to clean the cabinets. The next part of the process was to install crown molding along the top of the upper cabinets, then I took a bead board and applied it to the sides of the kitchen cabinets and added other thin molding to the cabinets where there were imperfections.

My next goal was to modernize these doors in some way, I took a small picture frame molding and measured about two inches from the edge of the entire wall around the door. I measured the space inside the frame and cut a piece of bead board to fit inside that space, it gave the door a very different look.

I also removed the old countertop which was an ugly dark green and there was a peninsula sticking out in the middle of the floor. I removed part of the peninsula and created an island out of it by adding furniture legs, bead board, and painting it chocolate brown to offset the lighter color in the cabinets.

I sprayed Benjamin Moore’s cabinets and doors simply white, using his impervo paint. It is a white, but not a boring bright white, very nice when everything went well. I gave the cabinets a primer coat and a finish coat, the impervo paint is self-leveling so minor imperfections are gone.

I added chrome hardware to the doors and hinges, the hinges are now hidden not in the middle of the door like the old hinges. I bought a new countertop with the Formica that looks like granite, not the standard Formica you would see at Home Depot, but an upgraded version.

After painting the cabinets and installing the new counter, I bought new stainless steel appliances and installed hardwood floors in the kitchen. The end result is absolutely beautiful, I took this very boring kitchen that no one wanted to spend time in and made it the best room in the house.

I had to do a lot of research for some of the projects, but the cost was minimal compared to having a contractor do the work.


Green energy: water-powered cars

For more than a century we have depended on oil to power our cars. The world’s oil supply is about to run out. Because oil is a non-renewable resource, once it runs out, there will be no more for hundreds of thousands of years. Our resources will not be depleted today, or tomorrow, not even next year. However, the day will come when we will run out of fuel for our vehicles. So what? Why are we waiting for this day to come without looking for green energy sources to power our cars?

Did you know that water can be used to propel cars? It’s true. German automakers BMW have already produced the world’s first hydrogen-powered car. However, they only produced 100 of them. Can you imagine if they built more and these cars were on the road?

This initial car model is called the BMW Hydrogen 7 and uses the body of the 760i model. When you lift the hood of this car, you will immediately notice that it is different from a gasoline car. Under this hood is a gas and hydrogen system.

Hydrogen energy allows the car to travel 4.7 miles on one gallon of water. In the future, these figures will more than double. For now, we still need duel engine cars because we refuse to give up our gasoline vehicles entirely.

The biggest challenge in using water as a source of green energy is in the motor. Hydrogen combustion engines are still in their infancy. The technology for these engines is less than 10 years old and growing. Who knows where the future will take us.

To prevent evaporation, large 30-gallon, two-layer, highly insulated tanks should be installed on the vehicle. There is a danger of water evaporating into compressed gas without these safety devices. Another safety mechanism is in the valves that open if the pressure in the tank exceeds 5 bars.

Due to the success of the BMW H7, the German company has presented a new car called H2R. Although it runs on water, we can’t just take our garden hose and fill it – these vehicles actually use liquid nitrogen for fuel. Tests on this new car show that it can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than 6 seconds. With a maximum cruising speed of 185.5 mph, this vehicle can achieve 285 hp. This is an extraordinary vehicle that shows promise for the future.

The advantage of water over gas or diesel is demonstrated in the lack of harmful gases released into our atmosphere by water-powered cars. Water also weighs less than hydrocarbon fuels and burns faster than regular gasoline.

Water-powered cars are expected to be available to the public in the next 10 to 20 years. When more automakers decide they want to build green energy vehicles, we will see a dramatic change in what we drive today. Until then, we handle what’s out there.

Right now, our best green energy option is electric cars. Since 1999, more and more people are choosing to drive these cleaner-running vehicles. It’s not a bad idea when the cost of gas hits an all-time high per barrel.

Which leaves us with a final question: if we can harness water to use as an energy source for our cars, why can’t we use the sun’s energy as a fuel source?

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Pure Hoodoba diet pills

When you mention Pure Hoodoba, it is implied that it is the Hoodia Gordonii dietary supplement, which is manufactured from the Hoodia Gordonii plant. Hoodoba is the flagship product of the company that discovered the powerful weight loss properties of the Hoodia plant. This company is PhytoPharm of Great Britain.

The competitors of this company have also started marketing Hoodia products, but they are not allowed to advertise with the appetite suppressant terms. This is because they do not want to infringe on the worldwide patent that PhytoPharm owns on P57. P57 is a molecule that is harvested from the Hoodia plant. This molecule is actually the only part of the plant that has been clinically shown to suppress appetite.

A group from South Africa has conducted a 30-year study on the efficacy and safety of Hoodia Gordonii and the P57 molecule. Attempts have been made to create a synthetic version of the P57 molecule. These attempts have so far been unsuccessful. The reason research money is spent to develop a synthetic form of the molecule is that Hoodia Gordonii is rare. The plant only grows in part of Africa. Due to its scarcity, most people want to get the Hoodoba brand of Hoodia Gordonii supplement. This gives you the peace of mind that you have the real thing.

Pure Hoodia produces 400mg capsules and advises customers to take 1-2 capsules before each meal. Hoodoba Company markets Hoodia Gordonii in different sizes. They include Hoododa diet pills, Hoodoba pure, Hoodoba hunger blocker plus, Super Slim 400 Hoodia burn -750mg tablet and Hoodoba Tincture …


Child custody: your child’s age and gender could count

Among the most interesting elements that a court considers when awarding custody of children is the age and sex of the child. When children are very young, this factor is not so important. After all, a baby’s main interest is to be fed and kept reasonably clean. However, an older child’s preferences are more likely to be based on experience.

A young child’s preference may be to live with the parent who bribed him last. If Dad just bought you a new bike or computer game, he may mistake your best interests for the momentary pleasure of receiving the gift. However, an older child may have genuine reasons for preferring the home of one parent to that of another. The court’s job in this case is to decide whether the preference is based on genuine concerns or is a reflection of the child’s own agenda. For example, if your fourteen-year-old daughter wants to live with Dad, because she knows he will give her boyfriend more access, a judge will not find her thoughts on the subject as compelling as an observation such as “Dad helps me with my homework to get good grades “.

Other factors in a child’s emotional makeup can influence where he should live most of the time. If a boy is closer to dad and shares his interests, he better have the masculine guidance that only a man can offer. A daughter may feel more secure having another woman help her navigate as a child approaching womanhood. On the contrary, if the child is closer to the father of the opposite sex, he may have a better chance of achieving a well-balanced adult life with that father.

The maturity level of the child is also important to a judge exploring this factor. A 10-year-old who has seen his parents’ lives and can make legitimate observations about their qualities and actions will be much more credible to a divorce judge than a 15-year-old who is failing in school and prefers to spend his time Playing. computer games and hanging out with friends.

In the end, the issue of a child’s sex and age is not the only, or even the most important thing, a judge who decides custody of children must consider. There are other aspects of a parent’s life that also indicate that the child would be better off in that parent’s custody. However, the older a child is, the more likely it is that his preferences and ability to better relate to a parent with whom he will establish his primary home can influence his final custodial location. Thus, in the case of a particular child, his age and sex could be very relevant to where he ends up establishing his home.


How to find a 30 year old girlfriend: 5 steps to follow

Alright, you’ve hit your 30s, right? Maybe you’re fast approaching 40 and want to know how to find a girlfriend in your 30s.

I have good news for you. Not only is it possible, but you are likely to increase your chances of doing so by following the 5 tips below that most men overlook. 90% of men in the world do not follow this advice, based on what I heard on the dating radio show with women that I am a co-host.

ONE: Understand what kind of woman you MUST be looking for

Many men wander from one attractive woman to another attractive woman without knowing what the person inside is like. If you are in your 30s looking for love, chances are you’ve had one or more experiences with a serious relationship. He might even have been married before. Most men in their 30s have these things in the past, but they don’t understand that the reason things blew up is that they didn’t treat the right girl well (more on this later) or they chose the wrong woman for get started (which happens a lot).

You should look for a woman with a flexible personality who is giving and who is self-sufficient. Structured or headstrong women with self-esteem issues and excess baggage may be a thing of the past for you if you follow my advice, because all women EXCEPT the self-reliant type do not respond well to the advice I give in this article. (especially mystery and challenge, discussed later).

Many men overvalue their appearance and do not look inside. Women who are simply “pretty” physically can become beautiful to you if they have a great personality. On the other hand, women who look like magazine models can become “ugly” if they are mercenary or structured.

TWO: It’s about YOUR level of interest

Nobody talks about the level of interest of women! How does she feel about you? Most men are attracted to a woman and LOAD because the male ego falsely tells you “if I like her, he must like her too.”

Men have to learn NOT to rush into rejection. You have to constantly monitor whether she likes you or not. Does he laugh at your jokes? Is it easy to get a date with her? Do you feel like the absolute center of the action when dating her? You should constantly look for signs that their interest level is increasing or decreasing because they are a STRANGER to each other until they are 2 months or 10 dates.

Yes, you heard right. You two are STRANGE until you hit the 2 month or 10 date mark. It always amazes me when guys call our show or write emails saying they “know the girl” even though they have only been on 3 dates with her.

You need TIME with a woman, but unfortunately, most men RUSH TO REJECTION.

THREE: Treat the Right Girl Right

Many men can make women fall in love. I bet you’ve had women in love with you before. Did they fall in love? Many guys “chill and switch” once they are in the relationship. The same funny boy who took her dancing and interesting weekend destinations now plays poker with the boys on their old date nights and asks her to serve sandwiches to his friends.

Let me explain it to you. She is not your best friend or your loyal dog. Your best friend and loyal dog will forgive you when you don’t treat them the way you should.

Your lady, on the other hand, will lower her interest level until you are OUT.

Another thing guys do is start making their mom or the psychiatrist get more serious with her. We’ll talk about this in the next tip, but women like something light and fun. I know there will be serious issues as you get into a more meaningful relationship, but there is no reason why you have to be serious all the time. Work on the serious stuff and move on.

Remember, she likes light and fun. Guys who have their mom or the psychiatrist put her in a position she doesn’t want to be in, plus she can’t perceive you as a man to be in love with if you continually complain to her.

FOUR: The light and funny gentleman is what she wants.

What do most women want from relationships? They want to laugh. They want to have a fun time on a date or when they are around you. They also want a REAL MAN who isn’t afraid to say no to them if he thinks he’s right.

Knights are also a mystery and a challenge for women. They don’t talk about going out on another date when they are with her, they don’t give excessive compliments, they don’t give gifts as an attempt to buy his affection, and she continually wonders (in the early stages) if he’s seeing other women.

The gentleman has the attitude of “I don’t need you, you need me” with women that shows in his actions and reactions towards her.

FIVE – Keep in mind that dating is like sales and you should only be looking for your “hot” leads

Of all the women he talks to, only a few will be long-term candidates. You have to kiss a lot of frogs, so to speak. We tell the guys on the show all the time that “women help you when they like you.”

This would seem obvious, but for many guys it is not.

I can’t tell you how many guys I see handing out their business cards or continually asking a woman out on a date after being rejected.

Just walk up to the lady you want as a gentleman and ask her for the number after establishing a little relationship. If you get anything but the digits right away, walk away and move on to the next wire.

If you get her number then you have another 2 months or 10 dates to determine if YOU want HER to be YOUR girlfriend.

If you are wondering how to find a girlfriend in your 30s, then those 5 tips will definitely help you.

Remember guys, you need to find the right one and then treat her right!