How to make love to her in a way that she will never forget? These tips will guide you effectively

Not many men realize that making love is different from having sex. But women understand the concept and that is why they can better express love, in bed and out of bed. Here are ways you can make your man remember your bedroom encounter:

Be the master this time.

If this man has gotten used to driving, it’s time for you to reverse your roles. Why don’t you stay on top this time, if he’s used to missionary style? Don’t let him get bored when he makes love to you. Start a change and you will definitely be grateful for these new things!

Let go of inhibitions.

This is the love of your life and that is why you have to give it all of yourself. Giving him 75 percent of yourself is not enough. Be willing to explore new horizons when it comes to making love to him. Let the change come from you rather than suffer the consequences of him looking elsewhere for variety!

Turn up the eroticism.

If your sexual encounters have always been sweet and slow, then it’s time to raise the bar and show him what badass and passion are all about. Monotony, especially in the bedroom, will taint any relationship, so keep your bond safe by shaking things up in the bedroom.

Let me want you.

Being Miss Goody-Two-Shoes can only be good a few times. You will need a reinvention for this man to yearn to be with you. If he’s used to seeing you in decent skirts and blouses, why don’t you surprise him one night by letting him see you in a very short kimono in your bedroom? It is unexpected and strange so you will definitely notice it.

The bedroom is not the only place where you can do it.

Some couples have done it in pools, the kitchen, the dining room, the shower, the bathtub, the list could go on and on! Choose the next place to make love carefully. To be memorable, the place must be unique and full of romance.

Allow him to fantasize.

Men love the feeling of achieving something that is not easy to achieve. Therefore, you can use this concept to make love more exciting. Why not pretend to be a Hollywood actress that you are so in love with? Dress exactly like her and do the things he would only dream of!

Let him know how much he made you happy.

Just as men want to be sure every time they are appreciated, so it is when it comes to your sex life. You should verbally assure him that you enjoyed what he did to you in the bedroom. Make him a sex god and he’ll want to keep proving that to you every time!

Digital Marketing

Tips to boost your business marketing strategy with LinkedIn

LinkedIn, a popular business social networking site, has emerged today as one of the potential platforms for developing and promoting business. LinkedIn, known as the most powerful site for entrepreneurs, currently has more than 90 million registered users. Professionals around the world look to LinkedIn more to brainstorm industry details, strengthen business ties and contacts, and expand reach. The site offers multiple scopes for social media marketing with new features that are regularly introduced to it. There are essential LinkedIn marketing tips that can help people get the most benefit for your business and your products / services. By serving as a poignant advertising tool, LinkedIn can serve to deliver a marketing pitch for an individual’s professional field.

Below are five important steps that can help registered users to use the site as a social media platform to promote and advertise their business alongside the company’s products / services.

Keep your profile active – It is very necessary to update your LinkedIn profile regularly to get maximum visibility on the web. Be sure to highlight your field of expertise and experience in the particular area. This will bring visitors not only from the site’s domain but also from Google in general. Let your profile page be clearly visible in the Google search result at all times.

Make the most of research tools: You can use the LinkedIn site as your social media platform by making use of more and more research tools. This implies the wide reach that the site offers to users who can search a large group of people belonging to a particular industry.

Join new groups: Perhaps one of the best LinkedIn marketing tips is the group option that allows a person to associate with a number of professionals in the field of interest. Not only can you learn the contact details and business portfolio of other group members, but you can also express your own ideas through the Responses section of LinkedIn. The Open Groups option available on the site encourages broader discussions and has a different visibility on the web.

Scope of updates: LinkedIn offers the unique opportunity to share content directly that allows you to upload news and updates about your business portfolio to the site. You can make use of the appropriate tools to connect your news and updates to your blog, twitter, etc. This will instantly connect you with multiple members of the site who share the same interest as you.

Testimonials Help – It doesn’t matter if you’re an employee or a businessman, the relevant testimonials page on your LinkedIn site can help you grab the attention of your potential customers. Collect success stories and reflect them on your testimonial page to ensure maximum traffic for your page. The word of mouth marketing strategy helps a lot in the business field and LinkedIn offers you this option.

So when you have all these options available without the need for a premium membership, you should use them to achieve the best online marketing and networking strategy for your business.